Prison Officials Announce Video Of Epstein’s Cell Has Been Permanently Deleted In Due To “Technical Errors”

For those who remain suspicious about the timing of the suicide of disgraced financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, news yesterday from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York legitimately magnified those concerns. In a breathtaking statement, the MCC announced that a “clerical error” led to the destruction of the surveillance footage taken from outside Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell on the day that he first attempted suicide attempt. The tape was permanently deleted due to confusion with another tier. The levels of sheer incompetence, negligence, and stupidity required for such an act is almost beyond belief.

Epstein was found semiconscious in his cell at the MCC around 1:27 a.m. on July 23. However, despite worldwide attention and numerous expected investigations, MCC officials announced that the MCC “inadvertently preserved video from the wrong tier within the MCC and as a result, video from outside the defendant’s cell on July 22-23, 2019 no longer exists.” Worse yet, it was the FBI that realized that the video given to investigators was the wrong tier.

This adds to recently disclosed evidence that have led some to challenge the conclusion of suicide including autopsy reports and new photographs. There are also falsification of logs and evidence.

While Hillary Clinton and others have laughed about the conspiracy theories, the destruction of the tape will now guarantee that conspiracy theories will never die. For many, Epstein’s death seemed too convenient given the long list of powerful people who could be embarrassed by his trial.

I have long criticized the disgraceful sweetheart deal given to Epstein. The deal was struck by Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta and not only succeeded in protecting Epstein from serous jail time but protecting a host of high-profile friends including Bill Clinton who were regulars at his infamous island resort.

Epstein was notorious for his infamous “Lolita Express” where he took friends like Bill Clinton by plane to his private estate on the Caribbean island of Little Saint James with young girls who allegedly were used as prostitutes.

Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, were able to secure a ridiculous deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17).  Sasse is correct, the handling of the case is a disgrace but it is unlikely to result in any real punishment. Certainly not for Epstein who pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence.  Moreover, to my lasting surprise, the Senate approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary.  The Senate did not seem to care that Acosta betrayed these victims and protected a serial abuser.  In other words, everyone was protected–the powerful Johns, Epstein, the prosecutors–just not the victims who were never consulted before Epstein got his sweetheart deal.

After the deal, it was alleged that not only did Clinton take the “Lolita Express” more than previously stated but that he notably told his Secret Service details not to come on the trips to what some called “Orgy Island.” Clinton was not the only fan of Epstein.  President Donald Trump referred to him as a “terrific guy” in 2002, saying that “he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Suicide still remains the most obvious answer to the questions surrounding Epstein’s death, but the level of falsification and destruction of evidence will magnify the already mounting questions over his death.

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  1. Speaking of incompetence and clerical errors….screw Epstein.
    When will these FBI Thugs be hung and quartered?

    WASHINGTON, DC – Judicial Watch announced today it received 211 pages of emails between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that detail special accommodations given to the lawyers of Hillary Clinton and her aides during the FBI investigation of the Clinton email controversy.

    The new emails include a discussion about negotiations with Beth Wilkinson, a lawyer for the Clinton aides who gathered and then deleted 33,000 emails for Hillary Clinton, over the destruction of laptops provided to the FBI.

    The records were obtained in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the Justice Department failed to respond to a December 4, 2017, FOIA request seeking communications, including but not limited to, emails, text messages and instant chats, between FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice) No. 1:18-cv-00154)). Judicial Watch seeks:

    All records of communications, including but not limited to, emails, text messages and instant chats, between FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page;
    All travel requests, travel authorizations, travel vouchers and expense reports of Peter Strzok;
    All travel requests, travel authorizations, travel vouchers and expense reports of Lisa Page.
    The FBI is only processing the records at a rate of 500 pages per month and have refused to process text messages. At this rate, the production of these communications won’t be completed for almost another two more years – in late 2021.

  2. “The levels of sheer incompetence, negligence, and stupidity required for such an act is almost beyond belief.”

    NYC where everything is for sale? The twin of California where government is just plain ‘stupid?’

    And they want us to get rid of the Electoral College System.

    Fat chance this election Socialists.

