Biden Goes Negative In New Hampshire With Race-Based Ad Against Buttigieg

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not just losing support at a rapid rate, but he has lost any moral high ground with a negative attack ad against former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg suggesting that he has a problem with African Americans. The ad below focuses on the fact that Buttigieg fired an African American police chief and fire chief. It does not address the merits of those decisions but suggests that race may have been a motivator for the firings. In other words, it strongly suggests (without having the courage to state directly) that Buttigieg has a racism issue. There is absolutely no support for such a claim. It is a raw and grossly unfair ad. Buttigieg refrained from referring to Biden as the Vice President jokingly referred to a voter as “a lying, dog-faced pony solider.” Remarkably, in his interview with ABC this morning, George Stephanopoulos seemed to brush over the substance of the attack ad or the underlying decision.

Of course, such negative attacks are nothing new. John Adams’ campaign called Vice President Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.”

Biden has been increasingly relying on his firewall in South Carolina and his hold on African American votes as his selling point. It has increasingly hit jarring notes. He also has downplayed New Hampshire as a lock for senators in nearby states — though Buttigieg is from Indiana and Biden is from Delaware (hardly the deep South or Northwest). This ad however plays to his claim as the choice of African Americans, a claim that may start to wear on those voters who have yet to vote in significant numbers.

The ad declares “When public pressure mounted against him, former Mayor Pete fired the first African American Police Chief of South Bend. And then he forced out the African American fire chief, too.”

It is hard to watch the add and not conclude that Buttigieg is either an outright racist or a threat to minorities. Otherwise, he had a reason for the actions. If he did have such a reason, is Biden suggesting that he should have retained two officials who he believed were not serving the public interest simply because of their race? The ad suggests that under no circumstances should Buttigieg have fired two African Americans. It also suggests that Biden would have retained them, regardless of the merits, rather than fire two African Americans.

Buttigieg has explained that he received complaints about South Bend Police Chief Darryl Boykins recording and listening to conversations of officers and that he was told that both officials faced possible criminal charges in a criminal investigation. Buttigieg maintained that he acted to stop criminal charges and told the South Bend Tribune that “charges were not filed because we acted to satisfy federal authorities.” That premise has been questioned since prosecutors do not usually trade terminations for declinations for prosecutions. However, while aspects of underlying record seemed to support both sides of the controversy, even his detractors said that Buttigieg was trying to do the right thing.

Buttigieg stated that he learned a lot from the controversy:

“For a lot of people, this wasn’t about the nuances of the Wiretap Act,. This was about whether they could trust their police department . . . In retrospect, I probably placed too much confidence in that chief at the outset and that’s obviously a mistake I would not have made again. Also, that was the last time I made the mistake when firing somebody who is a direct report to me, not doing it in person, having a direction conversation about why that was taking place.”

Again, the merits of such accusations have been argued from both sides. However, the ad leaves the impression that race alone either caused their termination or that case alone should have prevented their termination. This may be a valid issue for Biden to question the judgment of Buttigieg but it is incumbent upon him to do more than just cite the race of the officials.

Much of the ad mocks Buttigieg for his small-town problems and small-town accomplishments. That is fair game if rather nasty. However, it is the race element that pushed this ad over the line. It is a desperate sucker punch from a boxer who lost one round and is about to lose another:

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  1. Hello Squeeky, Where are the Log Cabin Republicans these days? Usually they come out every four years and shamelessly plug the Republicans and pretend not to notice the language in the Republican Platform. Just wondering?

    1. Hi Enigma! How have you been lately? Are you supporting Biden???

      As far as Log Cabin Republicans, last I hear they were playing with their Lincoln Logs .and swapping them around with each other. . .


      Oh, did you hear about the “token” POCs in the Warren campaign??? I told you so!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I don’t especially care for Biden, I think he’s willing to compromise on any issue and stands for little. Of course, if he’s the nominee and given the current alternative, he’ll get my vote. Between me and you, I kinda like Klobuchar, she’s from my hometown, I used to red her father’s articles when I was growing up. I think she’s got a lot of common sense though I don’t see a route for her to the nomination. Bernie is at the bottom of my list with Biden slightly ahead of him. The order for all the rest is up for grabs.

