Impeaching By The Gross? Green Says House Could Impeach Trump Repeatedly

We have previously discussed Rep. Al Green’s remarkably low and fluid standard for impeachable offenses. It now appears to be not only low and fluid but repetitive. On Thursday, the Texas Democrat said on C-Span that a “president can be impeached more than once” and that there is “no limit” to how times the House might want to impeach Trump. In my testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, I warned that this incomplete record would lend itself to a type of impulse-buy impeachment. Green’s remarks raises the specter of not just impulsive but compulsive impeachments.

Green stated “I think that the Mueller report has some issues in it that ought to be considered. I think the obstruction of the Comey investigation has issues that should be considered, and I think the invidious discrimination that I have called to the attention of the public ought to be considered,”

He added:

“My hope is we will expand this and take up additional issues. I would also say this for your viewers, for edification purposes — a president can be impeached more than once. So we can do this — we can move forward with what we have on the table currently. We can take this before the Senate, and we can still investigate other issues, and when the president has committed additional offenses — and my suspicion is that he will — we can take those before the Senate.”

“There is no limit on the number of the times the Senate can vote to convict or not [convict] a president. No limit to the number of times a House can vote to impeach, or not, a president. So my belief is that the speaker will probably say we are going to move forward with what we have now, but we are not going to end investigations and that there may be a possible opportunity to do other things at a later time.”

Given the short (and in my view insufficient) investigation on the current issues, it is doubtful that Green’s concept of impeaching early and often would appeal to Speaker Pelosi.

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  1. These people think they’re better than anybody else you think they can dictate the circumstances. They think they can get away with anything they want. God gives him enough Room to hang themselves then boom

  2. I had asked once before on this blog, if this BS impeachment fails, do they do it again? I guess we got the answer.

    1. Green stated in an interview that the dims had no choice but to impeach Trump for the fear that Trump may get reelected. So it’s obvious he doesn’t care if Trump is guilty of any crimes, which actually makes Green guilty of a form of election tampering.

  3. Is it me or could he be the long lost circus wolfman?

    Al Green the philanderer:
    “In 2008, former staffer Lucinda Daniels accused Green of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, including claims that Green discriminated against Daniels after she refused to continue to have sex with him. Daniels filed a lawsuit against Green and then withdrew it. Green filed a counter-lawsuit, alleging Daniels had threatened to sue Green for workplace discrimination if Green did not pay her money. Green subsequently withdrew his suit. The Hill reported that a spokesman for Green had admitted the two had been engaged in “romantic encounter” in 2007, but maintained that the allegations of sexual harassment were untrue. In 2017, ten years after the allegations were made and withdrawn, Green released a joint statement with Daniels detailing their relationship at a time when several other congressmen were facing accusations of sexual misconduct.”

    1. Doubtmeister asks: “Is it me or could he be the long lost circus wolfman?”
      That’s a fair question.
      Someone should explain to the Congressman that the Gillette Company is his friend.

  4. Al Green represents the district just north of the one I’m in. The man was a corrupt lawyer who was elected to Congress on the basis of one thing, the color of his skin. His district is practically 100% Democratic and about the same percentage black. Shirley Jackson Lee’s district is practically identical. They get away with things because no one ever challenges them for election.

    1. semcgowanjr…….Missouri City was a small, rural conservative little town….and land was cheap, more so than in the lush pines north of Houston.
      Don’t know when you moved there, but in the 1980’s, the Harris County Dems started going completely insane with their mission in politics . They were appropriately ridiculed.
      Your mayor, Sylvester, has made things worse……….he was knee deep in the faux frenzied Confederate statues obsession in early August of 2017. Had he paid heed, like the rest of us, to what the Nat’l Hurricane Center was grimly predicting, he would have been prepared for “the season”….especially Harvey!

    2. semcgowanjr………..and btw, Sheila Jackson Lee is from NYC and Barbara Jordan was corrupt.
      Fun information for you! And just part of the many services we provide here at Impeach This! Market Research & Fresh Produce Company of Central Tejas.

