A Vast Virus Conspiracy?Clinton Accuses Trump Of “Racist” References To The “Chinese Virus” To “Distract” The Public

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined other critics of President Donald Trump in denouncing what she sees as racist language being used to “distract” the public. She is referring to Trump’s reference to the “Chinese virus.” The reference to the origin of the virus is fairly common and it is hard to see how such a reference “distracts” anyone from any aspect of the pandemic. China does appear to have failed to immediately notify the world of the virus or share accurate information in the early critical period. The response of China this week was to throw out reporters from leading media organizations for reporting on the origin and spread of the virus in China. Two Chinese experts referred to this as the “Wuhan virus” until they were pressured to take down their column. Now, it appears that others want all reference to the origins barred as an act of racism.

Clinton tweeted that “The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.”

Fall for what, precisely? How would referring to the origin of the virus excuse any early failures?

Trump has defended the reference and made specific mention of the claim by a high-ranking official that the virus may have been a bio-weapon designed and released by the U.S. military — a preposterous allegation. Again, as China expels reporters and spreads this conspiracy theory, the origin of the virus is a matter of discussion. I personally do not use the term “Chinese virus” because that seems inaccurate and not based on the recognized scientific terminology. I also agree that it seems gratuitous and may increase the ridiculous and horrible attacks on Asians by unhinged individuals. However, the term was used by many scientists and experts in the early days. If “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” racist, how about the continued use of the “Spanish flu” which was always based on a misconception of the origin?

What I cannot see is how this controversy is part of, to paraphrase an earlier Clinton expression, a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to distract people from early failures. The respected Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly said that Trump was not responsible for the lack of testing kits or the delay. The Administration is holding daily pressers with the President with instructions, and increasingly tough measures, for preparation. That does not seem to fit with Clinton’s warning for people not to be lulled by Trump in failing to prepare.

What I do see is a raw politicalization of the crisis to suggest a racist conspiracy without acknowledging the extensive measures already enacted to combat the virus. There is no question that Trump offered reckless and inaccurate statements in the early days of the crisis, as noted even by some conservative sites. However, I am not sure what still can be done further or if enough was done fast enough. Fauci did not believe that there was a failure at the policy level, but the jury will be out until after this crisis and a full review is possible. However, this narrative seems more driven by politics.

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  1. Giving space to a reject awaiting trial is a waste of resources. Von Klinton the supporter of victimizing women and money muncher is really not that much different except in ‘age’ from Ocasio. Both however fit in the Stupid Party as if it was tailor made for them.

  2. A bit of perspective:

    The theme of the account was how the Clinton Administration was arming China. Knowingly and deliberately.

    It is often said that, in the world of advanced technology, embargoes or export controls cannot possibly work, because if they don’t get it from us, they’ll get it from somebody else.

    This is false. To compete with the U.S. militarily, China has to get our technology, and, most of the time, that means getting it directly from us.

    Steve and I knew that Bill Clinton and his foreign policy team were busily arming Beijing, which in turn armed “rogue nations” such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Remember this all happened about 35 years ago. We noted that, on the one hand, it did make sense to sell a very limited amount of advanced military technology to the Communist Chinese, for example devices for nuclear safety, or for certain military systems with important civilian applications, such as satellite launchers. But the Clinton Administration was not doing that. Instead, it was executing a deliberate policy—apparently one that had full approval from the top levels of the Administration, despite the vigorous opposition from government agencies and from individual officials infuriated at the flow of top technology to China. This often took the form of selling off some of our finest factories to China, at pennies on the dollar, and included our finest supercomputers and the key element to modern jet engines, which had been blocked for export to the Soviet bloc.

    contiued at: https://cms.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/03/arming-china-its-bill-clintons-fault-michael-ledeen

    1. Oh the pivoting! I wondered how long it would take and who would get targeted for King Donald’s utter incompetence and shortsightedness in this crisis. Because even the Trumpsters wouldn’t buy trying to shift blame to Obama (since Trump dismantled the rapid response team Obama put in place), and by extension to Joe Biden, now it’s the Chinese. Yeah, it’s all their fault. Well regardless of how long they sat on knowledge about this novel disease, we knew about it when King Donald said it was a hoax, that there were 15 cases and soon would be 0 cases, that it would all end by April, that there would be a vaccine “very soon”, and so on–all lies. The Chinese are not at fault for King Donnie’s attempt to bluff his way out of a crisis he exacerbated by his incompetence and lack of leadership skills. And, he dislikes the Chinese anyway because they didn’t knuckle under for the tariffs he said they’d be paying, but which Americans are actually paying.

      Also, the King is now officially in withdrawal– no vainglory rallies of cheering Trumpsters yelling “lock her up”, so he has to do it himself–sort of mental masturbation. Did you see today’s COVID-19 news conference wherein he gushed praise for himself for rolling back FDA regulations? Folks, here’s a clue: there are valid reasons why drugs are tested for safety and efficacy–ever hear of Laetrile (a bogus cancer treatment tried by Steve McQueen, described as “promising”) or Thalidomide? The only vertebrate species in which developing fetuses are adversely affected by Thalidomide is homo sapiens–it stunts the growth of arms and legs when given to pregnant women in early pregnancy. Just because a drug or compound is described as “promising” doesn’t mean it is either safe or effective for treating a given condition. There have been “promising” drugs for which clinical trials were stopped before they were complete because the drug made the patient worse, not better, or the drug had unacceptably high rates of side effects or complications. Also, just because a drug is effective for treating one condition does not mean it is effective for treating conditions for which it was not tested. Therefore, when King Donnie starts crowing about how wonderful it is to short-circuit all of that “red tape” bear in mind that the reason scientists insist on testing for safety and efficacy for your own good, based on past experience. Scientists want to help, not hurt, people. He lies, he’s in trouble politically and he doesn’t believe in science. Spreading false hope is immoral.

      1. Exactly. Laetrile and Thalidomide are great examples. At any given moment some drug’s side effects are being held under scrutiny in courts across the country…, as I’m sure all the lawyers on this blog are well aware.

        Re: therapeutics…, my guess is drug research will venture into shutting down the replication capacity of the virus. This is where inroads were made with AIDS. Covid 19 has various mutations that will most likely be localized with unique signatures. Much like AIDS sent up slightly different markers as it traveled up and down to various cities along I-95 in the ’80’s.

        In addition, it will be found Covid 19 has been around longer than people realize, that it just hit critical and verifiable mass in Wuhan. Basically, this happens with all viruses on the planet…, it’s a team effort that sharpens the strength of the virus as it bounces back and forth between hosts, whether it be animal to human, human to human, whatever.