        1. enigma – I think you are right. The road to the nomination is a brokered convention with Hillary saving the day. Everyone else is being Arkancided in the primaries. It does not bode well for the Democrats.

          1. My concern is the Bernie Bros. who have developed a scorched earth policy and won’t acknowledge even the possibility that anyone else could win fairly, therefore they stay home. They would rather have “Bust” and with Trump could damn well get there.

            1. enigma – what I am hearing is that they are so tribalized that if their candidate does not win the nomination, they are going to vote for Trump or stay home. I want to see what the turn out is in NH. If it is as low as Iowa, the Democrats have real turn-out problems. They are losing some feminists over the transexual issue, significant (for Republicans) black and Latinos. The C_SPAN phone line after the SOTU had Democrats saying they were leaving the party because of the behavior of Pelosi and the Vestal Virgins.

              1. The C-Span phone line, like the Iowa Caucus phone lines, were full of Republicans making a mess. We will see whether or not Democrats are able to come together and unite behind a candidate. A concern Republicans rarely face because their main concern for those who have money is to get more of it and convince the rest to vote against their interests. Under Trump, they discovered they don’t actually have to do anything for the lower classes,just lie, again and again, and then some more.

                1. enigma – you are going to have to explain to me how Republicans screwed up the phone lines on the Iowa caucus. Their spreadsheet doesn’t tally correctly. Bernie wants a recount in some areas and I think Perez was a recount in the entire state.

                  1. I’m not saying Republicans caused the Iowa screw-ups. WHen the hot line numbers were published on social media they did everything they could to make things worse.
                    Of course, I could have picked a dozen other sources, but using one of Turley’s rags seemed more appropriate. I know how sensitive you are about what sources you accept.

                    1. enigma – 4chan is not Republicans, but it is part of the mid-deep web. 😉 You don’t want 4chan to publish your phone number. 4chan is hacker heaven, home of the meme.

                      I am sorry people were screwing with their phone lines, they were having enough problems. I was listening to Wolf Blitzer when the DNC hung up on a committeeman, on national TV. It was rather shocking. The Republicans did not do that.

        2. Enigma, yo don’t have to settle for second best. Just vote for Trump! I promise you that you won’t turn into a pumpkin or anything. The Universe will still keep universing.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Fortunate are we that in the past three years there hasn’t been any real crisis (other than those Trump himself created). Sure he caged children and separated them from their families, almost started a war with Iran (still might) and is doing his best to ensure those of us with pre-existing conditions simply die out. The good news is that the uber-rich got richer, corporations no longer have to worry about silly regulations (or the planet). And you no longer have to wonder if your President is lying to you. He always is, about everything. I get why weak Senators, whose heads would indeed have been put on pikes, are afraid of him. I wonder what it is he has on the rest of you?

  2. Imagine this. We were just talking about Pete Buttigieg and HIV:
    Pete Buttigieg: ‘Not fair’ that it’s a crime to knowingly give someone HIV
    ‘It needs to change.’

    October 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – During the recent LGBTQ Democratic Presidential Town Hall hosted by CNN, homosexual candidate Pete Buttigieg said he wants to do away with laws throughout the country which criminalize HIV transmission via nondisclosure to sexual partners.

    The South Bend, Indiana mayor said, “It’s not fair and it needs to change.”

    His questioner, CNN’s Anderson Cooper – who is also gay – called the laws “antiquated” and based on “old science.”

    The event, which brought nine Democrat White House contenders to Los Angeles, focused on gay and transgender issues.

    Buttigieg was not the only one guilty of extreme pandering to the Democrat’s gay consituency by urging for the softening of HIV transmission laws. Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren also want to see the knowing transmission of HIV decriminalized.

    This is a rising issue among liberals who believe that such laws stigmatize gays infected with HIV, and they see that stigmatization as more dangerous than passing HIV to other human beings.

    “Let’s be frank: This is just completely insane,” said The Washington Examiner’s Brad Polumbo. “[T]o knowingly conceal that you have the virus is to put another person at risk.”

