“Agitated Passions”: A Response To Chairman Nadler Et Al.

In the wake of yesterday’s hearing, my office and home have been inundated with threats from people irate over the fact that I would question the sufficiency of this record for impeachment. There has also been a couple of facially false narratives that have been aired and are being widely disseminated without any apparent fact checking or analysis. I have addressed one historical point separately. In recognition of Sen. Pat Moynihan’s view that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts,” I have published a column on these attacks: Hill Column

It is an ironic moment. President Donald Trump wants a fast impeachment. I do not blame him. He knows, and I believe the Democratic leadership know, that this will easily collapse. I encouraged that the case be strengthened to address deficiencies.

I do have an opinion and offered an extensive analysis to support it. That is my opinion with which many can honest disagree. However, these attacks are more evidence of the “passions” that have out-stripped the proof in this controversy. Hence, the column today.

Just for the record, here is my actual testimony:

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  1. America’s attorney said there is no abuse of power, no bribery, no obstruction of justice and no obstruction of Congress.

    America’s attorney revealed that the communists (i.e. liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats) have descended into hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    God save Professor Turley.

    God save the Republic.

  2. Jonathan, please consider the words: “By any means necessary.”

    That phrase is the current mantra and modes operandi of today’s political left.

    The principled, moderate leftists of yesteryear are almost gone, with most of the moderates afraid to raise their heads.

    You can expect the intimidation and nastiness to increase.

    I admire you for your courage, as ineffective as it is for changing leftist minds.

  3. Sir, your testimony yesterday in front of the committee was a breath of fresh air. Reason, Logic, precedent—and references to our shared culture and history. I only wish the MSM would show your reasoned and balanced response to the people—so they see that there are those who recognize the damage being done to our shared heritage and futures by what I consider ill considered abuse of process.

    By referring to “A Man for all Seasons” you may have also ignited a spark of curiosity at the value to our society in remembering our past, in knowing that there is little new under the sun, and looking back helps us understand what we see, and what we might see.

    Though I may not agree with your politics—You forthright demand that Justice be blind and apolitical gives me hope in a time of darkness.
    Stay strong, you are an inspiration for many. I can give no greater praise.

  4. I had a case that brought some negative press attention once, and some reprisals.

    my client told me:


    and yesterday you dumped a lot of iron on it indeed

    1. As one who has flown combat, I must state that the flak is actually heaviest on approach to the target. By the time you’re over it, it’s too late for those on the ground.

  5. I expect JT will find a horse’s head in his bed, as in the Godfather movie. Or maybe receive a visit from the brave warriors of the antifa?

    Amazing how leftists totally disregard past liberalism (and JT is otherwise a liberal on most issues) when a member dissents on any issue.

    I think you’ve lost your good liberal card and will probably not receive further invites to their cocktail parties.

    Welcome to the dark side, JT!


  6. You have hopefully learned your lesson.

    Since joining your forum earlier this year, I have stated that you are living in an ivory tower.
    The many “articles” on your blog demonstrate an author who is detached from the regular people who make America work. Academicians, Members of Congress, the news industry, law students are not regular people. Can you remember to be a human being, Turley?

    Get out of your comfort zone and get involved locally. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was known to have volunteered at homeless shelters, feeding the poor and getting his hands dirty at community charitable events before becoming a Justice. Might you? It would give you an opportunity to see what many of us have been stating for a while: the concerns of average Americans are not the concerns of Nadler, Pelosi, Maddow, Eric Swalwel, Dana Millbank never mind the 3 blowhards who “represent” legal “scholars”. I would love to see any of those yahoos in a free clinic interfacing with the poor and the sick who are the rejected of our society. Pelosi wouldn’t know how to be authentic with any of them and that is the worst indictment anyone can have hanging on them.

    Americans need to get back to involving themselves with their families, friends, neighbors and church/temple parishioners…assuming one has these.

    Unplug. Get involved locally. Sorry for the butt hurt you sustained yesterday but ….what were you thinking?!

    Forward and onward…. join us in the trenches

    The harvest is plenty, laborers are few

  7. Moynihan’s comment is bogus. “Facts” are whatever someone makes information to be. “Science” is a good example. While there are definite facts, in many cases, hypothesis, which is opinion, is put forward as established fact.

  8. JT, I am really sorry that you are receiving threats. That is scary and it is very evil of those who do this. I also dislike it when people won’t make arguments stating why they disagree with you. I would call that idiocy and bad intent, in some cases for the purpose of propagandizing their viewers. The threats are terribly wrong and again, I’m so sorry that is happening to you.

          1. David is a wounded soul….he reminds us hours before Darren threatens to ban him, then he really starts his bat sh!t crazy stuff

            just ignore him. He can howl at the moon solo

            1. A monk told Joshu: “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.”
              Joshu asked: “Have you eaten your rice porridge?”
              The monk replied: “I have eaten.”
              Joshu said: “Then you had better wash your bowl.”
              At that moment the monk was enlightened.

  9. “…are more evidence of the “passions” that have out-stripped the proof…”

    Sums it up in a nutshell.

    Have to admire Turley’s courage to speak up in a time of unthinking passion. We need more like him.

    Have to despise the people who call in threats to a person’s home – cowards and bullies. Bet that very few of them give their names and addresses.

    For the liberals who read this blog: time to thank Turley for his wisdom and courage – whether you agree with him or not. Trump is a despicable character, but in this case he is “more sinned against than sinning”,

    For the conservatives: Trump is a despicable character and we need to acknowledge his faults as well as his successes.

    1. Most conservatives do acknowledge his fault. For instance, when he gets in his own way.

      The problem is that Democrats do not acknowledge his successes, and exaggerate his legitimate faults.


