“Democrat Lies”: Rudy Giuliani Attacks Republican Counsel And Demands Apology

While long ridiculed over his own representational performance, Rudy Giuliani attacked the Republican Counsel Steve Castor for spreading “Democrat lies” and demanded an apology for saying that he had business interests in Ukraine. [For the full disclosure, Castor is a graduate of George Washington Law School] . Of course, Giuliani’s conduct in Ukraine has become a full-fledge scandal and he maintained a number of highly dubious associations including his now indicted associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman who were arrested at an airport trying to leave the country (not long after meeting with Giuliani). Fruman and Parnas were pursuing business deals in Ukraine but it is not clear if Giuliani was part of those efforts. Giuliani is currently under investigation by federal prosecutors over his dealings in Ukraine. Giuliani has made a mess of this entire matter and one way to clarify such facts would be to appear for testimony.

Castor scored points yesterday in the hearing in building the Republican narrative and timeline. Today he is likely to be more aggressive with the two witnesses Fiona Hill and David Holmes.

Giuliani tweeted: “Republican lawyer doesn’t do his own research and preparation, and is instead picking up Democrat lies, shame. Allow me to inform him: I have NO financial interests in Ukraine, NONE! I would appreciate his apology.

Giuliani’s name came up (reportedly through his associates) in efforts to gain control or influence over the energy company Naftogaz. That may have been what Castor was thinking in briefly referencing business dealings of Giuliani in questioning Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

Giuliani, who has declined to testify, also commented on the testimony of Sondland and said that “I came into this at Volker’s request,” referring to former Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker.

Once again, it is bizarre for the Democrats to rush to a vote on this thin record supporting the narrowest impeachment in history. Witnesses like Giuliani should be called to testify under subpoena with other critical witnesses like John Bolton. They have at best a conflicted record on Trump’s demand for investigations, a record that now includes two conversations where Trump denied a quid pro quo. Yet, after a handful of witnesses, they are expected to wrap up and send this over to the House Judiciary Committee for a few hearings and then a vote. That would leave a record that is a scintilla of the evidentiary foundation marshaled in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment efforts. It raises the question of whether the Democrats are just going through the motions in presenting an impeachment designed to collapse in the Senate.

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  1. “Vindman & Fiona Hill are represented by Boies, Schiller & Flexner. That law firm also did work for Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars. That firm also employed Hunter Biden & paid him more than he’s worth. Weird, huh?” @ArthurSchwartz

    1. not a coincidence and not even uncommon in the law for that sort of thing


      Biglaw targets other Biglaw for espionage, why not nation states too?

      I think espionage will soon be targeting law firms. most big law outfits have about as much security as your local tavern. sloppy document security, poor information security, nonexistent physical security, they’re pathetic, mostly because they’re staffed by the sorts of pencil necked geeks and sycophantic admins who are too arrogant to see or admit their own weaknesses. and very focused on short term profits at the expense of anything abstract like national security. tunnel vision is their habit and their strength, how else could they have pulled the grades it takes to get into these outfits? but sometimes it’s a weakness, too

      they won’t see or read or realize this or act like they care, until some real harm is done. then, they’ll mostly try to blame someone else. biglaw is full of shifty dissemblers and shirkers who are mostly good just at self advancement. not all of them just a lot.

  2. The question is whether Trump will do like Pres. Reagan after getting caught in Iran-Contra, and take responsibility and fess up. Some of Trump’s close advisors are now in the crosshairs to answer questions….Bolton, Pompeo, Guiliani. Is Trump built of high-enough character to step in and testify, clearing up all questions of how and why Presidential authority was exercised? Or, is he a more cowardly type, hiding behind ad hominem attacks, defensive tweets, infowarfare tactics and Republican bulldogs? My vote in 2020 hangs over this question of character and integrity.

  3. “Giuliani’s conduct in Ukraine has become a full-fledge scandal…” JT

    Terrifying that JT would so poignantly misrepresent Giuliani like this. FYI, there is no established “scandal” of any kind regarding Giuliani and Ukraine.

    1. While it’s true that Prof. Turley has no facts, evidence, or any support whatsoever by which to make his statement “Giuliani’s conduct in Ukraine has become a full-fledge scandal…”–fortunately for Prof. Turley, facts, evidence, and support are entirely irrelevant when it comes to making accusations against the President or any of his supporters. All that is necessary is that Prof. Turley believes, assumes, or makes presumptions about the things he speaks about. Facts, evidence, and support are outmoded concepts that interfere with the narrative and the agenda.

  4. Ukraine’s role in the 2016 race is undeniable: In the summer of 2016, Kiev’s release of the so-called “black ledger” resulted in Manafort’s ouster from the Trump campaign. The actions of foreign actors—however well-intentioned—directly impacted an American election.

    One would imagine Washington media and lawmakers—who spent three years combing through every aspect of Moscow’s interference in our election—might direct similar attention to Kiev’s impact. Yet the Ukrainian angle barely made headlines.

    If we want to get serious about safeguarding our electoral process from all foreign actors, not just Moscow-based ones, it’s time to examine Ukraine as well.

    On August 14, 2016, The New York Times published a bombshell about what would become known as the “black ledger”—a handwritten document alleging millions of off-the-books payments to Manafort by the Party of Regions, led by his former client Viktor Yanukovych, the ousted pro-Russian president of Ukraine. The Times received the ledger from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), an independent government agency.

    The story rocked the 2016 election, given Manafort’s position as head of Trump’s campaign. The Hillary Clinton campaign immediately seized on it as proof that Manafort—and therefore Trump—was tied to Yanukovych and the Kremlin.



  5. Of course they lied. They started with I’m a Democrat and the myth of Our Democracy and from their went down hill quoting Marx and Lenin.

  6. Giuliani has made a mess of this entire matter and one way to clarify such facts would be to appear for testimony.

    That has got to be the worst recommendation ever. This entire matter is a mess, but it’s a mess in the same way your home is a mess after a burglars finish ransacking your home looking for anything of value. The Democrats have not been looking to clarify facts, they are in search of evidence that proves what they feel. They certainly haven’t found anything of value, let alone anything worthy of impeachment. As we’ve been reminded over and over, this is not a court of law and the standard rules of evidence are not applicable. This is Schitt’s bonfire and there is no need to add fuel to this dying fire.

  7. Fruman and Parnas were pursuing business deals in Ukraine but it is not clear if Giuliani was part of those efforts.

    Yeah but it didn’t stop you from throwing that out there.

    But wait…didn’t Michael Avenatti graduate from your law school, and weren’t you his esteemed law professor, and didn’t you recently host him as your prized pupil at a GW law forum, and wasn’t he recently indicted in California and New York on multiple federal counts including tax evasion, extortion, fraud, and embezzlement, and now his law license is in tatters?

    Goose. Gander


    Avenatti came to GW after earning his B.A. in political science from the University of Pennsylvania. He was in my torts class as a first-year law student and then worked with me on national security issues, including constitutional issues relating to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). He graduated Order of the Coif.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to criticize Michael Avenatti merely because of a few oversights. Who among us has not at some time or another made a minor mistake? I think that Michael Avenatti is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life (to adapt a line from Richard Condon’s “The Manchurian Candidate”).

  8. Giuliani testify? What a stupid idea. There is absolutely no up side to doing so. After his testimony Schiff would summarize it and completely misrepresent it. Then the MSM would play that tape over and over as the definitive statement of what happened.

  9. Rudy has no business in Ukraine. He should do us all a favor and just quietly slip away from public life.

    1. He’s probably the most accomplished politician of his generation. You’re a headcase who promotes a farrago of conspirazoid nonsense.

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