Florida Man Could Face Five Years For Stealing 66 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

It is truly a crime for our times. In Orlando, Florida, Angel Hernandezcinto, 31, has been arrested for allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from a hotel — something that could constitute a bizarre new form of a crime of passion in the coronavirus pandemic. However, the rolls are valued at 99 cents each, meaning that this master crime amounted to around $65. Yet, it could be punished with up to five years in prison. Another Florida man is being held on $5000 bond for stealing a single roll of toilet paper.

Thefts of short supplies in the outbreak have become increasingly common and increasingly the focus of police who seem to be trying to deter such crimes with enhanced charges.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, a security guard for the Marriott Hotel in Orlando saw Hernandezcinto, who is reportedly part of the cleaning crew at the hotel, pushing a trash can and bag inside his van. When he looked inside, he saw the toilet paper.

Police say that Hernandezcinto said that it was for a poor woman that he knows. He was charged with theft from a public lodging establishment.

If anything, he was thinking small. In North Carolina, police have seized a stolen truck with 18,000 pounds of toilet paper.

Nevertheless, this is a felony in the third degree which is punishable with up to five years incarceration. What is curious is that the provision does not have a threshold amount to qualify for a felony charge:

Theft of any property belonging to a guest of an establishment licensed under this chapter, or of property belonging to such establishment, by an employee of the establishment or by an employee of a person, firm, or entity which has contracted to provide services to the establishment constitutes a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

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  1. I’m sorry, taxpayers are going to PAY to punish him?
    He should be paying taxpayers.

    Don’t jail these people.
    Fine them.

  2. Print his face on rolls of toilet paper and distribute to the inmates where he gets locked up. Sentence him to 66 days in jail with time off for cleaning toilets. Ten toilets cleaned a day gives him a day off.

  3. “Wall Street,” the movie, told us that “greed is good” and that was baaaaaad!!! Free Americans who work hard, effectively deploy their acumen, earn money and invest for their futures are called greedy. I went to the store the other day and the shelves had been ravaged and were bare. The shocking detail, however, was that all the toilet paper was gone; it still is.

    As Warren Buffet quipped, ““You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.“

    Now we know who the truly disgusting and self-centered “greedy” really are – the shameful, wretched and abject cretins – those who would deny others the ability to wipe and clean their most private personal areas.

    Rumors of the “Outbreak” began swirling and the truly abject and disgusting greedy cretins snatched up everything thing they could to selfishly horde and deprive others of basic necessities, including, incredibly, toilet paper.

    I don’t want to hear democrats utter the pejorative “greedy” ever again. The vermin are “greedy” beyond the pale.

    Toilet paper!

    Who’d a thunk it?

  4. Meanwhile, on the Defense Production Act

    “…..Former Pentagon officials who handled Defense Production Act policy for Democratic and Republican administrations said the Trump administration has so far made little use of the law.

    “All of this should have started months ago, so we are behind,” said Bill Greenwalt, a defense consultant who led acquisition policy in the George W. Bush administration. “On production, I think we will find out that our base is not capable of producing what we need as I expect much of it has been outsourced to China and elsewhere.”

    Gordon Adams, a former Clinton administration procurement official, said the administration’s efforts are months too late.

    “It’s the right authority but it’s way late in the game,” Adams said. “We started hearing about Chinese cases in November. We probably should have been invoking DPA authorities in January or February. We had no plan.”…

    Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration who was appointed by Trump, said on “Face the Nation”: “I think that the scenes out of New York are going to be shocking. I think that the hospitals in the next two weeks are going to be at the brink of being overwhelmed.”…”


    1. bythebook – assertions, cardstacking, omission, simplification, transfer, name calling, pinpointing… For anyone who teaches about propaganda, that “article” is a goldmine of examples.

      How can you read that, let alone promulgate it? I need a better source of information. If you come across anything less biased and more substantive, I’d be grateful to read it. Gov. Cuomo’s briefings have been very insightful – just finished watching today’s. I appreciate that he’s not sitting there harping on what should Trump should have been doing back in December and January while they had all three branches of government derailed by their insane quest for impeachment.

      I’m with you on the Defense Production Act. I didn’t think the President’s reasoning for not using it has been good – or at least not well articulated. At the very, very least – even if you don’t want to enforce the act ’til the very last possible moment – at least be able to tell us that you’ve identified companies. Tell us that the companies are aware and prepared to make the transition, that they’ve got plans in place, that you have people on the scene. But if the production numbers are already there, and they’re high enough to justify not enforcing the Act, show us. Show us the numbers. He gave us some numbers yesterday, which was helpful because I haven’t seen the media report them, but I’d like even more specifics. I want some sort of tabulation to look at.

