A Family Or Corporate Matter? CNN Contributor Andrew Gillum Found Inebriated In Miami Hotel Room With Illegal Drugs

It is less than 24 hours since the story broke but CNN contributor and former Democratic candidate for Florida governor, Andrew Gillum is already being referred to as a “former rising star of the Democratic party.” That is not a good sign. Gillum was found “inebriated” early Friday morning in a hotel where meth was also recovered. The story may rekindle a long controversy over “morals clauses” in media contracts.

There are various reports that the other man, Travis Dyson, 30, is an escort or may work in the porn industry but that has not been confirmed. A person with the same name and general description self-identifies as a male escort. All that is really known is that Dyson was hospitalized and both men were described by a witness of being found in the room vomiting. There is no clear criminality that I can see in this incident.

The incident raises an issue that we have discussed before about how such private conduct can result in severance by media corporations. Indeed, CNN faces such a controversy with the arrest of Richard Quest, who has continued with the company as a major contributor.

Gillum, 40, was in the room at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach and police report that “Mr. Gillum was unable to communicate with officers due to his inebriated state.” 

Gillum is married with three children and issued the following statement:

“I was in Miami last night for a wedding celebration when first responders were called to assist one of my friends. While I had too much to drink, I want to be clear that I have never used methamphetamines. I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement. I’m thankful to the incredible Miami Beach EMS team for their efforts. I will spend the next few weeks with my family and appreciate privacy during this time.”

Officers reported that they could see three small clear plastic baggies containing suspected crystal meth on both the bed and floor of the room. Such observations in “plain sight” allow the police to seize evidence without a warrant. However, mere possession of meth in the room is unlikely to result in criminal charges against Gillum, particularly because the ownership or use of the meth remains unclear.

Dyson is referenced in some articles as being treated for an overdose. He is a friend of Dr. Aldo Mejias, 56, who said that Dyson used his credit card for the room and he found both men vomiting. After Dyson collapsed, Mejias said that he performed chest compressions and other aid.

CNN’s reporting thus far is highly abridged and notably does not contain any additional information despite the fact that Gillum has been a contributor since 2019.

There is no question that Gillum would have been doubly benefitted from following the advice for “social distancing” in this case but the controversy again forces the issue of whether we can separate the private lives (and controversies) of celebrities from their work. In the media, such incidents can trigger clauses allowing for the termination of contracts for conduct that would bring embarrassment or discredit to the news organization. The standard “morals clause” is triggered by criminal conduct or conduct that brings “public disrepute, scandal, or embarrassment.” These clauses are written broadly to protect the news organizations and their “brand.” The very reference to these contractual provisions as “morals clauses” raises the question of their contemporary value. We are thankfully past the time when companies regularly confronted employees on their moral standing. Many of us do not feel comfortable judging the morals of others. More importantly, these clauses are often used as excuses to jettison anyone who threatens the “bottom line” of an organization.

Enforcement under these clauses can be dangerously subjective or ill-defined. Indeed, one commentator observed, what is embarrassing for one employees can be enhancing to another: “Different industries have diverse views on morality, which accounts for the discrepancies in morals clause enforcement. Although a newscaster’s reputation hinges upon his or her intellectual credibility, a rap artist’s depends only on his street credibility, or ‘street cred.'”

As private companies, media outfits are not subject to the type of free speech or association limits imposed on the government. As we discussed dozens of cases where companies have severed employees for notorious or embarrassing conduct from the bicyclist who flipped off Trump to drunks at sporting events to offensive social media postings. I have often been critical of such moves as inimical to free speech. I have previously written about concerns that public employees are increasingly being disciplined for actions in their private lives or views or associations outside of work. We have previously seen teachers (here, hereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, here), students (herehere and here) and other public employees (here and here and here) fired for their private speech or conduct, including school employees fired for posing in magazines (here), appearing on television shows in bikinis (here), or having a prior career in the adult entertainment industry (here).  This includes Halloween costume controversies.

