Arizona Man Dies After Using Fish Tank Cleaner To Treat COVID-19

There has been legitimate criticism of some of the statements made by President Donald Trump during the coronavirus outbreak as overstated or inaccurate. However, there has also been a continuation of the type of “Gotcha” stories that seem to be so reflexive for many in the media. An example is the slew of recent articles on how an Arizona man died of taking the anti-malaria drug repeatedly raised by Trump as a potential treatment for COVID-19. Trump has discussed Chloroquine as a drug which has shown promising results, which is true, in other countries. Indeed, a variation, hydroxychloroquine, has shown remarkable success but still needs to be fully studied for safety. However, the Arizona stories omit that this elderly couple did not take prescriptions of either drug but rather home remedied with chloroquine phosphate used to clean fish tanks.

The Arizona couple were in their 60s and concerned about having COVID-19 symptoms. They read on the Internet that you could just use aquarium products to combat coronavirus. The New York Post and others posted the reference to fishtank cleaner. The dosage however was the equivalent to several days of treatment and the husband died shortly later. The wife is still being treated in Phoenix and remains in serious condition.

There is no question that drugs can lead to fatal overdoses as shown recently in Nigeria. This is a very powerful drug and there are clearly high risks as flagged by China and other countries. However, France has reported early success with the drug. One study recently published results in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents that found that the combination of hydroxychloroquine, sold under the trade name Plaqenuil, and antibiotic azithromycin (aka Zithromax or Azithrocin) is particularly effective in treating the COVID-19 coronavirus and reducing the duration of the virus in patients.

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  1. Since we worry about programs that may have been cut in the past I think it appropriate that we think about the dollars that went in and what was produced with those dollars. Take special note of the headline. The fact that a program has a meaningful name isn’t meaningful.

    “NIH failed to test coronavirus drugs, studied drunk monkeys, soap operas, and tailgating instead

    Expert warned agency as much as 87.5 percent of biomedical research was wasteful.”

    “He backed his staggering statistic with these additional stats: 50 out of every 100 medical studies fail to produce published findings, and half of those that do publish have serious design flaws. And those that aren’t flawed and manage to publish are often needlessly redundant.”

    “Waste is more than just a waste of money and resources,” Bracken preached to the audience back in July 2016, according to the NIH’s official account of the speech. “It can actually be harmful to people’s health.”

    “What if NIH or other agencies had funded research into the efficacy of drugs like chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, and HIV cocktails that had shown promise against coronavirus dating back to 2003?
    What if more pressure had been applied by the medical governance world to develop vaccines aimed at coronavirus?”

    “$3.7 million so researchers at Oregon Health & Science University could compel monkeys to drink excessively to determine the impact of drunkenness on tissues, organs and central nervous systems.
    $3 million to study why lesbian women are likely to be two times more overweight than gay men.
    $700,107 for the study of the impact of televisions and gas generators on villages in Vietnam.
    $542,074 for a 12-episode soap opera on the love lives of HIV-infected patients.
    $3.54 million for a series of anti-obesity hip-hop songs to see if they would encourage kids to skip the fries and eat healthier.
    $35,000 for a University of Missouri study on whether text messaging college students before pre-football game tailgates would lead to less alcoholism.
    $350,000 for Yale University and Arizona State University to measure whether young adults between 21 and 30 would lose more money gambling if they drank alcohol.
    $721,000 for an Arizona company to develop a flight simulator to study drunken piloting.
    Just two days ago, in the midst of surging coronavirus deaths in America, NIH released a joint study by its National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging that came to a heady conclusion: If you walk more, you are likely to live longer.”

    Full article at:

    1. NIH is a patronage mill. Only about 15% of their budget is devoted to in-house and contract work. The rest is distributed in grants to the professoriate. See the late Phillip Johnson on the cultural pathologies in the world of scientific research induced by federal funding. Time to turn the spigot off.

      As for our current problems, the research into these matters is properly conducted by institutions affiliated with the federal and state civil defense apparat. Breaking up the CDC into component parts and having one part devoted to emergency preparedness under the aegis of a department secretary whose job is emergency preparedness full stop would appear to be the way to go. The same should apply at the state level.

      The problem you see in New York was described a generation ago by a disaffected Albany denizen: the main point of New York politics is ‘business opportunities for insiders’. New York is run by deeply cynical people like Shelly Silver, who aren’t going to appropriate the money for the ventilators unless the company which produces them is on the client list.