    3. No white guys get voted in for being white though, Goehmert is the best TX has to offer. Steve King is best of IA knuckle dragger, Duncan Hunter sleaziest white guy in his district, and so the list goes.

  5. The absurd rhetoric coming from some members of Congress is troublesome. Perhaps Congress could benefit from mandatory classes in topics relevant to governmental functions. And, because so many of the important issues involve interpretations of the Constitution, a basic class in Constitutional Law could be very helpful. Of the four experts who provided commentary on the Constitution earlier this week, only Professor Turley was able to provide the rich context that the impeachment controversy requires.

  6. Turkey and the repugs would have us believe that he would support impeachment of Trump if he lied about ejaculate on a blue dress.

    Turkey and the repugs would also therefore have no problem defending Klobuchar extorting a foreign leader for help on reelection.

    1. Wow, Anonymous, so articulate and insightful. Speaker Pelosi should appoint you as one of the Managers for the Senate Trail.

  7. Professor Turley,
    Thank you for your dedication to our constitutional republic. I have admired your legal stance for years and I would have been thrilled to have you as my professor. Your concise analysis of the impeachment process is spot on and we all learned from it. I have the Federalist Papers and other sources so your analysis is based exactly upon the intent of the founding fathers. Your bravery in explaining the truth directly to the committee is much appreciated. Your testimony was more compelling (by far) than the other three combined. I apologize for the vast number of people who threatened you. Although I am a conservative, I admire truth from both liberals and conservatives. God bless you and your family.

    1. “concise analysis”? Per Paul Ogden:

      “But there is someone else who doesn’t agree with Professor Turley. His name is…Professor Turley. In June of 2016, Turley testified before the U.S. House which was investigating the alleged misconduct of the then IRS Commissioner John Koskinen who was accused of using his office to target conservative groups. In his written statement, Turley bemoaned the increasing practice of the Obama administration not complying with congressional subpoenas. Prof. Turley argued that Congress did not have to work through the courts to seek compliance, that Congress, under Article I, had the inherent power to enforce its own subpoenas. 2016 Prof. Turley also said executive branch non-compliance with congressional subpoenas is an obstructive act. 2019 Prof. Turley says that the executive branch has not committed an act of obstruction until it does not comply with court orders enforcing congressional subpoenas.”

      Jon: Trump isn’t worth it.

  8. A concise summary of the problem, from the pseudonymous Ace:

    But I digress. In a normally functioning society, the Democrats would have licked their wounds and paused for a moment of introspection to ask themselves, “what can we do to better compete in the arena of ideas and convince the electorate to vote for us?” But that’s not the society we live in. The Democrats instead blame us for rejecting their brilliance and G-d-given right to lord over us and create paradise on earth. If Obama’s bitter clingers or Hillary’s deplorables didn’t clue you in, Pamela Karlan’s attitude yesterday should have been a cold slap in the face as to exactly how they see you and much of America.

    This will not end well.

    1. Except that: the electorate DID cast more votes for Democrats: 3 million more in 2016, and a record number of midterm turnovers in the House in 2018. Candidates Trump advocates for mostly lose, even in Kentucky, when all of the down ballot races went Republican, except for the governorship, which was lost because Trump advocated for the Republicans. These are facts, not rhetoric. You Trumpsters are the ones out of step with America, which continues to disapprove of Trump for a record period of time and in record numbers..

  9. Green is exactly what Marc Lamont Hill called Jim Brown and Martin Luther King III after they visited the president elect at the Trump Tower.

  10. Mespo, Your use of the word “drummed” in response to Green can be twisted by lefty loons to be construed as being racist. You are running the risk of being cancelled by that comment.

    1. Oh no! Drummed is a military term for drumming a cadet out of the academy. I think it has a neutral application.

    1. indydog001……Correct; in fact, I would say that Rep. Green epitomizes the cultural and political rut in which the black liberal faithful find themselves.
      It ain’t pretty, and it sure ’nuff ain’t productive, y’all.

