A Vast Virus Conspiracy?Clinton Accuses Trump Of “Racist” References To The “Chinese Virus” To “Distract” The Public

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined other critics of President Donald Trump in denouncing what she sees as racist language being used to “distract” the public. She is referring to Trump’s reference to the “Chinese virus.” The reference to the origin of the virus is fairly common and it is hard to see how such a reference “distracts” anyone from any aspect of the pandemic. China does appear to have failed to immediately notify the world of the virus or share accurate information in the early critical period. The response of China this week was to throw out reporters from leading media organizations for reporting on the origin and spread of the virus in China. Two Chinese experts referred to this as the “Wuhan virus” until they were pressured to take down their column. Now, it appears that others want all reference to the origins barred as an act of racism.

Clinton tweeted that “The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.”

Fall for what, precisely? How would referring to the origin of the virus excuse any early failures?

Trump has defended the reference and made specific mention of the claim by a high-ranking official that the virus may have been a bio-weapon designed and released by the U.S. military — a preposterous allegation. Again, as China expels reporters and spreads this conspiracy theory, the origin of the virus is a matter of discussion. I personally do not use the term “Chinese virus” because that seems inaccurate and not based on the recognized scientific terminology. I also agree that it seems gratuitous and may increase the ridiculous and horrible attacks on Asians by unhinged individuals. However, the term was used by many scientists and experts in the early days. If “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” racist, how about the continued use of the “Spanish flu” which was always based on a misconception of the origin?

What I cannot see is how this controversy is part of, to paraphrase an earlier Clinton expression, a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to distract people from early failures. The respected Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly said that Trump was not responsible for the lack of testing kits or the delay. The Administration is holding daily pressers with the President with instructions, and increasingly tough measures, for preparation. That does not seem to fit with Clinton’s warning for people not to be lulled by Trump in failing to prepare.

What I do see is a raw politicalization of the crisis to suggest a racist conspiracy without acknowledging the extensive measures already enacted to combat the virus. There is no question that Trump offered reckless and inaccurate statements in the early days of the crisis, as noted even by some conservative sites. However, I am not sure what still can be done further or if enough was done fast enough. Fauci did not believe that there was a failure at the policy level, but the jury will be out until after this crisis and a full review is possible. However, this narrative seems more driven by politics.

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  1. And now the CCP’s propaganda arm is effectively using America’s own media against us.

    Brilliant. Way to go idiots. Your TDS and ideological possesion continues to undermine the nation. When will you be satisfied?

    When our mass graves are deeper and higher than Mao’s? than Stalin’s?
    When our entire nation is a Potter’s Field?

    You’re such fools.

  2. My comment containing the link to the worldometer page for coronavirus around the globe won’t post. Censored?

    — David B Benson

  3. Worldwide COVID-19 Death Toll Tops 10,000 as Italian Nurses “Stop Counting the Dead”


    MAR 20, 2020


    ‘The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus pandemic has topped 10,000, with nearly a quarter of a million confirmed cases of COVID-19. Italy’s death toll has now surpassed China’s, where the outbreak was first reported, with over 3,400 deaths and more than 41,000 confirmed cases. In Milan, nurses report they’ve stopped counting the dead as wave after wave of COVID-19 patients with respiratory ailments overwhelm intensive care units.

    ‘Daniela Confalonieri: “The problem is that so many of our staff are at home, as they are testing positive for COVID-19. So that leaves a handful of us to run everything. … We’re working in a state of very high stress and tension. Psychological tension has gone through the roof. Unfortunately, we can’t contain the situation in Lombardy. There’s a high level of contagion, and we’re not even counting the dead anymore.”’

    1. oh, somebody is counting the dead. the morticians will because they will have bills to submit when the rush is over

      this is how we knew that the CCP was lying itself red in the face over casualties in wuhan, because the 49 funeral homes were running full capacity 24/7 with all their ovens cremating bodies at the peak, for weeks, and the numbers do add up to considerably more than the CCP liars admit

      My heart goes out to Italia. It has survived worse!

  4. Since evidence now proves that Comey & the FBI knew there was NO Russian collusion from before Comey even started the Trump surveilance . Ane we now also know that Hillary paid for the Fake contrived Trump Dossier & lies to be spread around. How do we know that the China Coronavirus was not intentially done by China and Hillary Clinton after all they both had a lot to gain?