    He continued:

    What happened to Democrats being big on consent? If you fail to tell a sexual partner that you have HIV, you are stripping them of their ability to make an informed decision to consent. Essentially, this is sexual assault, and Democrats want to make it legal.

    Think about it from your own perspective. Would you want it to be legal for your sexual partner to hide the fact that they’re HIV positive from you? No person has the right to knowingly put others in jeopardy or endanger their health.

    Democrats like Buttigieg argue, though, that due to advances in medical technology and HIV treatment, it’s possible for someone to have HIV but not be contagious. This is true, in some cases, and it’s a wonderful advancement. But it still doesn’t justify the repeal of disclosure laws — not even close. For one, having an “undetectable” viral load, and therefore not being contagious, isn’t a permanent status. It can fluctuate. So while yes, tests might show that an HIV-positive person is not contagious at one moment, that can always change, leaving enough risk…to warrant mandatory disclosure.

    … Democrats may be endorsing this irresponsible decriminalization in an attempt to pander to woke gay and transgender activists, yet in reality it’s mostly the gay community that these laws protect in the first place. Putting gay lives at risk appears to be “woke” now, but it’s sure as hell not “progressive” in any meaningful sense of the word.

    During the early 1990s, I volunteered one night per week at Mother Teresa’s Gift of Peace House in Washington, D.C., where the Sisters of Charity cared for indigent men dying of AIDS.

    It was a different world back then, when HIV infection was essentially a death sentence, leading to full-blown AIDS.

    During my time there I fed men who could no longer feed themselves, changed their diapers, and helped those who had become blind or paralyzed due to AIDS.

    There were usually about a 12 to 15 men housed in the second floor unit, and it was not unusual for one, two, or three to die between my weekly visits.

    The suffering of these men who horrifically wasted away due to AIDS is forever etched in my heart and mind.

    Although HIV is far more manageable than it once was, for Democrat presidential candidates to suggest that it’s okay for casual sex partners to expose others to HIV – and possibly AIDS – without consequence reveals the inhuman and inhumane intuition of liberal ideologues throughout the Democrat Party.

    This is the party that also believes it is fine to abort babies up until the moment of birth and to sell their body parts, and which now lobbies for the legalization of euthanasia.

    Perhaps the best thing to come from the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall is this: It has uncovered for the entire nation yet another facet of the Democrats’ extreme allegiance to our modern-day culture of death.
    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Lifesitenews is a truly dark side of the web.

      The majority of HIV patients are heterosexual. Most HIV transmissions involve heterosexuals. The vast majority of HIV patients live in Africa, Asia, and Pacific. Roughly 6% of HIV patients live in Western Europe, Central Europe and North America combined.

      Vaginal epithelial layers are susceptible to HIV, as are cells beneath the surface of the cervix, particularly a dry cervix. Women with genital tract infections like bacterial vaginosis are at higher risks. Other high risks for sexually transmitted HIV include syphilis, genital lesions, genital discharges, uncircumcised men, and others

      Monogamy worked for millennia. Try it if you can find a sucker to put up with you


      1. What you said is true worldwide, but not in America, or probably even Europe. The viral loads are much higher in Africa, and immune systems already compromised by malnutrition and disease.

        But here in America, it is mostly men who have sex with men. (MSM) That is just the facts. I gave links to this info.

        And Mayor Pete don’t seem to care who gets HIV as long as we don’t stigmatize gays. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. The viral loads are much higher in Africa, and immune systems already compromised by malnutrition and disease.

          Viral loads are not higher in Africa. There is no such thing as a cut off point when a viral load is worse than another viral load.

          There are 2 major strains of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. Globally the majority of HIV patients have HIV-1 including America. HIV-2 is principally found in Africa. HIV-1 drives viral loads much higher, has greater impact and hence activation of the immune system and presents with higher rates of pathology, meaning death. Africa HIV-2 patients have better outcomes.

          You and TIA wrote many ludicrous statements fueled by idiocy, cantankerousness and misanthropy. It is too late for TIA to change and be a better person. With every passing week he slips further into such a dark abyss that it is doubtful the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ will impress him. You are far too young to end up like him. Try to snap out of your monolithic thinking

  3. (music to tune of Henry The 8th)
    I’m Biden the 8th I am…
    Biden the 8th I am I am!
    I got married to the window next door.
    She’s been married seven times before!
    And, everyone was a Biden!
    It wouldn’t be a Willie or a Fred.
    For there ain’t no name like Biden.
    Biden the 8th I am!