In the case of Gillum, he is not accused of any crime and, even if he was in the hotel for a tryst or drug use or both, would such a finding diminish his value as a political commentator? Gillum lost in a close race for government of Florida. Until this incident, he was viewed as one of the party’s most outstanding prospects for future elections. Quest is an example of someone who continued to contributed greatly to CNN after his arrest. Moreover, Gillum has proven consistently insightful and talented as a contributor on CNN in my view.

I have been generally critical of morals clauses and this incident highlights my concerns. However, I honestly cannot remember the last time that a media figure was severed under such a clause. Perhaps our readers in the media might be able to help in this regard. What was the last time that a media organization fired someone for such conduct? The more common approach is to keep someone on ice (and off the air) while seeing if they can weather the storm. Most of these contracts run year to year so that the organization can simply not renew if the on-air talent cannot recover. [For full disclosure, all of my past media contracts have contained such clauses, including my current contracts with CBS and BBC].

What do you think?

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  1. What is your beef with Morals clauses ?

    You note they are about “protecting the brand” – Bravo.

    CNN hires these people to enhance its brand.

    Gillium was hired because it improved CNN’s appeal to those that value Gillium.

    When Gillium acts to undercut his own “brand”, he undercutts CNN’s.

    I have zero problems with morals clauses – especially for those high profile people who are so strongly tied to CNN’s brand. If you do not like the clauses int he contract – negotiate them out, or do not take the job.

    We need to quit encouraging this nonsense that businesses are infinitely powerful and the individuals who work for them powerless.

    Gillium was not forced to work for CNN. He took the job voluntarily. He could have gone elsewhere. It is near certain he had lawyers go over his contract, as he should have himself. He was not being hired as a clerk at McDonald’s.

    He was paid big bucks, and part of that was his role in enhancing CNN’s image with atleast some of his demographics.
    That was part of what he was paid for, part of his value.
    If Gilliums conduct – even legal conduct, diminishes CNN’s value, I have zero problem with axing Gillium.

    I might axe Gillium even without a morals contract.

    The decision here is CNN’s, it is for them to decide what actions harm them the most.

    I would also note that Gilliam is free to seek out supporters to lobby CNN to keep him.

    The fundimental question is Gilliums value to CNN. He has some ability – even after this, of persuading CNN that value remains.

    But the decision is CNN’s.

    If Gillian wants to engage in the conduct that has him in trouble, that is fine.
    But that does not mean there are no consequences.

    The standard for government to step in is criminality, and the standard of proof is supposed to be high.

    The rest of us are free to determine our relationships with others based on whatever criteria we want – including conduct we deem immoral.

    Regardless, you can not prevent humans from making moral judgements of their neighbors.

  2. Gillum has had problems before and he was a darling of Main Street Media and Nancy Pelosi and the Dem’s He needs to suffer the consequences. Perhaps jail would be a good thing for him???

  3. “No evidence of criminality” ?????

    There were 3 bags of meth.

    I might drugs should not be illegal. But they still are.

    You may be right that no prosecution is likely. In my community there would be a prosecution.

    You might be right that evidence of possession might be difficult to prove. Not in my community.

    But there is a giant gulf between “there was nothing here that Should be illegal” and there was nothing that is illegal.

    1. My thoughts exactly. How about the doing meth in a hotel room with a prostitute (if they were), JT?

    2. Statutes against substance ingestion deny the constitutional freedom of ingestion to free Americans as an act, not of freedom, but of


      Statutes precluding property damage and bodily injury are constitutional and implement the security and infrastructure which

      comprise the constitutional charge of government.

      Please review the 9th Amendment.

      People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

      Freedom does not adapt to people, dictatorship does.

      The Constitution provides maximal freedom to individuals while it severely limits and restricts government.

      Government exists only to facilitate the maximal freedom of individuals.

