Brooklyn Teacher Tells Six Year Olds There Is No Santa

Every year it seems like a teacher takes it upon himself or herself to shatter childhood fantasies about Santa. This year, the misguided educator was a substitute teacher in Brooklyn who decided that the best way to lead a discussion on “convincing” was to explain that neither Santa nor the Tooth Fairy are real. The kids in the class are six years old and it was three weeks before Christmas.

The substitute teacher at P.S. 321 in Park Slope has been removed from teaching responsibilities.

The parents are obviously quite upset that their kids have been robbed of this childhood fantasy and no doubt have spoken to other children in the school. Notably, I discussed this situation in my torts class as whether such a statement could constitute a negligent infliction of emotional distress. Indeed, the reckless element could allow a claim of intentional infliction. The elements are (1) the defendant must act intentionally or recklessly; (2) the defendant’s conduct must be extreme and outrageous; and (3) the conduct must be the cause (4) of severe emotional distress.

The problem is that this was a stupid lesson plan and the question is whether this causes “severe emotional distress” by telling children a few years before they learn the truth.

That does not make this less outrageous. As someone who loves Christmas and spent wonderful years with my four kids in preparing for Santa, I cannot imagine a teacher engaging in such a clearly inappropriate lesson.

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  1. “Brooklyn Teacher Tells Six Year Olds There Is No Santa” Why must Leftist non believers burst everyone’s bubble? More hate from the Left.

    1. My children were taught from the beginning that Santa Claus was just fun make-believe. I pity the children who’s parents lie to them about the reality of Santa Claus until they get ridiculed in school from kids who know better.

      1. I pity the children who’s parents lie to them about the reality of Santa Claus until they get ridiculed in school from kids who know better.

        Your so called pity is nothing more than a sick and twisted joy over school bullying. You must be so proud to know you’re raising children to hate other children because they have different beliefs. It’s teaching like yours that leads to juvenile suicides and other tragedies.

      2. Is there any actual evidence of such ridicule or is it merely your presumption?

  2. There is the famous “Yes,Virginia” editorial in TNYT many years ago.

  3. many fictions are a shorthand for reality. the question is are they useful in their approximation of reality? I think santa is useful, it’s a form of teaching karma, another word for justice, which is part of the cosmological order in which there are natural laws that give order not only to things but people too.

    physicists say we are mostly empty space and that the sense of impenetrability of solids are only perception, based on the stronger electrochemical bonds between the forms of matter which make solids. more attenuated bonds give liquids and gas. but mostly everything is just empty space

    in fact they say space itself is a form of perceived reality, what with eleven dimensions, electrons in two places at once and so forth.

    hence, it always seems very arrogant to me of these “teachers” to bully children by deflating their useful notions like Santa. they are not teaching they are just bullying.

    I say give the lame substitute teacher a fast test. Ask this flunky to explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle or Schroedinger’s cat on the spot, without looking it up, and if he can do a passable job of it, he can keep his job.

    Ten bucks says he cant.

    If he could, he wouldn’t be bullying children about their illusions, while he subsists in his own

  4. Those who can: do. Those who can’t: teach. Those who can’t teach: teach teachers.

    1. We need to “cut to the chase” here. Santa is a fake device mostly used by commercial companies to promote sales of items. For Christmas. So what is Christmas? A celebration of some person who may not have existed named Christ. This is his birthday. He is the champion of a religion named after him. He is as fake as Santa. The story would really boil up if the teacher told the kids that Christ is a bunch of fakery so that humans can troll other humans for money.
      Whey they pass the bucket tell the kids to pee in it.

  5. You know what is really bothersome about this scenario?

    The teachers union will prevent bad teachers with poor judgement from being fired. It has created a system whereby elementary school teachers get tenure, which was originally intended for professors at universities. I’m not convinced of its need in higher education, but it is simply absurd in elementary school.

    Public sector unions have “negotiated” unaffordable benefits packages in a similar way that organized crime squeezed businesses for “protection money.” Cities in CA have fallen to bankruptcy when they couldn’t pay. Now, the teachers union is going after Prop 13 protection for businesses in CA. It doesn’t care if it will drive more business to either close or leave CA. That’s the parents of the children they teach that they’re going after – their businesses and their jobs. They don’t care. They want more money.