      1. DSS, you recognize the problem and have the data and names to go with it. The problem I see from our list friends is they wish to politicize everything to favor their “ball team”. That is crazy but they represent a large group of voters outside of the list that do not think..

        Fancy names make them swoon. Example, pandemic task force. The name is not important rather what they have been doing recently at what cost and producing what. Many Liberals swooned at Cuomo in his initial attack of the President because he wouldn’t send ventillators to NY and leave the rest of the country without. Of course Cuomo was governor when he was told that NY needed about 16,000 ventillators and they refused to buy them. (He also didn’t do enough to find ventillators especially since NY is a big state with ventillators and anesthesia equipment that can be used as ventillators. NYC’s health commissioner, echoing the left’s talking points that social distancing wasn’t needed and racist against the Chinese people, encouraged huge groups of people to congregate for a large annual parade in China Town and then the same people blame the President for not doing enough.

        This present rescue bill is loaded with spending intended by the left to increase future budgets even after the virus threat is long gone. It’s loaded with stuff that isn’t related to the virus. Loads of stuff unrelated was removed but passage of the bill was a “hold up” to get things passed that should never have been included. That money would have been better off reducing the total cost or given directly to the people.

        You might be interested in looking up how the Netherlands perceives the problem. “the Netherlands wants to see as many healthy people as possible fight off COVID-19, thus becoming immune” Gatestone

  2. A bit about racism and stupidity in relation to the coronavirus. I wonder if one of the Stupidist is Anonymous the Stupid himself.

  3. I’m still waiting for the alias Paulie J to respond with his first point and to finish his responses to my first point that involves a broader understanding of what Trump did and what others did not and what the thinking process was of the respective parties. Open borders, open states and open cities such as NYC were diametrically opposed to the policies of Trump. The alias Paulie’s answer like another alias was initially “Screw it. I’m done.”. Lot’s of talk about discussion but very little critical thinking. While waiting for aliasis Paulie to respond I thought this editorial on NY State might be interesting.
    We didn’t have to have ventilator shortage — leaders chose not to prep for pandemic
    By Betsy McCaughey

    The novel coronavirus is causing working-age people to worry about missing paychecks, caring for kids home from school, stockpiling groceries and canceling plans. But people in their 50s, 60s or older have bigger worries. Many are lying awake wondering if this is how they are going to die.

    At its most severe, the coronavirus attacks the lungs, making it impossible to breathe without a ventilator. Landing in the hospital on a ventilator is bad. But worse is being told you can’t have one.

    Hospitals in New York are running short. To his credit, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing his best, but he admits “you can’t find available ventilators no matter how much you’re willing to pay right now, because there is literally a global run on ventilators.”

    It’s a little late. Several years ago, after learning that the Empire State’s stockpile of medical equipment had 16,000 fewer ventilators than the 18,000 New Yorkers would need in a severe pandemic, state public-health leaders came to a fork in the road.

    They could have chosen to buy more ventilators to back up the supplies hospitals maintain. ­Instead, the health commissioner, Howard Zucker, assembled a task force for rationing the ventilators they already had.

    In 2015, that task force came up with rules that will be imposed when ventilators run short. ­Patients assigned a red code will have highest access, and other ­patients will be assigned green, yellow or blue (the worst), ­depending on a “triage officer’s” decision.

    In truth, a death officer. Let’s not sugar-coat it. It won’t be up to your own doctor.

    In 2015, the state could have purchased the additional 16,000 needed ventilators for $36,000 apiece, or a total of $576 million. It’s a lot of money, but in hindsight, spending half a percent of the budget to prepare for pandemic was the right thing to do.

    To be fair, governments everywhere stockpiled too little. Washington didn’t do much better: The federal Strategic National Stockpile is undersupplied to meet the coronavirus emergency.

    Now the pandemic is actually here. New York’s grim-reaper rules will be applied. New York City’s deputy commissioner for disease control, Demetre Daskalakis, is anticipating “some very ­serious, difficult decisions.” So far, in Gotham, one of every four people with a confirmed case has been hospitalized, and 44 percent of them have needed a ventilator.

    In Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the pandemic, doctors recently faced the grim arithmetic of 1,000 patients needing ventilators and only 600 available. Italy is rationing ventilators, too, leaving many to die without them.

