DNA Test Proves Hunter Biden To Be Father Of Child With Former GW Student Despite His Denials

Former George Washington student Lunden Alexis Roberts has faced a long and drawn out fight to prove that Hunter Biden is the father of her child. According to The New Yorker, Biden denied ever having sex with Roberts. It was not until November 9th that Hunter allowed himself to be tested. That would make the birth immaculate because DNA testing just proved that he is the father and, despite receiving his controversial payments of $50,000 a month from Burisma as well as other deals, Hunter Biden has been effectively a deadbeat dad.

Hunter Biden’s denial is now disproven “with scientific certainty” and adds yet another reprehensible chapter to his life. One can understand the desire for confirmation of paternity of a child, but it is the denial of having any sexual relations with Roberts that is so appalling. The denial left Roberts looking like some gold digging liar for years. He forced Roberts, who has tried to remain out of public eye, to sue him in late May to contribute to the support of his own child.

Roberts met Biden while she was a student at George Washington University. According to Heavy.com, she is from Batesville, Arkansas where her father owns a gun shop. She was a basketball star and an all-conference, all-state basketball player, and an all-state softball player. She attended Western Illinois before transferring to Arkansas State University and graduated from Arkansas State in 2014 with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. She then came to Washington to get her master’s degree.

Ironically, Joe Biden has been attacked for a 1981 op-ed entitled “Congress is Subsidizing Deterioration of Family.” In the column, Biden suggested that families with more income should not receive tax credits for child care because one parent should stay at home while the other works. Biden bemoaned the loss of “individual responsibility and said that day-care centers were “monuments to our growing unwillingness to accept personal responsibility.” Of course, that is particularly difficult when one of the parents not only does not support his child but denies that he ever had an intimate relationship with the mother.

In a truly bizarre media controversy, GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe jumped responded to the story by suggesting that it might be the work of Russians. She tweeted for people to note the use of a “Russian quotation mark” on a newspaper’s tweet. In reality it was simply arrow signs used by the paper to direct readers to the story.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s online editor Maggie McNeary responded “Yeah hi I am not a Russian troll, I just work at a paper in lil ole Arkansas/ Sorry to disappoint @juliaioffe.”

After various people debunked the claim, Ioffe deleted the tweets and declared “Turns out the paper had used that symbol before. It had jumped out to me, a Russian speaker (and keyboard user) as a quotation mark and looked like other, sloppy attempts by Russian trolls to push stories.”

So the upshot is: the baby is Biden’s, the story is the Democrat-Gazette’s, and life is getting more bizarre by the minute.

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    1. Independent Bob – did anyone at the Democratic debates congratulate Biden on being a grandfather again? It was the polite thing to do.

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