Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Calls For “Satanic Pregnancies To Miscarry Right Now”

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We have previously discussed President Donald Trump’s personal spiritual adviser, Paula White, and her bizarre sermons denouncing the ‘demonic networks” and stating that Christians who vote against Trump will be called to account before God. She is back in the news with a sermon that calls for opposing the marine and animal kingdoms as well as commanding “any satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.” President Trump has not only embraced White as a spiritual counselor but made her the head of his Faith and Opportunity Initiative

A controversial “prosperity gospel” preacher, White previously declared “Lord, we ask you to deliver our president from any snare, any setup of the enemy, according to Ephesians 6:12. Any persons [or] entities that are aligned against the president will be exposed and dealt with and overturned by the superior blood of Jesus.”

Now she used the pulpit to attack Trump’s critics as well as the impeachment. She added:

We cancel every surprise, from the witchcraft… any spirit of control, any Jezebel… We come against the marine kingdom, we come against the animal kingdom… we break the power in the name of Jesus… We command any satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.”

I admit that I am a diehard environmentalist but I am not sure why the marine and animal kingdoms are suddenly a threat. Ok, you want to call the heavens down upon Pelosi but why penguins and pelicans? They do not have a subpoena between them.

Once again, I will put aside the unhinged quality of this sermon, but I still find it hard to understand why religious people are not more opposed to the use of sermons for such blatant political purposes.

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  1. In all seriousness, given that Trump hung out with Epstein, could the Jezebel who needs to “miscarry” be a young girl pregnant with Trump’s child? Is she preparing Trump’s flock for a revelation?

  2. If by ‘satanic pregnancies miscarrying’ actually means being the advisor to someone who cheated on his third wife just after giving birth with a porn star i don’t feel so bad wondering if she’d be using her arms like she is in this video when bent over a chair and getting the business.

  3. I always knew the Satanic penguins had it out for us (humans). Look how smug they look wearing their tuxedos day in and day out….Should have be obvious with the Black and White duality, “as above, so below.” Should have known, shoulda known….;)

  4. Turley writes: “and stating that Christians who vote against Trump will be called to account before God. … Once again, I will put aside the unhinged quality of this sermon, but I still find it hard to understand why religious people are not more opposed to the use of sermons for such blatant political purposes. ”

    What Ms White was talking about was a decision people had to make and that they would “stand accountable before God one day” like all people will (if one accepts such beliefs as part of their religion). She added that it was not based on one’s own needs etc. What she said sounded perfectly reasonable to me coming from a religious figure. I am not sure how Turley got so twisted up, though I admit I am not very familiar with Ms. White. Is politics mixed up in her statement? Her statement seemed like they reflect the religious beliefs of many. She believes that if one knowing acts immorally they should realize that they will “stand accountable before God one day”

    Satanic pregnancies: Surely Professor Turley understands the use of metaphors.

    1. “Surely Professor Turley understands the use of metaphors.” (Allan @ almost 10 pm)

      Many hours earlier:

      Jan. 26, 2020 at 12:24 p.m. CST

      “A Florida pastor and longtime spiritual adviser to President Trump says she was speaking in metaphor when she recently prayed in a sermon for all “satanic pregnancies” to end in miscarriage.”

      This was widely reported…and almost certainly not a conclusion that Allan reached independently.

      1. Anonymous the Stupid perhaps you are the only dummy in the world that doesn’t realize the many things stated by religious figures and the Bible are considered metaphors.

        No, I was not the first to make such a comment. Such a comment was made before I was ever born. You are just too Stupid.

  5. I’m a pretty level-headed guy who runs in these religiohs circles.

    I need more context here, but I’m pretty sure she’s talking about spiritual “pregnancies,” like evil plans being birthed in a metaphorical sense.

    It’s pretty common for these types of “prophetic” preachers to weave an elaborate metaphor as the Bible is rife with symbolic metaphors. Seems really unlikely she wants real babies to die.

  6. Trump’s Favorite Pastor Has Pretend Doctoral Degree and History With Bankruptcy, of Course


    The highlights of White’s CV:

    She’s frequently introduced and identified as “Dr. Paula White” despite not having a college or seminary degree of any kind.

    Her parishioners are usually described as low-to-middle income; she solicits donations from them relentlessly. Heat Street’s reporter attests to seeing a guest preacher at White’s current church telling a man to make a $5,000 “seed” donation to the church—“seed” because it would allegedly be paid back to him with interest by God—while an Orlando Sentinel reporter saw White ask congregants to donate as much as a month’s salary to her. “Every time we give, something supernatural happens,” a third reporter saw White tell worshippers who she had asked to donate as much as “a tenth of your gross income.” She once apparently wrote in a fundraising email that donating to her church “will get God’s attention.”

    She reportedly owns “several Mercedes”; a Bentley was once photographed in her garage; she and her husband once owned a private jet; she lived in a $2.2 million Tampa mansion. And yet her first church—Without Walls—went bankrupt in 2014 after defaulting on a reported $29 million in loans.

      1. Cindy Bragg says:January 26, 2020 at 10:57 PM
        “Anonymous……So tell me again the difference between delivering an “unhinged” sermon and writing for Slate?”

        …some “unhinged” moments with Benny Hinn, perhaps?

