Feeling The Bern: Sanders Rises In Polls As More Women Support Him Over Warren

Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be continuing his rise in the polls despite the claim of Sen. Elizabeth Warren that he made a sexist and bizarre comment to her in a meeting shortly before she announced her candidacy. Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden remain flat in the Reuters/Ipsos national poll.

We previously discussed controversy over Warren’s claim that Sanders told her that a woman could not be elected president in 2020. The allegation was questioned by many based on Sanders’ past statements and the fact that such a statement to an expected political rival would have been moronic. One issue that we discussed is whether CNN’s obvious bias against Sanders during the debate, including Abby Phillips basically treating Sanders as a liar on the alleged statement, would actually push voters toward Sanders.

If this poll is accurate, Sanders is continuing his rise despite the allegation while, if Warren hoped it would restart her struggling campaign, the voters are not responding as favorably to Warren well. Some 20% of registered Democrats and independents said they would back Sanders while 19% support Biden. Warren is at 12% followed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 9% and 6% with Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Amy Klubucer also shows little movement and remains a marginal candidate.

Most notably, more women support Sanders than Warren despite the latter emphasizing the issue of a woman running for the presidency and the allegation of sexism against Sanders. Sanders holds 15% of women while 11% support Warren.

Obviously, this can still change and this is just one poll. The DNC and establishment appear again to be working against Sanders, as they did in 2016. However, as with the open bias shown by CNN’s Phillips in the debate, such opposition could well work to the advantage of Sanders with many voters still unhappy with the rigging of the primary for Hillary Clinton by the DNC. Moreover, Warren will need those Sanders voters but they are clearly miffed at her and there are indications that some might not accept a centrist option like Biden.

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  1. As Sanders admits he has no idea where the money is coming from it will just magically appear Ocasio’s claim on the status of the poor is smashed to nothing. Source is justfacts.com and here’s a part of it which on it’s on turns AOC into a receptacle for trash but nothing else

    “While pressing her agenda to expand means-tested welfare programs, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is claiming that the federal government’s poverty statistics vastly undercount the number of Americans who are “destitute.”

    In reality, the exact opposite is true because those statistics omit a broad range of government benefits, charity, and unreported income. When these are counted, the poorest fifth of U.S. households consume five times more goods and services than the poverty stats reveal.”

    So much for the socialist far left in their failed quest for a believable truth that might live more than one day or be used to gull more than the gullible Collective.

  2. When the American government has promised to act as a father and take care of a group of people, how has it done? The government turned Native Americans into dependents living in reservations on land they can never personally own. The schools are terrible, houses are dilapidated because there’s no incentive for people to spend their personal money on a house they don’t own, and the poverty rate is very high. Compare and contrast with the non gaming tribes that do not live on reservations. They live quite a bit better.

    And what about Welfare and the projects? The government promised single mothers that it would take care of them, essentially replacing a husband in their lives. The Projects are miserable, drug and crime riddled rat-infested buildings.

    No one thrives on government care. No one. It’s like when slavery was a global phenomenon. The master was in charge of the dependent slaves, and had total control over them. Of course they did not thrive. The master was answerable to no one, and the slaves were prohibited from defending themselves or complaining.

    Socialism is a form of enslavement. The people give ownership of their labor to the government that promises to take care of them like a benevolent master. Of course, what always follows is the abuse of human rights, and the criminalization of speech. Dissen is not tolerated.

    It all sounds great in theory to those who have permicious envy. Everyone will have equal money and property. But then it is realized that there is nothing you can do to improve your lot. You can’t feed or clothe your children better no matter how hard you work…because everyone must be equal. The educated with the uneducated, the industrious with the slothful, the sober with the addict, the reliable with the unreliable. At it’s heart, it’s an unfair system.

      1. Benson, are you claiming that Native Americans on reservations are better, worse off, of the same as the national average?

        Tribes on reservations statistically fare quite poorly. There are two ways to improve their living standards – gambling revenue or leave the res.

        The Colville Tribe received modest gambling revenue.

        Even so, it has an unemployment rate over 50%, and 10 foster homes due to high demand.

        You should note that the government does not give the tribe this extra money. It grants tribes a right to run an activity that would be illegal for others to run, because of complaints of high rates of tribal poverty. That is because people languish as wards of the state.

