Howard Dean Boycotts MSNBC Until They Stop Airing Trump’s Daily Briefing

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I previously criticized former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Howard Dean for his view of unprotected speech under the first amendment. He is now taking a different tack than government censorship. He has announced that he will boycott MSNBC until it yields to his demand to stop airing President Donald Trump’s daily briefing. He is calling on other commentators to join his boycott. Dean has curiously not pledged to boycott the other networks, which are also carrying the briefings. The reason is simple: it is news. Moreover, the public in a pandemic has been watching the briefings even though some of us object to some of President Trump’s comments, particularly his attacks on political and media figures. Yet, Dean is only the latest liberal figure or group to try to censor the briefings to prevent public access.

Recently, the liberal group “Free Press” petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to curtail direct airing of the briefings or imposed disclaimers to protect the public from false information. The frivolous “emergency” filing was rejected by the FCC. Free Press co-CEO Jessica González seemed entirely oblivious to the assault on free speech and its implications for government censorship: “Today’s decision shows that when the Republican ideologues sitting in the majority at the FCC are asked to provide guidance and protect people against medical misinformation aired on broadcast outlets, they don’t take that request seriously.” It is free speech, not the request, that was taken seriously in this case.

Free Press is not alone. Many Trump critics have called for networks to stop airing the briefings even though many viewers want to watch them for the updates on key data. They insist that Trump is using the briefings for political purposes and spreading false information or evading responsibility. However, polls show that more Americans approve than disapprove of Trump’s handling of the crisis. Indeed, the country remains about where it was with Trump, though his favorable ratings have climbed. We remain effectively split down the middle along party lines (with independents generally more critical than supportive of Trump). In other words, those who did not want to hear from Trump before the outbreak do not want to hear from him now. Conversely, those who support him want to hear him on a daily basis.

The problem is that many in the public are equally leery of the media as a source for news. A recent poll showed the media being given the lowest levels of trust by the public. Indeed, only the media is given more negative than positive marks.

Nevertheless, Dean has threatened that he will not go on until MSNBC cuts off President Trump at the briefings:

“I just told MSNBC I wasn’t going on their shows as long as they were broadcasting trump’s [sic] press conference. I won’t make much difference if it’s just me but if 50 of you did it it would make a difference.”

Last week, CNN anchor Don Lemon seemed to suggest that the need to cut off Trump was that he is succeeding with the public:

“It is all a plot. It is all orchestrated. And if you can’t see it, I don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s obvious, it’s transparent to me. This has become — those press briefings have become his new ‘Apprentice.’ They’ve become his new rallies. And he treats the press and the media as if he’s talking to the people at his rallies. It’s the same thing. It’s no different except the audience isn’t there.”

Dean’s threat comes across as both pedantic and frankly a tad pathetic. Faced with a refusal of the networks not to air clearly newsworthy briefings (or the public to stop watching them), Dean leaves the impression of stomping out in an over-dramatized fit.

The media has done a good job in hitting Trump for false or misleading statements. I have been tweeting daily and have taken exception to both statements from Trump and from the media on different occasions. With the media at an all-time low in trust, the solution is not to force the public to rely more on its editorial judgment on what to sure with viewers. The fact is that there has been biased reporting as well as brilliant reporting. The public wants as much direct data and information as possible. I have watched every briefing and, while I have criticized some of Trump’s comments, they have consistently made news and offered new information.

Finally, if Dean was trying to make a point, he might not be quite so selective. It is like saying that he will protest fast food by refusing to eat only at Burger King. Dean is an able advocate for Democratic values and he should put aside this drama — and stop conditioning his commentary on networks denying access to viewers to these briefings during a pandemic.

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  1. How sad it must be believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality tv star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.

    1. FIsh, it is a mystery that so many people have been so easily conned to believe that nonsense, but boiled down, that’s what it is. He’s not that convincing a liar, though well practiced, which is why the majority of Americans hate his guts and always have.

        1. No, you’re comparing apples to oranges when you use approval ratings to gauge people’s emotional feelings about Trump

          The question is merely do you approve of disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and not how do you FEEL about Donald Trump as a person

          Large numbers of people have made it abundantly clear in a variety of public forums that they flat-out hate Donald Trump’s guts

  2. Basically, Howard Dean is trying to leverage the media to prevent viewers from having information. Censoring the President.

    Pretty sad state of affairs.

    1. Dean is the one “trying to leverage the media to prevent viewers from having information”? Only in Hannityland. What “leveraging” are you talking about? Do you know what “leveraging” means?

      No one is censoring Trump. You Trumpsters are the ones trying to force America to listen to a campaign speech and daily pack of lies in order to hear what the CDC doctors are saying.