  4. The ad seems a rather questionable use of Biden’s campaign resources. He’s not going to to lose any black voters to Buttigieg. The latter is viewed by blacks as an elite who reeks of entitlement and white male privilege. He’s only 38 years old, with no political experience beyond being mayor of a fair to middling city, and he thinks he’s ready to be President of the United States. Really. And then there’s the gay issue. Blacks are more morally conservative than whites, and don’t envision the “First Lady” as a dude with hairy legs. As New Hampshire is only 1% black, spending limited campaign funds on this ad does more to harm Biden than than it’s intended target.

    1. While Turley only pointed to the firing of the Police and Fire Chief, that was a small part of what the ad was about which was mostly Buttigieg’s inexperience. Joe, in my opinion, exaggerated his own credentials and probably picked Mayor Pete’s worst examples but he made a point.

  5. That also applies to Ocasio. Another article castigated anti semetics but didn’t mention Comrade Schumer who went from being supporters of Israel known as their Senator but went ISIS in the end – party politics being stronger than a church to the Socialists of the left. Same applies to former Catholic Pelosi who joined the baby killers. I suggest if they don’t want to read their bible or tora they might consider reading The Constitution or the Declaration of Indpendence. something about ‘all’ and ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ But no.. not for a socialist….

  6. How many non caucasians do you see at the helm of the Socialist Party. Most of them. Including Perez Hispanics hale from Spain and are known as Peninsulares, some are part indigenes. Seeing that attitude from either on of the two antagonists considering their patrician background is not to be unexpected.

  7. Lying about risks. It is transmitted during acts of sodomy (especially anal sex) and transmitted by sharing dirty needles. At one time, hemophiliacs were vulnerable from infected supplies of Factor VIII. Transmission through any other avenue is rare even without protective measures being taken. And by ‘rare’ I mean a 1 in 500 shot. It very much does discriminate. Over 90% of those suffering came from two demographics which comprehended < 2% of the population.

      1. There is substantial research evidence to back up your thinking. I am not entirely familiar with US statistics, but years ago, I put a lot of time into researching Canadian stats, plus anecdotal information from Canada and the US.
        At that time, only 8% of all AIDs cases were female, and the typical vector of transmission was either needle drugs, or sex with a bisexual male. Another cohort was prostitutes, but there, drugs often play a part.
        FYI, the chance of getting AIDs from an infected male are very low in the missionary position – but jump to 35% with anal sex.
        File this under things the gay rights lobby didn’t want you to know.

        1. Thank you for the extra info! I had a conversation once with an older woman who had a new bi boyfriend, and I tried to tell her this, and she seemed completely fine with the risk. I found that unbelievable. Oh well – Darwin.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

      2. Heterosexual black women have much higher rates of HIV than non-black women, because their male sex partners are statistically much more likely to have been in prison than other men. Any male under 30 who goes to prison is going to be passed around like a box of chocolates, and older men in prison who do not consider themselves gay will nonetheless rape other males. Thus any male who has been in prison has a significant risk of transmitting HIV to future sex partners, whether male or female.

  8. When progressives divide us into groups based on superficial physical characteristics (“—isms”) and label such folks victims, it is only a matter of time before those very progressives are themselves accused of being oppressors.

  9. Why were the impeachment hearings rushed thru in order to have articles approved before Christmas? Why were the articles then not immediately forwarded to the Senate, being delayed 30 days? Why the desperate attempt to force additional witnesses once the Senate got the trial going?
    It’s all about timing! Timing that might give Joe Biden an advantage over the four senators who would be opposing him in Iowa because they would be tied up in the senate, unable to campaign against him.
    The Democrat power structure is all but transparent in their machinations to support their preferred candidate. All the other candidates are just window dressing . . . . OOOPS!

    1. You have to get your talking point right, it was 33 days that the Articles of Impeachment were withheld, of which the Senate was in session maybe 6 or 7? They had to be written and voted on which ought to knock off a couple more days.