    1. Daniel, there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and the Mueller Report describes it in detail.

      1. LOL! And he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids. Part of the lost Scooby Doo series, for sure.

  5. China Showers Europe With Virus Aid While Sparring With Trump

    “This week, Xi described China’s mass deployment of medical aid to Europe as an effort to further a “Health Silk Road,” stretching his Belt and Road trade-and-infrastructure initiative. Along with well-publicized state help for stricken countries such as Italy, aid is being channeled across the continent by private companies in the name of Beijing, helping to burnish China’s image from France to Ukraine.

    “On Wednesday, China’s ambassador in Athens delivered more than 50,000 protective masks to the Greek health minister. The Chinese embassy in Paris has said help was coming to France, while Bulgaria and Slovenia were also getting aid.”

  6. China tried to cover it up so that first reports would come from somewhere else, then they would claim ignorance and victimhood. They’re trying it now and the American media loves it since they hate Trump more than the Chinese, more than the virus, more than anything.

  7. Lyme disease, oh that means I hate everybody in Lyme Connecticut. Those darn nutmeggers.

  8. The members of the CCP are exceedingly thin-skinned.

    Irrespective of that, the committee of scientists than names such things states that the name of the disease caused by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus is COVID-19.

    By way, the politicos in the CCP objected to the virus name!

    — David B Benson

  9. Olly, you’ll have to excuse me, I just like to call them as I see them. One more thing, I’ve heard that Wuhan China is where the Chinese military conducts their biological and chemical warfare research.

    1. You’re doing just fine Bob. By the way, those aren’t the biological and chemical warfare research facilities you’re looking for.

    2. Haha. Awesome! Thanks for the report from Klown seats. Alex Jones, or Breitbart; which source?

      this is to “does this tinfoil hat make me look like a smarty?” bobbie

  10. Wasn’t Ebola named after the Ebola river in the Congo? Nobody had a problem with that name.

  11. The best help China could have given the rest of the world would have been totally honest and transparent in the first place!

    1. Darn it Bob, haven’t you heard? They are being totally honest and transparent now. Just ask them.

  12. If the US fails miserably – Trump will get the blame.

    If the US does excellent – Trump will get the credit.

    This nonsense from Clinton is typical of the left.

    There are limits to “spin”.

    Absolutely Trump is trying to deflect from failures and amplify successes.
    That is what all people do all the time.
    But there is very small ability to succeed at that.

    In the end we are judged based on reality not spin.

    Part of the reason that we can actually Trust that Trump and the government are struggling to do their best – is because they will be held accountable,
    By us the voters.

    1. “That is what all people do all the time.”

      You have a very cynical and sad view of humanity, John.

    2. “we can actually trust Trump”? Are you delusional? I want to know: 1. when Mexico is going to send the check to build the “big beautiful wall”; 2. why the promise that the 15 COVID -19 cases would soon be 0 hasn’t happened; 3. What date in April COVID-19 will “magically disappear”; 4. why the vaccine that would be here “very quickly” isn’t going to be available for 12 to 18 months; 5. why the FDA says that the malaria and Ebola drugs won’t be made available to the public because they haven’t been tested for COVID-19; 6. why Trumpy Bear’s crib notes have “COVID-19” crossed out and replaced with “Chinese Virus”; 7. why someone hasn’t arrested the entire Democratic party since Trumpy Bear says COVID-19 is a “hoax” perpetrated on the American people just to bring him down, which was confirmed by Hannity, who is now trying to deny he said this (I’ve seen the tape); 8. Why Trumpy Bear denies knowing anything about the dismantling of the rapid pandemic response team.

      Trump has NEVER been held accountable for anything in his entire pathetic life, including cheating his way into White House with help from Russia, trying to leverage military aid to Ukraine to help his political campaign, getting away with refusing to turn over his financial and tax records so the American people can see who he’s indebted to and now, trying to bluff and lie his way out of a crisis exacerbated by his incompetence. His Daddy bought him relief from legal problems, purchased a deferment from service in the military during the Viet Nam war by lying about nonexistent bone spurs, and he had his fixer Cohn take care of all the various lawsuits and other legal problems until he died. Now he has Fox News and Mitch McConnell to help him continue getting away with being unfit for office.

      1. You say that he is never held accountable for his actions. I say that he never gets credit for the good that he does. I’m sure you will respond by asking what he has done good.
        Your statement was almost word for word the narrative of the main stream media. You should try turning off your television and research some things. Google doesn’t have filters right now. The truth is out there. Google things like adrenachrome, red shoes, the Illuminati, Epstein Island. Give it a try.