    1. Uh, Michael, this was a FEDERAL facility, under the control of Trump’s DOJ, not a NYC or NY State facility.

      1. If the reprehensible Epstein was gathering real and not imaginary “kompromat” for US intelligence community– or perhaps other national intelligence agencies— than those agencies might have wanted someone to pull his plug. And yes it seems to me that only FBI credentials could have convinced BOP guards to cooperate with a covert assassination and cover-up. This is pure speculation on my part.

        However, i also speculate that it’s possible that CIA or lets say possibly even certain foreign intelligence agencies with the best sorts of connections, use your imagination here, could secure bogus FBI credentials to fool the guards, or perhaps even activate their own assets inside FBI to carry out such an assassination.

        In this situation, I do not believe that whatever government actors might have been involved, would have had or expected any sort of clearance from the POTUS. Cops and spies have always operated a certain amount of dirty tricks without top level authorization exactly to provide the chief executives with plausible deniability.

        Law enforcement investigation and intelligence investigations often involve people independently choosing to do very illegal things that nobody would approve of. If they knew about them.

        Oh, here’s an amusing example just to lighten things up.

        Homeland Security Operatives investigating alleged human trafficking go to massage parlors to “test the goods” and “verify” things…. again and again and again….

        one doubts that any charges related to these “rescues” will be forthcoming.

        i can just hear it now: “BUT BOSS SHE ONLY GAVE US HANDJBS….!”

  3. Jeffrey killed himself?! Is the most preposterous conclusion!! Not the most likely one!! Who are the people that he was blackmailing?! We need a complete list of them!! Then you can easily figure out who killed him!! the list of “ pedofilles “in the powerful people is long!! They all like young pussy!!

  4. If every “mistake” only goes in one direction, then that isn’t a mistake, it’s a pattern of wrong doing.

    The NSA copies all electronic files. They have this footage and they can release it at Trump’s request. The victim’s attorneys should request it and file an FOIA to get it from them or OGA or contractors paid by this “government”.

    1. The NSA copies all electronic files. They have this footage and they can release it at Trump’s request.

      No, the NSA is not copying the contents of convenience store security cameras or your home videos.

      1. i agree the rumour has been that the NSA maintains passively collected copies of electronic communications coming over the internet. That is a massive amount of data but they have massive amounts of storage. Anyways I don’t think that rumor was ever verified, but it’s been claimed

        Even if that’s true, Closed circuit systems are not communicated so it’s physically impossible that they’re stored. Video surveillance systems are usually closed circuit and kept on magnetic media that gets over – written from time to time. I dont know if thats how they do it in any particular facility or not, just saying in general.

        Probably someone would have had to get cooperation from guards to open the cell, fake all the relevant logs, and also destroy the magnetic media that all the inside surveillance would have had that would show the actors, from the front gate to the cell. That’s it. I’m sure the guards would have known exactly what evidence would have needed to be destroyed, all that’s really would have been needed to make it happen was their cooperation on the ground for a couple hours.

        However, depending on what “Guard tour patrol system” software was being used, maybe somebody could find evidence of altered records. I wont hold my breath!

        1. what i meant to say at top of para 2 above is that NSA can’t copy storage media that is never transmitted over the internet. Even if they are intercepting internet traffic in general.

          And that is just a rumor. And there is not even a rumor that they can magically crack any encryption whatsoever. Maybe they are the best encryption crackers but they are not magic.

          Anyhow, there is a persuasive rumor that the NSA has been harvesting internet and telecom traffic for many years. But if its not coming over the wires, just stored on site, than they can’t have just passively copied it. Air gap.

  5. No Charges Yet For Wife Of Epstein Friend

    Scarce Mention In Mainstream Media

    Yesterday The Washington Post ran this piece saying that a Trump-inspired probe of Hillary Clinton is winding down amid no criminal findings. The probe was launched in 2017 by a Utah Federal attorney named Huber to mollify conservatives who feel Hillary escaped criminal prosecution. According to The Post, Huber’s investigation has essentially come to nothing. Aside from The Post, mainstream media has barely tracked this story. At this point, is likely to ignore it as well.

    1. Regarding Above: To correct that last sentence, rightwing media is likely to ignore this story too.

        1. Here the ever-brave Anonymous shows their defiance by sneering at The Post. Hey Anonymous, show us a rightwing media story updating this probe.