      1. I still hear “Some animals are more equal than others” (George Orwell, Animal Farm) when I read this story. I’m a Libertarian, which means (to me) that I obey bad laws, but work with others to get them repealed. I don’t break laws because they’re bad.

        Andrew Gillum’s just one of a horde of powerful folks who never seem to do the same time for the same crime as ordinary taxpayers. Three bags of meth are distribution weight of controlled substances in some places. An investigation is warranted into whether or not one of the transactions occurring in that room was drug trafficking.

  4. I’m all for businesses having the right to have moral standard for their employees. Businesses should be free to do as they please-let the open market decide whether or not they survive.

  5. Well, it’s CNN…that’s a pretty low bar to begin with.

    Frankly, on-air intoxication would probably be an improvement for their activists/anchors – might even let their extreme bias slip now and again and present some real news.

    1. em, Project Veritas has done a pretty good job of videotaping a number of these guys in a relaxed situation. We can see from those videos what to expect if they really became inebriated.

      1. Hey, Diaper Man, if you think Project Veritas has the public interest in mind, you probably need a change.

        1. Is this Paint Chips using an anonymous alias or another freak without a brain? Project Veritas records actual statements made by important people that stupid people believe when those important people are reading a script. These comments are in context and if untrue could be disputed. Instead what we are seeing is a large number of suits against Project Veritas where so far Project Veritas has won them all. Additionally the Washington Post has recently been retracting statements about Project Veritas or its employees that they made knowing those statements were false.

          What better news organization can we have than Project Veritas? It provides spontaneous behind the scenes information that major conglomerates hope will never reach the consumer’s eyes.

          Congratulations to Project Veritas for a job well done.

            1. Paint Chips who claimed he doesn’t use the anonymous name is asking for sources. Check the Washington Post for their retractions. Check the NYTimes for its retractions. Check the courts to see the filings and the victories of Project Veritas. Check the Project Veritas videos.

              Evidence? We are surrounded by this evidence but you do not want or have the ability to avail yourself of it. You are on the Washington Post enough times to have seen their retractions. Then again one has to consider what pages the retractions are placed on.

              Paint Chips you are going to have to live with the fact that lead poisoning leading to a reduced IQ is permanent. Switch from paint to ice cream. Ice cream like paint has a lot of pretty colors.

              1. Diaper Man’s Claim That Project Veritas Forced The Washington Post To Retract Is A Lie

                Project Veritas attempted to sting The Post with a bogus story that GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore had raped a woman.  But the woman they sent to entrap The Post was such a poor actress that The Post investigated ‘her’; catching the woman on tape as she entered Project Veritas’ office.  

                But improbably Project Veritas claimed ‘victory’ with the convoluted reasoning that The Post had somehow compromised itself by investigating the woman. ..Go figure..!


                1. Paint Chips, one doesn’t expect to win every battle but Project Veritas was very open about this incident. However, an attempt that was discovered doesn’t make all the videos disappear. They are there forever and true. It doesn’t make the Washington Post retractions disappear. They remain and are true. It doesn’t reverse the numerous court cases won by Project Veritas. In other words that you point out that Project Veritas gets a 99 grade instead of 100 only shows how valid and truthful Project Veritas is.

                  In other words you always seem to find something that demonstrates a lack of perfection but can’t find the court cases, the retractions or the videos. That shows what type of person you are. A venemous bully that insults others on a continuus basis but when stood up to caves and cries like a baby. Go back to your hole.

                  1. Diaper Man, you have yet to show us the alleged retractions The Post made. It’s hilarious how you never substantiate your claims.

                    1. “Diaper Man, you have yet to show us the alleged retractions The Post made. It’s hilarious how you never substantiate your claims.”

                      No one should have to do Paint Chip’s research for him but being the really nice guy I am I decided to provide the bully with one retraction so others could recognize the bully for what he is a big mouth with a small brain.

