Washington Celebrates The Greatest Victory Of Establishment Since The Defeat Of The Huns in 451 CE

The media and political establishment in Washington was openly celebrating what was portrayed as a near complete victory of Joe Biden over the hoards of Sanders supporters marching toward gates of the Beltway. The establishment united this week behind Biden with candidates like Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and others rallying forces to defeat Bernie Sanders at all costs. Not since the victory over Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains has the ancien regime experienced such a thrilling moment. However, the history is not good for those celebrating behind the walls of Rome. (This blog has been updated)

I recently wrote how there remains a visceral distaste for the media and political establishment for many voters as they watched the concerted effort to defeat outsider candidates. That was also the case in 2016 with the effort to elect Hillary Clinton. The utter joy expressed this morning will only fuel that feeling of disenfranchisement. What we can expect is the continued strategic endorsements of establishment figures in the coming weeks and exhaustive coverage on the weakening Sanders and the surging Biden.

MSNBC was particularly aggressive in framing the election night and attacking the very premise of the Sanders’ movement. MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace bizarrely claimed that there was no effort by the establishment to prop up Biden. Wallace declared “Bernie Sanders… he has turned this idea of the establishment – he’s weaponized it against Biden,” she said. “The Democratic establishment did nothing for Joe Biden.” Really? Various establishment figures lined up behind Biden in the last week while CNN and MSNBC continued a relentless series of attacks on Sanders and his supporters.

Nevertheless, host Rachel Maddow agreed that sought to downplay the concerted effort in DC to push Biden: “every headline in all political coverage all around the country is like, ‘The establishment is coalescing the establishment.” She then suggested that this is all a lie that was used against that other seemingly wrongly candidate, Hillary Clinton: “It’s what he did against Hillary Clinton in 2016 as well.”

Maddow simply dismisses the admissions of how the DNC rigged elements of the 2016 primary for Clinton or how Clinton took over the debt of the DNC to exercise such control. She also dismisses how polls showed that Clinton was widely viewed as unauthentic and the ultimate establishment figure when the public clearly wanted a change in Washington. Instead, Maddow and Wallace portray the entire movement by Sanders to be a lie.

Not to be subtle, Wallace not only calls this all a lie but portrays Biden’s victory (with a long line of establishment endorsement) as a victory over the establishment: “But it’s a lie, I mean, it’s a lie. Listen, and I say this as a dispassionate former Republican who watched my party sort of implode around fake truths and false grievances, the establishment had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s victory. He’s flat broke, he has not a single ad on the air. He’s not advertising in any Super Tuesday states!”

MSNBC also asked James Carville for analysis of Sanders’ options . . . yes, the same Carville who has been denouncing Sanders as a “Communist” for weeks. Carville expressed concern for Sanders that he might risk a “backlash” if he did not immediately withdraw from the race. Thus, Sanders is almost even with Biden in delegates but Carville is deeply concerned that he may be staying too long in the race.

Over at Fox, Donna Brazile, the former DNC head who was found to have given Clinton debate questions in advance in 2016 (and admitted the questionable ties of Clinton over the DNC), declared the Biden victory to be “the most impressive 72 hours I’ve ever seen in U.S. politics.” The fact that the previous frontrunner was able to pull roughly even with Sanders is now viewed as more impressive than the victory of Trump in 2016 that shocked the world. She also told the GOP spokesperson to “go to hell” when she suggested that the Democratic establishment was again working to force through a nominee.

This all seems both forced and premature. While the coverage claims an “upset” by Biden, this ignores that he was viewed previously as the leading, if not chosen, candidate. With all of the other candidates lining up for Biden with most of the power brokers in Washington, this seems less than surprising. More importantly, it was not a rout. Rather, Sanders and Biden are roughly even in delegates. Sanders prevailed in California and came close in Texas.

Of course, such moments can be deceiving. When Roman General Flavius Aetius defeated Attila the Hun, he did so with his own “barbarian” units led by Visigoth King Theodoric I. It did not last long. Rome would be sacked by barbarians repeatedly. Indeed, Attila later returned and laid waste to much of Italy.

The point is not that Sanders’ victory is inevitable. Indeed, media and political forces seemed entirely aligned and committed to securing the nomination for Biden. Rather, the coverage by the mainstream media continues to be overtly hostile and distortive. At the same time, after Tulsi Gabbard qualified for the next debate, the DNC has yet again announced that it will raise the threshold requirements — a change that seems designed to block Gabbard who has also been attacked relentlessly in the media.

Many of my students, who support Sanders, have complained about it and the coverage this morning only reaffirms those objections. For them, it always seems like the answer of the establishment to all our problems every four years is the most establishment candidate in the field. There is a sense of relief in the media that “our children are safe tonight” in the Beltway. For those who support Sanders or oppose the establishment, it further deepens the political divide and distrust. This week saw the full weight of the establishment brought against Sanders with clear success. However, the open expressions of relief by cable hosts or analysts leaves one with the eerie feeling of celebratory toasts from the gates of Rome.

152 thoughts on “Washington Celebrates The Greatest Victory Of Establishment Since The Defeat Of The Huns in 451 CE”

  1. Take Aways no one else caught.

    Four years ago a group of Berners cost the Demos about five percent of the vote even though Bernie asked them to support the Party. Four years later those four years of veterans and four more years of snowflakes now have the power to take away as much as ten to twenty percent of the vote from which ever menshevik gets the nod And they are not happy at what the see as false socialists in what they consider their socialist party.

    Four years ago a small group of active duty and veterans began the counter revolution against socialism in any of it’s forms. They took 40% of the vote with the support of like minded citizens mostly independents and ended up controlling the outcome defending what they know is their Constitutional Republic and their Oath of Office against the war monger party that sends them out to die for nothing. No longer an under 50 percent group they are four years into running a counter revolution to regain – switching tense – our Constitutional Republic and defend our Constitution against proven enemies domestic.

    The first group sees a way to smash the left and then go after it again next time. The second group sees a way to smash the left and get rid of the ring leaders Pelosi and Schumer.

    What both see is a way to Take Away the future of what might be called the My Lei Party who have yet offer or do anything from removing victimizers of women to retaining the still in force draft which marginalizes women as second class citizen baby factories then ensuring many of those babies will never make it to draft age.by late and after term abortions.

    Witness their invitation to DACA, then dumping them after figuring out they are Catholic oriented and probable anti abortion prone.

    I don’t see the left getting anywhere near the 45% Clinton ended up with this time. More ike four or five percent. . .

    1. What Ididn’t point out was the active, reserve, former and retired military who started the anti left counter revolution four years ago. Ready to uphold their oath of office against those who violate it on a daily basis. Welcome the replacement Independent Constitutional Democrat Party as the current version is finished off. 45% like Hillary? Be lucky to get four or five percent.

  2. RIGGED?! How could one argue otherwise? The DNC rules are a moving target, subject to change as needed.
    Why has Warren remained in the race as long as she has . . with no realistic hope of winning the nomination? Is it not obvious that her continued presence eats away at what would otherwise be Bernie’s support? Could it be that her support and purpose comes from the ‘ establishment ‘ who have hinted at her being Biden’s running mate if she helps him win the nomination? Extra sugar on top may be the suggestion that Biden wouldn’t serve out his full term, stepping aside for a woman Veep to become the first woman president of the United States?
    But wait! Why would the ‘ establishment ‘ want to hand over the reins to a quasi Socialist such as Warren? Even if my scenario is correct, perhaps I have the names wrong. Lizzy may be being used to aid Biden’s triumph over Bernie, but with the nomination tucked under his belt, who would be the most logical woman running mate? Hillary, of course!

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