      At the very least, like Gov. Cuomo keeps requesting, the feds need to preempt all orders of PPEs then allocate those based on need. I don’t think it’s just an issue of state hoarding. They’re juggling the need to test with the need to preserve PPEs for the crest of the wave, as Gov. Cuomo calls it, and currently it seems they can’t do both.

      1. em, the comments were both from experts from previous administrations, one Republican and one Democratic.

        1. Yes, it included some comments that bolstered the writer’s assertions. In propaganda, that’s a technique called a testimonial. Thanks, I missed that mine on my first trip through the minefield.

          lol – we’re talking about wapo

          What’s the point.

          1. em, unless you think the WaPo misquoted the 2 experts, it’s their opinion, not the WaPo.

            By the way, when the WaPo, the NYTs, the WSJ, Bloomberg, or the AP make an obvious mistake, they publish corrections. Look in vain for the President ever doing so, and he is wrong 1/2 the time he speaks.

            1. when the WaPo, the NYTs, the WSJ, Bloomberg, or the AP make an obvious mistake, they publish corrections.

              Unfortunately, they will limit their corrections to the obvious mistakes. They tend to not be bothered with mistakes that while still obvious, are not considered for correction because the mistake has an intended purpose.

              Look in vain for the President ever doing so, and he is wrong 1/2 the time he speaks.

              That’s great news! He’s reduced the Left’s perceived error rate by 50%.

              1. OLLY, it’s impossible to keep track of all the times the Left wing media ideologues have been corrected on all their lies – and that’s not even including lies by omission. Look at the way they’re trying to cover for democrats as they hijack the stimulus bill.

                – ideological carpet baggers holding Americans hostage
                November can’t get here soon enough.

                But I wish we had a running counter for all the lies. Keeping track of them all would be a full time job for a thousand people.

                1. em,
                  If we treat this virus (correctly) as a weapon of war, threatening our national security (which it is), then we should treat all who are undermining efforts to combat this threat as enemies of the state. I’m not talking about legitimate policy criticisms. I’m talking about the propaganda war being waged against this administration, intended to weaken our national response to this crisis. I’m talking about the disabling of our legislative process by House Democrats, to use this crisis as a backdoor means to force a political agenda, that is completely unrelated to this crisis, on Americans. An agenda that would subvert the democratic process through the regular election cycle.

                  It’s not unreasonable to view this virus as another 9/11 act of terrorism. Imagine the response by Americans at that time if the MSM, the Left and the Democratic party all regurgitated Al Qaeda’s propaganda, undermined the President’s efforts to secure our border and blocked efforts to pass legislation that would restore confidence in our markets and businesses.

                  I believe the Democrats have finally dug themselves a hole so deep they hit China and the American people will not be able to tell the difference between the two.

                  1. OLLY, the ideology of the Left is the real pandemic. Unlike covid-19, it’s primarily affecting everyone under the age of 50.

                    I am so glad I finished high school and college before they became indoctrination camps.

                    1. OLLY, the ideology of the Left is the real pandemic.

                      And should be treated as the threat to our country it is.

                2. em, maybe you missed the part of the current proposed bill which gives one man (Mnuchin) the power to divy out $half a trillion to businesses without saying who they are for 6 months.

                  This is a 2 way street. The GOP is being as rigid as the Democrats and on a crappy bill.


                  1. bythebook – That is not why they’re holding up the bill. Did you SEE all the pork the Democrats are trying to force into that bill? How much pork are you seeing from the Republicans? Name some. The Republicans are right to be rigid.

                    This is not the time to force contentious policies unrelated to the crisis at hand – to “restructure things to fit our vision.” And it certainly is not the time to try to gain political points by poisoning an important bill just SO the other party will vote it down.

                    1. em, the bill does grant exactly what I described above and that should be a concern for all.

                      “Democratic concerns have focused on a $500 billion funding program Republicans want to create for loans and loan guarantees, with some Democrats calling it a “slush fund” that lacks any oversight because the Treasury Department would have broad discretion over who receives the money. Asked about this Monday evening, Trump responded, “I’ll be the oversight.”…

                      …McConnell accused Democrats of holding up the sorely needed rescue package so they can try to add extraneous provisions sought by special interests and organized labor. Democrats have refused to support the key procedural vote that would make it easier to pass the bill, with many complaining that the legislation did not include much transparency into which businesses could receive hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency loans.