                      WaPo to O’Keefe: Sorry We Called You Racist in ACORN Story

                      By Ken Shepherd | September 22, 2009 4:12 PM EDT
                      The Washington Post today published on page A2 a correction to a September 18 article on James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the duo behind “The $1,300 Mission to Fell ACORN” (h/t NewsBusters tipster Sean O’Brien):

                      A Sept. 18 Page One article about the community organizing group ACORN incorrectly said that a conservative journalist targeted the organization for hidden-camera videos partly becase its voter-registration drives bring Latinos and African Americans to the polls. Although ACORN registers people mostly from those groups, the maker of the videos, James E. O’Keefe, did not specifically mention them.
                      In other words: sorry we tagged you as a racist by putting words in your mouth.

                      Of course, the original Post article didn’t say race was “partly” the impetus for O’Keefe’s hidden-camera piece, it suggested it was the only reason and that other conservatives despise ACORN for racially-motivated reasons. Here’s the original offending passage in the article:

                      Though O’Keefe described himself as a progressive radical, not a conservative, he said he targeted ACORN for the same reasons that the political right does: its massive voter registration drives that turn out poor African Americans and Latinos against Republicans.

                      “Politicians are getting elected single-handedly due to this organization,” he said. “No one was holding this organization accountable. No one in the media is putting pressure on them. We wanted to do a stunt and see what we could find.”
                      Nowhere in their correction did the Post note that O’Keefe was likely referring to voter registration fraud when he accused ACORN “single-handedly” getting politicians elected.

                      Indeed, in the original article, the only concession on voter fraud was that “Republicans accused ACORN of voter-registration fraud in last year’s presidential race.” Nowhere in the original article was there a mention of ongoing criminal proceedings into alleged voter fraud committed by ACORN officials.

          1. Congratulations to Project Veritas for a job well done.

            It’s fascinating how people will attempt to destroy the messenger, as if somehow that will erase the message captured on video…of their own words and actions. And they vote.

    2. Every New Year’s Eve, viewers of the major broadcast and satellite news networks are treated to the spectacle of sloppy drunk news anchors and other on-screen talent babbling in ways they would criticize if people with whom they disagreed politically were babbling.

      “We all know that crap is king, give us dirty laundry!” – Don Henley, “Dirty Laundry”

  6. this isnt new terrain for Andrew. The CNN commentator has been lying for years which is why CNN hired him


    Gillum Had Relationship With Male Lobbyist

    Our sources in Florida’s capital city of Tallahassee, where Gillum has served as a Commissioner and now Mayor, say he was intimately involved with Adam Corey.

    By Jacob Engels

    It is 2018. Nobody should be afraid to embrace their sexuality and be who they are. I am openly gay. We all come to terms with our sexual preference in different ways and at different times in our life.

    Over the past week, a photo of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum and his lifelong friend Adam Corey has been circulating online with a lot of debate over just how “close” the two had become. Corey, like myself, is openly gay.

    Our sources in Tallahassee have confirmed that it is well known among capitol power-brokers that Andrew Gillum and Adam Corey were engaged in a long-term intimate relationship. Corey was once Gillum’s campaign treasurer and appeared before Gillum as a lobbyist during his time on the Tallahassee City Commission.

    1. 1. Neither Engels nor his ‘sources’ nor ‘capitol hill powerbrokers’ have a clue as to anything that’s passed between this fellow Corey and Gillum. If they did, we’d know what demonstrated that to them.

      2. Engels prescription doesn’t allow reticent people to ‘be who they are’. It doesn’t allow courteous people to practice courtesy. Gillum being on the Down Low is bad and transgressive. It would be better if he just kept it in his pants when he wasn’t with his wife. It would be worse sticking it to his wife by making it public. Self-centered exhibitionists can’t make sense of ordinary people. What sort of person do you think Engles is?

