“Agitated Passions”: A Response To Chairman Nadler Et Al.

In the wake of yesterday’s hearing, my office and home have been inundated with threats from people irate over the fact that I would question the sufficiency of this record for impeachment. There has also been a couple of facially false narratives that have been aired and are being widely disseminated without any apparent fact checking or analysis. I have addressed one historical point separately. In recognition of Sen. Pat Moynihan’s view that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts,” I have published a column on these attacks: Hill Column

It is an ironic moment. President Donald Trump wants a fast impeachment. I do not blame him. He knows, and I believe the Democratic leadership know, that this will easily collapse. I encouraged that the case be strengthened to address deficiencies.

I do have an opinion and offered an extensive analysis to support it. That is my opinion with which many can honest disagree. However, these attacks are more evidence of the “passions” that have out-stripped the proof in this controversy. Hence, the column today.

Just for the record, here is my actual testimony:

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  1. I am a daily reader of your blog and I truly respect you and your opinions. Though we may disagree, I read and digest your thoughts and logic and many times my thinking changes. We have lost the ability for civil disagreement and as a result, we have shut ourselves off from new ideas. Thank you for your honesty, your thoughts and your courage.

  2. Outstanding testimony JT. I did not see bias in one way or the other. I saw a brilliant Constitutional scholar explaining in common terms how the rush to judgement was bad for the Constitution, the country and our democracy. I have read all 52 pages of the testimony and it is brilliantly written. We should all be proud to have such a brilliant and articulate scholar in our midst.

  3. There are too many Americans these days who don’t really believe in democracy or representative government. I don’t think you’re one of them, but while our Constitution is being shredded and our institutions are being torn apart, you’re busy digging in the weeds. You’re a wuss and an enabler.

  4. Mr Turley, do you think you advanced the cause of finding the truth in your impeachment testimony? You were asked by one of the Republicans to compare Biden to Trump. The question was full of lies and you knew it. Mr Biden pressured the Ukraine government to fire a CORRUPT prosecutor in the course of pursuing Western Alliance policy. The Republican question was about how Mr Biden was doing the same thing Mr Trump did. You know better, you sheepishly avoided the question instead of correcting the lie. You say the investigation hasn’t taken long enough. Are you saying that the people that testified in the Intelligence committee hearing were all lying? How many more have to come forward before you believe them? Is the president stopping people from testifying and does he have a right to do that? Congress doesn’t have the right to oversight and proceed forward as they see fit with the responses they get? Mr Mueller documented over 100 meetings of Trump campaign officials with Russians. He said he could not exonerate the president because of the obstruction of the probe. What’s the chances that the first time you commit a crime you get caught? Trump committed the same basic acts in Ukraine as he did in Russia but you’re not convinced? I’m a nobody so it doesn’t really matter if you lost credibility with me because if after watching the hearings last week and you come to the conclusion that Trump did nothing wrong by the record laid out then you have some issues that aren’t readily apparent. If you cared about this country you would not allow your words to be parroted on Fox News and other right wing outlets as an exoneration of Donald Trump. That is what is happening today and you’ll go down as enabling a corrupt president. If I’m full of shit and misconstruing what your position is then I suggest I’m not the only one and YOU need to fix it.

    1. He never said Trump did nothing wrong and he wisely counseled to wait for the courts to force witnesses to testify. Who is lying now?

    2. https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/interview/618506.html

      You say If you are wrong you will stand corrected?
      The Ukraine government officials have an opposite view from your.
      Read the Ukrainian Member of Parliaments statements at the link above.
      The Ukrainian Prosecuter General was about to bring charges which could have been bad for young Biden.
      The Ukrainian President was intimidated by Biden fired the PG and closed the cases.
      Daddy came to his son’s rescue.
      In simple language Biden did what Trump is accused of.
      Follow the links at the press office and you will find that various Ukrainian official are pressing their president for action against corruption.

      1. Seriously, you think that the new president of Ukraine can afford to resist the American president that is holding vitally needed resources? You need to re-establish your connection to human nature. Watch an old mob movie. Maybe then you’ll get the idea. You are parroting right wing lies about Biden. A note to Mr. Turley, read through the comments on this thread and tell me the right wing lie machine hasn’t latched onto your testimony as an exoneration of Trump.

  5. Anytime, anywhere

    TigerSwan, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer message

    Reese retired as a Lt. Colonel from the US Military’s heralded “Delta Force” in 2007 after 25 years of service as a decorated combat leader. He was called “one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  6. I only listened a little but recognized the traditional Democrat smear campaign (ie Swalwell) lobbied at you. Swalwell’s assertions were full of logical fallacies and reflect what I have seen from Democrats and liberals for the last 20 years.

    I know you are a Democrat but I hope you have now seen how ignorant and vile the tactics of the Left have become. Conservatives have seen these attacks for years .. yet still don’t play with the dirty tactics of the Democrats (ie Schiff’s releasing of Nunes phone logs – Reps should search Schiff’s for the Whitleblowers). The Dems will hurt our country to win politically.

    Please wake-up to Democrats perfidy because it has been inculcated into the Dem party and will require a massive overhaul to change.

  7. You’re one of the few voices left for reasoned discourse. We need you now more than ever.
    Hang tough Doc! We’ve got your back!

  8. Professor Turley, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!! And how proud I am to have worked for you even briefly at Tulane (Extra-territorial jurisdiction)! You are Atticus Finch! You are Thomas More! You are the most noble man alive today! If you need anything, just ask: I’m here for you!