                      Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) said that the bill, with its $500 billion program for businesses, states and cities, makes the Senate look “more focused on the big corporations and the health of Wall Street than we are on the health care of the people in rural America and Main Street.” The Trump administration would have wide latitude to disburse these loans and loan guarantees, a dynamic that has given numerous Democrats pause. The Senate bill also includes a $350 billion program to help small businesses meet payroll costs, which is meant to stem the rising tide of layoffs….”

                      Based on the 2008 bail-out – Mnuchin was big benefactor – and the recent tax cut, there is no reason to believe big corporations will do the right thing on their own, and the current bill gives Trump and Mnuchin free reign. Neither one is trustworthy without hard rules. The ability to not even name benefactors for 6 months is f… up nonsense.

                    2. bythebook – I was happy to read somewhere this morning that the Senate’s including more oversight on the funds in question. I was not happy about that particular issue either, but I couldn’t find any trustworthy information on it – so didn’t comment on it.

                    3. em, glad we agree on control of those funds and your acknowledging the problem.

                  2. Damn those Republicans! We’ll show them how to protect Americans by requiring funding for the Green New Deal, protecting foreign workers and same day voter registration.

                    That’s your party you traitorous SOS!

                    1. Don’t forget
                      airlines reducing their carbon emissions by 50% by 2050.
                      the expansion of the Obamaphone program.
                      tax credits for wind and solar
                      corporate board diversity
                      US Postal Service bailout
                      racial and gender pay equities
                      preferential usage of minority owned banks by the fed
                      suspension of immigration laws

                      There’s over a thousand pages of this.
                      I can’t believe it.
                      I really can’t.

                    2. Are you denying Pelosi’s demands include items that do nothing to benefit the needed pandemic response?

                    3. The gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make who lurk in the comments section here aren’t concerned with the obvious incompetence, buffoonery, criminogenic tendencies, dishonor, dishonesty and ignorance of the day-glo bozo (after all, he’s mean to the dusky types and those who aren’t old white guys). So it’s up to people like you and me, true patriotic American who love our country, to save our beloved nation from the depredations of the fool now infecting the White House. We will most assuredly report for duty in November.

                      to bythebook

                  1. bythebook – everybody knows about that counter. It’s a lovely irony coming from an organization that specializes in lies.

                    1. No em, Trump specializes in lies.I’ll match the WaPo against Fox and Trump anyway you want.

                    2. Well, turns out he was right on a number of things the AP claimed were false. I don’t see any reason to assume that they made those claims in bad faith. They simply didn’t have their facts straight in some cases, and in others, they just ignored the possibility that the head of the executive is simply able to make certain things happen.

                      Two things about Trump, that anybody who understands him…understands.

                      One: He’s an exaggerator. That’s his style. He often calls rectangles squares, and some of them are very long rectangles.

                      Two: He can be a really lousy public speaker. In his own words, “I do my best work off script. Best work. I hate to say this – I also do my worst work off script.” Listening to him can be agonizing quite often, but occasionally, it’s a delight. Way too often he takes a path that meanders through the weeds.

                      Dishonest “journalists” have a field day misrepresenting him because it’s so easy to take what he says out of context. But the danger there is once a rational person sees the full context, it exposes the malicious nature of a large portion of the mainstream media. Many Americans are simply not as stupid as Leftists think they are. They see what’s going on.

                    3. bythebook: The ones about the anti malarial drug stood out. It’s already been used – Sunday? Monday? And apparently at least one person’s life was saved with it.

                      The AP’s claim that America’s healthcare system is not prepared just isn’t true. Read something about results from a John Hopkins report that basically states the same thing. https://www.ghsindex.org/

                      There’s a difference in preparedness and bureaucratic mistakes.

                      Look, defending Trump is tiresome. Is he perfect? No. Is everything he does wrong, stupid, racist, xenophobic, evil, etc etc ad nauseum because he’s in league with the devil? Good grief.

                      The man drives me nuts all too often. I don’t like it when he attacks people – sometimes I’m glad he does. I’m still bitterly angry over what he did to our Kurdish allies. But I never get a chance to vent my frustration with him because there’s always someone else spewing steam and hate non-stop.

                      But I don’t appreciate the aspersion that I’m “blind” because I don’t have TDS. I go out of my way to look for facts. I probably waste hours every day trying to find reliable information.

                    4. em, you’re dreaming. He flat out lies. Most people and especially politicians exaggerate. Often he doesn’t know what is true and doesn’t care, as long as it feeds his weak ego. You know that’s true, or you’re blind.