    But in New York, rationing ventilators should be unnecessary. The state knew of the shortage, had the money and should have bought the lifesaving equipment, instead of making a plan for who should live or die. A lesson for the future.

    For next time. Global viral-disease crises are occurring with ­increasing frequency.

    In Italy, the death rate from coronavirus is a staggering 8 percent, more than double what’s occurring in many other countries. That’s partly because almost a quarter of Italy’s population is over 65 and thus especially vulnerable.

    The other reason is that ­Italy’s universal national health system promises free care but delivers stingy care. Italy has only around one-third as many intensive-care beds per capita as the United States does. Coronavirus patients are being turned away.

    Expect the same dire results in the United Kingdom. The British National Health Service allocates about one-fifth as many intensive care beds per capita as American hospitals do. Bernie Sanders, are you watching? What’s happening in Italy and Britain is proof single-payer heath care is emphatically not the way to go.

    Hospitals here in the United States will face severe challenges in the coming weeks, including shortages of space, equipment and personnel. But nothing compared to the extreme scarcity in Europe’s ­national health systems.

    Americans don’t want government holding back the very things we need to survive. New York should never again decide to ­ration lifesaving equipment when it can be bought affordably. Now is not the time for political criticism. It is the time to get our sanitized hands on ventilators — no matter what.

    Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York, is chairwoman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

    1. Actually my name is actually Paul.

      Here, let me diagram it for you:

      Trump is in dereliction of duty because >>>

      a) falling woefully short on diagnostic testing preparedness. Saying he instituted a Chines traveler ban is the bare minimum of pandemic response. And we’ve surpassed China as an epicenter in terms of cases, so there’s that.

      b) being criminally negligent in withhold defense procurement for ventilators, respirators and PPE.

      Those are my points. Trump is a clear and present threat to the national security of the United States.

      Now STFU.

      1. Paulie, be aware that Diaper Man loves to play this game where he accuses you of “not answering his question”. Diaper Man wants everyone to think you’re ‘running away’ from him. Diaper Man once stalked me for weeks with regards to a question I answered quite promptly. But the answer made his question ridiculous! So don’t feel you have to respond when Diaper Man plays this game. More often than not he’s not even specific about what the question was.

        1. Paint Chips, you are rewriting history. I provided you a full explanation and you ran away. I did the same for the “Paulie” alias and am waiting to see if he can admit to facts while pursuing his claims. I don’t think he can. You were a sissy.

            1. Under what name did you go by when I had that discussion with Paint Chips?

        2. Seth, yes, I’ve experienced this before. Clearly, it’s his game. One trick pony.

          1. Your one trick pony is foul language mixed with libelous statements absent fact.

            I have provided you plenty of information and you cannot adequately respond to it so you provide silly responses to Paint Chips. Surely a sign of a sissy.

      2. “Now STFU.”

        Alias Paulie, that is essentially your typical response to discussion.

        “falling woefully short on diagnostic testing preparedness. ”

        We did fall short on diagnostic preparedness, but where the fault specifically lay is unclear. The President is not a scientist so we have to see what the CDC did or didn’t do and what the President should have known or should have done. I doubt any other President would have acted any better and most likely worse so it is a weak accusation but one that needs to be assessed for the future.

        Since you know we fell short on diagnostic testing perhaps you would want to tell us when the President should have acted. We know that he did act because despite the insults and claims of racisism and bias he acted very quickly regarding the Chinese Travelers ban and did so again re Italy, Japn, some EU nations and then Great Britain despite continued opposition from his opponents.

        “being criminally negligent in withhold defense procurement for ventilators, respirators and PPE.”

        This underscores the fact that you know little about the problem or the situation. States are supposed to provide that type of equipment and they are supposed to prepare for pandemic for their own states. NY and NYC in particular has not been acting appropriately for years and they have been warned. In fact Cuomo was warned several years ago that he had inadequate supplies of ventillators. Cuomo refused to act when the money was available yet you wish the government to hand over all resources to one locality so that the rest of the nation can suffer. You wish to deplete the nations stockpile so that the other 49 states get nothing even though that was not necessary. That is your selfishness talking in that to bash Trump you suddenly forget about all the other states.