        The pivot on this one will be special to watch unfold. Wall Street has already impeached Trump on his woefully lacking response on all levels. This is 4am on prom night for his administration and it’s not getting any more palatable than that.

        1. For perspective, from the Washington Post:

          “Trump sang the praises of chloroquine, calling it a potential “game-changer,” while seeming to stumble over the regulatory path required to give it to a broader pool of patients.

          “It has shown very, very encouraging early results, and we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately,” Trump said, “and that is where the FDA has been so great. It’s gone through the approval process. It’s been approved. They took it down from many months to immediate.”

          Mike Pence, Donald Trump performing on a counter: President Trump participates in a White House briefing with nurses on response to the coronavirus pandemic on March 18. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)© Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post President Trump participates in a White House briefing with nurses on response to the coronavirus pandemic on March 18. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) But, in fact, the drug has not been approved by the FDA for the novel coronavirus. It has long been approved to prevent and treat malaria as well as to treat arthritis, and doctors have authority to prescribe it now, but there is no proof it works on coronavirus.

          FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, speaking after the president, said the FDA is considering giving chloroquine to larger populations of coronavirus patients as part of an “expanded use” testing program. Such a trial in patients would allow the FDA to collect data to measure scientifically whether it works. It was not immediately clear how long it would take the FDA to design the study and get it working at trial sites around the country.

          “In the short term, we are looking at drugs that are already approved for other indications,” Hahn said, citing chloroquine as the leading example. “That’s a drug that the president has directed us to take a closer look at as to whether an expanded use approach to that could be done to actually see if that benefits patients.

          “We want to do that in the setting of a clinical trial, a large, pragmatic clinical trial to actually gather that information and answer that question that needs to be answered,” he said.

          President Trump said he spoke with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York on Wednesday night and that Cuomo was eager to have chloroquine made available to New York patients with coronavirus.

          Chloroquine is an inexpensive generic drug that has been used for 70 years against malaria and has shown promise in laboratory tests against the novel coronavirus.

          It is attracting great interest as a potential treatment and is being studied in China, the United States, and Europe. Bayer AG, which said it discovered the drug in 1934, announced it was donating 3 million doses to the U.S. government. Although about a dozen generic and brand manufacturers have approved different versions of the drug in the US, according to the FDA website, Bayer is not among them. The company says it is seeking an emergency authorization from the agency so it can be taken by US patients.

          The drug costs as little as 30 cents a pill at retail Canadian pharmacies, according to the website PharmacyChecker.com. In the United States, where drug prices typically are the highest in the world, the retail price is $6.63 per tablet, according to the website Drugs.com.

          Chinese government guidelines for treatment of coronavirus patients have included chloroquine along with herbal medicines, an HIV drug that was recently shown to be ineffective in hospitalized patient, an influenza drug and other therapies.

          “The anti-malarial chloroquine works by a plausible mechanism to block virus entry, but it’s unclear that this would have an effect” in people with coronavirus, said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University.

          Nevan Krogan, a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes research foundation, who is focused on finding already approved drugs that could be rapidly repurposed to fight coronavirus, said that physicians need better data.

          Krogan has been overwhelmed with public interest in anticipation of a study he plans to publish by the end of the week that will show whether 10 already approved drug worked against the coronavirus in laboratory tests.

          “I’d love to see the data” on chloroquine, Krogan said. “I’ve been bombarded with hundreds of emails saying ‘I took this and it cured me.’ It’s just so much nonsense that is out there — with a rumor mill, you’ve got to be so careful.”

          U.S. officials have said a vaccine for coronavirus is at least one year away from approval.

          One experimental treatment drug that has been called the most promising by the World Health Organization is remdesivir, which was invented by Gilead Sciences.

          Remdesivir has shown to be effective against viral infections in laboratories and animal experiments, but it failed in an Ebola trial in humans last year. It is being tested in coronavirus patients in China, the United States, and elsewhere.

          During the coronavirus crisis, the FDA has approved the use of remdesivir for about 250 seriously ill patients under an emergency provision of its “compassionate use” program, according to the agency. That program, formally called “expanded access,” allows the use of new, unapproved drugs outside clinical trials when no other treatments are available.

          Outcomes data on the patients are reported to the agency to use in its regular review of the drug. Under the program, which has been streamlined in recent years, the FDA approves almost all the requests it gets.

          But during the news conference, Trump took the opportunity to tout a different patient access program — one that has been much less successful — called “right to try.” The law was passed in 2018.

          “People are living now that had no chance of living,” he said. The legislation allows desperately ill patients to use unapproved drugs after they have passed preliminary safety tests and circumvents the FDA.

          But only about eight to 10 patients have used the program because many drug manufacturers are leery about providing unapproved drugs to patients without the FDA’s blessing, said Alison Bateman — House, assistant professor, division of medical ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

          “There’s no incentive for drug companies to use it,” she added. “Their ultimate goal is to bring drugs to market and to cut FDA out” isn’t in the company’s interest.

          Not every avenue of drug trial is being pursued by the Trump administration against coronavirus. The administration’s restrictions on research using human fetal tissue has prevented a senior scientist at a government biomedical research laboratory from conducting his research, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.”

          He just simply has to stop exaggerating the facts, lying and spreading false hope. in fact, he should stay off of television altogether and just let the scientists who know what they’re talking about handle this, including answering questions.

          1. Why is Nutchaz copying/pasting extraneous copy from the bird cage liner?

          2. Donald J. Trump is the greatest president this country has had in a very long time, possibly ever. We are so grateful that President Trump is at the helm guiding the country through this crisis.

            Joe Biden needs to stay home, stay safe, and keep listening to his president. That way, we can be sure the country will get through this.

      2. obviously Natch is not an advocate of the “Chicago school of law and economics”

        the idea that regulations– including safety— impose a certain social cost is not new, and it is not false. there is a trade off

        1. Well, Mr. Kurtz, I have done product liability litigation (for the Plaintiff) for years, so I know first-hand about people being hurt and even killed by drugs and devices that weren’t tested sufficiently, that weren’t tested on a representative sample of the population, that turned out not to be safe, etc.. Why do you think there are all of those product recalls and all of the ads on television soliciting clients for lawyers suing over drugs and devices?