        Granting gambling licenses to some tribes uses tortured logic. Gambling was deemed a vice so it was banned. But the Indians were poor so they allow some tribes to run casinos. So race determines if one can get a license, or get arrested. The gambling money comes from non Natives spending money on vice to make up for government shortfalls.

        The conclusion is if you become a permanent ward of the state you will likely be poor. The casinos are an example where the law does not apply equally to all.

        The best solution is to forget about “sovereign nations” of tribes. Instead of this sort of dual nation, they are American citizens with the same rights as anyone else. Divvy up there reservation land among tribal homeowners. They get the deed. No mortgage restrictions, meaning they could mortgage the property or sell it to whomever.

        That would mean particular acreage would no longer be set aside for any particular tribe, as members could sell their property just like anyone else.


        1. Karen S, the Coville reservation is better off than many. You clearly didn’t bother to read the Wikipedia page; private land ownership was tried and was a failure.

          1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me forty-two citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after fifty-nine weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on.
            how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from Wikipedia?

          2. Benson:

            You submitted the Colville Tribe as a successful reservation. Yet, if you looked at the government paper I provided, they had unemployment greater than 50%, over 20% lived below the poverty line, and they needed 10 foster homes due to high demand.

            Even so, you are right that they are better off than some other tribes on reservations. That’s because the government allows them to run gambling casinos. So, the government considers gambling vice, but they gave a few tribes the special privilege of running vice to non native Americans.

            In any case, those who do a bit better aren’t doing so because the reservation takes such great care of them. Instead, it’s because they are allowed to run gambling.

            You should look into the problems with Native Americans. They are the poorest of our people in the US. Even the example you gave had very high unemployment and poverty rates, and that’s one of the gambling tribes.

          3. Benson – private land ownership was tried?

            Are you talking about the land snatch efforts of the General Allottment Act of the 1890s? The government got Native Americans to sign documents they didn’t understand, in some cases losing the land entirely but retaining hunting and fishing rights. They expected them to farm just like that.

            This was an effort to push them out of their land to give it to other people in an era when the globe really was a racist place.

            Native Americans do worse than the average American on reservations. This is not genetic, but rather the product of government dependence. Americans thrive under capitalism. Stop treating Native Americans like they cannot take care of themselves like everyone else. It treats grown adults like children, and is based on racism.

            When Native Americans are treated like everyone else, they do well as capitalists. You should watch the video I provided.

          1. Benson – they are poor because they live on reservations under government care instead of living like capitalists with the same rights and opportunities as the rest of us. They are assigned falling down government tribal housing, but they can’t own the land or sell their property like any other American.

            No matter how much the government spends, they want and need more because they are caught in the trap of dependency with less ways out than the rest of the poor in America.

            As for your implication that we permanently made them poor because we conquered their land…do you see reservations for the Anglo, Picts, Celts, or any of the other ancient tribes of Europe? No. Land changed hands many times – Romans, Mongols, Saxons, etc. People were not set apart but were absorbed.

            Native Americans do not view the land as having a permanent title in perpetuity to the descendants of the first person to ever set foot there. If they did, then the Clovis would own astronomical amounts of land and later migrations would still be trying to survive on the fringes. Tribes held land if they were strong enough, or they were pushed out or completely anhiliated. The Iroquois Nation was particularly feared. Stronger tribes stole from weaker, and took sex slaves. Many tribes were infamous for torturing their captives, sometimes to death, and sometimes as a test. There are many tribes that went out of existence because they were all wiped out by the stronger ones. Some tribes were forced to live out in the inhospitable desert, with short, difficult lives, because they were chased out of better territory. In fact, the Black Hills didn’t always belong to th Sioux. It was held by the Cheyanne before, and other tribes before that.

            There is no noble savage, as human being are the same single species, just with a globally widespread distribution.

            American settlers were the strongest tribe of all.

            It was a terrible, racist mistake to keep the Native Americans separate and apart. We need to rectify that, get rid of the reservations, divided the land up among individual Native Americans, and they can live on it or sell it however they want. America was at the forefront of fighting the global institution of slavery. We are not a racist country anymore. Reservations are vestiges of that era.