  11. On another topic I thought that your testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee was, as it typically is, straight-forward and unbiased.

    Your three ‘colleagues’ however, were nothing if not biased and for the most part unable to disguise their hatred.

    I am a Republican, but I love to listen to and read your thoughts!


  12. I’m from Texas, a Hispanic, though not in Green’s district. If I were, I’d be out there beating the drums for HIS replacement (impeachment).

  13. He’s 72. He’s held public office continuously for 31 years. I think he practiced law for about four years. I remember Al Green fondly (we had an 8-track). Sorry he’ll be confused with this ass-clown.

      1. Has he produced anything of note during those 41 years? Authored any significant legislation?

          1. mes……yes, big losses. “Grapevine” hit the charts when I was a senior in college. Wow…it was incredible hearing it on the radio 6 or 7 times a day. Fastfwd almost 30 years later when our daughter was a young teen. She and her friends discovered Grapevine and fell in love with it like my generation had.. I felt that Gaye’s version was always the best one, and imo, the reason that it’s timeless.
            Just researched Hampden-Sydney. Never have heard of it before….but such a neat old college! I swear, only in Virginny!
            Thank you!

  14. We should see this as a warning that if the Dems are still in control of House after 2020 they will impeach again.

    1. When leaving the gym this morning in my car I heard the AM radio host announce that the GOP of Virginia is having their annual meeting this weekend in a swanky place known as the Homestead. Somewhere near the border of West Virginia apparently. What made me roll my eyes as I drove was when the radio host stated the GOP was going to discuss how it was they lost the Nov election and hearing from leader “activists”. I had to laugh. Thankfully the radio host lit into the VA GOP for running such an impotent Nov campaign across VA that to question why they lost would only guarantee the Dems would continue to lambast them in VA.

      With limp diqks like them, no wonder Americans are getting screwed.
      Hopefully they will be providing political Cialis for the “activists”

      1. bunch of weaklings from my dim view from far away. i could be wrong. but i suspect they’re controlled by the quislings of the DC swamp who are afraid to get with the program due to Deep State employment connections

      2. Estovir,

        Last weekend I saw a piece by an infowars independent contractor, Millie Weave, nice gal/mom…,

        It was regrading the recent rigging in Kentucky, but also the 2020 that has already playing out with who wins the primaries in the states. Think that Ahole Sen McConnel rigging primaries again. ( Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, VA, etc.

        I have re-found Millies clip yet. Maybe it’s this one below?

        What I’m looking for is the chart showing areas George Soro’s goons own/control the voting michines in Kentucky, Okla, Va, etc…

        1. Hey Oky1

          I do not visit infowars website, and very rarely read news articles on sites in total. I skim mostly as a rule. I never ever watch videos online either.

          Whats this you say about vaccines? I was surprised at your comments therein. There is a lot of information in the “PI” (Product Information) Label for every prescribed FDA approved drug. OTCs are a different animal. Penicillin can kill as can Tetracycline, Beta blockers, Nitrates, Statins, albuterol and zillions others including those that have been in circulation for decades. Even sulfur antibiotics, almost hundred years on the market, can kill. It is all a question of whether the patient has a sensitivity to any of the ingredients in those drugs. Penicillin comes to mind as one example

          As for Big Pharma, you give them far more credit than they are capable of mustering. I was a consultant for Pharma many years ago in my infant medical career, and although they are very greedy (who isn’t?), each company operates in a silo. They are as dysfunctional as any other industry. There is no collegiality amongst them or willful sharing of resources to take over the world or keep people sick. Much of the conspiracy re: pharma is far from the truth.

          check out Respectful Insolence blog on the vaccines argument. It is highly technical but Orac is quite a writer, and a respected Surgical Oncologist and Pre-clinical and clinical researcher at Wayne State

          Vaccines are smart interventions for most people unless they have a known sensitivity to any of their ingredients.