    A 401K is now standard in the private sector, and the most reasonable solution for teachers, as well. In addition, we need to do away with tenure. That’s how we end up with unsafe teachers warehoused, or bad teachers ruining kids’ prospects year after year. Create a meritocracy in which the best teachers get paid more. What is normal in private business seems inconceivable to those who support the teachers union. Why is that?

    1. This person was a sub, so I do not think they are protected by the union. Also, it is unclear whether they were following the teacher’s lesson provided for them or they used Santa and the Tooth Fairy on their own.

      I’ll have to dig for the news story to see if that clarifies anything about whose plan it was. Since they were removed from teaching, I’m guessing they added that element themselves.

      1. You’re right. I missed that in the article, that it was a sub.

        I have a bit of a pet peeve about teachers unions.

        1. Too often for good reason.

          Thankfully, this sub can find employment either as a high school sub or in another profession entirely.

  6. Why is keeping children believing in Santa a Good Thing?
    I learned early that Santa was Dad. I knew it was a game for fun. Let’s play pretend. The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny became games of let’s pretend, too. It’s fun to be a kid.

    1. “Why is keeping children believing in Santa a Good Thing?” Why is it the teacher’s purview?

      1. “Why is it the teacher’s purview?”
        Isn’t Truth always a virtue in a teacher?

        1. Not when it comes to Santa or other such beliefs. That is a parent’s purview.

        2. No, it is not the teacher’s right or job to interfere with how a family teaches their own beliefs, unless it is illegal.

          The teacher’s purview is reading, writing, arithmetic, geometry, and all the other studies necessary to produce an educated high school graduate. Since roughly half the country’s students are not reading at grade level, schools are failing at their own core duties. Truth.

          Another failure in schools is permitting teachers to bring their personal politics into the classroom. This is true from K-grad school. Professor Turley has penned a number of article on the topic.

          1. “The teacher’s purview is reading, writing, …”
            Santa Claus is a literary fictional character so by your own standard the teacher did the right thing in truthfully and accurately telling the children Santa is not real (your parents are liars!)

            1. Emily Shaft – the “teacher” was a sub and should have been following the teaching to the classroom teacher’s instructions.

        1. Emily Shaft – I completely disagree with you. You never take magic away from children.

  7. Was this guy part of the group that has been reported teaching kids as young as 6, that’s 6 years old, K-12 how to give Blow Jobs & Preform Anal Sex?

    Public Education in the US has collapsed.

    I suggest pulling kids/grand kids from Govt schools & putting them in private or small religious schools.

    1. Oky1 – there was a report from Daisy Cousins about a principal who had a student who lost a tooth on the playground and they could not find it so the kid could get his Tooth Fairy money. The principal wrote an official letter on official school stationary to the Tooth Fairy explaining the child’s dilemma and exhort TF to fork over the buck. And btw, he still hadn’t gotten his money from losing his wisdom teeth. It was very sweet. 😉

      1. That buck for a tooth is so cheap & old fashion. Have people seen the high cost of dental implants?

        It’s not a buck, it’s in the thousands that dental insurance won’t cover.

        And at some point people start asking themselves at their age are they willing to invest that much in themselves at their age for looks?

        I guess just give Jr a fake beard?

        LOL 😉

      2. Great story, Paul!

        My daughter accidentally swallowed a tooth, so we wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what happened. I told her the Tooth Fairy had special magic to remove swallowed teeth. The Tooth Fsiry did indeed “extract” the tooth since a shiny quarter was left under her pillow.

        One other time, thankfully on a very stormy night, my husband and I forgot to perform our Tooth Fairy duty, so the tooth was still under the pillow come morning. The next night, the Tooth Fairy left a teeny-tiny letter apologizing. The storm had prevented her because the rain was too heavy for a tiny fairy to fly through, especially since she was a novice fairy and still learning how to deal with inclement weather. She paid extra ($0.50) and also went on to explain that the fairies use the teeth to make tiny pianos and other items.