            It is racist to suppose that Native Americans cannot take care of themselves without extensive government help. I’ve known Asians who came here with the clothes on their backs, and no money. They worked 3 jobs, never slept, put enough pressure on their kids to get a good education they could have made a diamond, and in a generation, they’re thriving doctors and scientists. Those who came here with nothing attain middle class. No one frets that Asian Americans might not be able to make it without having a reservation set aside for them, and they suffered terrible historical racism.

            This is the racism of low expectations.

  3. His principles are nothing more than free stuff. He never held a real job till his was well into his 50’s. While Bernie was leeching off of other people Trump was building multiple businesses and hiring people.

  4. Sanders is a lot like Trump. You may not them, but you can’t control them. Establishment politicians don’t want either one of them.

    1. Sanders has spent his entire adult life pursuing the same political principles and goals. Trump founded Trump University.

      1. The man who objected to people having multiple homes has 3 himself and is a millionaire.

  5. It looks like the Duchess of Compton is serving Comrade Bernie and World Communism well by taking down the bourgeoisie capitalist royals in Buckingham Palace from her “MEGXIT” Forward Operating Base (FOB) at the home of the Clinton lackey, Frank Giustra, who sold Putin 20% of America’s uranium.

    The communists really do want to annihilate (i.e. fundamentally transform) the United States and impose their tyrannical and oppressive, global “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    Dang! The Founders forgot to highlight a footnote to the effect that: This is serious, folks! This freedom thing is seriously threatened. We gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    1. This is relevant to the subject hand … how? Orwellian tactic, deflection!

  6. Nothing but discontent, anger, mob rule and increasing politically driven violence against Americans by the Left (Antifa, Sanders supporter, Resist, Hollywood elites, Democrat Members of Congress etc) . Now Vox is discussing Civil War



    The Virginia gun rights rally raising fears of violence, explained
    Why an annual Lobby Day has resulted in a state of emergency and online calls for a civil war.

    1. More another battle in the American Revolution. Another panty waist tyrant trying to take our guns and make us come to heel.

      1. The blog is littered with sexual innuendos. Panty waist tyrant vs Grinder gays blocking Peter.

        decisions decisions

        what color panties?

  7. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s social media feeds are crawling with snakes. If you scroll through the replies to every new tweet and the comments of her most recent Instagram posts, you won’t find much discussion about the actual content, whether its donations or the student loan debt crisis. Instead, it’s line after line of acid-green snake emoji, intermixed with people apologizing for the people inundating Warren’s accounts with snake emoji. Lest ye think that Senator Warren’s campaign for president has suddenly become much beloved by reptile enthusiasts, #NeverWarren is also trending, alongside #WarrenIsASnake.


      1. Is this like when Taylor Swift’s and Katy Perry’s fans were quarreling?

        I don’t believe Bernie made a sexist comment to Warren. If he did, then they wouldn’t have been friends. It’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t vote for either one of them, and it’s still ridiculous.

    1. Oh, great. The Speech Gestapo will add snakes to the list of verbatim words and emojis.

      1. shoe0nhead is a great example of young women who identfy as liberal but reject feminists and liars…..Liawatha

        “verbatim words” makes no sense.

  8. Why Do Trumpers Sympathize With Bernie??

    It’s not unusual to see Trump supporters commenting that ‘Bernie was screwed by the DNC’. These sentiments are among the phoniest on social media. From a Republican perspective, Bernie Sanders is a true, pinko communist.

    So ‘why’ do Trumpers engage in this stupid ‘poor Bernie’ charade..?? Because they know Bernie would a guaranteed loser in the general election!

    The following is a list of cost projections for Bernie’s agenda as compiled by CNN.

    Among the most expensive elements of the Sanders plan are:

    His single-payer health care plan, which would replace all private health insurance with a government-run program. The center-left Urban Institute estimated last year that such a plan would increase federal spending on health care by about $34 trillion over the next decade, an estimate in line with projections by the Rand Corp. and other analysts.

    Sanders’ “Green New Deal” proposal to end the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels will cost $16.3 trillion over the next decade, according to the campaign’s calculations.

    Sanders says on his website that he will spend $2.5 trillion over the next decade to build 10 million more units of affordable housing.
    Sanders has endorsed proposals to spend $1 trillion over the next decade on improving the nation’s infrastructure.