          1. A quote I ran into that apply to these type of topics: (All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?)

            Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is the title of the work.

            Estovir, Et Al:

            (I do not visit infowars website, and very rarely read news articles on sites in total. I skim mostly as a rule. I never ever watch videos online either. )

            I’ll try to remember that, but I try using short pieces & videos like lawyers use Latin to say more faster, & others often view.


            (Vaccines are smart interventions for most people unless they have a known sensitivity to any of their ingredients. )

            Let’s see if I can write tonight….

            The easy 1st, I’m in no way a religious expert but grew up around some of it.

            Some where in Christian Scriptures there’s some writings about blood/flesh/purity.

            IE: The Jehovah Witnesses write out Medical Directives for hospitals/doctors. They won’t take blood, but odd enough will take plasma.

            The ” Product Label” I’m not sure that’s the same as the Insert that comes in super/super fine print in every vial of vaccines.

            Not every Vaccine, (vax) has the same ingredients.

            The point being, in some vax’s have aborted fetus cell lines.

            So right here people should, I believe object to those vax’s on religious , personal & medical grounds.

            The Nuremburg code & US law is supposed to protect us from involuntary med. science & experimentation.

            What are all the biological agents in these vaxs’?


            A few months back I believe it was Italy again released a research report show something like 500 cancer virus in at least one of these vax.

            Natural news & Del Bigtree would likely have that report.

            But there’s been a video of the head of Merck’s vax program years back Maurice Hilleman & him laughing at the fact they/Merck found cancer virus, carried from monkeys, SV 40 smallpox vax.

            Ha Ha not fun for people that have or family dealt with cancer & used Merck products to control it.


            I should have dealt with this issue about Vaxs’ 1st.

            Since the Vax industry & Govt both claim Vaxs’ are both Safe & Effective why is it they need product liability immunity unlike most all other drugs, food etc?

            Why is there a unlawful Secret Vaccine Court with unrealism rules for filing claims.

            Why isn’t Trump VP Pence releasing those yearly injury reports, Biden did at least some.

            And maybe someone can answer this question. If part of what I believe is an unconstitutional deal between the US Govt & the vax makers that the vax makers got product liability immunity & in return they promised the govt that rhey would test the vaxs’ every 2 years to insure the vaxs’ were Safe & Effective.

            As I’ve heard it’s claimed that the Vax industry has not once tested the vaxs’ in accordance with their deal.

            If that’s the case maybe their shield from lawsuits null & void? It should be anyway.


            1. Okyl

              Nearby Darren wrote an article about measles, vaccines, quackery and Samoa

              The fundamental difference is that the reasonable government action authorized in the RCW deals with physical risk posed by persons constituting a disease vector in the population and measured steps to prevent such transmissions.


              What Darren failed to include as a possible solution is something I think perhaps you would agree.

              Submit the quack healer in Samoa to active measles virus before, after, both to his “treatments”. Broadcast it live on TV, he can smile, gloat, peddle his potions and walk on water while all of his followers and critics watch

              If he lives then Samoa should roll out his treatments
              If he dies then roll out vaccines and Samoans live

              Seems like a win win for every body.

              1. Estovir, Et Al:

                Words of the day seemed to have flowed by chance:

                Ad Populum, Paucity, Ignorance, Stupidity, Insanity, White Blood Cells.

                And the some groups: Pro Vaxx Proponents, Anti Vaxx Proponents & then friends & I, Pro Safe Vaxx Proponents.

                Yes, I read that nice piece by Darren. Always well structured writings, unlike some of mine. 😉

                Mespo brought us today Ad Populum.

                Well, the Vaxx makers, the Govt, & many people will tell you/everyone every chance they get vaccines are Safe & Effective. That Vaxs’ work, so it must be true, after they’ve been telling us that all our life’s. So you think they’d have proof, they do not, the proof is to the contrary.

                Far beyond anecdotal evidence it’s well established that if it’s measles or even small pox if people have had that disease, started with a health immune system & survived that their own immune system would protect them from contracting that disease again.