          Here’s the deal: physicians don’t have first-hand knowledge about the safety or efficacy of a drug or device. All they know is what they are told by the manufacturer or distributor of the drug or device or what was published in a medical journal by the researchers, so how much less are patients able to know what’s safe or effective? Doctors and patients rely on the FDA. We have a Food and Drug Administration because of a cough syrup that was sold nationwide decades ago that contained some poison or another because there was a bad batch due to some processing error. There was no nationwide law or agency in place to force the recall of this syrup, so action on the national level was needed. Women who gave birth to babies with stunted arms and/or legs after taking Thalidomide was the impetus for requiring drugs to be proven safe. Interestingly, Thalidomide was not available in the U.S., so the only American women who were affected were those who were in England or some other country and who were prescribed the drug there. There were many more Thalidomide babies in England than here.

          You can complain all you want about the FDA and red tape, but I, for one, am grateful that we have scientists who are trying to help us get and stay well using medications and devices that have been tested for safety and efficacy.

  3. Listening to these people, you realize they’re far more riled up about Trump saying the words “Chinese virus” than they are about the Chinese Communist Party covering up the disease for months, allowing millions of people from virus-affected areas to travel overseas, silencing doctors who tried to get the word out, spreading lies about how the virus originated in the United States, and expelling the American press from the country this week.

  4. Because perceived racism is so important in fighting the virus. More useless rhetoric from mouthpiece Clinton that offers nothing of material benefit once again. I wonder if she has heard of Marburg virus, the Spanish flu, Hong Kong flu, Legionnaire’s disease etc.? I suppose they are all racist as well. She is so ignorant, as are all that bring up this useless, imagined affront.

  5. Trump hold on stem cell research is hindering coronavirus research

    “A senior scientist at a government biomedical research laboratory has been thwarted in his efforts to conduct experiments on possible treatments for the new coronavirus because of the Trump administration’s restrictions on research with human fetal tissue.

    The scientist, Kim Hasenkrug, an immunologist at the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana, has been appealing for nearly a month to top NIH officials, arguing that the pandemic warrants an exemption to a ban imposed last year prohibiting government researchers from using tissue from abortions in their work.

    According to several researchers familiar with the situation, some of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity about the sensitive internal dispute, such experiments could be particularly fruitful. Just months ago, before the new coronavirus began to infect people around the world, other U.S. scientists made two highly relevant discoveries. They found that specialized mice could be transplanted with human fetal tissue that develops into lungs — the part of the body the new coronavirus invades. These “humanized mice,” they also found, could then be infected with coronaviruses — to which ordinary mice are not susceptible — closely related to the one that causes the new disease, covid-19.

    Outside researchers said the scientists who created those mice have offered to give them to the Rocky Mountain Lab, which has access to the new virus that causes covid-19, so the mice could be infected with the source of the pandemic and experiments could be run on potential treatments. Candidates include an existing drug known to boost patients’ immune systems in other circumstances, as well as blood serum from patients recovering from covid-19.

    “Kim Hasenkrug is one of the world experts in immune responses to persistent viral infection, including HIV and a whole bunch of other viruses,” said Irving Weissman, a leading stem cell researcher at Stanford University. In addition, the Montana NIH site has a biosafety lab equipped with high-level protections for experiments with dangerous microbes.

    “It isn’t clear if this added layer of urgent investigations will find more effective” treatments for people infected in the pandemic than other approaches being tried, Weissman said, “but it’s stupid not to try.”…”


    1. Stem cells have little to nothing to do with viral immunity. You quote a lot of BS that any virologist would laugh at. You are clueless, but no doubt see yourself as brilliant. Leave medicine to the professionals.

      1. Doofus Dano, read the article which explains the application of stem cells to this particular research effort.

      1. Phyllis, you have revealed yourself here as a phony moralist (only against threatening public officials you like) and now completely unable to judge human character (a given with anyone still an emotional Trump supporter, but especially someone who thinks he represents “character” and ” “brotherhood”). If you find me similarly wanting, call me out and specifically. Otherwise, fo. Your emotional insults reveal you, not me.

      2. Bravo Phyllis. The Liberal media is also spreading panic based on fake news including on medications used by millions of Americans like Ibuprofen

        The Atlantic is running a fake news article on Ibuprofen as being dangerous to COVID patients. I wont link it because most news sites are doing likewise

        The science says something totally different based on a letter commentary not a clinical study. Now millions of Americans will have doubts about NSAIDs because of this irresponsible “journalism”


        The expression of ACE2 is substantially increased in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, who are treated with ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II type-I receptor blockers (ARBs).4Hypertension is also treated with ACE inhibitors and ARBs, which results in an upregulation of ACE2.5 ACE2 can also be increased by thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen. These data suggest that ACE2 expression is increased in diabetes and treatment with ACE inhibitors and ARBs increases ACE2 expression.

        1. Thank you, Doctor. We depend on medical professionals for guidance in times like these. Please keep calling out those who undermine progress in fighting this greatest test of our American spirit.

    2. Thanks, Book. Trump’s war on Science is most certainly a component in the war on Science.

      1. Well he’s not Yao Ming, who of course, is retired and lives in China and is a known member of the CCP.

        Yao Ming is deep with Nike; Nike is deep with the PRC. The NBA licks Chicom boots, we all know it~!

        Maybe Lin is posturing himself to lick the CCP boots in case the PRC invades the “Taipei region” this spring

        Take a look around now, and see who is kissing PRC azz right now. Take notes on it.

        The problem is not people it is a virus.
        But people spread viruses, and not just coronaviruses, also, intellectual viruses

        Wapo and NYT are virus vectors

        Maybe that’s why the Chicoms threw them out of China this week; and yet the newspapers are still carrying water for them! pathetic. much as I dislike the CCP, at times I admire them!

        but Tucker was right, they are pushing the “identity politics” angle to disrupt and destabilize us.
        We are adversaries, we should expect they will seek to disrupt us. But what can we expect of other Americans who are so easily lead by the nose?

        1. Kurtz, Lin is an American.

          Trump and posters here are pushing the identity politics of a f..ing virus.

          1. I am aware he is a Taiwanese American. This does not affect any of my remarks. Why?

            Chinese culture is different than Western cultures which don’t stay in touch with the Fatherland.

            The connection to grandparents, ancestral villages and so forth, is far stronger than for those of us with European ancestors. In my mind, that reflects very well on them.

            I’m assuming that Mr Lin is connected to his people in Taiwan. So he is in a layered and complex milieu. As are we. I make remarks that attempt to speculate about subtleties. I don’t know Mr Lin, I am only speaking from generalizations. Which is all we often have to go on. And so they are valid, like them or not.

            While Taiwan is not under immediate PRC control, there is massive CCP influence in Taiwan. It’s understandable; and normally i am not too concerned about that. I’m pro KMT, I think the current leadership is a little too adversarial towards the PRC. Perhaps Mr Lin is not tuned into these things, I would not know. Or perhaps as i suggest, he sees an career path opening for himself in the big footsteps of Yao Ming, eventually.

