“I Think Bernie Needs Space”: Warren Repeats 2016 Strategy In Refusing To Endorse Sanders

In a repeat of her refusal to endorse Bernie Sanders in 2016, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren again refused to do so before the critical Michigan primary after she pulled out. At the time, she said that she needed more time. Now, as liberal supporters have grown angrier at her failure to support Sanders (with many of the same priorities and policies), Warren is saying that she will not endorse because “Bernie needs space” to decide what to do. It now appears that Sanders is done after his losses this week. For Sanders, it is a familiar knife delivered by a familiar hand.

Many Warren staffers joined Sanders critics in objecting to the refusal to endorse Sanders and, when Warren refused to do so, they went ahead and gave their own endorsement. If the shared policies were driving Warren’s campaign, it would seem a no brainer to support him before Michigan. Yet, such an endorsement would not work to Warren’s personal advantage either as a potential running mate to (or cabinet member for) Biden. Indeed, as a future ally in the Senate, such an endorsement could have costs. There is no question that refusing to endorse Sanders was to Warren’s personal benefit but many followers felt betrayed.

Warren spent the critical time before the Michigan primary claiming that she needed more time. She said that she would not rushed.

Given the passage of time, Warren is now saying that she wants to give Sanders more time:”I think Bernie needs space to decide what he wants to do next, and he should be given the space to do that.”

On Thursday’s The View  added that she has moved on to other topics: “Right now I’m focused on what we’re going to do next in this crisis around the coronavirus.” For critics, the statement is another example of Warren being focused on Warren over the movement that she sought to lead.

I admit that, even though I disagree with his policies, I have long admired Sanders’ commitment to his principles including endorsing candidates against the wishes of the establishment. That authenticity is what seems to fuel the passion and commitment of his followers, as I saw at the huge rally before the Michigan primary. At that time, there were various supporters who told me that they were enraged by Warren’s failure to endorse.

The pattern is familiar. In 2016, the expectation was that Warren would endorse Sanders who has supported her in the past. The Democratic establishment however was known to have put considerable pressure on Warren not to oppose Hillary Clinton. To endorse Sanders in 2016 was risking the ire of Clinton, who was widely viewed as the chosen candidate of the Democratic National Committee and the next president. Warren went with the best option for her. She did not endorse anyone until Sanders effectively was eliminated and then endorsed Clinton. That seems to be the same strategy in 2020, but Warren just ran a campaign insisting that she did not care about her politics over principles.

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  1. Maybe it’s not 100% self interest, but more like 50-75%. If she endorsed Sanders now she would only (possibly) drag out the primary even longer. If she endorses Biden right now her reputation and effectiveness will be shot for a long time. If she waits for Sanders to drop out to endorse Biden she’s a team player.

  2. Allan, we might hope that a group files suit for breach of promise.

    — David B Benson

  3. Mike Bloomberg Lied About Everything
    Tristan Justice

    People who were paid to tell America who Mike Bloomberg really is are finding out who Mike Bloomberg really is.

    On Friday, Bloomberg announced plans to scrap the independent organization being set up in the ruins of his failed presidential campaign and instead is donating the resources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). …

    The New York billionaire’s decision will lay off the rest of his failed campaign’s staff, breaking promises made for guaranteed employment through the November election, regardless of whether Bloomberg would end up the nominee.

    According to hiring materials obtained by Politico, staff were told that “regardless of what happened, field organizers could expect to have a job with ‘Team Bloomberg’ through November, though it didn’t promise interviewees where they would be based. It outlined that organizers would be paid $6,000 a month, plus a $5,000 relocation stipend and full health, dental and vision benefits.”

    Last month, Bloomberg had already broken that commitment to hundreds of employees who learned they would be receiving their final paychecks at the end of March. As a consolation, employees were told they could still keep their phones and laptops valued between $1,400 and $1,700, which they would still be required to pay taxes on. That’s some prize for unemployment to strike just as the global economy shuts down over the Wuhan virus.

    This is the way socialists govern. Promise everything get power and throw the people to the wolves.

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  5. Bernie basically calling he a liar on TV. Bernie squad as exhibited in comments here calling names. I don’t blame her.

  6. Why is it surprising that neo-leftist, who embrace neo-facism, refuse to back a hard core communist?

  7. Why did the Dems refuse t0 entertain
    The notion of Payroll Tax.
    Simple and best solution.
    No travel involved.
    Just one switch.
    Have our pseudo Leaders lost every concept
    Of Common Sense.

  8. Sen. Warren has a secret piggy bank

    Dr. Karla Jurvetson, MD has donated a massive $14.6 million to the Warren campaign as of February 2020.

    Now we know who has been hoarding all the toilet paper!

  9. From the worldometers page, the USA has 19,640 active COVID-19 confirmed cases. No hint of this being under control.

    Thanks so much, King Donald the Blowhard.

    — David B Benson

  10. Sad.

    From ‘Common Dreams’:

    As #WhereIsJoe Biden Trends, Sanders to Host Coronavirus Roundtable to Address Pandemic

    “Trump is in front of the cameras every day, reassuring people, putting on the appearance of ‘leadership,'” said one Democratic critic. “Where is Biden? Why isn’t he dominating the airwaves?”

    byJon Queally, staff writer




    “Sen. Bernie Sanders hosts a virtual roundtable on the economic and health crises created by the coronavirus outbreak. Sanders will be joined remotely by musical guests, including André Cymone and Nahko Bear of Nahko and Medicine for the People, and leaders who are on the frontlines of the fight to ensure working people aren’t left behind in the response to the crisis.”

    Where is Joe.

    Where is Pocahontas.

    (Warren, IMO, still sees a path to the presidency and isn’t about to endorse Bernie.)

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