          1. Soleimani Was Trump’s ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ and Iran Blinked. The White House thinks Iran was pulling punches in its retaliatory strike, and markets couldn’t be more pleased that both sides want peace.


            1. Iran pulled punches alright and shot down a civilian jetliner. But they’ll stage an October surprise for Trump.

              1. provide us your forwarding address in Tehran since we know you are moving there. What will you do with your boyfriend, tho? You are quite the azz wipe Peter


            2. Except that now it appears that Iran shot down a passenger jet, killing lots of people, mostly Canadians, although they deny it, and it appears not to be calculated. More blood on those tiny hands. This wouldn’t have happened but for Trump ordering the assassination of Soleimani, and there is no evidence of an imminent threat. He did this to divert attention away from his impeachment. That won’t stop Pompeo and others from lying about it. So, the Trump death count so far is the 50 or so mourners at Soleimani’s funeral, killed in the crush of humanity, and the people on this jet. Since so many of them were Canadians, it will strain relations with Canada, too.

              1. Blaming Trump for the stampede and shoot-down of a civilian airliner both of which are squarely the fault of the Iranian regime regardless of the Sulemani assassination, is the most preposterous thing you have ever suggested here and you have come up with some whoppers before.

                Clearly you are unhinged.

                Feel free to make a one way trip to Tehran. I’m sure you will love it there! They hate Trump too.

                1. Mr. Kurtz: please provide a detailed explanation of the IMMINENT threat posed by Soleimani, and explain why any alleged threat was IMMINENT or changed to be suddenly urgent at the point when he was assassinated versus previously. Members of Congress, including both Republicans and Democrats, say that no IMMINENT threat was disclosed to them. In fact, they were told they couldn’t even ask questions, because doing so would be unpatriotic. When they tried to ask questions, members of Trump’s administration simply ignored them and walked out of the room.

                  BTW: did you look up the videos showing all of the times Trump said that Article II of the Constitution provides him with absolute authority to do whatever he wants?

              2. and there is no evidence of an imminent threat

                Says the nutjob from the comfort of her home thousands of miles away of nutjob Mullahs but neighbor to hundreds of relatives who lost loved ones thanks to hour hero Soleimani

                No one disputes on this blog how nucken futs you are.
                Prove them wrong once?

                Nah…we didnt think you could either

                1. OK, what was the IMMINENT threat? Can you provide details on what it is, and why it was IMMINENT? Members of Congress who were briefed, both Republicans and Democrats, say nothing provided to them proves there was any IMMINENT threat.

                  FYI: a POTUS cannot simply order the assassination of a foreign military leader, president or other official on foreign soil. Trump doesn’t believe this, as he has said he has absolute power to do as he pleases according to Article II of the Constitution. He also said he would order the bombing of Iranian cultural sites, which is a clear violation of various treaties and laws.

                  It is becoming very clear that this was a diversionary tactic, to draw headlines away from his impeachment and to provide fodder for his election commercials. Trump’s lie count is up in the tens of thousands now. People simply don’t believe him.

                  1. Well, as it turns out, today’s news cycle reports that Trump ordered the killing of another Iranian official, who was in Yemen at the time, and that operation flopped. Actually, they were trying for some kind of major swoop against Iranian military leadership, so they could argue that Trump the Magnificent hobbled Iranian’s military. No doubt this was calculated to help Trump’s campaign, but it failed. So they had to come up with some explanation for just assassinating Soleimani. Hence, the claim of a non-existent “imminent” threat.

                    Liar liar pants on fire. Again, no one named “Trump” serves in our military or is a diplomat, and he doesn’t care about you or yours. Already air traffic anyplace near Iran is being diverted, to prevent any more commercial flights from getting shot down, but how do we know what airport could get hit next.

                    1. first off, you cant always tell what’s imminent or you burn sources. duh.

                      secondly, the successful assassination of Sulemani was indeed a master stroke and nobody will mistake the message. except for you guys maybe.