  7. Nine Law Enforcement Officials, Including Three Captains,”Responded” to Gillum Incident


    According to the Miami Beach police report documenting the Andrew Gillum incident, at least nine law enforcement officials “responded” to the call, including three Captains.

    The incident did not result in any arrests.

    The presence of such high ranking law enforcement officials at the scene warrants comments about any contacts between officers and political officials related to the involvement of Andrew Gillum.

    However, according to media reports, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber stated, “There does not exist an active investigation surrounding this matter. I have no further comment.” It appears Gelber took no questions.

    Campaign finance records show that Gelber, who is a Democrat, donated $1,000 to Gillum’s Florida gubernatorial campaign.

    According to the report, two police officers – Gomez and MacDonald – initially responded to the hotel room “in emergency mode.”

    The report then indicates that Sergeant Saygeh was notified. After this entry, the report notes that Lieutenant Armatrading, Sargent Fernandez, Detective Alvarez, and Detective Cabrera “responded.”

    The final entry shows that Captain George, Captain Garcia, & Captain Morgalo “responded.”

    The report also indicates that a photographer was on the scene and “BWC USED”. The “BWC” refers to Body Worn Camera.

    1. [eye roll]. Here you have senior police officers pro-actively cleaning up after politicians. They do that because they work for politicians they have reason to believe will penalize them for following ordinary procedures and just treating Gillum like Joe Blow off the sidewalks of Miami Beach. That tells you about the institutional culture of municipal government in Miami Beach; if they don’t vote Gelber out of office, the public in Miami Beach is complicit.

  8. Apparently this incident warrants JT’s comment because the subject is a Democrat – recent incidents involving a Republican included human trafficking and child sex abuse and went unnoticed here – and maybe more importantly because of his CNN employers where JT can’t get a gig or appearance.


    1. recent incidents involving a Republican included human trafficking and child sex abuse and went unnoticed here

      Look squirrel!

      Set up your own blog and you can write about what you care to. Your problem is that you’re too unappealing to attract any readers.

      1. JT has attracted a pretty small group of blog-commenters, and only a few of the comments merit any attention.

  9. Unconfirmed reports say the men were naked when police arrived which is why they suspected a drug orgy sex party in the hotel. Gillum was reportedly naked and vomiting in the toilet when cops arrived. I recall Barack Obama and Oprah and the whole gang out campaigning hard for their chosen candidate Andrew Gillum. Let’s just say Florida dodged a bullet in that election. Not to worry, Gillum will be back on CNN. The cable “news” networks are doing their best to avoid “reporting” on the Gillum incident. Because, you know, he’s a Democrat. The media protect their own.

    1. That’s not consistent with the report I read, which suggested that Dyson answered the door when Mejias arrived and then keeled over.

      1. So Mejias let Dyson use his credit card to secure the hotel room. But Mejias wasn’t part of the orgy sex party? Ok sure. I also read the ‘version’ of events that said Dyson answered the door to let Mejias in (sure, ok) while Gillum was vomiting in the toilet. Dyson then collapsed on the bed and began vomiting. Mejias began CPR then 911 was called. Cops arrived. Unconfirmed reports say men in hotel room were naked when cops arrived which is why they suspected a drug sex party was going on in the room. Gillum’s statement said he was atttending a wedding where he drank too much and then went to help a friend. Sure, most weddings are held on Thursday nights in Miami and being too inebriated to even communicate with cops is exactly how you leave a wedding to go help a friend in a hotel room, right? Oh and both men are found wasted and naked when cops arrived. Not to worry, all this will quietly go away and then And then Gillum will be back on air at CNN in time for the DNC convention and election round table discussions as if nothing ever happened. And then Gillum will run for governor again. Watch.

        1. Again, if Dyson keeled over just after Mejias entered the room, I tend to doubt Mejias would be unclothed.

          Mejias takes Dyson’s calls and Dyson has Mejias’ credit card number, so the two are appended in some way. Precisely how will emerge when more details surface. My wager is that it is some sort of patron-protege relationship whereby Mejias looks out for Dyson and Dyson gives head or keeps secrets. Not sure.

