Feeling The Bern: Sanders Rises In Polls As More Women Support Him Over Warren

Sen. Bernie Sanders appears to be continuing his rise in the polls despite the claim of Sen. Elizabeth Warren that he made a sexist and bizarre comment to her in a meeting shortly before she announced her candidacy. Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden remain flat in the Reuters/Ipsos national poll.

We previously discussed controversy over Warren’s claim that Sanders told her that a woman could not be elected president in 2020. The allegation was questioned by many based on Sanders’ past statements and the fact that such a statement to an expected political rival would have been moronic. One issue that we discussed is whether CNN’s obvious bias against Sanders during the debate, including Abby Phillips basically treating Sanders as a liar on the alleged statement, would actually push voters toward Sanders.

If this poll is accurate, Sanders is continuing his rise despite the allegation while, if Warren hoped it would restart her struggling campaign, the voters are not responding as favorably to Warren well. Some 20% of registered Democrats and independents said they would back Sanders while 19% support Biden. Warren is at 12% followed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 9% and 6% with Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Amy Klubucer also shows little movement and remains a marginal candidate.

Most notably, more women support Sanders than Warren despite the latter emphasizing the issue of a woman running for the presidency and the allegation of sexism against Sanders. Sanders holds 15% of women while 11% support Warren.

Obviously, this can still change and this is just one poll. The DNC and establishment appear again to be working against Sanders, as they did in 2016. However, as with the open bias shown by CNN’s Phillips in the debate, such opposition could well work to the advantage of Sanders with many voters still unhappy with the rigging of the primary for Hillary Clinton by the DNC. Moreover, Warren will need those Sanders voters but they are clearly miffed at her and there are indications that some might not accept a centrist option like Biden.

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    1. Great diagnosis, Dr. Darren.
      She also suffers from Cry-a-watha Syndrome………blubbering, whining, when she doesn’t get her way.

  1. Bernie and Elizabeth sitting in a tree…
    Waiving arms at you and me!
    First came love. Next was marriage.
    Then came Biden in a baby carriage.

    1. Why did they call her Pocahontus? A Hontus is a snake in S. Africa and if you poke it you get bit and die.

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    Talk with her hands… look at Lizbeth’s hands…
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    But Bernie is a dog. He lives on a log.
    Sanders and Lizbeth are tooo woooo!

  3. There is another “burn” taking place in Richmond and blackfaced Governor Northam is doing his best to fan those flames for Monday’s gathering at the capital.The rally is “organized by the VCDL to protest gun control legislation Democratic lawmakers are proposing. Organizers are expecting up to 50,000 people.”

    Northam is assuring another Charlottesville event by using polarizing, demeaning rhetoric of Virginians with Antifa reportedly ready to pounce on anyone they perceive as a White Supremacist. Presumably blackfaced white privileged male Democrats get a pass. Northam the opportunist.

    “Sic semper tyrannis” indeed.

    Northam said it was the right decision.

    “I took this action to protect Virginians from credible threats of violence. These threats are real,” the governor said in a statement, pointing to FBI arrests in Maryland and Delaware of three men, alleged white nationalists or neo-Nazis, discussing plans to head to Richmond armed with guns.

    The Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of America, two groups opposing gun control legislation in Virginia, filed a lawsuit Thursday morning against Northam and Capitol Police Chief Steve Pike, whose agency would enforce the ban. The complaint includes three citizen plaintiffs who say they were planning to attend Monday’s rally with their firearms.

    Taylor presided over an emergency hearing Thursday afternoon. She ruled just as court closed for a four-day weekend.

    Late Thursday, the gun-rights groups filed an emergency appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, arguing that “without relief from this court, petitioners and thousands of other rally participants will be irreparably denied their right to bear arms.”


    1. Estovir, if you’re really Hispanic, why are you rooting for the White Supremacists?? It seems like a bizarre contradiction. Not sure why you think they’re your kind of people.

    2. Northam: “I took this action to protect Virginians from credible threats of violence”

      Pictures or it didn’t happen. Northam should understand that; those “blackface/klan hood” photos of him tell us everything we need to know about the slithering fuhq

    3. Only constitutional scholars can “interpret” fundamental law for Americans.

      I, for the life of me, simply cannot decipher this cryptic message from the designers and engineers of the United States.

      Can anyone help me; any of you constitutional scholars out there, with emphasis on the “shall not be infringed” clause:

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Whatever does that mean – “shall not be infringed?”

  4. bythebook: what if Bolton testified that they discussed QPP for a month and then decided NOT TO DO IT. Are those discussions impeachable?

  5. Oh, and here is an Irish Poem for Lizzy, who has a rich fantasy life! Who, when you think about it, this has been staring us all in the face for quite a while –

    The Hare On Her Chinny Chin Chin???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    The once was a lady named Warren,
    Whose relation to Truth was quite foreign!
    Sooo, it’s tres apropos –
    That a deep rabbit-hole –
    Is the definition of a “warren.”*

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    * When Bugs Bunny outruns Elmer Fudd and vanishes down his rabbit hole, he’s escaping into a warren — a network of underground tunnels where rabbits live.

    1. Squeeky – 🙂 Great poem. Not sure you have to footnote your poems since most of us are college edumacated.

    1. These don’t necessarily have to have mean and abusive😈 husbands, Squeeky.
      We learned from the list of excuses for Hillary’s loss that “internalized misogyny” was another factor.
      This probably afflicts all women, married or unmarried, in or not in a relationship with a mean abusive man.
      A lot of women probably were not even aware🤯 that they were misogynists until this excuse surfaced after the 2016 election.

