Bloomberg’s Big Gulp Running Mate? Campaign Downplays But Does Not Deny Consideration Of Clinton As Vice President

The Drudge Report set off a firestorm on Saturday with a story headlined: “EXCLUSIVE: BLOOMBERG CONSIDERS HILLARY RUNNING MATE.” The story reported that “[s]ources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force….” After a frenzy, the Bloomberg campaign weakly downplayed the story while notably not denying it. The story follows reports of various Clinton allies discussing a way for her to take the nomination in a brokered convention in a panic-driven move to block Bernie Sanders, again, from securing the nomination.

I am not a never-Bloomberg person. I believe that he has had great success in both politics and business with proven leadership and insights. I have also on occasion been critical, particularly over his signature law banning “big gulp” and sugary soft drinks. At the time, I said that I thought it would be struck down and it was. The law has remained a source of mockery.

This story however raises the possibility of the ultimate “Big Gulp” nominee. On one level, this is not surprising. The Democratic establishment remains inundated with Clinton allies who still do not understand why so many voters rejected their chosen candidate in 2016. Even when polls showed that voters wanted someone outside of the establishment, the party elite rigged the primary to guarantee the nomination of the ultimate establishment figure. While popular with some in the Democratic base, polls showed that she rivaled Trump as one of the most unpopular figures even to run for the presidency. Without that baggage, Sanders would have beaten Trump as would have a number of other candidates.

Nevertheless, the short-term calculus for Bloomberg may be irresistible. In opposing Sanders, he has a natural ally in Clinton who hates Sanders and blames him for her loss in 2016. He could claim that the combination would represent a unity ticket of reconciliation and consensus. More importantly, with Sanders surging, Democratic leaders are planning a convention takeover of the nomination. Bloomberg could have the next largest delegate count. If he added Clinton as a running mate, he could secure the nomination and many believe Trump would have the greatest difficulty with Bloomberg as an opponent.

The problem is that Bloomberg is already driving away young voters who support Sanders and view him as buying the nomination. He would add one of the most polarizing figures of our times and, again, the ultimate establishment figure. So Sanders would be blocked in favor a ticket with a running mate who both Sanders and Trump voters despise. That requires a Big Gulp in an election which could well turn on just a couple states.

I admit to being a longtime critic of the Clintons, who I believe undermined the Democratic Party, crushed any dissenting voices, and corrupted its long-standing principles. This move would secure a nomination at the possible cost of the election — as was the case in 2016. New York added a warning on soft drinks a few years ago reading “SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” This plan should have a similar “ELECTION WARNING: Nominating Clinton contributes to division, distraction, and voter decay.”

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    1. I’m not into hero worship, but so far Trump has been Great, Pure Americiana, loves women, classy & drives Anti-American Commie/Nazis nuts with Red MAGA Hats & Tweets.

      Even if someone didn’t like Trump they’d have to vote for him this fall just to see all the American Haters freak to heck out! LOL;)

      1. Let me tell you. I don’t worship heroes but i love them. I thank them for their energy & I harmonize to their frequency myself!

        The heroes of old were real. Make no mistake, Achilles, Odysseus, Hector, Aeneas, Abraham, Moses, King David, Jesus, they were real men of flesh and bone. Confucius was real, Lao-Tze was real, Siddhartha was real. The notion they were fiction is fiction itself!

        Ditto that some of the gods….. the Chinese pagan god of war Guan Gong was a real man who was born in 160 and lived in Shanxi….. his descendants are alive today and have genealogies going back nearly 2000 years as their own proof….. The Spartans believed they were lead into Lakedaemonia originally by Hercules, who lead them to war against Messinians, and they counted themselves as his descendants….and you can bet their descendants have picked olives in Arkadia today…..King Arthur was real, Vercingetorix was real, Arminius was real…..Ragnar Lothbrok was real, Why, some people believe Odin was a real man too– i say, prove that he was not!

        we live now because tens of thousands of years of ancestors lived, fed, fought and reproduced before they died–
        we owe it to them to rise to the occasion and keep on living~!

        1. How many modern day heroes are we losing today?

          President Trump inspires many that we can fix many problems & create or help promises new heros.

          It’s easy for me to see how these nut job scientist & their wild azz ideas for splicing DNA/RNA might soon mean the end of most species including humans.

          I recently seen 2 cans of whole corn in the store. 1 can $0.88, another can, same size $ 1.37. I’m thinking what? The cheap one was GMO, the other said it wasn’t. I want no part of that crap if I know the difference.

          Imagine if our enemies could poison us, most wouldn’t be prepared to fight because taking care of the sick. To late many are already sick, mildly or greatly mentally impaired. Gut issues, etc.,

          Local school here a bit of a high end area, list the number of special needs kids there as 10.2%. Seems to I to me. Has the definition of retarded change… could be? (vaccines? yes, much proven)

          Mentally impaired, just think of all those minds of the homeless that are wasted because the are hooked on heroin shipped in by our enemies.

          BTW: Some reports I’m reading suggest the Chicom bio-weapon may be cover for Central Bank’s currency printing issues. The math on the # of deaths don’t up yet.

  1. Turley’s False Sympathies For Bernie

    Professor Turley keeps stating that Democrats ‘rigged’ the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders. And he ‘fears’ that Democrats might conspire again to deny their nomination to Bernie.

    Several times in recent days I have written that Turley’s sympathies for Bernie are disengenous. Incredibly the most conservative commenters have attacked me for this assertion.  They pretend that Bernie is what the Democrats need to be ‘shaken out if their doldrums’, or something like that.