        Actually the way the President has been handling the situation is the way it should be handled. He is forcing the states to increase their supplies instead of crying about it which is essentially what you are doing. That has placed pressure on the state and local governments to increase their resources. That led to anesthesiologists providing their machines to be revamped and used as ventillators to help protect all 50 states instead of just one. It has pushed people to look at older technology to quickly make new ventillators that were used years ago and worked fine for most people (Look up Bird ventillator). The new ones work on electricity and circuit boards with all sorts of bells and whistles. The old ones did not require any of that. They utilized air pressure from a tank, are relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to build. The other thing one needs to think of is that NY State is a big state with a lot of hospitals that presently have unused ventillators and Cuomo instead of taking all the ventillators for one state could take some of those unused ventillators and use them in his own state.

        The above is how one handles an overwhelming problem and doesn’t protect just one state rather helps protect them all. Cuomo could be accused of such negligence not Trump. Trump can only be applauded the way he handled the shortage of ventillators and in the process increased the numbers available. In any event he provided 20% of the national supply of ventillators to NY (already there) and last I heard they hadn’t yet run out of any. He also is building 4-5 hospitals and has one of our fully equipped hospital ships available.

        I won’t go into detail on PPE’s etc, but once again that is a state responsibility and the government only stocks limited supplies. When our masks were depleted Obama didn’t refill the deficit.

        You have provided 2 points both that demonstrate the high quality of the Trump Presidency despite the fact that there was some sort of failure with the test kits whose responsibility must be divided over many officials and Presidents. Do you have any more complaints since to the present your questions and the answers available make your position a failing one.

        1. That study will surely find that disabling the pandemic response team was short sighted and negligent. And no — defense procurement is an in the present solution, to be used in national emergency, of which this certainly is. It has nothing to do with what happened years back. Trump has been cutting money for preparedness since he entered office. His federal response to Covid 19, other than his being forced to listen to Fauci, beginning the day after his traveler ban has been nothing but epic failure

          And the racist thing?? Give it up, Allan. Everyone knows Trump is a master at whipping up his base with racist tropes. That he entered the political scene as a birther. That he entered the ’16 race with a racist talk about Mexicans. That the Justice Dept. frowned on Fred and Donald Trump’s discriminatory property rental practices.

          Best to leave being oversensitive about those charges alone. They’re accepted fact.

          Now STFU.

          1. “Now STFU.”

            You keep proving that you do not want debate and we all know why. You talk but have little of importance to say.

            “That study will surely find that disabling the pandemic response team was short sighted and negligent.”

            Maybe yes, maybe no. The question is after the Ebola event what did they do? Did they get Obama to replenish the masks? No. Did they deal with modernizing vaccination creation and production? No. Before the Coronavirus Trump created a task force to do just that. What did that pandemic response team do that ameliorated what we are facing today? To blame Trump means they could do something. All you are saying is that a bunch of people were on the payroll and their paychecks could have purchased a lot of masks. Your lack of fact is where you fail.

            ” His federal response to Covid 19, other than his being forced to listen to Fauci, beginning the day after his traveler ban has been nothing but epic failure”

            I told you what Trump did and you didn’t bother to acknowledge that or respond to it. Trump obviously listens to Fauci and his other advisors including those involved with economic concerns. You are just throwing things out there and like before you are proving his actions to be top notch.

            “And the racist thing?? Give it up, Allan.”

            The Chinese traveller ban and subsequent bans were of major importance in preventing the spread of the virus. You believe in certain erroneous things and haven’t looked at the facts. Trump was called a racist for doing the right things. That is how bad your side of the argument is.

            Take note how easy it is to prove you wrong even though you don’t accept fact. Also take note how you couldn’t answer any of the things I raised in your two points where Trump went wrong. You were willing not to search for ventillators should more be necessary. Instead you were willing to put all the stockpile in one city and perhaps its suberbs making the rest of the nation vulnerable to shortages. You have shown the worst of the worst with regard to policy and proven your inadequacies.

            I await your responses to the ones I have provided here and above. You just want to spout off and use foul language. To you that constitutes intelligent debate. I await your responses since you claim you want discussion but though you are not as much of a sissy as Paint Chips my prediction is you will broaden the discussion rather than answer the points made here and above. Then you will run away like a sissy.

              1. Alias “Paulie” you are a sissy. Totally valueless.

                You can only libel. You cannot engage in reasonable discussion.

                1. You’re incapable of properly using a contraction and/or correct spelling.

                  1. I admit to making typing mistakes and not proofreading what I send out. I have a game. I limit my time on any one post to less than 3 minutes except for those that are large and providing a lot of factual material.