                Now if one has had the immune system compromised with/by Vaxx Makers/Govt Vaccine binary bio-weapons & later come into contact with the 2nd stage of the binary Bio-Weapon, Aids or Cancers,etc., with their damaged immune system they could be dead!

                In Darren’s piece, what have those AS people already been exposed to? Radiation from Fukushima no doubt, what else?

                BTW Ionizing radiation is some nasty stuff. People are not sure, I don’t suggest this but if one reached up & grabbed that top electric wire on the ele pole coming into their house & reached & grabbed a ground rod, that’s 10,000 volts, it’d fry their azz. That’s an example of how ionizing radiation works. Further that Nuke radiations gets stuck in different places inside humans/animals bodies & like a ping pong ball that’s 10,000 volts bouncing inside of you killing cells/mutating cells, also killing white blood cell/T cells.

                Let’s stop at the next step. You’ve had all those 100’s of vaccines Vaxx Makers & Govt’s are attempting to make Mandatory, all those diseases contained in those current/future vaccines are now in your system, for some unknown reason your immune system crashes, T cell count drops to zero, now all or any of those diseases the Vaxx Makers/Govt claimed they were protecting you from are your enemy again & can now reactivate & kill you.

                If you believe in God/Jesus Christ then I guess you’d also have to believe in the demon Satan & his falling angles. Lesser creatures, attempting to trick mankind, made in God’s image, and to destroy all of us, God’s creation.

                Well, one might be able to see the demon Satan would now instead of fling diseased dead cows over the enemies castle walls or giving your enemies blankets with small pox Satan & his fallen angles would instead just come up binary weapons & use propaganda to get God’s people to line up & beg the Vaxx M/Govt to shoot you & your kids up with it.


                Decades, I’ve never finished & the topic keeps expanding

    2. Not just a warning, but a promise. The best advice I’ve seen is coming from Newt Gingrich:

      But if I were the Republicans, I would say Jonathan Turley’s devastating comments today starting with his own statement that he had voted against Trump, he was not there as a pro-trump person. And he just took apart the entire process. And I would take and cut that into a five commercials and I would drown the country in them. Because if every American understood how much Turley, a constitutional expert, was destroying the Democrat kraltic case, it would collapse overnight. He was one of the most effective witnesses I’ve ever seen. I thought it was devastating what he said.

      Rep. Green and the rest of the power-mad obstructionists in Congress should be reminded where their power is derived; the American people.

      1. Newt is wrong. First of all, it’s not about changing minds. Minds which are not made up, are lethargic. either with him or against him at this point. Mobilizing the convinced is far more useful than wasting energy on the uncommitted. The uncommitted will be swayed only by the appearance of strength and success. Not reason.

        Secondly does Newt seriously think he could even buy such “commercials?” The mass media is dead set against Trump. They will leave a lot of revenue on the table just to get him. NBC just rejected like 300 some Trump commercials last week. Or maybe it was ABC. Rejected them! Talk about election meddling.

        No at this point what is needed is organizing activists. Grass roots people need to be formed into phalanx and fast. Trump’s power is in the people but he needs more than just “twitter” to command. he needs officers and noncoms. He’s lacking in organizational support. And the anemic Republican infrastructure has little to add to him at this point after decades of fakery to its own base.

        Trump people need to get organized and make ready not just for the election but also come what may

        1. of course what i just said has been the perennial situation since the 1960s when the American elites just tossed middle American people overboard. Nixon was a blip in the road and he was removed. There has been no strong organization among regular folks to arrest the radical slide downwards. The need has been understood in all that time and nobody with sufficient resources or vigor to lead resistance has emerged. The big money and the smart faces of leadership has all just lined their pockets and kept up the charade.,

          Perhaps a last spurt of vigor coming from a sclerotic folk, Trump is the last stand of genuine Republicanism and authentic democracy. It either goes forward successfully in 2020 or after that the USA as a corporate entity loses its legitimacy altogether.