    Yet the most frequent subject of Turley columns are his ‘Tyranny from the left’ stories.  Incidents where leftist students, in particular, are trampling the rights of conservatives; or limiting free speech.  Turley runs these columns at least once per week.  One might assume that Turley is deeply concerned about over-reach from the Left.

    Leftist over-reach could be precisely the outcome if Bernie won the presidency.  Turley has to know that Sanders’ base includes the far left.  They would feel their time has come if Bernie was elected. A Sanders presidency would, no doubt, unleash waves of leftist sentiments.

    So one can only think that Turley is totally disengenous in his sympathies for Bernie.  The Johnathan Turley we know is obsessively concerned with tyranny from the left.  A Sanders presidency would arguably be Turley’s worst nightmare.  So why the charade?

  2. I think Bloomberg’s campaign will be dead in the water not just based on reversed poistions and being a billionaire. Karen pointed out a bunch of social problems he faces in her article from the Daily Wire. Later I realized the title used by Turley today… “Bloomberg’s Big Gulp ” and then remembered a paragraph in the article. Yikes!

    “Garrison also said that Bloomberg told saleswomen about a male colleague who was getting married: “All of you girls line up to give him [oral sex] as a wedding present.””

  3. Gee, didn’t Mrs. Trump look elegant at the race today. She really is a classy woman. She kinda makes you think of Jackie O.

  4. Not even going to wade through tons of crap comments, which is what’s on here anymore. It’s garbage and constitutionally impossible. A president and vice president can’t be nominated who reside in the same state. “Constitional Professor” Turley should read his Constitution before writing a piece of gossip from Drudge

  5. Is this a Bloomberg head fake . . . or just somebody trying to stir up trouble?

  6. Trump telling Billy Bush that women allow you to get away with a mess of things when you’re a celebrity is so intolerable that Billy Bush‘s career has to be destroyed (and his wife leave him to boot). Bloomberg rudely advising a woman to have an abortion is totes OK because shut up.

  7. Studies Indicate That Banning Sugary Beverages Has Positive Results

    The main study here involves U.C. San Francisco Medical And Science Center which employs 24,000 people. They banned sugary drinks from their campus and after 10 months discovered employees had smaller waistlines and less belly fat. Article goes on to mention other positive studies.

    1. I personally lost weight when I stopped drinking Coca-Cola (the real thing), which is the only soda that I like. However, I do still indulge in it on special occasions, like a celebratory lunch or dinner out. It might amount to about 8-10 times a year. I would not like to be deprived of that opportunity because Mini-Mike and his acolytes think I should be. Will we be able to apply for ration cards?

    2. Paint Chips, Bloomberg’s big mistake wasn’t that it was a good idea for people to cut down on sugary sodas. His mistake was that in business what he said was the law and he thought as mayor he could act as if he were an autocrat and pass a law which would solve that problem. He forgot that as mayor or President he can’t do that type of thing. That type of mindset makes him dangerous and stupid in certain areas. The public doesn’t want a Bloomberg dictatorship and he didn’t realize the drink being cut in half didn’t mean people couldn’t get a refill.

  8. Hilary says she is always ready to serve her country. This witch is always trying to stay relevant. Someone who has influence in Washington so she can charge a stupid amount of money for her 20 minutes of wind. The rest of the Democrats who are running for the party’s nomination should be infuriated. The party establishment is telling the rest of the party how things are.

    1. “White genocide: A dangerous myth employed by racists”

      I’d invite the author to travel to South Africa and become a land-holding farmer and then get back to me. If he’s still alive.

      By the way, white genocide is more likely to be practiced by one group of whites upon another. It’s just that sometimes they like to use people of color as the shock troops. See: Sweden.

  9. “What Bernie offers Trumpites: Sanders’ message resonates in surprising ways with some of the president’s fans”

    by Michael Tracey

    “So Bernie certainly does have the opportunity to peel off a non-trivial number of people who voted for Trump based on the vaguely anti-establishment feeling he exuded. Especially now that Trump is the establishment.

    “If, on the other hand, the plan hatched by Bloomberg is crazy enough to work — if he somehow manages to snatch the nomination from Sanders by flooding the U.S. electoral system with billions upon billions of dollars — the Democratic Party will be decimated for perhaps a generation. Sanders’ fervent backers will revolt in a way that will make the 2016 convention — which was itself rife with major dissension — look like child’s play.

    “Oddly, then, Bernie just might be the candidate with the greatest potential to unite the party. This doesn’t mean he’s a shoo-in against Trump; boneheaded Democratic tactics (like the failed impeachment crusade, which Bernie self-defeatingly signed onto) have given Trump a significant political boost heading into re-election. But if Bernie enters the convention with the most delegates, and is nonetheless deprived of the nomination through deal-making and superdelegate tricks, the Democratic Party will be in a state of internal turmoil not seen in decades — if ever. At that point, they’ll be pining for socialism.”

    1. “So Bernie certainly does have the opportunity to peel off a non-trivial number of people who voted for Trump based on the vaguely anti-establishment feeling he exuded. ”

      Not for those of us who have seen the Veritas videos, Or Tucker Carlson’s breakdown of the New Way Forward bill.

      1. Aren’t you the one who made the claim about the New Way Forward bill promoting white-genocide?

        1. it certainly seems that way, with the language in the bill about white supremacy. Anyone can say another is a white supremacist, and it becomes a matter of guilty until proven innocent. Have you read the bill or seen the segment? I’d be curious to know your take on it, if you’d care to share.

  10. Bloomberg is a Bush republican who supported Bush lying the world into war and illegally spying on citizens and tortured some folks!

    DNC Democrats are now Bush republicans!

    Just like Hillary Clinton!

    They don’t even pretend anymore!

    They embrace it!

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