      The timing wasn’t about helping Joe (not saying such an effort doesn’t exist) but about looking for a way to keep Mitch from railroading the process, unfortunately, they failed.

  10. With all his whining and crying, Biden is rapidly becoming a male version of Hillary Clinton……..just not as pretty.

    1. Daniel M.,
      Mayor Peter would be hurt if he knew you didn’t mention him as the prettiest candidate.😢

  11. Did anyone catch what Biden said in the Friday night Democrat debate? He was talking about (more like angrily shouting) how he, Joe Biden, is the candidate of choice for the black community. But the way he said it was, “I have more blacks than you!”

    Okay Massah Joe. You have ‘more blacks’ than the next guy on the Democrat primary stage.

    Anyone in the media wanna call him out for this latest slight?

    Please go home Joe. You are embarrassing yourself.

    1. Look for “No Malarkey” Joe to show up at Black churches in S Carolina saying how mayor Pete wants to “put them back in chains”! It worked against Republicans, can Joe plagiarize himself?

  12. While I support neither Joe or Pete . . . I’m wondering why Joe’s fan club is ignoring the mounting evidence that he and his son STINK to high heaven with corruption! Geez. I was pretty surprised by Joe and Hunter’s longtime history of taking millions and millions –

    BTW another thing that really irks me and others: While I and others were not allowed to join the Navy reserve due to our age (much younger than Hunter) – Hunter somehow got in when he was over 40. And then was booted out with an “administrative discharge” for illegal drug use. Hmm, wonder if he was allowed to avoid court-martial in exchange for the discharge? Within a few months, presto, he was on the board of Burisma, the Ukraine gas company, paid $83K a month – Sugar Daddy Joe was VP in charge of Ukraine dealings.

  13. Why is it negative to point out that he fired the black police chief — true — or that the black community in South Bend is not exactly thrilled with him — also true.

    1. Uh, because this simply isn’t done. Race-baiting is only supposed to used against Republicans and Conservatives. Talk about a social faux pas! Next, Joe Biden will be mixing plaids and stripes, or eating caviar with his fingers.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. We should also point out that the black community in South Carolina is not exactly thrilled with Mayor Pete. The boy mayor has a ‘black problem’ and Biden is capitalizing on it. Does the media want to tell us that blacks, by and large, are homophobic and religiously and morally opposed to gay marriage and gay lifestyle? Shhhh, the Democrats really don’t want you to know this.

  14. Note, taking the median of rates registered during the period running from the beginning of 2005 to the end of 2011 and comparing them with the median of rates registered after 2011, you can assess Booty-gag’s performance as a crime fighter.

    Arson: -50%
    Burglary: -39%
    Car theft: -22%
    Assault: -16%
    Robbery: -14%
    Rape: +37.5%
    Murder: +30%

    Some metrics indicate satisfactory performance, others not. The thing is, the use of medians tends to mask the post-BLM spikes in the frequency of assault, car theft, burglary, and arson.

    Given the demographics of St. Joseph County, a homicide rate of 5-6 per 100,000 is a realistic goal for South Bend. The rate is currently 2.5x that. NB Booty-gag’s family (both parents academics). They’re the sort of people who think it low class to be concerned about street crime.

  15. Race baiting is THE hallmark of Democrat politics. Every Democrat should be proud of Biden for stirring up antipathy amongst Americans based on the color of their skin and beating up opponents with facts that are used to reflect half the fact. Truth and full context is unimportant to Democrats as they’ve proven for the last few decades. Let’s keep it coming, all of the Democrat racists!!

  16. Way to go Joe! For the next ad, I think Joe Biden should demand that Pete and his Wife/Husband/Top/Bottom should promise to gets HIV tested now, and every six months from now on.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Maybe you should get HIV tested, too? It’s a virus that will attack all people, and doesn’t discriminate against Gay men – like you obviously do. Please attack Pete’s policies and experience – that’s fair game.

      1. It’s a virus that will attack all people, and doesn’t discriminate against Gay men

        LOL. Someone saw a humbug PSA in 1987 and hasn’t gotten it out of her head. Get it through your head: they were lying to you.

