A Nation Divided: A New Poll Shows Deep And Widening Split Over Trump


A new Gallup poll shows just how deeply and irreconcilably divided we remain over President Donald Trump.  Some 89 percent of Republicans approve of Trump. That is not just reaching the record levels of Dwight D. Eisenhower, but outpaces Jesus Christ who polls only a 68 percent share and he has two holidays.  However, among Democrats, the rate falls to 7% percent — a difference of 82 percent.

It is the largest gap ever recorded by Gallup in polling on American presidents.

What should worry Trump is the low numbers among the key independent voters. Trump averages a 35% job approval among independents.

However, overall, Trump is still at a 42 % job approval.  That is not far off from Obama’s 44.5% or Reagan’s 44.9% in their third years.

The same division is revealed on the question of impeachment.

A CNN poll shows 51 percent are in favor of removing Trump but 45 percent opposed. That results seems skewed against Trump, but still shows a virtual even division given the margin for error.  Another poll shows a virtual dead heat with 49 percent in favor of removal and 48 percent opposed.

This leaves us in truly uncharted territory that defies conventional political analysis. Indeed, that may be the most lasting legacy of this president in reframing our political equations and understandings.