Gallup: Trump Hits 49 Percent On Eve Of Senate Impeachment Vote

Gallup’s latest poll this week found that President Donald Trump has not only held his level of popularity but increased his popularity. Those approving his job performance are now at 49%. While 50% disapprove—1% expressed no opinion—the approval level is actually better than the polling numbers of President Barack Obama at this time in his term. Obama was polling at that time at 46%. We have been discussing how the polling shows no real change on the position of most voters on impeachment. Yet, despite a brutal two weeks of an impeachment trial, Trump has become more popular. It may reflect that most people did not watch the trial or follow its progression.

The rise for this last high point of 46% in April 2019 is not huge but it is remarkable that it has occurred on eve of the conclusion of the impeachment trial.

Once again, the Republican polling is off the charts with 94% Republicans expressing support — again his highest level.

The lack of Democratic approval and the divide in the country is equally breathtaking. Just 7 percent of Democrats approve of Trump’s performance.

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  1. Don’t trust Poles or Chechs. There are no balances. And don’t spull Poles “polls”.

  2. He got my vote with his speech last night. I am no longer a Democrat and now join the Party of Lincoln.

    1. Lincoln today would be a Democrat, because Republicans today are the equivalent of the Know Nothings.

  3. If you check the average of multiple polls, you’ll find that Donald Trump’s approval was 41.2% in early September, rose to 42.4% in late September when Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, dropped to 40.7% a month later, rose by fits and starts to 43.8% on Dec. 18, the day the articles of impeachment passed in the House, dropped to 41.8% over the next two weeks, then rose again to 43.6% as of Groundhog Day.

    The Gallup poll that Jonathan Turley cites, which covers the period Jan. 16-29, is included in those averages. There are 16 newer polls cited by cites, though, three of which 538 considers to be more reliable:

    CBS, Jan. 26-29 —— 43% approval, 51% disapproval

    NBC/Wall Street Journal, Jan. 26-29 —– 46% approval, 51% disapproval

    IBD/TIPP, Jan. 23-30 —– 44% approval, 51% disapproval

    And of those 16 polls, in fact, of all 40+ polls taken since the impeachment trial started, the only ones showing Trump’s approval numbers as high as Gallup does are those from Rasmussen, which has for Trump’s entire presidency found his approval between 45% and 51%.

    Maybe Gallup has caught on to a big shift. Or maybe it’s an outlier and Trump’s improvement is marginal.

  4. What need of following the dog and pony show? We knew the outcome of the first part in advance and then wondered why the House of Reps got to keep interfering in the part reserved specifically only to the Senate? No need at all. It was corrupted by Pelosi and the other oath breaking anti American anti Constitutionalists from the start

    However the vote goes it’s time to prepare for and go after the second battle of the counter revolution and get more votes against the fascist liberal regressive left than the 40% of the total we acquired in 2016. That largest voting share or rather largest legal votes in the legal election coupled to the Constitutional Republic faction ended up as 55% in the first go round. Time to grind the left’s shattered remnants into dust and let the world wonder where they disappeared to in Round Two.

    What need of those who are the targets of our counter revolution except each day becoming more and more exposed to a No vote for any measure or candidate the regressives offer.?

    There is no other need and it is our Constitutional duty.


    The latest impeachment saga has had a different effect on party favorable ratings, however. When Clinton was impeached, favorable ratings of the Democratic Party were unchanged (but high, at 57% and 58% in two December polls), while the GOP’s ratings plummeted, falling from 43% pre-impeachment to an all-time low of 31% after the House vote to impeach.

  6. Yet, despite a brutal two weeks of an impeachment trial, Trump has become more popular
    When Trump wins in 2020 do you suppose he will give a medal to the whistle blower for his help?

  7. You’re assuming that the impeachment was actually legitimate. Most Americans apparently didn’t think so.

  8. Saw this yesterday; And to put the cherry on it, Gallup is considered a Democratic poll. No wonder their are “coding errors” in Iowa.

    1. It’s good that you’re watching YT videos these days. It’s a good way for you to spend your time.

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