Prison Officials Announce Video Of Epstein’s Cell Has Been Permanently Deleted In Due To “Technical Errors”

For those who remain suspicious about the timing of the suicide of disgraced financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, news yesterday from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York legitimately magnified those concerns. In a breathtaking statement, the MCC announced that a “clerical error” led to the destruction of the surveillance footage taken from outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell on the day that he first attempted suicide attempt. The tape was permanently deleted due to confusion with another tier. The levels of sheer incompetence, negligence, and stupidity required for such an act is almost beyond belief.

Epstein was found semiconscious in his cell at the MCC around 1:27 a.m. on July 23. However, despite worldwide attention and numerous expected investigations, MCC officials announced that the MCC “inadvertently preserved video from the wrong tier within the MCC and as a result, video from outside the defendant’s cell on July 22-23, 2019 no longer exists.” Worse yet, it was the FBI that realized that the video given to investigators was the wrong tier.

This adds to recently disclosed evidence that have led some to challenge the conclusion of suicide including autopsy reports and new photographs. There are also falsification of logs and evidence.

While Hillary Clinton and others have laughed about the conspiracy theories, the destruction of the tape will now guarantee that conspiracy theories will never die. For many, Epstein’s death seemed too convenient given the long list of powerful people who could be embarrassed by his trial.

I have long criticized the disgraceful sweetheart deal given to Epstein. The deal was struck by Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta and not only succeeded in protecting Epstein from serous jail time but protecting a host of high-profile friends including Bill Clinton who were regulars at his infamous island resort.

Epstein was notorious for his infamous “Lolita Express” where he took friends like Bill Clinton by plane to his private estate on the Caribbean island of Little Saint James with young girls who allegedly were used as prostitutes.

Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, were able to secure a ridiculous deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17).  Sasse is correct, the handling of the case is a disgrace but it is unlikely to result in any real punishment. Certainly not for Epstein who pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence.  Moreover, to my lasting surprise, the Senate approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary.  The Senate did not seem to care that Acosta betrayed these victims and protected a serial abuser.  In other words, everyone was protected–the powerful Johns, Epstein, the prosecutors–just not the victims who were never consulted before Epstein got his sweetheart deal.

After the deal, it was alleged that not only did Clinton take the “Lolita Express” more than previously stated but that he notably told his Secret Service details not to come on the trips to what some called “Orgy Island.” Clinton was not the only fan of Epstein.  President Donald Trump referred to him as a “terrific guy” in 2002, saying that “he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Suicide still remains the most obvious answer to the questions surrounding Epstein’s death, but the level of falsification and destruction of evidence will magnify the already mounting questions over his death.

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  1. “the Senate approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary. The Senate did not seem to care that Acosta betrayed these victims and protected a serial abuser.”

    Why would you fail to mention the name of the man who *appointed* Acosta? Surely he is more blameworthy than the Senate.

    1. Somebody higher up in DOJ must have signed off on the Epstein deal. It would be interesting to know who that was.

      1. “It would be interesting to know who that was.”

        – Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

        Do you mean to say that John Huber, John Durham, Christopher Wray, William Barr, the CIA, FBI, DNI, NSA, NRO, ONI, MIB, the “Texas Oilmen” and the rest of the Deep Deep State do NOT want to know and haven’t already found out “…who that was?”

        They had the vehicle, route, destination and ETA of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani, all of which was followed up by Special Forces on the ground for BDA and evidence acquisition and retrieval, and you imply that the Deep Deep State doesn’t know everything about all recent political crimes in America?

        Obama conducted a Coup D’etat in America and these four “leaders,” and the aforementioned agencies and groups, know exactly and precisely what the facts are and who the conspirators and culpable parties are in every recent criminal political case, from Hillary through Obama, all the way to the Epstein snafu.

        It’s all like a well-written screenplay from Hollywood.

        You can take that to the bank.

  2. James Comey’s daughter Maurene is one of the government’s lead prosecutors on the Epstein case. She filed the letter to the court explaining that the video had been destroyed. Happy to know the matter is in good hands.