        A whole buck! Our Tooth Fairy only pays quarters

    2. A teen younger than 16 reports (on YT: soph. Now available on BitChute) that her sex ed class discusses re-purposing vegetables as dildos.

      1. It’s nice to see someone like the young Soph Escape the system’s Vaccine damage crap. She’s sharp.

        1. Oky1 – I like Soph and was upset when YT shut her down. I am glad she is up and running on BitChute. I will have to go over and catch up;

          1. I think a lot of people like myself are glad to see young people, like Soph & people all ages apply themselves in an appropriate manner.

            Candace Owens, a pretty young tanned lady is also one such person. The Deep State couldn’t shut her down fast enough.

            And the grasshoppers keep telling themselves if us ants ever figure out we Ants out number them they, the Deep State grasshoppers are screwed.

            Well to damned late deep state grasshoppers, we, us Ants have got your number & you’re surrounded with no way out!

            Owen Shroyer, another young guy, tagged American Hating Commie Rep Nader/Shcitf/Dims/Rinos & the deep states azzes this morning that dovetails on the back with Prof Turley’s comments in front of that same committee last week.


  8. The real culprit is society, for promoting the Santa Claus lie in the first place. Yes, it’s fun for children but it can definitely cause problems, as can the Easter Bunny. My younger brother decided after he learned that Santa Claus was a lie that Jesus is also a lie. Now he’s a devout Christian but it wasn’t until he was in his forties that he converted. The real beneficiaries of the Santa Claus lie are Jewish merchants, who make billions each year off of the Christmas industry. (By the way, the story that Jesus was born on December 25 is another lie. No one knows when he was actually born. All anyone knows is that he lives and those of us who have faith in him believe he continues to live and will one day return and do away with this mess we call Earth and build a new one.)

    1. Marking Jesus’ birthday as the 25th of December is not a lie. You said yourself that no one knows his exact birthday. Therefore, a date was selected. It was traditional to have a mid winter feast to cheer people up, so it was a logical choice to celebrate His birth.

      “Jewish merchants” making money off of Christmas is antisemitic. People of all religions own businesses, which profit off the commercial side of Christmas – window painters, department stores, online stores, small crafters on Etsy, after school classes during the break, and on and on.

      My friend is a devout Christian, who is an artist. She spends December painting store windows with Christmas themes, and it is a seasonal source of income.

      The Jews did not start Christmas celebrations in some dastardly plot to make money off you. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were Jews, as were all the Apostles. Hence why all those Jewish holidays are mentioned in the New Testament. The Old Testament is the Torah. Would Jesus want you to be antisemitic? Being God, He ushered in the next chapter in Judaism, an evolution of the religion itself. Following this new path is now known as Christianity, but our faiths are intertwined.

    2. ah, but Mithras was born shortly after the Saturnalia, so it was a good pick nonetheless.

  9. I told my kids that there are always some people who were so rotten that Santa would never come to them. And their parents felt bad for them so they told them there was no such thing as Santa! Hah!

    1. debinrye: Similar experience. Some spoilsport told me there was no Santa, and my mom kindly explained that he’s simply unaware of Santa, because he’s naughty and tells lies, so Santa has never been to his house.

  10. I am going to take the unpopular view as a retired teacher of 1st graders. Every year this question comes up. However, normally it is children telling other children there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Then the kid goes running to the teacher and asks. There are 3 types of kids in schools. First the kid who believes, second the kid who does not, and the third is the kid from a home with no religous beliefs or a different religon that does not have Santa in it…All three sets of children play. Eat and talk together. I have never seen a teacher give a lesson about Santa. This is why many schools have limited celebrations at the holiday time. As a teacher you can not say yes there is or no there is not because someone will be offended. So most of the time the kids start the stuff at the lunch with My mom says there is …. most teachers avoid the question .

    1. Carole S La Duca – most of my teaching was high school or college. Santa and the Tooth Fairy came up from time to time, but mostly a pejoratives, like “You must still believe in (fill in you favorite) from Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny Hanukkah Bush. I did lose my Santa virginity on the playground, however I never told my siblings, who were younger.