    Sanders has proposed to eliminate tuition and fees at all public colleges and universities and to pay off all $1.6 trillion in student debt. Sanders puts the 10-year cost of tuition-free public college at $480 billion (though other estimates are somewhat higher). That would bring the cost of his higher education agenda to slightly above $2 trillion.

    Sanders has proposed an array of increases in federal spending on K-12, including a guaranteed $60,000 minimum salary for all teachers, that would likely cost slightly more than $1 trillion over a decade.

    Edited by: “The Costs Of Sanders Agenda Would Set A Peacetime Record ”

    CNN 1/14/20

    1. Plenty of $$ for war, though.


      Tulsi Gabbard:

      “Politicians who say there isn’t enough money to pay for health care or education or infrastructure have been lying to us about “progress” in the war in Afghanistan when they knew/know it is unwinnable—lying to justify spending $4 billion a month for 18 years and counting.”

      1. spending $4 billion a month for 18 years and counting
        $4 billion a month is $6000 for every US house hold every month.

      2. You could take every dime from the rich and not pay for what Bernie and Warren are proposing. You could take every dime from the military, too.

        Bernie’s plan would cost $33 trillion in only 10 years. Such estimates tend to under estimate, and as we all know, costs increase over time.

        The entire military budget is $639 billion.

        Bill Gates has $110 billion.

        If you took every dime from the rich, not only would it not pay for the health care dreams of a socialist idealist, but the rich person would no longer employ anyone. It would kill the golden goose, and no more eggs.

        What kind of fools would destroy this economy and favorable jobs?

    2. Why Do Trumpers Sympathize With Bernie??

      Because he isn’t dishonest in essence, he wasn’t a failure as mayor, and he pays only lip service to identity politics.

      You’re welcome.

      1. Tabby, you’re right about one thing: Bernie is significantly more honest than Trump. Trump was a career playboy and now today he wants to take contraceptive coverage away from women in the name of ‘religious liberty’. How phony can you get!

    3. “So ‘why’ do Trumpers engage in this stupid ‘poor Bernie’ charade..?? Because they know Bernie would a guaranteed loser in the general election!”

      Hey Seth, when you want to know someone’s motivation, just ask them. Every time you try to guess what someone across the political divide thinks, feels, or believes, you get it wrong, usually through some sort of bias.

      As has been explained to you multiple times, supporting Bernie Sanders politically is not required in order to come to a judgement on whether something is fair or not.

      As I said at the time in 2016, Bernie got treated unfairly by the DNC.

      I also said that Hillary Clinton was not running a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor, and I sure as heck would not vote for her.

      Do you not believe in any bipartisan agreement on any topic, ever? If Bernie said the sky was blue, I’d agree with him. If Bernie said Socialism was super wonderful, I would not.

      Stop letting your bigotry color your judgement.

      1. Karen, ‘bigotry’..??? What are you babbling about???? I know what I’m seeing from Trumpers here and my Facebook stream. I dont need to consult with ‘you’ before posting my views. When did you get so authoritarian??? What a joke!!

        1. “what are you babblig about?”

          Oh oh…looks like Peter is getting more Crystal Meth from his dealer in WeHo because gay men on Grinder are blocking shim. They have caught on to his catfish profile names just like we have

          Peter, you really ought to get help for that meth addiction. And grow a pair and use your real name. Only pussies like you create catfish profiles

          1. Estovir, your juvenile attempts to slime me create the impression this blog is dubious. If Turley’s okay with that, I dont care. It’s not my blog. Post all the slime you want. We know you’ve never come close to crafting a real argument. As a hospital orderly you only deal with bedpans

            1. Anonymous, earlier today Estovir was posting support for White Supremacists. Go figure.

        2. Seth – you keep trying to guess the thoughts and motivations of people you won’t talk to about it.

          And you get it wrong every time, exposing your bigotry. You think Republicans are evil and constantly attribute evil or cunning motivations to them. They couldn’t possibly make a fair judgment call about someone from another party.