        ‘Trump’s “personal pastor” Paula White continued to lie to her congregation about her affair with Benny Hinn even after photos of them holding hands while vacationing together in Rome were published. Hinn eventually admitted to an “inappropriate relationship” with White.’

  7. The exobioentities are in the Mother Ship in proximate suspension just outside this planet’s atmosphere awaiting direction from higher headquarters with reference to the disposition of and/or exercise of dominion over Planet Earth.

    Whatever are they waiting for?

    “Pancho and Lefty”
    Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson

    All the Federales say
    They could’ve had him any day
    They only let him slip away
    Out of kindness I suppose

    All the Federales say
    They could’ve had him any day
    They only let him slip away
    Out of kindness I suppose

      1. Everyone’s a critic.

        We should worry about being eaten,

        but we’re worrying about precisely accurate attribution.

        My narrative is destroyed; by a pedagogue.

    1. Professor…….I’m surprised to see you use the word “unhinged” in making fun of, and casting judgement upon the woman’s religious beliefs.
      You were raised Catholic and were taught and do believe, I assume, in transubstantiation.
      I can tell you there are many Protestants out there in the world who think that someone who believes that they’re actually eating Christ’s flesh and drinking Christ’s blood at communion is well, “unhinged”.

      1. We went to Mass today, received the Body and Blood of Christ, had wonderful fellowship after Mass, and received many Graces in spite of being unworthy sinners.

        Yes, we are unhinged for believing as we do. We cant all be sane, charitable and so well put together. Does being pretty count?

        1. Estovir…..I don’t think you’re unhinged but some people would think so.
          My point is that it’s a slippery slope, making fun of someone’s relgious beliefs.
          Glad you had a nice day.

          1. Thanks Cindy. Some on here might be surprised to learn that I pray for them while at Mass. As for people thinking x, y and z, it isn’t the crazies who worry me. Its the folks who think everyone else is nuts except for them.

            This dovetails into St Augustine whose philosophical teachings apply to our world today particularly to Jonathan Turley. Turley is a sell-out to the world. His writings continually elevate man as an entity onto himself, devoid of the natural order of the cosmos and the interdependence of man to the universe.

            Sin is believing the lie that you are self-created, self-dependent and self-sustained.

            – Saint Augustine

            1. Thank you, Estovir.
              My beef with the Catholics right now is that they’re hogging all of the good parking spots downtown each Sunday!🤗
              Our local Main Street is only 2 blocks long…..It’s where the best Sunday lunch/dinner restaurants are located. The Catholic church is a block off Main. There’s a large city (free) parking lot in between. The Catholics are hogging it……filling it up, and the on-street parking (free, also) before the Protestants can get there! Oh, the humanity…LOL!

              1. Cindy Bragg – you are just going to have to get up earlier than the Catholic and block them out. 😉 Maybe an early blockade of Protestants, Jews and Muslims. 🙂

              2. Cindy, the Catholics would probably prefer a drive up Mass if they had s choice. So just wait 30-45 minutes, they will be leaving Mass way before it is even done.

                At my parish for the recessional hymn we sing all 4 verses with refrain before we leave the pew! Its all a ploy to let us have more coffee and donuts since those who leave early dont stay for the fellowship


  8. It’s easy to poke fun at ideas that don’t make sense. The problem here is that there actually is a form of Satanism, think Alister Crowley, and crew. They actually undertook a ritual based around what they believed to be ‘sex magic’ whose entire purpose was to result in birth of the Anti—Christ. The Pastor is not crazy.

  9. The Reverend Wright made the most controversial, divisive sermons of any modern President’s spiritual advisor from the pulpit.

    Paula Wright, “Hold my beer.”

    I’ve never heard anything like this, and I was raised by a family who attended church every Sunday, regardless of where in the world we were. I’ve been to church in other countries, other states, and other cities. I’ve never heard anyone talk like this.

    I can get behind asking the Lord for protection and guidance while adversaries try to overthrow an election, but opposing the marine and animal kingdoms? What have sea horses and otters done to her? And has she watched Rosemary’s Baby or Alien recently?

    Maybe she’s just an overachiever, and wants to break that glass ceiling on women controversial preachers.

    For all future Presidents, play it nice and safe and pick your next spiritual adviser from the Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists (now those are nice people), Lutherans, other mainstream Protestants, or Rabbis.

    Prosperity gospel is garbage, in my personal opinion.

    1. Ooohhhhhh, dont you mess with my homie St Michael the Archangel. He will kick your azz and send you straight to Hades….unless if you live in Washington State where Hades might be a promotion

      Anathema sit!

    1. Matha, it’s kinda like reading you.

      One obtains various, if not all, perspectives for analysis and assimilation or immediate and vigorous expungment with extreme prejudice.

  10. She is way out there for sure. Are you seeing White House counsels winning and finding something else to impeach him for in public opinion? Soros threaten you after a good review of his counsels. Nancy and Ronald Reagan depended on astrologers for their counsel.

  11. This deluded religious monster shouldn’t be anywhere near real power.

    And that is some pro-life stance she has there. More of that Christian consistency and eternal love on display.

    So as Hitchens said of Falwell: “It’s a pity there isn’t a hell for [her] to go to.”

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