Poll: Independents Shifting Against Impeachment

We previously discussed how polls do not show a shift in favor of impeachment after the much covered impeachment hearings in the House Intelligence Committee. Indeed, a poll in the key state of Wisconsin shows a shift against impeachment after the hearings. Now, a poll from Emerson College shows a surprising shift among independents with 49 percent now oppose to impeachment. Over all, Trump popularity have also shifted with a gain of five points to 48 percent favorability.

It is dangerous to put too much on such polls, but what is clear is that there has not been a significant shift in favor of impeachment after the hearings. Marquette University survey found 40 percent support impeachment while 53 oppose it.

I do not believe that impeachments should only go forward with public support. If members believe that a president has committed impeachable acts, they should impeach. Indeed, some impeachable offenses could well be popular with the public. However, the polls are interesting because of the abbreviated schedule of the Democrats. I have been critical of the rush to a vote by the end of December because it not only would leave an incomplete record but not allow the public to fully consider the merits of the impeachment. As I have said before, successful impeachments require a period of saturation and maturation. The Democrats are not giving the public enough evidence or enough time. It is not surprising that this approach has not moved public opinion.

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  1. about time they started counting the true independents as the are the largest voting block providing in 2016 40% of ballots cast while the two parties trailed in second and third place.

    /s/ Constitutional Centrist Coalition, zero budget and 100% for Our Constitutional Republic ‘centered’ on The Constitution.

  2. Polls that show trump down….FAKE NEWS…..Polls that show trump up….the real deal…right?

    1. Fishwings – don’t look at a single poll unless that is all there is. Aggregates are better. Styx does the best job of breaking down polls.

  3. There was a phrase in days past and it was: Gone to Hell in the Hand Basket. The Democrats party has done that. You do not have to go to Hell to observe Dems. They’re on the TV always.
    To the tune of Hello mother, hello father here I am in camp Grenada.

    Squealing Hillary..waving Warren…
    Barking Biden..finger pointing Bernie!
    Hello modern hello fader here I am in camp Grenada!

  4. Bloomberg’s not running against Trump. He’s running against Warren, Sanders and what’s his name from Ohio. They want to take his money, Trump doesn’t.

  5. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. While they’re waisting their time chasing Trump, at least they’re not passing legislation that would hurt us.

  6. Not only is public support waning, here has been no evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. Demcorats just want Trump out of office, and the rest of the Republican Party.

    I predict that Democrats will vote to impeach, regardless of the lack of any evidence. They have been bragging about their goal to impeach him, long before the innocuous phone call to Ukraine took place. Would you want that kind of judge and jury?

    Any Republicans who assist in this miscarriage of justice, and vote to impeach, would create severe damage to the party in 2020. I believe that the reason why Democrats took the House in 2018 is because when given the opportunity, Republicans crumbled instead of repealing Obamacare. They apparently did not believe they were going to win in 2016, and were caught unprepared with any coalition to get rid of the inhumane monstrosity of Obamacare. Many of them, including McCain, ran on the very issue of repealing Obamacare, but when it came ime to vote, they bowed out of the responsibility. They claimed they were going to Washington to repeal Obamacare, but when given the chance, didn’t do it. This soured Republican voters when they were needed in 2018.

    If Republicans vote for impeachment, when there is no evidence to support the action, it will be remembered in 2020.

  7. Trump is here to do good things for others. What the others are here for, I don’t know.

    1. In every situation three possible answers Correct, incorrect and Compromise. which adds up to two wrong answers as the latter is the ‘lesser of evils’ choice which only means the chooser is a supporter of evil by their own definition.

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