  9. The problem has been as always the emotional pathologies and vicious aggression of the word merchant sector and a slice of the professional-managerial class generally. It’s made it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal public life. This will not end well.

    1. And the winepress was trampled outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress, up to the horses’ bridles, for one thousand six hundred furlongs. — Rev. 14:20

  10. Sir, I just left you 2 tweets unaware that the kind, gentle, compassionate, non violent Democrats had actually posted death threats towards you for your unbiased and honest testimony yesterday!? For that, for ALL of humanity (right, center and left), I offer you my sincerest apologies that you have to endure this for standing up and doing the right thing. I’m so very sorry and sick to my stomach just thinking about the double standards in place for both the right and left. And despite your wise words of caution to Dem’s … (to simply get more facts and slow down a bit, and THEN impeach) yet you still get crucified? The “funny thing” is that I tweeted you to let you know that my daughter changed her University choice from Stanford to GW 100% because of your testimony yesterday (and perceived morals, values and ethics). Along with your ability to separate politics from emotions from THE LAW. I still thank you for laying out the perfect roadmap for the DEMS to have better odds of impeaching Mr. T. But seems they know better than you?!? Unbelievable. Again; thanks for guiding our children’s minds with correct and justified morals and ethics… and the work you do at GW. I’m not a Democrat but know Independents and Republicans can be just as nasty but never seen a GOP member stoop this low (pre-Trump) … I hope you and your family are safe and sound. Best!

  11. Take heart!! The Constitutional Centrist Coalition sneds thanks for letting us share this space. As a pointi of ihterest how many of them used their names? i ywould bet none and i would also bet many were not Constitutionalists

    Meanwhile we continue to support President Trump in completing the mission we gave him to expose and destroy the anti constitutionalists.

    we? The largest voting block of the 2016 elections. independent, self governing citizens.

  12. Jonathan…
    It is so sad to hear of the threats to you and your family. Unacceptable can begin to say how I feel about that. As a neighbor, I want you to know we are here for you and the family always. Let me know how we can be helpful.

  13. Unfortunately this is not a time for intelligent discussion of anything partially due to you know who. Your points were well taken and the case will suffer for it when sent to the Senate. Take care and keep the faith. Hope Luna has seen the light!!

  14. Yes, Mr Turley, unfortunately, we must ask…

    How does it feel?

    You now have had a front row seat into what it is like to be

    or a
    Trump Supporter

    We live work and speak in the Shadows

      1. Anne, if you don’t recognize the truth in what hocuspocus says try wearing a MAGA hat or put a Trump sticker on the bumper of your car.

  15. What is the US degrading to? I found your testimony very insightful and helpful. As an US citizen living in Spain, I am limited to how I can view the news: CNN is the only US news station that we get. During your testimony, CNN switched off the hearings and went to some other “Breaking News”. I then had to switch to Al Jazera to watch the hearings without interruption.

    1. Ron, that’s terrible that CNN would cut away like that. It no longer reports the news for viewers to make their own decisions. It crafts propaganda to feed to potential voters.

      It’s not right.

  16. Here is another case in point in regards to vicious rhetoric.

    A journalist asked Nancy Pelosi this morning if the impeachment was going on because they hated Donald Trump. She went back to the podium in righteous indignation. Then she proceeded to call Trump names, including examples in my related post, how he doesn’t care about the children. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. He does not support illegal immigration, so he doesn’t care about children or Dreamers. After this string of ad hominem and false accusations, she asked the journalist how dare he suggest that she hated Donald Trump? She is a Catholic raised in love, and she doesn’t hate anybody. Rather, she prays for Donald Trump.

    Where I came from, “I’ll pray for you” can be a comfort, or an insult.

    1. Well, it’s OK for progressives to make threats and resort to violence, because, you know, they’re in favor of justice and stuff. Also, orange man bad. orange man very, very bad.

  17. “In the wake of yesterday’s hearing, my office and home have been inundated with threats from people irate over the fact that I would question the sufficiency of this record for impeachment. There has also been a couple of facially false narratives that have been aired and are being widely disseminated without any apparent fact checking or analysis.”

    There is no excuse for this behavior. This is what has come to pass for discussion – name calling, threats, and essentially plugging ears and yelling “lalalala” when presented with opposing facts.

    Why can’t a majority of people listen with interest to both sides of an argument, in order to make an informed decision?

    This is also what it’s been like to be a conservative for the past couple of decades. If you say you want there to be a work requirement for Welfare, you want kids to die. If you oppose Common Core, you oppose kids. If you oppose illegal immigration, you’re a xenophobe. It’s been going on so long that we don’t even expect anyone to answer our argument in any sincere manner.

    I hate this. It is embarrassing for our entire country that Professor Turley would face such a level of harassment for giving his sincere opinion in front of Congress. It also may be considered a form of witness intimidation…a warning to others. Cooperate or you will face this level of threat and harassment. This is not right, and anathema to a free country.

    The problem is intellectual. Our people are not learning how to cultivate their mind, question all sides of an argument, and reason. Our schools are turning out mob participants.

    Parents, teach your children how to reason, and tolerance for opposing opinions. It’s up to us.

    1. I don’t think this is run away passions, but rather bias and political blindness.

      The Golden Rule is the true test of right and wrong. If it’s not okay if your actions were done to you, then it’s not okay to do to others.

      So many people would do well to remember (or learn) the Golden Rule.

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