      Trump opposes illegal immigration.

      Democrats conclude he doesn’t care about children, and is racist and xenophobic.


      Border Patrol has makeshift facilities all along the border, with the same chainlink fencing used in playgrounds to break everyone up until they can figure out who is a murdering cartel member, criminal, pedophile, human trafficker, or stranger using a kid as a ticket. They have been using these facilities for many years, including before Obama. The photograph of children behind chain link is actually from the Obama era.

      Democrats totally ignore this history, including Obama’s, and conclude that Trump “cages” kids like dogs. I guess schools across America cage kids in playgrounds like dogs, too.

      Otherwise, I agree with your statement. One of Professor Turley’s qualities that I most respect is that he makes a determination of right and wrong, regardless of his personal feelings. For instance, if I recall correctly, he said that he voted for Obama, but that did not prevent him from sharply criticizing the rise of an uber presidency under Obama. Funny thing is, I remember telling those who resisted Turley’s critique that one day there would be a president they did not support. Then, it was going to matter dearly to them that Obama set a precedent for abuse of power. This is why benefit for one’s particular side in politics doesn’t matter. It’s right or wrong that does, as it will apply to future presidents as well.

    2. Trump is a despicable character and we need to acknowledge his faults as well as his successes.

      If you bothered to review the archives, you would find Trump’s supporters routinely acknowledge his faults. His critics on the other hand are loathe to acknowledge any of his successes. Go lecture them.

  10. Mr. Turley, you have the sympathy and prayers of those who understand what you’re going through with suddenl and inadvertently finding yourself a warrior effectively preserving protecting and defending The Constitution with truth, reason and facts. Thank you for your service to the Constitutional Republic Sir. The response you are receiving reflects how much damage you have done to the mission of those who are trying to destroy it. Good work. Carry on.

  11. My old Con Law professor (RIP “Daddy” Raines) and I are astonished that Prof Turley chooses not to comprehend ‘abuse of power’ given the Ukrainian call transcripts, together with recent comments by Pres Zelensky. No one should be threatened for an honest opinion on an honest subject, but were I inclined to do so, it would be this congressional testimony.

      1. Statement under duress. There’s ~$35 million remaining to be transferred (no reason is publicly known), and a White House meeting he still hasn’t gotten.

        If you observe Trump, he speaks through actions. The recent meeting with Lavrov is a bullhorn message to Zelensky that he should still cooperate if he wants validation from the US.

        1. One has to deal with legal fact. Holy Moly is dealing with personal presumptions. Additionally there are laws on the books that the President is supposed to make sure the money is going where it should go. On all counts regarding Ukraine the President is completely innocent. I do not think that can be said for Joe Biden or even Obama.

    1. Are you referring to the transcripts that show no quid pro quo?

      What I find interesting is that Democrats appear to believe that Trump is subtle. If I want to know what Trump thinks, I could look at Twitter, or the WH feed. Everyone on planet Earth knows exactly what Trump thinks about any given issue. For better or worse, there is no team between his opinion and the world, altering it for public consumption and wiggle room. He thinks it, we know it.

      But with this allegation, when all evidence is clear that there was no quid pro quo in the calls, and in fact Ukraine knew nothing about it, we are to believe that Trump is so sly, that it was wink wink understood without any words being necessary.

      Really? Stream of consciousness Trump is going to use subterfuge and hope Ukraine figures it out on its own?

    2. You have deliberately conflated the general investigation of illegal corruption, which is the very definition of the word Ukraine, with political opposition. You deliberately ignore the “quid pro quo” that the Biden’s, who were agents of Obama, confessed to in the video below. The Biden Boys did not turn up because of politics, the Biden Boys turned up because they are corrupt and because they have engaged in global corruption for decades.

    3. My old Con Law professor (RIP “Daddy” Raines) and I are astonished…

      What’s astonishing is you consulting with dear old departed “Daddy” Raines for his opinion on Turley’s testimony.

    4. “No one should be threatened for an honest opinion on an honest subject, but were I inclined to do so, it would be this congressional testimony.”
      A tin-pan tyrant is bad enough but a sniveling coward with backhand threats is the worst kind. I suspect you’re never “inclined” to any sort of manly confrontation.

  12. I watched all of the hearing. Turley was a standout. He must have been planning for years to play Sir Thomas More, when the opportunity arose. Even the clips on CSPAN, would do a minute or a minute and a half recap of one of the other witnesses with a sound bite, but Turley’s comments were recapped whole, in 7 or 9 minute chunks. A good days work, Professor Turley.

  13. Jonathan Turley is to be admired for honesty. He says he’s not a fan of the President, but after listening to his opening statement I think he put the Democrats in their place.

  14. Do they seriously think most Americans don’t see the BIAS and the hate? Not one Republican voted with them…two democrats didn’t vote with them and we are suppose to not think this is about democrats trying to undo an election they didn’t Win?

  15. If this is an example of so-called ‘experts’ explaining the law to citizens, this country is in grave danger. Their lean toward liberal/democrat dogma is easy to discern and so is the propaganda and hate they spout.

  16. Was glad to see you explain the law the way I was told it was supposed to work. Also being professional and lawyerly with a lack of personal opinion. Keep up the good work and let’s keep AMERICA AMERICA.

  17. ” … my office and home have been inundated with threats from people irate over the fact that I would question the sufficiency of this record for impeachment.”
    Hang in there, JT. Sorry about the state of the crazies in our country. This is what happens when you helicopter kids and insure nothing ever, ever triggers little precious. Don’t let the bastidos get you down.

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