    4. “Why Do Trumpers Sympathize With Bernie?”
      Confusion between facts and compassion?
      Bernie got screwed royally, as does everyone due to the idiotic “Super Delegate” system. Has nothing to do with Trump supporters having sympathy for the Bernie, they are just pointing out yet another major flaw in the Democratic party.

      1. That’s factually incorrect. Bernie lost the vote in the primaries by 55%-42%. His problem was with Democratic voters, not super delegates.

        Super delegates make up 15% of all delegates and I agree with the principle on which they are based: party office ho!ders, who will be running with the presidential candidate, have a more informed interest in the outcome. If you don’t agree, fine. So far they have not determined the candidate, even in 2008 when most started out as Hillary supporters.

      2. “Bernie got screwed royally….by super delegates”

        Yes, that is right.

        the Democrat Party understands that we the voters are incapable of choosing the best candidate on our own. so like all good leftists they rigged the process to take our choices away and appoint someone for us to vote for instead by using something called super-delegates. Super-delegates means that if you vote for Bernie Sanders they give you Hillary Clinton instead. sometimes being pro-choice means that your choices are made for you if the powers that be decide that you made the wrong choice

    1. Yeah, an assertion by a British Labour Party rag is going to be totes persuasive.

      1. Absurd x 15 absurdly claims that The Guardian is a Labour Party organ. How naively absurd!

        1. “The paper’s readership is generally on the mainstream left of British political opinion: a MORI poll taken between April and June 2000 showed that 80 per cent of Guardian readers were Labour Party voters;”


          https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/newspape/isj2/2003/isj2-098/sparks.htm (And here, I found that issue of the International Socialist for you to look at that graph showing the skew towards Labour)

          So…your claim that The Guardian is a Labour Party paper is absurd is incorrect.

          1. That is the British readership, not the paper’s editorial stance, which is starchly independent.

            1. You are rarely correct about anything but always sure of yourself. connect the dots….the slope is a straight line

            2. No, it’s not. I read the Guardian along with a broad spectrum of other news sources, and their fund-raising blurbs at the end of every story are aimed at left-of-center voters, with a very biased assessment of the current US administration. The Guardian is staunchly the Epoch Times of the Left.

    2. Didn’t you say that the Russian collusion hoax was ironclad?

      This is a political hit. A coup.

  9. “We all think our breathless recitations of the latest revelations matter but I don’t know, it keeps feeling like 2016. Only this time with full employment.“

    Peggy Noonan

  10. Did you say Bernie Sanders? Bernie Sanders is a veiled communist as are “democrats.” Communists are the direct and mortal enemies of America, American freedom, American free enterprise and America’s Constitution. The principles of communism are unconstitutional.
    Communist China, Cuba, North Korea et. al do not implement the principles of the Constitution.

    Why does America implement the principles of the Communist Manifesto? Any and all forms of redistribution and any and all regulation other than that of money and commerce are unconstitutional. The right to private property is absolute.

    The American Founders provided maximal freedom to individuals while they severely limited and restricted government. Communists have the American thesis backwards. The American Founders terminated the dictatorship of the monarchy or “Sovereign.” The Founders made the People the “Sovereign” and government the “Subject” of the “Sovereing.” All constituional decsions must favor the freedom of individuals over governmental dictatorship or America will have been returned to the dominion and dictatorship of the monarcy from which it separated.

    General welfare disticntly does not include individual welfare, Bernie Sanders should be in prison and none of the following communsit principles may exist per the Constitution:

    – Central Planning (unconstitutional interference in any aspect of private property, free enterprise, free markets, economics, etc.).

    – Control of the Means of Production (unconstitutional regulation – Article 1, Section 8 enumerates only the power to regulate the “value” of “money” and the flow of “…Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes;…” to preclude bias or favor by one jurisdiction over another.

    – Redistribution of Wealth (unconstitutional affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, rent control, social services, forced busing, minimum wage, utility subsidies, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obamacare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc.

    – Social Engineering (unconstitutional compulsion of particular outcomes of social/free enterprise dynamics).

    Article 1, Section 8

    – The Congress shall have Power To…collect Taxes,…to…provide for the …general Welfare of the United States;

    – To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes;

    – To coin Money regulate the Value thereof,

    5th Amendment

    No person shall be…deprived of…liberty, or property,…; nor shall private property be taken…

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