  6. There is no basis to presume at this point that this highly relevant and obviously crucial evidence was negligently destroyed, as opposed to intentionally destroyed, any more than that videos of the CIA torturing prisoners were negligently destroyed. That in events like this, or ones of similar public importance, it is frequently assumed, among the intelligentsia especially, that a conspiracy was not involved, based solely on claims of mistakes made by those in charge (and from those in charge), tells us little about what the available evidence might show upon a more thorough examination. It simply evinces the long-standing effectiveness of the term “conspiracy theory” and like terminology in marginalizing legitimate questions about such events, and patronizing those who ask them (who are reasonably unsatisfied with the standing official explanations thereof), as not worth taking seriously. It is salutary that this rhetorical maneuver has lately been increasingly ineffective in shutting down valid inquiries into cases like these. It is a sign that the public is becoming more intellectually independent from their self-appointed mental supervisors in the media, academia, the political class, etc., even if what is normally a healthy skepticism can also be corrosive in extreme cases, e.g. Alex Jones. No one should take the claim that these videos were negligently or routinely destroyed at face value (to say nothing of the larger official claim about how Epstein died). While routine destruction based on sheer incompetence is not at all inconceivable in this instance, a simple general statement to this effect from MCC officials, at this point, is not good enough.

    1. or the front door of the church incinerated by FBI at Waco was conveniently destroyed along with various government taken surveillance tapes

      funny how good the government is at throwing away important evidence. they’re losing credibility fast

      1. I think it was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms which was the principal agency at Waco, though IIRC some other agencies were involved and Janet Reno’s approval was required. The FBI was responsible for the Randy Weaver catastrophe (for which no one was prosecuted).

        1. ATF initiated the arrest attempt. However, when it went south, the DOJ sent in the HRT Hostage Rescue Team which is a part of the FBI. If the HRT is in motion, then FBI has taken charge of the situation.

          This is a good article which talks about the details about the missing door. It’s unknown to us who took it.

          I am speculating that an FBI cleanup crew seized that specific evidence and covertly destroyed it. This is not a conspiracy theory on my part it is a normal inference about evidence which is customary in law for centuries. It’s called spoliation of evidence, where, something important goes missing, and that will customarily raise a presumption against whomever was responsible for it.

  7. Went in dumb…come out dumb too…
    Hustling round Epqueen in my alligator shoes..
    I am keeping the child porkers down!

    We’re rednecks… rednecks…
    We don’t know our arse from a hole on the ground..
    We’re rednecks…
    We’re keeping the kids porkers down!

  8. Ah yes, several mentions of Bill Clinton and leaving out the very close connection to tRump, Epstein was a running mate of tRumps until tRump screwed him in a real estate deal, don’t give any credence to tRump condemning Epstein any time someone close to tRump turns out to be as sleazy as tRump, tRump will turn on them. But yes Epstein had the dirt on too many people to be allowed to tell his story. And by the way what happened to all the video tapes Epstein made?

    1. tRump body count mounts:
      Thomas Bowers, Deutsche Bank exec
      Epstein, friend and cavorted

      Who is next?

  9. It has to be noted too, if the claws are out, that Trump was the only one to publicly denounce him and disassociate with him later on. Half truths aren’t truths, JT, and even you seem to be willing to forget that if Trump is involved. I hope someone studies this period of time at some point in the future – the derangement is real, and it is unprecedented.

  10. 1. We need an impartial commission of inquiry on this matter.

    2. It’s a reasonable inference the Bureau of Prisons is run by incompetents, in part because no one has ever cared that it be run by competent people.

    1. fed BOP is less understaffed than the big states I think but often it too is understaffed. When that’s the case, the guards dont and sometimes can’t follow SOP for checkups on various prisoners. of course this makes it easier to murder them when the guards arent watching.

      but Epstein was a huge name, a high value detainee so to speak, and had been on suicide watch.

      Morever, this specific SHU has a reputation for close monitoring, and people with first hand knowledge of it have been skeptical from the start. certainly this increases the concern, as the professor mildly says

  11. ‘For many, Epstein’s death seemed to convenient given the long list of powerful people who could be embarrassed by his trial.’

    Embarrassed? Had Epstein faced trial, marriages, families, businesses and many unexpected entities and individuals would have been destroyed.