  6. If Bernie made a sexist comment to her so long ago, why would she have remained so friendly with him all this time?

    After claiming to be a Native American, Warren is establishing a reputation for herself of dishonesty.

    I find her elitism offputting, as well as her telling us business owners that no matter how much we pay in taxes, “we didn’t build that.” Academic disdain for the working class.

  7. It’s a he said/she said dilemma. The four sources she provides to bolster her claim are, as I understand it, saying that she told him what he said. They’re not primary sources, in other words. Therefore, we can only look at the track records. Her track record, to be kind, is spotty, and his is clean as far as I know.

      1. Testimony included 1st person witnesses to the notorious phone call, those who personally interacted with Trump and Guliani on the administration’s efforts, and those who witnessed those efforts. Those with other 1st person experience like Mulvaney, Pompeii, and Bolton were blocked from testifying by Trump. I’m sure you are eager to hear them in the Senate, as well as from Parnas who was central to those administration efforts.

        1. It was obvious that the House was not all that interested in getting the testimony of those “others with first person experience” that byethebook mentions mentions.
          Since “Impeachment by Christmas” drove the House process and schedule, there supposedly “just wasn’t time” to get testimony from these “others”.
          So after the “hurry up and slow down” Pelosi game with the impeachment and Senate trial process, there’s an expection by some that the Senate must now do the work of the Schiff and Nadler House Committees.

          1. As noted by Lindsey Graham, the proper role of the House in impeachment is to act as the Grand jury with the trial including witnesses in the Senate. The House had no interest in playing against the WH unprecedented complete stonewalling of the hearings and didn’t. Those Americans who want to know what happened – most of us – want that Senate TRIAL with witnesses and any Senators not hearing that risk appearing as either fools or complicit in a cover up as more details come to light with or without their doing their duty.

            1. You are correct that the House had no interest in pressing for testimony from these witnesses.
              I don’t know how eager the Senate will be to carry water for Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi.
              We’ll probably find out soon.

  8. If Sanders gets the nomination all our eager right wing Sanders concern trolls will be here hating on him as if he were Hillary’s and Warren’s surrogated love child.

    1. Doesn’t matter how many accusations you make for hypothetical faults. Princess Spreading Bull still stinks.

    2. By the book:

      You don’t have to support Bernie Sanders politically to be able to make a judgement call on whether something was right or wrong.

      I would never vote for a Socialist in a million years. Yet, that does not change the fact that he was treated unfairly by the DNC in 2016, treated unfairly by CNN recently, and that I think he was wrongfully accused of sexism recently.

      Bernie’s got a lot of opinions I disagree with, but he’s not got any reputation as a misogynist.

      Are only Bernie supporters allowed to believe he isn’t sexist? Such logic would make bipartisan efforts on anything impossible. After all, you couldn’t possibly agree with a potlical opponent on anything.

      1. How was Bernie mistreated by the DNC? It’s a fact that Bernie Bros and Republicans are selling the same falsehoods on this and for the latter group it has nothing to do with fair play or love for Bernie.

        1. bythebook – there are no falsehoods here by the Bernie Bros or Republicans or Independents about Warner and her lying her ass off. Bernie is on tape several times in his career saying women can be President, should be President. CNN and Warren are in collusion.

          1. Paul that means nothing. A few months back old tapes emerged from the Nixon Library of a call between Nixon and then Governor Reagan in 1970. On the tapes Reagan used racist language in reference to Africans protesting U.S. policies. Reagan’s daughter, Patty Davis, wrote an OP Ed piece for the Washington Post saying how mortified she was hearing her father on tape saying those things. Personally I dont hold it against Reagan. But it illustrates that none of us are totally consistent with our words and actions.

  9. I don’t know if Sen. Warren is a liar, but she sure has been involved in a large number of disputes about truth.

    Large amount of smoke here – or maybe smoke signals to those who can read the tea leaves.

  10. ShoeOnHead had a nice video today on how Bernie has been a great supporter of women and how she thinks CNN did the Hillary/Bernie with Warren.

    I think Clinton and the DNC screwed Bernie over in 2016, but you don’t screw with Bernie’s supporters.

    1. PCS, do you really have 14 kids and is Late4dinner that nurse what’s-her-name from years past, Peter or Mr. Shill or is Seth Warner Mr. Shill and Late4dinner anonymous? I get so confused anymore.

  11. If she had left it at the original place, the unsubstantiated accusation of Sanders’ statement, she might have gotten away with her ploy and it might have helped her and hurt Sanders. But she had to try and enhance it by playing the pretense of being offended as a diversion card.

    She: “You said that a woman can’t win the election.”
    He. “I did not say that.”
    She: “How dare you call me a liar on national television.”

    The discussion is now about him calling her a liar, which she is, and no longer about her calling him a misogynost, which he is not. She now comes off the clear loser.

        1. mespo….is that you?
          Glad you found some good que! We watched the game, and enjoyed it (except for the loss!) Hubby said it was really great to see your team play TRUE college football that is not ruined by big money.

          1. Cindy Bragg – TRUE college football is PAC-12 – where you play nine of your opponents every year. That is why they keep beating each other, because they are so evenly matched. On any given Saturday …..

                1. I prefer it except for the hypocrisy of the NCAA, but why not watch the best instead of the PAC12,unless of course if that’s where you live.

  12. Warren is dishonest and it shows. Women perceive this as much as men can. It’s a problem she needlessly created for herself by not disciplining her own ambition, and she is paying the just price for it.

    1. But it will be claimed that women hate their own gender if they don’t vote for her, or their husbands told them not to.

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