          1. We will never know the whole story. There was police body-cam footage from the incident that will tell more of the story. We will see if someone leaks that footage.

          2. UPDATE to Andrew Gillum story:

            My source says Andrew was NOT fully naked but his “friend” (gay male escort from “Rent Men” website) was.

            Sex was suspected b/t the two bc there was blood & feces on the bed.

            Yes— police were wearing body cams so this footage will come out.

            tweet by Candace Owens March 14

            1. Andrew Gillum is representative of the type of people who choose to go into politics at all levels, local, state, federal. He almost squeeked by becoming Governor of Florida. Good job Florida for dodging that bullet.

              Keep this man’s character, or lack thereof, in mind when you observe politicians like Kamala Harris who slept her way to power, or low IQ Maxine Waters, or the dude who thought Guam was in danger of capsizing. These elected officials are by NO MEANS smart people, nor are they our superiors IN ANY WAY. Politicans work FOR US. NEVER EVER MISTAKE the relationship.

              And this Gillum character is the caliber of ‘talking heads’ that CNN hires to put on air as an analyst, whose opinion CNN thinks YOU should consider. OH NO NO NO. Just say no to the crap that CNN puts on the air.

  10. Apparently this event warrants JT’s attention because it involves a Democrat engaging in embarrassing and possibly illegal behavior – there have recently been cases of GOP officials in child sexual abuse and human trafficking- that went without comment here – and-or more importantly CNN where JT probably can’t get a gig or an appearance.


    1. You keep repeating yourself, Gainesville. Normal people write about what catches their attention. You’re not normal, so you fancy it’s outrageous that something caught their attention that reflects badly on the Democratic Party.

    2. there have recently been cases of GOP officials in child sexual abuse and human trafficking- that went without comment here

      A man who came close to being elected Governor of Florida who also has a regular CNN gig is rather more obtrusive than a state legislator in Oklahoma (convicted of cavorting with a rent-boy) or with a county tax assessor in Phoenix (charged with paying Polynesian women to give up their children for adoption to clients
      he’d recruited*), This isn’t that difficult.

      * NB in Gainesville’s mind, if these women had hired a perverted OBGYN to kill their unborn child, that would be totes OK.

  11. We have a shirt-tail in Jacksonville who was running his mouth on Fakebook a couple of years back in favor of this tool, and insisting one or another among the opposition was a ‘criminal’ (I think the outgoing governor, but perhaps it was the Republican candidate). I’d love to rub his nose in this, but we have an understanding in our house that we don’t contend with our obnoxious relations.

    Not sure when in recent years ‘Florida man’ stories got to be the genre they are. Different vibe, but structurally similar to talk about California 40 years ago. It seems states full of migrants are states full of clowns, but as we speak Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska haven’t been tagged. I’m guessing Arizona and Alaska attract a better class of migrant and the people of Nevada are just in on the joke.

  12. “Officers reported that they could see three small clear plastic baggies containing suspected crystal meth on both the bed and floor of the room. Such observations in “plain sight” allow the police to seize evidence without a warrant. However, mere possession of meth in the room is unlikely to result in criminal charges against Gillum, particularly because the ownership or use of the meth remains unclear.”
    Oh and as for the possession of meth charge, test the miscreants’ blood. You can possess meth both inside and outside the body. And when it’s in your room with you assed out, say hello to probable cause for a warrant. JT knows that.

  13. I don’t care to be lectured to by scum bags from the TV screen, no matter how insightful and intelligent they may be. Good riddance to Gillam.