          Trump is old, too young to be Joshua, but he may be Moses. We will see.

        2. Don’t be silly, of course Gingrich is right. Turley’s testimony was powerful and the GOP needs to buy whatever airtime they can to get that message out. Whining that the majors will reject the ad buys is a defeatist attitude. They should buy the airtime they can buy and flood the markets they can. The message will spillover into markets they couldn’t buy. And of course this shouldn’t be the only thing they do. They’ll need to counter the disinformation campaign already being waged on the IG report and the Durham investigation. Activists yes, grassroots efforts, yes. ALL OF THE ABOVE, YES.

          1. ok well i just looked it up, it was CNN and NBC, that rejected ads, besides the 300 that google/ youtube took down


            this was a major story about the mass media acting in concert with the coup plotters. take serious note because there will be more of the same.

            Turley’s message was powerful of course. But I maintain the thrust of my comment.

            We are just at the tip of the iceberg for seeing how hard the corporate media and Silicon valley can lock down communications to retain their grip. This is just like what they do in the PRC already. Now applied here, dancing around the 1st amendment since all this is supposedly “privately owned”

            and you got Sacha Baron Cohen that disgusting “comic” demanding that even more censorship of “hate” happens and the ADL lauding him. Trust me “hate” is just whatever Democrats don’t like. See because Nancy Pelosi says she can’t hate because she’s a Catholic.

          2. Not defeatism. Rather saying only that harder, more forceful measures are in order. In the end my gut tells me this will be resolved the way every other major contest in history has been settled. The means are just more complex and attenuated, but they are essentially the same.

            Resilient, persistent, massive power enforced via coherent social organization is what wins. Presently, we are seeing the Left’s resilient, persistent, massive social organization launched into a fever pitch of action. The sedentary, conservative hobbitlike good people who make up the middle American “silent majority” in flyover better get a lot more active and fast or they will see a lot more yet of their precious “liberties” and so forth whittled down in due time.

            People that are hanging all their hopes on Durham or whatever are going to be disappointed. Don’t hope for a hail mary. That’s almost always an excuse Work for a ground pounding overwhelming gradual envelopment.

            My point was there is a lack of middle management backing Trump. A lack of sufficient professional support, which has characterized Republicans hither and yon for decades across the country.

            Trump’s victory in 2016 was real and impressive, but thin. No matter how lame the Dem POTUS candidates are, and they are weak, the overall outcome can still favor them in 2020. Pelosi shows cunning leadership however crazed it may be, they really have a lot of nerve. And nerve is important!

            I tell you the powers that be among the Republican establishment are still fat and lazy and not working hard. They need to row the boat harder for Trump and be ready to take exceptionally strong measures as this slow moving coup gains speed.

            They need to know that if they abandon Trump, the peasants will be after them with the pitchforks, or worse.

            What they should have been doing the past 4 years is training entry level officer corps type leadership to build a solid foundation for the next decade instead of just holding on to temporary advantages. I hear they have a lot of money. They better do a lot more with it than just buy ads on networks that will reject the best ones most likely.

            1. My point was…

              …all over the map. Gingrich made his advertising recommendation in the context of giving his opinion about Turley’s testimony. It was never intended to be the centerpiece of the GOP’s efforts leading to the 2020 election. Take a lesson from Turley and organize your thoughts into a coherent strategy.

  15. Another way to look at Green’s comments is that he has a high standard for the conduct of the President, a standard unknown to the current holder of the office. JT’s testimony was just what the Republicans wanted, delay, delay, delay.

    1. If he had a high standard, he’d have wanted Eric Holder and others unknown in the dock over the IRS shenanigans. Partisan Democrats take no interest in that, of course.