  13. I call it the ‘Chinese Flu’. Everybody seems to immediately comprehend so, as far as the alleged ‘racism’ goes, we all seem to be on the same page thought-wise.

  14. As the U.S. Blames China for the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Rest of the World Asks China for Help

    “As the number of coronavirus infections spirals out of control, the U.S. and countries around the world have reported major shortages of ventilators, respirators, test kits, surgical masks, and other essential health equipment for dealing with the pandemic. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump continued to blame China and doubled down on his use of the racist term “Chinese virus.”

    “Yet now that the situation in China appears to have stabilized, the country is positioning itself at the head of the global response to Covid-19, adopting a unique leadership position that may alter global power relations, despite the biggest shock to its industrial output and economy in recent history and its coverup in Wuhan at the beginning of the crisis.”

    1. Yet now that the situation in China appears to have stabilized, the country is positioning itself at the head of the global response to Covid-19,

      Let’s see if I have this correct:
      – Governments around the world, including the United States, outsourced the production of vital medical supplies such as ventilators, respirators, test kits, surgical masks, and other essential health equipment for dealing with the pandemic.
      – Those governments now report an extreme shortage of supplies.
      – China has become the #1 exporter of those vital medical supplies.
      – China had a virus that originated in Wuhan province that they tried to cover up.
      – China refused assistance from our CDC and downplayed the extent of the spread of the virus.
      – Data coming out of China has been tightly controlled by the Chinese government.
      – China recently kicked out US reporters over their coverage in China.
      – China is now reporting stabilization of the spread of the virus.
      – China is now being perceived to be in a unique position to lead the way on the pandemic response.
      – China doesn’t want anyone associating this virus by the country of origin.
      – And this is all President Trump’s fault.

      Damn! Pick any organized crime family, real or imaginary, and replace China with their name. Wake the hell up!

      1. When you talk about crime families, the name “Trump” comes immediately to mind.

        1. When you talk about crime families, the name “Trump” comes immediately to mind.

          Mine too. His presidency has exposed a number of them and if ever you connect with the left half of your brain, you’d understand that.

  15. You and Trump are wasting time on this, erecting obstacles to a unified reaction, and causing pain to fellow Americans. There is no upside to this effort except for Trump increasing his appeal to ignorant fools. It’s as dumb as it gets.

  16. the CCP thanks our fellow commenter “book” for advancing the policy of party to attribute racism to people using locational names for the novel virus

    1. He doesn’t call it “Chinese Virus” for location reasons. The rest of the world, the CDC and the WHO all call it “COVID-19”, an accurate descriptor since the virus is of the corona family and it arose in 2019. He’s trying to re-name it to STIGMATIZE the Chinese because he can’t bully them and to try to pivot to place blame on the Chinese for his own failures and lack of leadership. That is racist and has caused backlash against Americans of Chinese ancestry, which is Hillary Clinton’s point.

      1. Absolutely. Just listen to how he emphasizes the syllables when he says it.

        Thanks for posting that article yesterday, Natacha. Wrote a long response but my laptop ate it. Ha.

        Basically what jumped out at me was the fact the Chinese who, depending on the hospital, are blending herbal medicine with drug therapy. The Chinese are much more open on this than we are here in the States…

        The diagnostic system from TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) that governs Chinese herbal medicine shines in treatment of the functional disorder (when a condition becomes chronic). While drug therapy is great in trauma medicine and the initial treatment of infectious disease, it needs to be enhanced as the condition becomes chronic. This is exactly the territory where TCM is awesome because it’s really good at looking organic relationships between bodily systems and in assessing the response of the autonomic nervous system as a condition becomes systemic and chronic. In other words, treating the individual rather than just the symptom.

        Really important because the stats are showing that the point in time where Covid 19 sufferers are needing ventilator treatment is about 3 weeks after infection. Basically, entering into chronic territory.

        I’m totally hoping we learn from the Chinese in this respect. But the truth is the Pharmaceutical lobby has too much control in our health care system. Almost a total stranglehold on the market. So I hope for the best, expect the worst I guess.

        1. WaPo today has a photo taken of Trump’s opening remarks laid out on the podium. “corona” is crossed out and “chinese” written in the black marker.

          Not a joke. It’s a PR campaign.

  17. lets hear from a guy who has lived in china off and on for a decade or so, has a chinese wife, etc. says that this fuss over calling the novel coronavirus the “wuhan virus” or “china virus” is nonsense


    points out that the WHO has wasted a lot of time and energy on this. and we see a couple weeks later now a lot more hot air is farting out of reporters mouths’ about it.

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