      2. You might also be interested in knowing that about 1 in 5 or 20% of gay/bi men are HIV positive, and about half of them do not know it. That is about the same rate as smokers who have lung cancer.

        Therefore, there is roughly a 40% chance that Pete/Chasten are HIV positive. Not to mention, that over half, at least, of Gay Marriages are NOT monogamous, and mostly by agreement.

        Here is a link to the 1 in 5 info:
        One in five gay/bisexual men in the 21 U.S. cities hardest hit by AIDS have HIV infections — and nearly half don’t know it, a CDC survey finds.

        Black gay/bi men and under-30 gay/bi adults are least likely to know of their HIV infections.

        The findings show that HIV infection rates remain strikingly high among gay and bisexual men, says Kevin Fenton, MD, PhD, director of the CDC’s center for HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STD, and TB prevention.

        “The number of new HIV infections each year is increasing among men who have sex with men [MSM], while remaining stable or decreasing in other groups,” Fenton said in a statement. “Currently, MSM account for nearly half of the more than 1 million people living with HIV in the United States.”
        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Therefore, there is roughly a 40% chance that Pete/Chasten are HIV positive.

          I think you mean a 36% chance that one or the other is, absent other information about them.

          I’m going to wager the age pyramid of the 20% in question is fairly top heavy with late-middle-aged creatures like Andrew Sullivan, who’ve managed to survive by taking expensive drug cocktails. Booty-gag is 18 years younger than Sullivan and Chasten is 26 years younger.

          Booty-gag is a walking resume, and it’s a reasonable wager every line item in it is contrived to advance a certain narrative about him. The media isn’t going to do any due diligence about even the most dubious claims he makes about himself (e.g. his supposed language skills). The same media that had George W. Bush’s staff scrounging for microfiche images of his pay stubs to prove he’d showed up for drill 30 years earlier won’t mention that his military service consisted of a direct commission in the Naval Reserve, under which aegis he was posted to a landlocked country. (Hunter Biden also received a direct commission; his required a waiver because he was too old; he was immediately flushed by the Navy because he couldn’t lay off the nose candy for the 36 hours it took to flush out of his system; the drug tests caught him on his first drill). I would guess his accounts of his history in this regard is a stew of omissions as the actual story would complicate his marketing campaign.

          1. 36% is probably closer, but I round it up. There is also a caveat that the rates of HIV are higher in big cities because of gay clustering, and presumably less outside big cities. Same thing happened in Germany. West Germany had high rates of HIV while East Germany had much lower rates. West Germany was “tolerant” of gay perversions, while East Germany said “Nicht!”

            But I think overall rates are on the rise because the fear of croaking is going down. Here is a good recent recap of chemsex parties, etc:


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    2. Bribem’s people don’t have the stones to run an ad showing PDA between Booty-gag and Chasten.

  17. Actually, South Bend has a population of 100,000 nestled in a dense settlement that approaches 200,000. It’s not a small town, and it’s problems are not small town problems. Booty-gag neglected to address its actual problems (which are quite prevalent among core cities).

    The matters the ad mocks the Mayor about are actual municipal functions which can be performed well or ill and were the responsibility of his administration. Biden made all sorts of dubious claims about his activities (neglecting the wire-pulling he did on behalf of his hopeless son); it wasn’t his administration.

    As for the darts about blacks, pass the popcorn. Democrats have been slandering the rest of us for a generation and then some, so watching them slice up each other should be fun.

    1. In contrast, yes South Bend is a small town, and the kicker is all the major expansion and building are taking place to the east in Mishawaka, which conjoins South Bend, but other than right downtown there are no major construction projects going on in South Bend. The crime rate alone is enough to keep people from moving to the city. And the neglect of the west side of town is glaring.

      1. In contrast to what?

        Real income levels in St. Joseph County and Elkhart County are about 20% below the national mean. However, neither county is losing population. The unemployment rate for the commuter belt around South Bend is 3.4%; that around Elkhart is 2.7% as we speak. The place isn’t suffering severely from pathologies in its labor market.

        What’s notable about South Bend is that it’s police force is understaffed. It may also have refrained from implementing best practices. You can look at the crime statistics and see the results.

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