                    Take note how much time you spend with insults while you spend almost no time on facts. Go back and respond to what is written above or continue to act like a sissy.

              2. Paulie J says: March 27, 2020 at 1:28 PM

                “Lol. You’re insane.”


            1. ” … my prediction is you will broaden the discussion rather than answer the points made here and above. Then you will run away like a sissy.”
              He’s btb on steroids in terms of utter swings and misses. Forget him.

              1. Thank you Mespo. Of course he is btb or better yet Anon or Jan F (along with other aliases). How can one forget Anon. I have to keep up on present day foul language and abusive behaviour. I use him as a metric of their use.

                The question is (seriously) what proportion of the population does he represent with regard to politics? I know many will have some similar features but how many do you think have such a distorted brain?

              2. Gainesville has used 4 or 5 handles here, and may be behind some of the anonymous posts. Pretty funny when his sock-puppets talk to each other.

              3. Yeah. Forgot me, Allan. Please forget me. Totally down with that arrangement.

                1. Do you see Mespo how quickly alias “paulie” becomes a sissy and pees in his pants. Soon I will be sending him diapers like I do for Paint Chips.

                  1. You’re inherent genius tunes you right into sarcasm doesn’t it, f**k widget?

                    1. ” f**k ”

                      The real paulie J revealed. Everyone, guess who else sounds like that?

                    1. “Allan and his puerile games”

                      He’ll be getting up from his afternoon nap, soon.

                    2. “Allan? Allan who?? Bahahahahaha.”

                      Allan, the guy that kicked your as$. You now join Anonymous the Stupid and the Brainless Wonder. You, your other sockpuppets and Anonymous the Stupid along with Anonymous’ sockpuppets can all talk to one another while the rest look on to your respective comedy shows.

                    3. Allan, rhetorical question…, but do you actually hear yourself? You’re well into stalker territory.

                    4. “You’re well into stalker territory.”

                      Alias “Paulie” you seem to know very little about what is discussed on this blog and impossible as it seems even less about stalkers.

                      Go home preferably to your mother’s basement so she can take care of you.

                    5. Well, my mom’s been dead for awhile, Allan, But if I did, like, up in your imagination and all, would you leave me the f**k alone?

                    6. Sorry about your mom, but it isn’t unusual at your age. Get yourself a teddy bear or a teething ring if you still have teeth.

        2. Allan,
          This is a pointless political exercise, not really any different than every other effort made to remove President Trump from office or influence the upcoming election. Our nation’s preparedness for a worldwide pandemic, will of course be assessed. However it is of little value at this stage to point blame, unless the motive is political. Our concern should be about the response, with the weapons that are available, and whether the leadership is managing this war effectively. Even that, given the unknowns about Covid19, it’s likely we’ll see great decisions and poor decisions were made. But it will be the after action assessments, not the hourly/daily assessments, where we should see significant changes for future events like this.

          1. Olly, of course it is a pointless excercise but there isn’t much of a discussion going on on this list. I am observing how fast a puerile obnoxious abusive creature can turn into a sissy. It doesn’t take long.

            Trump’s management of this virus considering all the political interference IMO is tremendous. I am not a fan of FDR but during the war he and one my heros Churchill kept their nations calm and ready to battle and win. These sissies do the opposite. They are losers.

            1. Trump’s management of this virus considering all the political interference IMO is tremendous.

              I cannot think of one person better suited to lead this effort than this President. Of course we’ll have the opportunity for Biden to articulate how he would have done things differently and how he will do things better than President Trump moving forward, if he were elected in November.

              I have no doubt there will be projections by the experts how this virus will be seasonable, how countries in the southern hemisphere are affected as they move into their winter, and that we are likely to get another go at this as we get into late fall and our winter months. That will be important as a vaccine will likely not exist. Voters will have plenty to chew on, especially if they are to consider changing leadership in the middle of this war.

              1. Trump is already relegated to going out and doing his press conference and leaving. Then Pence and Fauci and Birx oome on and do the real one.

                By fall there’s a good chance Trump won’t even be on the ticket.

                1. Trump is already relegated to going out and doing his press conference and leaving. Then Pence and Fauci and Birx oome on and do the real one.

