Trump Retweets Highly Offensive Images Of Pelosi and Schumer In Muslim Garb

President Donald Trump is being widely and legitimately denounced today for a highly offensive image that retweeted of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in Muslim garb, including a statement that Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt that the image is “repulsive anti-Muslim bigotry.” I have repeatedly objected to outrageous and unpresidential tweets by President Trump and I believe it is important for all of us to object to this type of offensive imagery and commentary. It has no place in our politics and certainly no place in presidential communications.

The Monday morning by Twitter user @D0wn_Under was shared by Trump with his 71 million followers with hours with the caption: “The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah’s rescue.”

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White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham caused a secondary flare up when she defended the President by accusing the Democrats of “almost taking the side of terrorists.” That is grossly unfair to the Democrats and magnifies the concerns over the use of such images and insults in addressing your political opponents.

There has to be some modicum of decency and decorum in our politic debates that starts with the President. While some may find this image comical, it is highly insulting, highly inflammatory and highly unfair. It appeals to the lowest common denominator in our politics and fuels racial and religious divisions. We have a right to expect more from the White House.

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  1. The problem could be ended quickly if President Trump just put “retweets agreement” on his Twitter profile as most public figures who Tweet do.

    That said, the picture doesn’t show “Muslim” garb. It correctly shows Schumer and Pelosi in IRANIAN garb. It’s no more reprehensible than putting a Russian fur hat on Trump. which happens often in Twitter.

    There are two equally valid schools of thought on Presidential speech. John Kerry had the insult floor to himself in the 2004 campaign and lost in the popular vote. But after that, a wide-open media war was declared on George W. Bush by the Democrats and their media mouthpieces such as Viacom (owned by Sumner and Shari Redstone, multi-million dollar Democrat donors) – so that Comedy Central ran multiple Bush parody series in time for the 2008 election without any hindrance from the FEC (who didn’t get Obama and Clinton’s tactic of running against Bush when McCain was their formal opposition).

    Trump could drop Twitter today, for the rest of his life, and other people in politics would still smear him and their other political opponents in ALL media – broadcast and social. Trump didn’t start this.

    1. WordPress mangled my first paragraph – it interpreted my attempt to use “” as the “not equal to” sign, so I’ll write ti out:
      “The problem could be ended quickly if President Trump just put “retweets do not equal agreement” on his Twitter profile as most public figures who Tweet do.

  2. So what is offensive about depicting the pro socialist anti Constitutionalists in their proper uniforms?

    Personally I find any photos of those two highly offensive as they are posing as citizens after rejecting that status to give their allegiance to a foreign ideology. Nothing ambivalent about that stance considering the amount of times their party has and it’s leaders have violated their oath of office and the amount of negative public statements made about our Constitutional Republic such as referring to it as a Democracy.

    That’s what I find highly offensive and completely unacceptable as Citizen. Or the amount of times that group has sent us off to war since they took over the Democrat Party in 1909 or the attempts to take over both parties using their own right wing of the left.

    According to my oath of office I see nothing wrong dressing the enemies domestic in their proper garb and it fits my Constitutional Centrist beliefs objectively and morally.

  3. Scheming Schumer and Lying Nancy drop lies, insults, innuendos and flat out accusations hourly. If they don’t like being punched back, maybe they ought to grow the hell up and act like responsible adults. Life is a two way street. Trump never treated them like trash until the repeatedly did it to him. Not only is he justified, I’d love to see him help primary these swamp rats.

  4. Which is worse, a thousand words accusing Trump of being a Nazi, or a picture implying Pelosi is an Iranian sympathizer? Apparently the picture, and Trump knows this.

  5. While I understand Turley’s point on decorum, I disagree this is a “highly insulting” image given the context of the discussion. It IS humorous. And prominent Democrats were grossly unfair in their blaming the administration for the actions of Iran and in the expressions of respect for a brutal killer. Sometimes ridicule is the proper response to ridiculousness.

    Ultimately, the controversy says more about America’s absurd hangups with race and ethnicity than it does about the president. If this was a fight with England and the image showed Pelosi and Schumer in beefeater uniforms standing in front of the Union Jack, no one would care. If the Daily Show portrayed Trump wearing a Russian hat and standing in front of the Soviet flag, liberals would laugh. But because Iran is a Muslim majority country the political class demands ultra sensitivity and seriousness.

    No one is above a joke. Not Pelosi, not Schumer, and not Iran.

    1. All of Congress and the Executive branch need to go on cellphone timeout/restriction. Without their phones they cannot tweet, troll or use their phone privilege in the manner that parents instruct their children NOT to do.

  6. Democrats are Terrorists. Schumer is Pelosi’s butt boy.

    “Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” Minority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) accused President Donald Trump of doing more than any other person “to destroy the honor and values of America.”

    When asked about the killing of Qasem Soleimani, Schumer said,…..”

    Nothing….he never answered the question

    “This president plays so fast and loose with the truth, not only on that issue. The other day he just said he’s defending, protecting our health care, our preexisting conditions. He’s doing everything to undermine it. And the families of America need good health care.”

    He added, “He, you know, I’m going to make a broader point, and it relates to impeachment and everything else. The greatest thing America has is its honor and its values. That’s what the Founding Fathers focused on. That’s what all of our great political thinkers have focused on, and no person, no person has done more to destroy the honor and values of America than Donald Trump, and that’s why I think he’s got to go.”

    1. Melania is indeed hawt.

      Obama’s wife….dahyum….she could stop a mack truck with that face

      so yeah, it’s inspiring to have a beautiful first lady ala Princess Diane….

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