    1. And an idiot. I think in 3 years he’s written 3 Articles of Impeachment. All absurd.

      1. Anonymous:
        They’d be drumming! They have one rule best summarized as “mean people suck.” He’s a Dyson.

    2. Al Green is bringing the coveted Affirmative Action spin to the impeachment party. …….preaching to us about what to do with a white, wealthy, legally elected president of the United States.
      A white, wealthy legal Cullen family gave the land on which Green’s law school, Thurgood Marshall, was built. Roy’s daughter, Wilhemina, was instrumental in the desegregation of Houston. Texas Southern U. was built thanks to the Cullens.
      Marshall lost its accredidation. And now McDonald’s (the golden arches) is providing the scholarships (with fries!) for Marshall’s law students.
      Expect more Al Greens from Thurgood Marshall, where they pick-up their law degrees at the second window.

      1. They were hit with a warning. Don’t believe they were actually stripped of their accreditation. In any case, this chump passed the bar exam 40-odd years ago.

        1. Must’ve gotten a private room and extra time, just like the SAT. Perhaps even a special proctor with the answer key.

          1. The ‘extra time’ shizz is consequent to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was enacted 15 years after he took the bar exam. It doesn’t apply to blacks-qua-blacks, btw. The one lawyer I’m acquainted with who sought ADA accommodation did not seek extra time, but to take the exam in four hour stints over four days rather than eight hour stints over two days, because she wears think corrective lenses.

        2. TIA……Hubby wasn’t sure what all the ABA did, but it wasn’t good. When he took the bar in 1974, some Marshall guys were discussing their answers with him, afterwards.
          He said he felt bad because none of them had given the answers he did…….and he knew he had done well.

        3. ABA accreditation isn’t exactly a rigging endorsement. They approve law schools with terrible records, whose students will graduate with a lifetime of crushing debt and little chance of passing the bar and obtaining legal employment. The tuition money would have been better spent on lottery tickets.

          1. Wampus……But what says the Nat’l Bar Assoc? Were they phased by Marshall?
            Btw, if you want to learn how to party, go to one of their “do’s”.

      2. I wouldn’t describe Rep Al Green as “affirmative action.” AA is where someone with lesser qualifications is selected based on race. Such as where NASA rejects an Asian-American engineer with a degree from MIT in favor of a black engineer with a degree from Tuskegee. Al Green was elected by the voters of his virtually 100% black district as presumably the best candidate available to them. Green, Shirley Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, The Gang of Three (AOC, et al) are the products of the low expectations and qualifications of their constituents.

        1. Depends how stupid the stupid party really is out there playing stupid in the street during rush hour traffic. Best hope is going out of business before next year’s fall elections and by the Constitutional Democrats who will ban socialism and it’s extremists.

        2. Miz Wampus….technically, I didn’t describe Al as Affirmative Action. I said he’s putting that spin on it…….The term was used in a general manner. Sorry for the confusion.
          I suggest that Al, more than likely, hates rich white men. He has already called Pres. Trump a Klansman. And because Al does an exceptional imitation of an Affirmative Action zealot, I partnered his actions with those of bona fide Affirm Actors.

          1. Cindy Bragg – don’t you know that basketball Americans cannot be bigoted.

            1. Paul C. LOL….I LOVE that term………..There’s a funny hyphenated term for American women, and if I weren’t a lady I’d tell it.

                1. Cindy Bragg – only a real moron would eat cheetos and then type on his computer. 😉

        3. I think we underestimate the extent to which local elites groom “leadership” for candidates. Out here in flyover I can see over decades how certain nonentities who distinguished themselves only by their degree of lack of personality, and abundance of sycophantism, have been vaulted into prominence.

          The money forces also groom “leadership” among minority communities. It’s acomplicated process, with the educational system, NGOs, charities, etc all working hand in glove to “select” the “:next generation” etc.

          Trump represents a radical exception to the usual course of doing business, whereby the powerful select the next generation of timid flunkies to execute their extensive plans. That’s why he’s so beloved, and so hated, all at once.

          He is a champion of the people, and if he fails, quite possibly the last champion. Because soon the AI tools will be so powerful, the lockdown of communications by Silicon Valley so sophisticated, that nothing in opposition to the oligarchy will get off the ground again., or go very far.

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