                  Relegated? It’s called leadership. I have no problem for a leader to communicate regularly with the American people. I expect a great leader to assemble the right team to manage this war. This President is not using his Vice President, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx as props. They are the managers of this war and they are doing a terrific job.

                  1. If he were using them as props, Gainesville and Natacha would complain about that. (Peter would repost a Bezos Birdcage Liner editorial complaining about that).

                    1. Oh you guys missed that entirely, didn’t you? I’m happy whenever Trumpy bear leaves a press conference and Fauci, Birx and Pence step up.

                  2. It’s called leadership of his reelection campaign followed with mostly lies about the virus.

                    First we get the spin about how great he’s doing, how he was left with the worst this and that, how the press is lying about him, and then potshot’s at various targets of his vendettas.

                    Anyone who has listened to him as gotten one wildly false prediction after another and he’s still doing it.

                    That is not leadership. It’s using a crisis and the attention it gets him to spread BS like he was at a rally.

              2. I can think of few people worse – Bolsonaro and Kim Jung-un come to mind.

  4. Paulie J says:March 26, 2020 at 1:03 PM

    “It’s your one and only point, Allan…”

    Yep. And he’ll keep going on and on about it, ad nauseam… There was the John Say “exchange” that went on forever…and then there was Sharpiegate… He’s a fool, best left to stew in his own foul juices.

    1. Diane, you got banned for clotting up every thread with text walls of speculation.

      1. You’re delusional. I’m not this person you call “Diane.” And I’ve never been “banned.”

        Grow up and get a life.

      1. Like TIA, Allan’s another one who needs to grow up and get a life. He’s a kid.

        1. The Brainless Wonder enters the picture again with Fido peeing on her leg.

          1. Diaper Man, if you looked at transcripts of your comments over time they would form a mosaic of nastiness. One imagines you as a hopelessly befuddled geezer. You never adjusted to the Vietnam era counter-culture and it’s been all downhill from there. Today’s youth leave you so confounded it’s like The Twilight Zone. “Why, why”, you wonder, “can’t these kids see the dangers of socialism??”

            1. Paint Chips, your type of attitude is as virulent as the virus and your superiority complex leaves you totally disarmed. You also have diaper rash and since you designate me as the diaper man, on request I will send you a fresh box.

      1. Alias “paulie” are you allying yourself with Anonymous the Stupid and the Brainless Wonder? It seems like a good fit.

  5. “Off-Label Use of Drugs: What Is It, Why Is It a Problem, and How Can We Solve It?”

    “Currently, the FDA allows the promotion of off-label use of drugs when there is supporting evidence on the safety and efficacy of such use. However, the capacity of the FDA to enforce such requirements has been a matter of controversy, and there have been relevant cases of promotion of potentially harmful off-label use. Such was the case with the promotion of risperidone, an atypical antipsychotic, among patients with dementia; this use in treating dementia has been widely linked with increased mortality, especially among the elderly. The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson paid a $2.2 billion settlement in 2013, one of the biggest pharmaceutical settlements in US history, for the improper promotion of this antipsychotic medication.

    “In summary, more aggressive policies that target the use and promotion of off-label use are needed to prevent the use of drugs for non-approved indications with little benefit or with harmful outcomes. In order to design such policy interventions in the most effective way, it is also necessary to examine the factors that affect off-label use in the real-world clinical setting.”

  6. Well, it’s official, and there can be no dispute: Trump is abusing this COVID-19 crisis for political purposes. I just got back from the post office and in my box were 2 postcards. On the front, in huge font and all caps it read: ‘PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR AMERICA.” In the corner is the CDC logo, next to an illustration of the White House. On the back, in smaller than 12-point type are the actual guidelines, some of which are in fine print.

    Trump is NOT a physician, and to us patriots, not recognized as validly entitled to call himself the POTUS. Most Americans did not vote for him, do not approve of him, and want him gone. He has no expertise in anything other than self-promotion and will do literally anything, tell any lie, whatever it takes to get what he wants. These “guidelines” do not come from him. They come from the CDC. He has been nothing but a stumbling block in this crisis, lying constantly, putting out false information and false hope. Putting his name in the largest font, plus the White House logo on what purports to be public health information makes this campaign literature, not a public service. If we taxpayers paid for this, I will be demanding a refund from the Trump campaign. Our brave nurses and doctors can’t even get face masks, gowns and gloves, but the CDC has the resources to put out pro-Trump slop?