            But when it comes to the CCP promoting identity politics inside America, they’ve gone too far, They’re pumping out tons of garbage along these lines on Wechat to the Chinese communities inside the US. Make no mistake this is a propaganda event.

            Now’s a good time to read this book. it is a work of cunning genius, right up there with Lind’s writings on Fourth Generation warfare and Van Creveld’s “Transformation of War”


            1. This is easy Kurtz, Quit wasting your time.

              There is no reason to call the virus the Chinese virus unless you want to cause disunity or defect blame. The results of doing so are harmful to innocent people – many of them American – based on their ancestry.

              Knock it off!

              1. There is no reason to call the virus the Chinese virus unless you want to cause disunity or defect blame.

                None whatsoever? What do you say to the 2 or 3 generations of Americans that have been seduced into believing outsourcing interests that are vital to our national security is really not a threat, when faced with a pandemic originating from the country you outsourced those vital interests to?

                This country is in dire need of a paradigm shift away from the failed policies that led us to be a weak and dependent consumer of vital goods primarily supplied from China. The Chinese government has not and will not operate in any nations interests, other than their own. Why are we not permitted to do the same?

                Perhaps the President should stop calling it the China Virus, because China is not the root cause of why this pandemic has been a disaster to us. Let’s name it after the leaders of our country whose policies are proving to have been a disaster ever since China gained entrance in the World Trade Organization in 2001.

                The Bushama Virus.

                1. Anonymous, whatever policies you advocate regarding international trade will be less intelligently addressed with the heightened xenophobia this labeling encourages. Self interest does not require high emotions of dubious origins.

                  1. If you’re challenged to address trade or anything else intelligently because you feel compelled to act as a spokesperson for the Chinese government, then I suggest you reassess which country you should have an allegiance to.

                    You should be thanking President Trump for how his administration is dealing with the Bushama Virus.

              2. There is no reason to call the virus the Chinese virus unless you want to cause disunity or defect blame.

                There’s no reason for you to be a pretentious and tiresome scold. Hasn’t stopped you yet.

  6. There are a few Democrats politicizing this crisis. But I have been proud to see high profile Dems praise the administration and bipartisan efforts in the Congress to fund the necessary aids to fight it and help those whose lives are affected by unemployment or illness. There is a “spirit” which the President rightly referred to of brotherhood. And in the public arena this seems to be helping us place our priorities above politics. Character seems to rise to the occasion in most except those who are in the business of hating Trump who will never stop trying to take him down like the left wing news organizations and, of course, Hillary.

    1. Funny stuff Phyllis. Placing blame on others (Obama, China, Europe, Shumer, Pelosi, etc) and avoiding any on himself – he’s the President – while bragging how great he’s doing, is Trump’s primary preoccupation, when it should be leadership. How you get character and brotherhood out of this raises the question if you have any idea what those words mean.

        1. Phyllis, as someone who was exposed to someone who was certifed exposed, my wife and I are on a 14 day self quarantine, so the lack of testing kits is personal with us while my wife being a nurse, healing is her calling. Too bad we don;t have a leader in the WH.

          1. Bythebook I’m truly sorry you are affected in the way you are. I’m 68 years old with immune system diseases which put me at high risk and I take this seriously. Even if you hate the President, listening to the team he and Pence have put together is wise. I’m wanting to praise those who consider themselves part of the solution and get the people on board who realize blaming and taking the role of victim of a President they hate does absolutely nothing towards being part of the solution.

            1. Phyllis, I appreciate your kind thoughts and I agree we should drop the blame and work together. Consider that as the leader of all Americans, the President should in the future be fostering that unity instead of dividing us, and as President of the most powerful country in the world, he should be trying to lead what is a worldwide effort against a virus that knows no boundaries and attacks all humans..

              1. I’ve been following your comments on this page. I’ve noticed you link to WaPo often. And most of that has been debunked. The people responsible for the deep divisions in this country is not Trump. It is the MSM! Putin and Xi could not have better allies.

                It took Obama six months to respond to the Swine Flu. And ten times as many died. Obama also did not stockpile test units. Which could have been used now.

                Also, I guess Influenza A & B are on vacation this flu season since no deaths are reported. Apparently Influenza A & B are racist, Those viruses just don’t like Wuhan viruses.

                1. Headache, you apparently are unable to detect the truth, a common symptom of those who listen to Trump.

                  “Obama’s acting director of health and human services declared H1N1 a public health emergency on April 26, 2009.

                  That was when only 20 cases of H1N1 — and no deaths — around the country had been confirmed.

                  Two days later, the administration made an initial funding request for H1N1 to Congress. Eventually $7.65 billion was allocated for a vaccine and other measures.

                  H1N1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on June 11, 2009.”


                  1. Someone described trolling as the action of those like you who do not want to debate, you only want to do what you accuse Trump of doing. And I noticed you only seek out Trump supporters to troll. I’m sure he has no idea he is in your every thought.

                    1. Phyllis I am happy to debate anyone – I countered a post by Seth on Friday -but strangely that usually means with someone you disagree with.

                      Again, you’re not answering on issues bu attacking me. I’m not that interesting.

                    2. Respectfully engaging you in a discussion of current events is not trolling, but yes, we don’t have much more to say to each other.

          2. Well book I hope you stay healthy because you add a welcome spicy element to our conversations here. Try not to croak any time soon!

              1. PS, We are not showing symptoms and neither is my contact after 10 days. Knock on wood.

                I looked up some recent research and the incubation period they came up with was most begin showing symptoms after 5 days and by 11 days 97% of those who become ill are showing symptoms.

                In our case, my contact can’t be tested precisely because he is not showing symptoms and they are saving the test kits for those who are – he was exposed at a medical clinic in a large hospital. If he is not tested, and he does not show symptoms after 14 days or ever, we cannot assume that means he was not a carrier. In short we will almost certainly be in this self quarantine for the full 14 days, if we are lucky and neither he or we show symptoms.

                1. – glad you’re okay so far, bythebook – hope you stay healthy to the finish line and beyond

    2. What do you call what the media (90% democrats) are doing by mongering panic.

        1. Phyllis: have you ever asked yourself why most Americans do not trust Trump, do not like him, did not vote for him, have not approved of him and want him gone? You obviously fall hook, line and sinker for the Fox News dismissal of criticism of Trump as just “Trump hate”, which is a convenient way to avoid the merits, which are serious. Trump has proven that he cannot be trusted, that he cannot lead, and that he will not follow the sound advice offered to him by more knowledgeable people. We’d all be better off if he would just shut up and let the scientists handle briefings.