  14. He’s a fitting icon of the woke Crime Party. Devoid of propriety (or even sobriety), indulgent, moralizing and hypocritical in the extreme, he’s the perfect number 2 to Stroked Out Joe. Biden-Gillum 2020! What are the odds his arrest will be proclaimed “racist” and his conduct excused as a result of his so-called marginalized (yet in reality privileged) status? Oh, it’s a rehab stint in some tropical locale followed by a sonorous mea culpa followed by speeches in Harlem about the ravages and irresistibleness of meth only to be concluded by a celebration of new found awareness and then back on the identity train and off to bigger and better things like an honorary degree from some guilty Ivy in say, Social Justice. Gillum, of course, avoided natural justice by an efficient police force he likely abhors. Now it’s redemption and notoriety not even Al Sharpton could dream of. Shame, it seems, is passé in the postmodern “me” world … or maybe it’s just waiting for a come back along with it’s cousin, Sanity.

    1. Mespo, except to a racist and narrow minded hater like you, this person’s bad behavior has nothing to do with either his race nor politics. If it did you should start answering for the innumerable immoral and criminal acts of white GOP and Democratic officials. Google “accused (or indicted) Republican” and start there.

      1. Mespo, except to a racist and narrow minded hater like you, this person’s bad behavior has nothing to do with either his race nor politics.

        The person who brought up race was you, Gainesville. Stop lying.

        Actually, his bad behavior manifests animal spirits consistent with social perspective which animates his politics. The only anomalous element would his attempts to keep his recreations out of view.

        1. Anon’s deck of cards are only playable one at a time because all 52 are the same. Anon can’t help but play the race card.

      2. BTB:

        “… this person’s bad behavior has nothing to do with either his race nor politics.”
        Of course, it doesn’t but your reading comprehension issues prevent your understanding the point of my comment. Okay let’s flashcard it: neither his immutable characteristics nor misguided political sense compelled the conduct but the excuse making surely will involve both. It’s like krytonoite to the woke law enforcement where race trumps everything deviant sexual behavior doesn’t. Here we got both. It doesn’t take a genius to see what the defense will be. That charges were not even brought tells you a lot. Hey how about an experiment to prove me right with you on the front row? You gather up your whore of choice and three bags of meth (lookalike will do). I’ll wait for you to get situated and call the cops into your room on a welfare check and you can vomit all over yourself while they investigate your plastic baggies. Let’s see if you merit such “benefit of the doubt“ kid gloving in a criminal setting. Game? I am!

        1. Were you traumatized by joe Friday when a child? So righteous yet follow Gingrich’s & Limbaugh’s tripe like it sprang from a burning bush.

        2. Mespo, thanks for acknowledging the inappropriate nature of your earlier comments claimng Gillum was somehow unique as a politician who was caught with his pants down, which could be explained by his political party and your throw away racist comments about venues and personalities not identified as honkies.

            1. Mespo, I think he can read the words but to him they are code that he is unable to understand. A lack of comprehension is his problem.

        1. One must keep one’s “chops” up!

          It is a pleasure to observe from the peanut gallery.

            1. Oh, for the uninitiated, Mespo is his incognito persona nom de plume.

              His real name is Clarence Darrow.

    2. “Oh, it’s a rehab stint in some tropical locale followed by a sonorous mea culpa ….”
      “Former Florida candidate for governor Andrew Gillum disclosed Sunday that he is entering a rehabilitation facility, saying he had fallen into a depression and alcohol abuse after losing his bid for the state’s highest post.”


      “Gillum said in his statement Sunday night that he resolved to seek help after conversations with his family and deep reflection, calling the decision “a wake-up call for me.”

      “Since my race for governor ended, I fell into a depression that has led to alcohol abuse,” he said, pledging to work to “heal fully and show up in the world as a more complete person.”

      I’ll be doing lottery pick number predictions at 7 followed by the over/under on Corona virus contagion rate at 8. Stay tuned.


      1. It seems to me Mark Foley had his press agent announce that he’d checked into a rehab facility. In Foley’s case, it wasn’t his homosexuality per se that was the source of embarrassment, but the sexting with adolescents (and the time he showed up intoxicated at one of the Congressional Page dormitories).