  11. When I was a kid, my mother used to ask the neighbor kids why Santa didn’t bring food to the starving children in Bangladesh, yet he would bring them presents, and so forth. She never specifically said to the neighbor kids that Santa wasn’t real (though my parents had never had the Santa myth in our house). I clearly remember one time in the early 1970’s one of the neighbor kids was over telling us about her haul from Santa and my mother pulled out some book or magazine with a picture of kids in some far away place who were suffering from kwashiorkor, and asking the neighbor kid why Santa didn’t bring these kids some food to eat, but instead he was bringing toys to American kids who were already well-fed and whose parents had jobs.

    On a related note, in 5th grade my teacher told us stories about her father who often played Santa for local school kids. He had a long beard, and (she told us) when kids tried to pull his beard off, they were unsuccessful.

    I’d never heard before of pulling off Santa’s beard. The next time my younger siblings and I were at the mall with a Santa, I put my younger brother (then about age 4 or 5) to pulling down Santa’s beard. A later trick (with a different Santa) was for my brother to go sit on Santa’s lap, and tell him that he knew he wasn’t real. “Who told you that?” asked Santa. “The Tooth Fairy,” said my brother, who then yanked down his beard and ran off.

    1. “When I was a kid, my mother used to ask the neighbor kids why Santa didn’t bring food to the starving children in Bangladesh … I put my younger brother (then about age 4 or 5) to pulling down Santa’s beard. ”


      Sounds like you may have inherited the a$$holitis gene. I think there’s a treatment for that.

    2. andrea:

      Your mother made little children feel anguish over getting Christmas presents? Why would she target small children like that? Why would she permit her children to yank off a Santa character’s beard and make the other children upset? Disappointing, as we look to mothers for our first guidance on values and right and wrong.

      Did she bother to ask if their parents donated money overseas to try to help the children who suffer from adults trying the socialism experiment, tribal warfare, or all the other human caused catastrophes?

      We are better off than the rest of the world because capitalism, combined with robust individual rights, jurisprudence, and Judeo Christian values, led to prosperity. It gives us the luxury of having enough money to give out billions in aid around the world, in addition to private donations. We try to help everyone. However, if the rest of the world won’t adopt our formula, it won’t achieve the same freedom and success.

      Take China, for example. Communism failed, as per usual. It has long ago turned to a form of capitalism, but since it is combined with tyranny, the people are still not free, and the country pollutes and poisons its people with impunity. Then there’s Africa’s Forever Wars ( Things may never change in that region, and it may be a perpetual misery machine. After all, slavery still exists there. All around the world, we can see the results of different experimental combinations of rights, values, and economies.

      Our combination works best. That’s something to be proud of, not ashamed. It also gives us the ability to help others as much as possible. But as long as they’re not willing to try a different combination, they’re stuck.

  12. This year, the misguided educator was a substitute teacher in Brooklyn who decided that the best way to lead a discussion on “convincing” was to explain that neither Santa nor the Tooth Fairy are real.

    So it wasn’t enough to follow the existing LGBQT lesson plans regarding convincing?

    1. In my day substitute teachers were either young women with pre-school children who didn’t want to work full-time, or retired teachers supplementing their pensions. Any adult male substitute would be suspect as either an incompetent or a drunk.

      1. My primary school days were in the 60’s. Substitutes were rare. When we did have one, she routinely allowed us to tell her what we’ve been studying and simply followed that lead.

  13. I find it intentional infliction of emotional distress, This was no accident derived from negligent conduct. This was by design. I’d have my kid to a counselor that afternoon.

    1. Counselors are bad news.

      The teacher’s a bum who doesn’t care to do his job because he finds other things amusing to him. Out on the curb.

  14. It’s another indication, in case we needed one, that the teaching profession is chock-a-block with mediocre people who want to spend their time on non-academic mush rather than do their jobs. Quit hiring people like Dave137, and you might just get better results.

    It’s not that difficult to design a sensible, developmental curriculum, sort its content into several paces, assign each teacher a set of modules drawn from each track, and tell them to build their lesson plans, they just don’t feel like doing it. For K-2 students of ordinary intelligence, the lessons should be taken up with reading and the beginnings of arithmetic, and that’s it. When everyone can benefit from a break from that, there’s arts-and-crafts, gym, unstructured play, and, for a few who’ve won a lottery, tutorials with musical instruments or time alone in the library. No need to hear the teachers’ worldview any time, any place, anywhere unless the kid’s a disciplinary problem. Writing letters to the north pole is not a disciplinary problem.