          This man constantly lies about everything, constantly praises himself, he calls people who don’t kow tow to him petty, childish names, and hasn’t the first clue how to lead. Just since this pandemic became obvious, he began by calling it a “hoax”, saying 15 cases would “soon” be 0 cases, that we’d have a vaccine “very soon”, that there were “promising” drug treatments that can be made available “almost immediately”, that anyone who wants a test can get a test, and he denies knowing about dismantling the rapid response pandemic team. Every time he speaks, someone from either the FDA, CDC or his administration has to clean up some lie or another he has told, because his background is in showmanship–he is a game show host. That’s it. He is trying to bluff his way out of this crisis by lying about the severity, by offering false hope and downplaying the problems. We now know he has been aware all along that we’d be in dire straits with the economy because Senators were given a confidential briefing in early February, and several of them immediately dumped their stock portfolios, to the tune of over a million dollars in at least 2 cases (both Senators are Republicans). Therefore, whenever he speaks, especially when he boasts about what a great job he’s doing, most Americans want to vomit. We simply cannot get the truth, and must rely on our state leaders to figure out what needs to be done. We have a dire need for personal protective equipment and ventilators. Nurses and physicians are stretched to the limit, and there is real fear out there. He bears responsibility for this.

          1. Natacha everything you just described as Trump was Obama to me. Obama was the worst President we have ever had. We were severely weakened as a country under his leadership and he was a smooth talking crook. But I didn’t waste all my time dwelling on wishing he was dead. You are just an arm of the trash can called left wing news. I notice you left out Feinstein in the reporting of alleged wrongdoing by Senators. Or do you excuse her and condemn only Republicans?

            1. Phyllis, besides for being our 12th best President according to a poll of historians, Obama, like his GOP predecessors, was and is a man of good character who did not lie and brag everyday and without restraint like Trump. Surely you know this to be true. He doesn’t have enough respect for any of us to at least tell us things that are believable if maybe fudged. He doesn’t care. Whatever gets him through the next few minutes he’ll say without knowing or caring if it’s true. This is toxic behavior and must end.

              Here are the full rankings:

              1. Abraham Lincoln
              2. George Washington
              3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
              4. Teddy Roosevelt
              5. Dwight Eisenhower
              6. Harry Truman
              7. Thomas Jefferson
              8. John F. Kennedy
              9. Ronald Reagan
              10. Lyndon Johnson
              11. Woodrow Wilson
              12. Barack Obama
              13. James Monroe
              14. James Polk
              15. Bill Clinton


                1. Phyllis, no offense, but that is not a response on the issue. Obviously we see things entirely differently here, but we’re both humans from the planet earth and the Untied States. We should be able to discuss matters of fact intelligently or why are we posting here?

                  It is a fact that no public figure in my relatively long life has exhibited the regular disturbing behavior of Trump, and that behavior is obvious. He lies every day, multiple times, brags about himself every day, demeans those he disagrees with child like insulting names, and is unable to at any time admit even the smallest error or more importantly take responsibility without blaming others. If you are the sincere and moral person you seem to be, dollars to donuts, if someone like Trump appeared in your social circle you would avoid him and not let him in your house. Why do you tolerate this behavior from a president?

                  1. You dozed through the institutionalized abuse of power during the previous administration, which continued contra the current president through members of the permanent government. You dozed through the institutionalized abuse of power by the federal judiciary and state appellate courts. You dozed through the escalating practice of electoral fraud. You lie every day on this site. Piss off.

                    1. You dozed through the institutionalized abuse of power during the previous administration
                      You have to be an idiot to believe that the abuse of power has not continued and been fostered by the current administration.

                    2. TIA avoids the subject Phyllis and I were discussing, which is the character of the President. We can argue about policy anytime. No one can argue about the President’s uniquely low character which is as transparent as a 5 year old without the excuse for age.

                    3. which is the character of the President. We can argue about policy anytime. No one can argue about the President’s uniquely low character which is as transparent as a 5 year old without the excuse for age.

                      First of all, no, we’ve tried arguing policy but your fixation on presidential character continues to get in the way. Policy arguments are for adults capable of setting aside feelings and emotions to do critical-thinking. You aren’t prepared for that.

                      You and your ilk whine like school children after your favorite teacher retired (abandoned you) and you don’t like your new teacher’s style. Well guess what buttercup, your previous teacher looked great; spoke eloquently; was liked by all the other teachers; and was an effing disaster at the most important part of his job…teaching (governing).

                      School children aren’t so much concerned about teaching, as they are about all the superfluous and shallow features of the educational experience. The bottom is this: all your well-dressed, eloquent, nice teachers (politicians) have done is to create a civically illiterate and emotionally fragile class of citizens, incapable of critical-thought regarding constitutional policy-making.

                      Do you know why President Trump’s character is all the rage by the Left? Because they cannot challenge him on policy. He is an effing nightmare to you and your fellow snowflakes, because he isn’t trying to appeal to your immature expectations. His job is to reform all the bad policies, expose the frauds of good character that never intended to do they job they took an oath to do.

                      Consider Trump’s presidency as a much needed intervention for this country. The addicts aren’t going to appreciate it on the front end, but years from now it will be regarded as exactly what we needed.

                    4. Olly, you’re avoiding the subject of Trump’s character, a completely understandable position by his followers, but critical to Presidential duties – no one except his true believers believe a word he says and with good cause. He can’t lead the country or make agreements with other leaders and in the current crisis, along with his constant sunshine pumping, avoidance of responsibility, failure to act – still not using the activated Defensive Action protocal – he’s just an obstacle.

                    5. you’re avoiding the subject of Trump’s character,

                      I addressed it head on and you merely didn’t like my conclusions. The hard truth for you is what you perceive as a bad character issue is actually nothing more than a reflection of the ideological divide in this country. If it were just Trump’s character, then it would be statistically impossible for every conservative, every Republican, every supporter of this administration, to be labelled with the same character as the President. No, this is rooted in ideology. This is why we’re in a full blown culture war. Attack the character, because you cannot attack the policy.

                    6. Bythebook I bet you spend much more time hating Trump than loving your family, friends and enjoying life. In fact I imagine you will not have one happy day until Trump is no longer our President. That’s a big waste of life.

                    7. Olly, I have not impugned the character of every GOP supporter of Trump, but I have asked how you celebrate an a..hole like him as president when you’d throw someone like him out of your club or house if they acted like that. If that’s not true, maybe there is a question about your character.

                    8. but I have asked how you celebrate an a..hole like him as president when you’d throw someone like him out of your club or house if they acted like that.