    I will demand an investigation into who is paying for these postcards, which should be the Trump campaign. However, it doesn’t say that it was paid for by the Trump campaign, so it likely was paid for by us taxpayers. If it was paid for by taxpayers, then I will be demanding reimbursement.

      1. Easy, you go to Starbucks, sat many times next to homeless ppl…I just wish they would leave their stuff outside, but understand the fear of someone taking it, very understandable

  7. Actually the study that says it works against Covid-19 is bogus and published in a journal owned by the guy who made the “study”.

    Its a scam designed to push desperate people to become customers of a French private clinic.

    1. a recent study out of Zhejiang found no statistical difference between chloroquinone therapy and the usual hospital treatment. i don’t have the study reference at hand.

      this may or may not be promising. please let the doctors and scientists figure it out before you either blame trump for the usual things or dismiss a potentially effective therapy. it requires immediate study from qualified experts.

      1. It is amazing the ignorance out there. The reason chloroquine was so quickly considered as a potential treatment was that during the SARS period research had been done the drug looked like it could have promising results. That is also why compassionate use was permitted.

        There are those that can only see what is in front of them and can’t evaluate what it says against all the other data out there.

        By the way the Zhejiang study I think was one with only 15 people and is also being looked at.

        1. Allan says:March 26, 2020 at 4:13 PM
          “It is amazing the ignorance out there.”


          “There”…and here. lol

            1. There is only “Allan the Stupid.” And he’s the biggest loser — the biggest ZERO — of them all.

  8. “They read on the Internet that you could just use aquarium products to combat coronavirus”. Trump did not tell anyone to consume aquarium cleaning products. He commented that he hoped that the current clinical trials on cover-19 treatment worked out.

    We all hope they work out.

    Aquarium and pet products are not meant for human consumption. A cleaning agent is most certainly not meant for consumption. This is a cautionary tale about self medicating out of the cleaning cupboard.

    Chloroquine has a long history of use, and well documented dosages. You can thank a lot of laboratory animals for its toxicity and dosage information, as in all pharmaceuticals. That’s the sad part of modern medicine. We sacrifice a lot of animals to get vital information for all of the modern medicates in use today.

    As with many other medicines, we can thank plants for providing a possible treatment option. Quinine was made from the bark of a cinchona tree, and was later synthesized in a lab. Out of this family tree chloroquine was created. So the ancestor of a synthetic drug is a plant.

  9. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s “emergency declaration”:

    March 24, 2020
    CONTACT: Meghin Delaney, Public Information Officer

    Governor Sisolak signs emergency regulation restricting drug
    distribution during COVID-19

    Las Vegas, NV — Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed an emergency
    regulation promulgated by the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy related to the
    prescription and issuance of two certain drugs.

    While the drugs serve necessary medical purposes, there is no consensus among
    COVID-19 experts or Nevada’s own medical health advisory team that the two drugs
    provide treatment for COVID-19 patients. The emergency regulation is aimed at
    preventing hoarding of the drugs.

    “This emergency regulation protects Nevadans who needs these drugs for legitimate
    medical purposes. At this point in time, there is no known cure for COVID-19 and we
    must not withhold these drugs from those who need them,” said Gov. Steve Sisolak.
    “The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home for Nevada, not to
    stockpile these drugs.”

    The regulation prohibits the prescribing and dispensing chloroquine and
    hydroxychloroquine for a COVID-19 diagnosis, requires an ICD-10 code on prescriptions
    for the drugs and limits the prescription amount to a 30-day supply for the drugs.
    The emergency regulation will ensure access for Nevada patients to chloroquine and
    hydroxychloroquine for legitimate medical purposes.

    “This emergency regulation is a strong step in protecting patients. While studies are
    underway on the usefulness of these drugs in treating COVID-19, we must deal with
    facts, not fiction,” said Dr. Ishan Azzam, the chief medical officer for the state Division of
    Public and Behavioral Health. “Preserving these drugs for those who need it is the right


      “Doctors Are Hoarding Unproven Coronavirus Medicine by Writing Prescriptions for Themselves and Their Families”

      “Pharmacists told ProPublica that they are seeing unusual and fraudulent prescribing activity as doctors stockpile unproven coronavirus drugs endorsed by President Donald Trump.”

      by Topher Sanders, David Armstrong and Ava Kofman March 24, 9:45 a.m. EDT

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