  15. There is a great deal of pressure in today’s public schools to not favor one holiday over another. It’s common for schools to eschew Christmas pageants for holiday or winter celebrations.
    In my son’s elementary school teachers were told to remove all “holiday specific” decorations in favor of wintertime decorations. This led to an all-out war between parents who wanted to celebrate all holidays in favor of a few parents who wanted no reference to any whiff of religious-centered holidays. Bah humbug!
    One teacher was told to take down an elf on the shelf in a first grade classroom. Kids cried, protested and asked her why this was happening. This over-worked, under-appreciated teacher blurted out “it’s not a real elf and there is no magic!” Well, not very magical and this veteran teacher was strongly encouraged to retire.
    What a mess this time of year has become. I’m afraid the days of joyously celebrating this wonderful time of year in our school communities is gone-and it’s not necessarily the teacher’s fault.

    1. It’s common for schools to eschew Christmas pageants for holiday or winter celebrations.

      There’s no reason for that, other than the contemptible ‘public interest bar’ and the contemptible teachers’ colleges are hostile to this country’s vernacular culture. Schoolteachers (and especially, school administrators) are among the least impressive of our aspirant clerisies. The reaction to that reality among them is defensiveness, of course.

      When I was in elementary school (nearly 50 years ago), what we heard about was Judaism. The December pageant was a 50-50 split between skits associated with Hanukkah (the 4th ranking Jewish holiday) and Christmas (the 2d ranking Christian holiday). Well, it was a suburban school which happened to have an abnormally large Jewish population (about 10% of the total) at a time and place when some baseline of observance was bog standard for local Jews. You might show up at Temple B’rith Kodesh only for weddings, funerals, and high holy days, but you were on the rolls and your kid had a Bar Mitzvah and usually some time Hebrew school. So, it was a defensible courtesy, if somewhat overdone. In the world in which we actually live today, Jews who observant to any degree are < 1% of the population, and about half are to be found in one of five commuter belts which encompass maybe 15% of the national population, so that's just contrived. Muslims might account for 1% of the national population (Jews at their peak around 1940 amounted to about 4%), and their principal observances don't coincide with anyone else's.

      The largest religious minority in this country would be Mormons, not that the teachers' colleges and the public interest bar give a rip.

    2. Schools are facing pressure to sanitize their premises of Christianity. It has confused freedom of religion with freedom from religion. The country was founded by pilgrims forming a colony to freely practice their own form of Christianity, free from the repression of their homeland.

      There is a rising expectation that people should be forced to observe religion behind closed doors. People complain about street Christmas decorations, nativity displays, and Christmas in schools. This is actually intolerance.

      I am not Jewish, but I’ve attended events in synagogues. I am not Muslim, but I’ve been in mosques. I am pleased, not offended, when I get red envelopes for Chinese New Year. My kid learned the Dreidel song in school and I thought it was cute.

      It is interesting to learn about other countries’ traditions, such as Dia de los Muertos. It’s also absurd to spend no time on Christmas unless you spend equal amounts of time on Diwali or Holi. I wouldn’t say Ramadan is really celebrated, since it’s a fast.

      Schools serve their communities. In Dearborn, MI, football teams schedule their practices around the Ramadan fast. Christmas is a major holiday in the United States, which was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. That’s one of the reasons that differentiates the West from the rest of the world. This is also why Christmas is traditionally observed in schools with decorations and activities.

      Stop targeting Christianity.

  16. Imagine how devastated they’ll really be when realizing that every god has been blatantly fabricated in the same way.

    1. Not devastated at all. My son is taught there are no (g)ods, but there is one (G)od.

      Merry Christmas! 🙂

    2. Now, you need only prove that assertion, Dave.

      Hint: See celestial teapot. You can’t, just like the believers can’t prove the opposite.

      So why inflict emotional pain on 6-year-olds?

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