                      You have this grade school need to idolize political figures, which has destroyed your ability for objective and rational reasoning. These people that you place on a pedestal for your personal admiration or disdain are there to fulfill an oath. That oath doesn’t say they will be your buddy, look pretty, talk nicely, flatter you or give you everything your heart desires. I would never want those types of people in my club, my house or my government. I have objective measures for my circle of friends as well as those in public office. I changed my registration years ago to Independent for just that reason. I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries. He had no record and the only thing at the time that was measurable was his character. Clinton on the other hand had both; which made November 2016 an easy call to make. President Trump now has both and as of right now, November 2020 will be as easy a call as it was 4 years ago. If that has you questioning my character, then to coin a phrase, I don’t give a damn.

                    9. Phyllis, why would you question how much I love my family? I’m trying to be reasonable and fair with you, but you make it difficult.

                    10. Olly (and Phyllis, who agreed with him), I am a pragmatist and do not need to fall in love with a candidate. I have to agree with their policies, think they can be elected and effective, and they can’t be indiscriminately lying,bragging, belittling others, unable to admit a mistake or take responsibility, or threaten others with physical retribution. You are still avoiding directly answering how you would react to someone like Trump showing up in your real life, but are implying those last “qualities” are OK with you for a president. That is wrong because we shouldn’t elect dishonest low lifes to the presidency, but also because such a character will not be an effective leader. All you’re getting out of it is judgeships – that’s due to McConnell’s dirty dealing not Trump – and another budget busting GOP tax cut that we’ll be paying for for decades. Any warm body GOP president could have gotten those.

                    11. You are still avoiding directly answering how you would react to someone like Trump showing up in your real life, but are implying those last “qualities” are OK with you for a president.

                      You and I both know the answer I provided was direct and clear. If you don’t, then you have other problems. The problem for you is it wasn’t the answer you wanted. So what you do is a feeble attempt at filling in the gaps, as if you have some carny, mind-reading skill. I can assure you, your mind-readying skills are non-existent.

                      The truth is, I’m curious to know how you, Chips, Snatch, FishWings and a few others manage to get through each day sober. There’s this irrational, hysteria-like attitude in your opinions that never changes. It’s as though you’re hardwired to produce them, facts and evidence be damned. If you had any self-awareness, you’d be embarrassed enough to pick a new name and be better.

                  2. You aren’t posting facts. You are parroting the media you agree with. How many books do you read written by ethical writers who have REAL documentation of their research who have followed the trail: money, foreign affairs, law enforcement, courts, etc. There are several over the past months and years that are best sellers. They are not commentators or lemmings following journalists with no agenda other than promoting a coup against a President they hate.

                    1. Gee Phyllis, maybe you could tell us what books you are talking about. In the meantime I’ll take my information from those who corroborate facts before publishing and admit mistakes in print when they make one. There are such things as facts Phyllis, they can be corroborated,, and if anyone has drunk too much Kool Aid, it’s you.

                  3. Also I didn’t like Clinton. I thought he was a pig. But I agreed with many things he did as President and the average American prospered while he was in office.
                    I don’t have to love the behavior of the way a person talks about themselves or bloviates. If a surgeon is talented I don’t care if he thinks he’s God as long as he does no harm and addresses my needs. And Trump rarely lies. He may exaggerate but the liars are those who use anything to try to take him down.
                    You and I will never agree because we have different values. So let’s just agree to disagree.

                    1. Well said, Phyllis. I bet you were an amazing nurse. I hope you and your husband are well.

                      Recall I told you when you first joined this blog that several on here could very well be Axis II. I have posted the following in the past, which bears reposting.


                      Trolls just want to have fun

                      In two online studies (total N = 1215), respondents completed personality inventories and a survey of their Internet commenting styles. Overall, strong positive associations emerged among online commenting frequency, trolling enjoyment, and troll identity, pointing to a common construct underlying the measures. Both studies revealed similar patterns of relations between trolling and the Dark Tetrad of personality: trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and identity scores. Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.

                      Buckels, E. E., et al. Trolls just want to have fun. Personality and Individual Differences (2014)


                    2. Phyllis I agree to disagree. Your statement that Trump rarely lies is a deal breaker for me. He’s more transparent than my 9 year old grandson – kind of like when he was 5. That you can’t see that means I’m talking to someone I think is blind. That has nothing to do with values – mine are pretty vanilla.

              1. Obama? Are you out of your ——- mind?

                Larry Sinclair, with his attorney, stated that Obama smoked crack cocaine, had homosexual relations with him and implied that Obama had homosexual relations with a “Donald Young” who was murdered on Dec. 23, 2007, and was the openly gay choir director for Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Is this true? Did CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PMSNBC, HLN or other outlets of the MSM report this? Why has America not heard this news? Why was the photo of Obama enjoying a visit with Louis Farrakhan not displayed in the MSM?

              2. “Crazy Abe” Lincoln? “Crazy Abe” was America’s most confirmed racist and everything he did was unconstitutional. Lincoln planned to repatriate the freed slaves but someone changed his mind. Oops.

                “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” After acknowledging that this plan’s “sudden execution is impossible,” he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

              3. 1. Abraham Lincoln
                2. George Washington
                3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
                4. Teddy Roosevelt
                5. Dwight Eisenhower
                6. Harry Truman
                7. Thomas Jefferson
                8. John F. Kennedy
                9. Ronald Reagan
                10. Lyndon Johnson
                11. Woodrow Wilson
                12. Barack Obama
                13. James Monroe
                14. James Polk
                15. Bill Clinton

                – Johnson conspired to kill JFK with Dulles, Hoover, Marcello et al. with a compelling motivation to stay out of prison over the Billy Sol Estes crimes, which RFK was prosecuting him for.

                – Roosevelt was a communist with a nest of communists in his State Dept. including Alger Hiss – everything FDR did was irrefutably unconstitutional including conspiring to cause the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor and not revealing their attack to his own military.

                – Wilson began the central planning, control of the means of production, redistribution of wealth, social engineering and globalization. Thanks, Woodrow.

                – Bill Clinton was a con man, an abuser of women and a rapist, etc. He was enabled for 50 years by Hills.

                – JFK was so stupid he got a glorified ski boat cut in half by the Japanese in Paradise and got himself killed by the very mob that fixed votes for him and the CIA which he abandoned on the beach at the Bay of Pigs.

                – Harry Truman – now there was a resolute, loyal and patriotic American leader with a huuuuuge pair of……glasses.

            2. Phyllis: you cannot cite me any facts to support your racist hatred of Obama, so it is obvious to me that you are simply a Fox News disciple: immune to facts. Here are some facts: Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression and turned it around. How did this “severely weaken” the United States? You want to believe he is a “smooth talking crook”. What did he do that was crooked?