          1. So you didn’t ask them. Your hubris is proven by your response and your incompetence is a on display daily in your comments. Thanks for playing,

            1. Tony – if there was a contest for the village idiot for this blog, you would win.

            2. I guess you can say a lot of things on this blog, but you can’t say that “Paul lives here. And he lives here for a reason.” (paraphrasing)

          2. PCS, 14 children?

            That’s what I’m talkin’ about – making Americans! Since the 19th Dumbmendment, the American fertility rate has sunk to the point of a “death spiral.” The population is being imported and in 100 years, there won’t be an American left in America. More Americans die than are born. America needs to repatriate its economy and treasure, employ men at salaries sufficient to well-support their families and free American women to make the population; to have babies…lots of babies, sufficient to defend and grow the nation.


      1. @PCS- Don’t assume incompetence. Schemes this complex are very hard to pull together.

  3. As per standard protocol, the footage was erased, wiped clean with Bleach Bit, smashed with hammers, and then gasoline was poured upon it and it was set on fire. Then the ashes were dumped at sea. In the rain.

    1. sad, isn’t it, that Americans thought you was worth anything more than a well deserved jolt of 100,000 Volts while strapped to a chair, or a swift push of Potassium Chloride into her blue veins

      one can hope

  4. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    – William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

  5. The Warren Report told America that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

    The Warren Report fully exonerated Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, the CIA, FBI,

    NSA, ONI, the Mob, the Joint Chiefs, etc., etc., etc.

    And the Deep Deep State goes on and on…


    “U.S. Attorney John Huber effectively concluded a sprawling investigation into several matters related to the Clintons without a finding of criminal wrongdoing, according to a Washington Post report.”

    – DC

    “Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related inquiry once championed by Trump. It found nothing of consequence.”

    – Wapo

    “Inspector general’s report on FBI and Clinton’s emails shows secrecy threatens democracy.”

    “The inspector general report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton contained plenty of bombshells, including a promise by lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok that “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming president. The report reveals how unjustified secrecy and squirrelly decisions helped ravage the credibility of both Clinton’s presidential campaign and the FBI. But few commentators are recognizing the vast peril to democracy posed by the sweeping prerogatives of federal agencies.

    The FBI’s investigation of Clinton was spurred by her decision to set up a private server to handle her email during her four years as secretary of State. The server in her mansion in Chappaqua, N.Y., was insecure and exposed emails with classified information to detection by foreign sources and others.

    Clinton effectively exempted herself from the federal Freedom of Information Act. The State Department ignored 17 FOIA requests for her emails before 2014 and insisted it required 75 years to disclose emails of Clinton’s top aides.

    A federal judge and the State Department inspector general slammed the FOIA stonewalling.

    Clinton’s private email server was not publicly disclosed until she received a congressional subpoena in 2015. A few months later, the FBI Counterintelligence Division opened a criminal investigation of the “potential unauthorized storage of classified information on an unauthorized system.”

    The IG report gives the impression that the FBI treated Clinton and her coterie like royalty — or at least like personages worthy of endless deference. When Bleachbit software or hammers were used to destroy email evidence under congressional subpoena, the FBI treated it as a harmless error. The IG report “questioned whether the use of a subpoena or search warrant might have encouraged Clinton, her lawyers … or others to search harder for the missing devices (containing email), or ensured that they were being honest that they could not find them.” Instead, FBI agents worked on “rapport-building” with Clinton aides.
    Indictment justified

    FBI investigators shrugged off brazen deceit. An unnamed FBI agent on the case responded to a fellow FBI agent who asked how an interview went with a witness who worked with the Clintons at their Chappaqua residence: “Awesome. Lied his a– off. Went from never inside the scif (sensitive compartmented information facility) at res (residence), to looked in when it was being constructed, to removed the trash twice, to troubleshot the secure fax with HRC a couple times, to every time there was a secure fax i did it with HRC. Ridic.” When his colleague replied that “would be funny if he was the only guy charged n this deal,” he replied, “aint noone gonna do s–t” as far as filing charges.”

    – USA Today

    Can you say corruption, malicious dereliction and gross negligence?

  7. So the man had a expired foreign passport in his safe, stamped (meaning used). Unriddle me where he got that from and we may have the key to this case.

    Bill Clinton or mossad is my guess.

    I imagine the guys estate was riddled with hidden cameras. Particularly the rooms inside…

    1. call Crowdstrike, the FBI can have them do a report from afar on whatever they want them to say about that. of course nobody will need to examine the servers, secondhand printouts and whatever sanitized logs are still extant will do

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