        His wife’s going to have to decide if the humiliation is the deal breaker and if it isn’t she then has to make an actuarial calculation about whether or not their life will be tainted by sub rosa activity in the future.

        What’s curious about this sort of thing is that the few examples which come to your attention seem to be of men in early middle age (Gillum, Ted Haggard, James West in Spokane). I suppose I could check the databases, but it seems as if the impulse toward men and the impulse toward women are out of sync in the life-cycles of bisexual men.

  15. Gillum’s just the sort of person you do not want in public office. It would appear his employment history in work outside of electoral politics is entirely confined to the sort of p/t and seasonal work you have as a student. He has no vocational schooling at all. He’s Debbie Wasserman Schulz without the ugly. We really need constitutional provisions which debar anyone under a certain age (or over a certain age) from standing for elective offices which are not presumptively part-time.

    1. Gillum was the Great Meth Hope of the Democratic Party in Florida or as Mespo says ” a fitting icon of the woke Crime Party”. He lost a close election and Floridians should be thanking the Lord for the DeSantis victory. To date DeSantis seems to be a fantastic governor and tough who I think will rise to be a contender for the office of President of the United States.

  16. Morals clauses are appropriate. They are relict, however. They were a feature of life in a world where transgressors were capable of shame and where those not transgressing were capable of shock and disgust. My parents came of age in that world and I grew up with residues of it. I’m not a young guy.

    The dirt on Trevor Dyson is out there now. Registered nurse, physical culture enthusiast, flamer, and likely known as such to all parties. Known to some also, and known generally now is that he uses street drugs and moonlights as a rent-boy (his online handle for such work has been identified). I don’t think that nursing license is long for this world. (While we’re at it, can we clean the men out of the nursing schools? Nursing is a vocation, not a profession; men wishing to work as junior grade medical practitioners can enroll in RPA programs).

    If news reports are accurate, rent-boy Dyson attested from his hospital bed that he wasn’t a guest at any wedding attended by Gillum and was not aware Gillum had attended any such celebration. Supposedly, he also said he’s been acquainted with Gillum for some time.

    Occam’s razor tells you that Gillum’s on the Down Low. The puzzle here is Mejias. It’s not clear if he’s still practicing medicine. He appears to have female relatives of an age that would suggest daughter and wife, respectively. Supposedly, responding to a call from Dyson, Mejias arrived at the hotel room to find both men intoxicated, but Dyson at least still ambulatory; it’s when Dyson keels over he calls 911. One might guess Dyson met Mejias in a work situation and has some sort of patron-protegee relationship with him. (Dyson’s acknowledged butt-buddy as of 2018 was a Luis Somebody-or-other to be seen on his Facebook page).

    1. DSS of no great importance but this sentence left me wondering. “Nursing is a vocation, not a profession; men wishing to work as junior grade medical practitioners can enroll in RPA programs).”

  17. “Three spots on the wall by who Flung Foo.”
    We don’t know who brought the meth to the room. It’s ok for someone in a hotel room to be very drunk.

  18. There are nothing wrong with morals clauses. It does require both parties to pretend to have a moral compass.

    1. Paul, I agree.

      Moreover, Gillum was bad news before this incident. So I am happy that he will now be out of the Florida political picture.

      1. RDKay – sadly, Gillum is a Democrat from Florida and this will make him governor.

        1. We ancient Floridians do envy those youngsters who are having so much fun.

          1. RDKay – two questions:

            1. How ancient are the ancient Floridians?

            2. How many ancient Floridians are there?

      2. Don’t bet on it. One of my Florida Friends was voting for Gillum. She hated DeSantis but didn’t know why and when questioned didn’t like the major programs of Gillum but then said the legislature would never pass those programs. This woman is bright, educated and has a responsible job.

        She was brought up as a Democrat and likely will die as one. She votes soley for party and not for policy. That is a major hook of the Democratic Party.

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