              Do you deny the lies Trump has told just since this pandemic started? How about the utter immorality of lying to the American people about the severity of this illness (which we can prove he knew about in early February), offering false hope about tests available to anyone who wants one, a drug therapy to be available “almost immediately”, and a vaccine to be available “very soon”? The absolute only reason he lies about these things is because he is afraid of being defeated in November. He has a very serious mental illness called “narcissism”, and he must have praise, adulation and appear to be successful no matter what. His fragile ego cannot handle a public drubbing so he lies and pivots to blame others. American cannot handle endless lying about this crisis. We have no trust or confidence in him, and sincerely wish he would just shut up and go away. Also, take that bobble-head Pence with him and let the scientists tell us what we need to know.

                1. “Education: People with a higher educational attainment are more likely to intermarry. This affects geographic patterns too – areas with higher educational attainment are more likely to have more interracial couples living there.”

                  “Attitudes, migration patterns, availability of partners and education are all factors of interracial and interethnic marriages”

                  -The Guardian

                  An interesting study. People with and areas of higher education experience higher levels of miscegenation. Apparently, education carries deleterious consequences. Who’d a thunk it? We understand that birds of a feather flock together representing a physical axiom: Biological bipeds of identical plumage are gregarious. What in the world are those who so extremely deviate from the norm representing, hatred for insolent and/or abusive parents and elementary school peers, an imbalance in supply and demand?

                  Perhaps education, like money, is the root of all evil.

                2. As police brutality cases show, even blacks can be racist against other blacks. But, you post proves you have the Trumpian need to attack anyone with whom you disagree. Other than a frequent Fox News foil, I don’t even know who George Soros is.

                  Here’s an idea: instead of rotting your brain and morals watching the nightly Fox News indoctrination, why not download one of those patterns for cloth face masks, dig out old clothes that are too worn for Goodwill, pick up some elastic tape or seam binding tape, sew up some masks and deliver them to your local hospital, which they can sterilize and re-use? My next door neighbor brought over 2 she and her daughter made for my husband and me. We are grateful since there are none to be had in this town.

                  1. Natacha – did you see what Al Sharpton tweeted about President Donald Trump?

                    “This week, in the spirit of unity, I made a moral appeal to the @WhiteHouse to consider the homeless & incarcerated amid #COVID19. To my surprise,
                    @realDonaldTrump called me to discuss it. If Trump can call a critic like Al Sharpton, we can *all* find it in us to come together.”

                    4:49 PM · Mar 20, 2020 @TheRevAl

  7. Nothing funnier than listening to an old senile witch, a Byrd supporter (kkk), a person who makes fun of the way southern colored people talk ….. calling someone else racist.
    Except maybe, the utter ridiculous comments here, from the same racist leftist.
    Liberalism, we really need to find a cure for this. I’ve heard Thorazine works wonders.

  8. I woke up this morning…things were looking fine.
    I read the Wall Street Journal and had a glass of wine.
    Then came the Turleyblog and what did I see.
    Another photo of ugly Hillary…
    Glaring at me!

    I puked in the toilet. And went out in the yard.
    And there I threw my smartphone ….I needed to discard.

    Bowl of oatmeal tried to wear me down…
    And won.
    I felt like could never… Have fun.

  9. The Left is insane.
    Shutting the borders down would have been the only thing to stop it but the Left will never let that happen.

  10. Comments By Turley Trumpers Could Worry Asian Americans 

    The following is a string of comment snippets from this very thread.  An anti-intellectual steak creates a telling through-line.

    Comment 1)

    Instead those Traitors now already have You in Lock Up in your home, in the corner in a fetal position pissing your pants, begging the govt for an unsafe experimental vaccine against a US/China Binary Bio*Weapon & free govt cheese!

    Comment 2)

    The BT’s (Black Terminatrixes) are pretty stout machines. This one was shot 17 times and lived! Plus, the BT1000 is tougher than the previous BT800s and BT900s.

    Comment 3)

    She’s a snake. She’s a snake!  She’s a snake all the way!  From her first husband Bill.  To her last whining day.

    Comment 4)

    Two months ago, January 20, 2020 – a date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Communist People’s Republic of China

    Comment 5) 

    If the MSM wants to be the directors of what this administration calls this virus, then name it after them: MSM Virus. Then treat them accordingly.

    All these comments capture the essence of Trumpers; a mean spirited group consumed with nastiness.  So one could argue Asian Americans have cause for concern. By linking ‘China’ and ‘Virus’ Trump incites an ornery element.

      1. Aleg, in 8 months the unemployment rate could be 10%. You think Trump can get reelected?? The real question might be, “Can Trump get renominated”?

    1. You’re full of it. Lots of Trumpers are tight with Chinese people. Lots of Chinese Americans like Trump. Sometimes, they’re reluctant to say so, because like other Americans, a lot of their people are constantly mislead by Wapoo and NYT.

      There’s also a certain guanxi between the Clintons and the PLA, oh remember when one of their officers was giving money to Bill Clinton when he was in the White house? I do


      Chinese people are a great people; Chinese people make good Americans. But make no mistake, factually, this virus came from China, and the CCP has been doing its best to milk it, both over there, and now arriving in America.

      You guys are not interested in these distinctions. You are out to get Trumpers, your fellow Americans. We can see this dynamic will persist in some of you.

      Curiously, both Ihlan Omar and Gov Cuomo have praised Donald Trump in the last 24 hours. Hmm, what does it all mean?

  11. So, from TNYT, we will rapidly need many more ventilators than exist. I gather an emergency effort to make more is now starting.

  12. So far I see no sign at all that this epidemic is under control in the USA.

    — David B Benson

    1. David, I was reading a not widely published article that a Taiwanese doctor wrote, about how he pin pointed this Sars-Cov-2 –> C-Ovid-19 to August 2019, when people were dying of E-Vaps and E-Cigs, including teenagers. He said it looked like Corona Virus Family, which turns into pneumonia. Imagine all the ppl asymptomatic flying LAX to DCA to JFK, and then even international, if true…

      1. My thoughts exactly. Reports showing Covid 19 presence in later reports will surely show its presence long before what’s accepted now. Wuhan will just then be regarded as the place where it converged into a monster…, but the virus has been around and most likely has a strong roster of closely related cousins. Slight mutations depending on each outbreak location it’s settled into. How to shut down replication will be the best research going forward as its mutation capacity will really blunt vaccine development.

        1. Thanks PaulieJ, I’m not the only one thinking this way, good to find others.

          I told someone there is no such thing as patient zero, that is only the known “patient” bc they actually went to an ER in Wuhan, and that was mid November 2019.