                      Tell us what you think he was right on so we can judge who is dishonest – all the reporters or Trump?

                    5. em, as Fauci stated, the only evidence for the use of that drug against covid 19 is anecdotal. “saved one life” falls squarely in that category. Sorry for stating what seems to me an objective observation, but someone who doesn’t see that Trump has been pumping sunshine for more than a month now with much of it BS – that is damnable by itself – and this is just another example of that is blind. Did you know that there are now shortages of that drug for those with legitimate needs. Did you know Trump tweeted how great mixing that drug with another is going to be while warnings on it’s use explicitly say not to mix them or death could result. This dangerous, and so is the false sunshine he’s been promoting for almost 2 months now.

                    6. bythebook: I see your point, but I’m uncomfortable calling one life anecdotal considering the low number of patients in an ICU at the time, also considering the hundreds of lives lost before that drug was available – can’t help wondering what percentage of them might have been saved.

                      I am well aware of President Trump’s flaws, I’m just not interested in ascribing the worst possible motivation or causation to his every act and word.

  5. First, Marriott has just had to furlough a large percentage of their staff. Having idiots stealing from them is another hit to an industry already hard hit. And though the headline is funny, we need to be aware that theft isn’t. Finally, why not provide more detailed information on this man? WHy didn’t he want the Guatamalan embassy notified (per a news report)? My guess – this man has been involved in crime before this. Let’s ask smarter questions as we know our police and prosecutors aren’t wasting time on petty theft but this guy is more likely not a petty thief.

    1. SGB, while I’m not sure this should be a felony, you’re absolutely right: dishonest employees can devastate a company. If this guy was stealing toilet paper in such large quantities, he was probably stealing other things. One dishonest employee can steal enough per year to cause chronic loses. And sometimes these employees seem to be the ‘nicest’ in their departments; the goodtime Charlie that everyone enjoys.

      1. Peter – studies have shown that the greatest loss to businesses comes from employees. Disgruntled employees are the worst.

  6. Gee, that’s terrible.

    Meanwhile, the President again passed on using the Defense Production Act he took credit for activating to force manufacturers to produce medical supplies – like masks – that we are facing severe shortages of and which the governors who have urged him to do so say they are in a bidding war for 9they also have urged him to allocate based on need rather than which state will pay $7.00 instead of $6.50 for an $.85 mask). He did run another political rally at the podium, at one point pitying himself for all the money he’s lost as president – unfortunately a claim which he hides the evidence for – mocking Romney who is self quarantining after being exposed to Typhoid Rand because his wife has MS, and receiving NK like praise from his toadie appointees. He accepted it all so graciously, with an approving nod. But no one has accused him of stealing toilet paper.

    1. If I hadn’t surmised you’ve been an arrogant pr!ck for about 50 years now, I’d have put you down as a sorosphere troll. The topic of the thread is not the president.

      1. As usual, the topic is not about anything of import, as if there was nothing important to discuss. JT has an uncanny ability to avoid reality and of course subjects involving the President. You’d think we were living in the Eisenhower era.

        1. As usual, the topic is not about anything of import, as if there was nothing important to discuss.

          There’s nothing which compels you to comment.

    2. The gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make who lurk in the comments section here aren’t concerned with the obvious incompetence, buffoonery, criminogenic tendencies, dishonor, dishonesty and ignorance of the day-glo bozo (after all, he’s mean to the dusky types and those who aren’t old white guys). So it’s up to people like you and me, true patriotic American who love our country, to save our beloved nation from the depredations of the fool now infecting the White House. We will most assuredly report for duty in November.

      to bythebook

  7. Thug life

    “I didn’t choose the thug life. The thug life chose T.P.

    O.G.: “Today’s homies are pathetic.”
    Retired Cop: “Damn straight.”

  8. It’s a 50/50 shot of whether you’re going to get away with it or not

    So if I’m pulling a heist I’m going to make damn sure it’s worth my while and go after let’s say a Brinks Truck or the Money in the Bank Safe maybe even the Diamonds in the Jewelry Store

    💰 💎 💰 💎 💰

    I refuse to take the risk to get caught and go to prison over a roll of toilet paper or a loaf of bread

  9. Taking 35 rolls is predatory. I can see the temptation to steal two rolls. The hoarders in our area strip the shelves bare of paper products on a daily basis. Paper products, dairy, eggs, canned goods, chicken. They do this in spite of the quantitative limits the local store manager has put on purchases of these items.

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