    Senator George Mitchell’s name was revealed on several flight logs of the Lolita Express. Recall that Senator Mitchell was granted the authority to allow Penn State (the Sanctuary City for Pedophiles) a shortened NCAA penalty.

    Must be the same clerk who switched the frames on the Zapruder film that changed JFK’s kill shot from the front to the back…

    1. Must be the same clerk who switched the frames on the Zapruder film that changed JFK’s kill shot from the front to the back…

      While it’s hard to tell if you’re particularly serious here, there is no doubt Pres. Kennedy and Gov. Connolly were shot from the back. Cyril Wecht, the forensic pathologist who has been an inveterate critic of the Warren Report, will aver the wounds they sustained were from the rear.

      1. This is Absurd.
        ALL of the evidence proves the kill shot came in front of JFK. NONE of the evidence proves that Lee HARVEY Oswald fired ANY shots at any time that day.

        I’ll forgive you for believing the Official lies, but I hope that you’ll study the case before you feel emboldened to publish more lies about the 11/22 coup.

        1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Gunshot wounds have front spatter and back spatter. They are easy to differentiate by volume. The front spatter hit the Connollys. The back spatter hit a nearby motorcycle cop. A fragment of the bullet from the 3d shot was lodged in the windshield of the limousine. As for the 2d shot, the only way it could be from the front were if an elfin assassin was crouched on the floor in front of the Connollys. (The first shot missed the limousine and dislodged a piece of MacAdam which hit a man named Tague).

          And I am not paid to talk to you. No one not collecting fee income for their trouble would tolerate you for five minutes.

          1. And I am not paid to talk to you. No one not collecting fee income for their trouble would tolerate you for five minutes.



    1. Who ordered this?

      It sounds like the story goes that they had preserved the wrong video as evidence and when the error was discovered the correct video had already been routinely destroyed.

      1. Easier than explaining a 17 minute gap or a magic bullet. Maybe they should have hired Stephen Hunter to write the script instead of a propagandist disguised as a reporter trying to be a journalist.

    2. if we assume that epstein was murdered, which is speculation even though i strongly doubt the official conclusion, but if we assume he was murdered and strangled which is what one of the forensic examinations suggested from crushing damage to his cricoid cartilage, then someone needed to be able to get into his cell.

      that kind of rules out a private hit if you ask me. a private hit might have looked like another prisoner doing it. but

      but to get into his cell, they would have needed guards to cooperate and open the cell. guards would not cooperate with prisoners trying to stage such a hit on a high value inmate.

      the guards would have had to recognize a sufficiently high authority to both give someone access to a cell and then complicity falsify and destroy evidence about the incident

      Now who in the federal security apparatus pecking order would have sufficiently intimidating bona fides to convince the guards on duty to do that?

      Not CIA which everybody knows is not supposed to be playing these games stateside. I don’t think they would even be able to get inside the jail.

      Pretty much zeroes it down to someones with FBI credentials. Maybe some kind of national security letters in hand green lighting the action. Maybe those credentials were false, but that’s what I think a regular guard would be willing to cooperate with in that situation, and nothing less.

      Now that is not to say that perhaps someone got into the prison and secured the cooperation of the guards with falsified FBI credentials, but, I can’t imagine a BOP guard cooperating with any other agency bona fides than those. Because they know it’s FBI who will be investigating, and so, to cover their own butts, they want to believe that the whole operation was green lighted by FBI in the first place.

      Of course this is pure speculation on my part, I don’t know anything whatsoever about this from my own personal knowledge.


      Are almost all journalists on Adderall?

      Somewhere in the depths of this lengthy Joe Rogan podcast, Joe asserts that all the journalists are on Adderall.

      Rogan says he watched a lot of YouTube videos of Adderall users, “who thought the whole world was against them, that they were super-competent, capable of anything. They had unstoppable confidence. They wouldn’t shut the fu## up. But everyone was against them.”

      Then, Rogan says: “A lot of people are on it…. It’s a spooky drug… First of all, journalists. I have a buddy of mine who’s a writer who said almost all journalists are on it.”

      1. ”Suicide still remains the most obvious answer to the questions surrounding Epstein’s death[.]”

        Is “most” a typo?

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