          Imagine how many people before mid-November just had a really BAD flu, and went about there life, and sure it could be Influ A or B, but what if it wasn’t, like this Taiwanese doctor iis saying in his red flag to the world, that would mean August 2019 in his mind, maybe earlier. Who knows.

      2. WW33,

        the vaping related ideopathic pneumonia was all associated with people sucking on a few batches of illicit THC that were laced with vitamin E oil, stupidly, which turns into a toxin inside the lungs

        the PLA propaganda is trying to confuse you, and the rest of us. they’re succeeding. they have sophisticated information operations and tons more money and agents than the supposed “russian bots” and trolls ever did

        that doctor was likely pressured into this ridiculous hypothesis. I dont think he was taiwanese but even if he was, they can be pressured by the PLA and the Ministry of State security that are operating thick as fleas in Taiwan….anyways the PRC
        has proven they will arrest doctors and make them tell lies about this. they did it to the hero who discovered the novel coronavirus. who’s now dead, RIP

        1. Ah, Mr. Kurtz, I had a slight thought of propaganda and thought maybe, but quickly brushed it off as less likely, but as you are saying, it’s more likely, even beyond possible, but probably, or certain.

          Just trolls from China.

          Unfortunately, humans see the M.D. and want to believe what they hear, like me. Can’t say I haven’t been hoodwinked here.

          I did see what happened to the eye doctor. Very sad.

          I know the Chinese like to throw ppl in vans and take them away for speaking out, all sorts of human rights violations, besides animal rights, which is zippo.

    1. Pretty damning video. Given the median age of Fox viewers is 65, the false information they promoted on the virus – copying their leader – probably cost lives. To her credit, Karen has posted numerous times about the importance of people taking this seriously, but somehow there is a disconnect between that awareness and lack of criticism of Trump for being the cheer leader for this harmful sunshine pumping.

      1. Idiots! Don’t blame it all on Trump, they have brains. Perhaps they do?

        But there absolutely was a reluctance among Republicans to smell the coffee. I can’t fathom this, like i said, some Trumpers were on top of it from January such as Bannon. And small nobodies like myself.

        I am disgusted with some in my own circles who were calling me paranoid and since it’s all come clear, have failed to deliver just apologies.

        I remember various people giving me vacuous stares when i was telling them about the SHTF in China right after the Lunar New Year.

        Now i have some of my Democrat friends are ringing my phone off the hook calling me for “Gun advice.” I remember when they thought i was paranoid too.

        Remember folks, it isn’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you. LOL

        1. “Michael Tracey

          Sadly, I think a significant percentage of the USA population will still refuse to “take coronavirus seriously” until:

          1) A well-known celebrity is not just infected, but dies
          2) A close relative or friend is not just infected, but dies

          9:43 AM · Mar 20, 2020·Twitter Web App”


  13. The correct name of the particular coronavirus in question is SARS-COV-2. The desease it causes is COVID-19.

    Use the proper designators. Better yet, remain silent.

    — David B Benson

  14. Recent Exchange From Downthread.

    Explanation: Commenter Olly suspects this Anonymous is none other than The Hated Shill, a pestilence to Trumpers. The Shill is actually blogging from a canyon slope in Los Angeles.

    OLLY says:
    Why are Asians needlessly upset by calling a virus after the country of origin? Why weren’t they needlessly upset after the naming of every other deadly disease?

    Anonymous says:
    Olly, you’re visibly ducking the real question. This pandemic was widely known as “Coronavirus” in world media for several weeks. What changed that made it necessary to open a scab by calling it “The China Virus”?

    One gets the feeling Trumpers see this as a Culture War issue. Trump has made it that. He’s mad because China promotes urban myths that the U.S. military dumped the virus on China.

    So Trump wants to flip the blame. And liberals cry foul! But why waste our energy now on Trump’s grievances? It illustrates why Wall Street can’t find bottom yet. Investors fear Donald Trump is more concerned with Culture Wars than reality.

    1. Investors KNOW Trump is more concerned with culture wars than reality. Investors have already impeached Trump in a way the Senate couldn’t manage.

      1. investors are reckoning innumerable complex factors. you reducing it to a referendum on trump is oversimplification of a complex system.

        the awful drop in the price of oil could/ will/ has triggered or exacerbate unfolding financial contagion. Probably coronovirus fallout is a worser factor but consider that it would have spread globally, possibly, regardless of what the CCP did or didn’t do, or Trump for that matter.

        But the oil price “tanking” couldnt come at a worse time

        I would say the Saudis are sticking a knife in America’s back. Again?

        1. You’re right about the Saudi’s, a bit shortsighted on market response to Trump personally. While there are many factors at work, namely the biggest picture one that the market was running on sheer momentum for quite awhile and was just looking for a reason to chop itself down a good bit, Trump’s response has been woeful and is reflected in the size of the drop.

          Gee, looks like rimjobbing MBS when he chopped up a journalist wasn’t such a great idea after all?

          1. i didn’t “rimjob” MBS i always dislike the Saudis to the point of what people would usually call bigotry or something
            I could have cared less about him chopping that guy up, that was one of their own errant princes, and they offed him in Turkey so that’s not my concern one way or another

            moreover they are strategic allies— or at least they WERE! ha, ha, kind of like 9/11, hey, did we ever get that section of the 9/11 report about them declassified? hmmm

            i agree with what you said that there was a bubble of sorts, historic high valuations, and it was waiting for a correction, as another significant factor

            with how the government is now going to be leaping into private assets and huge bailouts– it’s a whole new ball of wax.

            Unfortunately I cant predict where it’s all going from here, no crystal ball, and if I could I would be on vacation on a tropical private island waiting for the disaster to blow over ,sipping pina coladas and having fun and exercise instead of too much work and internet arguments and rheumatism over the cold and damp.

            1. Didn’t say you rimjobbed him, Kurtz. I said Trump did.

              Glad you’re putting the thought into it though since it goes right to the source of U.S. problems with the Saudis and their behavior.

              If there’s anything good about what’s going on in the market, well, basically we covered a gigantic market crash in a hurry. With a bailout combined with the fact that markets are like parasites, they don’t like to kill their hosts, there will be some good deals that ride the volatility out there.

    2. it’s funny that a bunch of people who saw a Russian troll behind every Trump supporter are now so pathetically swayed by the CCP information operations

      which have been a thousand times more vast, sophisticated, and effective than anything your Putin bogeyman has ever fielded

      on the other hand, you guys might just hate Trump so much you will hop on any lame excuse to whine about him

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