  3. I should add the left doesn’t want more than one opinion, their own.

    The media voted to have Chinese media beholden to the Chinese Communist Party, but they kept OANN out of the press room because OANN is not a leftist media company. Is Fox News, the only company that is not leftist at the press briefings? It seems so.

    The left seems to accept the Chinese Communist Party but not diversity in news in the US.

    So much for a balanced media in this country.

      1. Tell us what makes OANN not real aside from you don’t agree with them. They have been more correct than you, the MSM, and Biden.

        That makes your position a tough sell so I predict you will not deal with the facts and run away again.

    1. And the reason OANN is fake news can be seen in this “article”:

      A statement, supposedly by Biden, is alluded to in a backward way, while not providing proof by way of an actual quote (something in quotation marks that would be fact checked) or with a clip of video showing him saying this.

      It’s shoddy journalism, straight fake news, hence their non-inclusion in the press room.

      1. And you do the same thing on this blog all the time, Allan. I’m pretty sure you don’t know the difference between solid journalistic principles and fake news. That’s at best. At worst, you do know and consciously lie constantly…

        I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and standing by your cluelessness.

        1. Not worth your time Elvis, though maybe a time passer, like playing with your cat and a laser beam.

          1. …And now two half-brains try to complete a full one. A half-brain plus a half-brain is still a half-brain.

        2. Your statements are the beginning of you running away. Blame someone else when you are totally ignorant. This is not the first time we have had this type of argument. It has occurred many times under many different aliases and eventually unable to produce fact you run away.

          This is exactly what happened with Jan F. who became Anon and like a virus spread to many different aliases. Alway wrong, lies and runs away.

      2. It appears that the article was substantially correct. Joe Biden’s video’s rejecting the Chinese Travel Ban have been produced many times and is old news. Take note, you don’t disagree with what OANN said. You only are upset that they didn’t provide you with a video that is easily Googled. You call it shoddy journalism, but apparently you don’t know what journalism is. It’s not a complete history book satisfying your dreams.

        On the other side of the coin you will call O’Keefe a liar because he actually shows video as a source of news.

        You can’t make up your mind and you cannot provide an argument that is sensible, but you will run away.

        1. And point out exactly why OANN is not allowed in the press room as I sprint away from the diesel powered ignorance of Allan’s commentary.

          1. The ignorance you display is appalling. OANN is a rational news source that frequently disagrees with MSM. Those that say they believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press keep OANN out of the press conferences and off of many TV sets. Some of MSM even wants to keep the President off the air. On the other hand these same “freedom loving American jounalists” wellcome China’s Communist news service with open arms.

            You call my commentary ignorant but you know nothing about OANN while others including myself know who they are. I guess you choose insults not based on truth or fact, rather whether or not you can spell the word

            1. I just pointed out the major journalistic flaw in an article i posted from OANN itself. Any journalism 101 class would focus on that same weakness on the first day.

              And censorship goes on everywhere. I often get censored here. I don’t change names by choice, I stick with one until I get bounced then come back with the next. Count yourself fortunate Allan, I’m here to educate you a bit.

              1. You don’t know what journalism is. What did they say that wasn’t already common knowledge?

                You hide your name on a continuous basis. I had problems with posting many times but I always identified myself. Not you. You could easily have signed your name and come back to your original name anytime you wanted

                You are running away from your aliases and your arguments. Run, run, faster.

                1. Respond to the content, buddy, and move on. Better yet, find a friend — someone with whom you can ‘argue’ endlessly.

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid is back. How nice. Unfortuantely you don’t know what the word content means so what you say is just plain Stupid. I wonder how many other alises you go under.

                    1. Allan you’d benefit from going under assumed names. Just saying. Most of your posts can’t look good in the morning.

                    2. That is why you are the one that keeps running away both from what you write and your aliases.

    2. If Trump is spouting opinion, which you just admitted he is, then this is not a news briefing–it is a campaign speech, which no network is, or should be, required to broadcast. If they do broadcast it, Democrats are entitled to equal time.

      1. What do you think Presidents do. They have opinions (whether Obama, Clinton, Bush or Trump) about how the country should function and they let those opinions be known.

        Democrats are getting more than equal time on the shows you watch. They lie and twist the news. You eat it up. Not a bright thing to do but you have a right to watch trash.

    3. left reporting in, Alan is still stupid. I’ve been to a couple of Chinese banquets but no communist parties.

      1. Dummy, if you are with American Chinese they are not part of the Chinese Communist Party. Were you always this ignorant or is your age catching up to you.

        1. Allan – I went to a huge Chinese dance recital sponsored by the CCP undercover. It took me awhile to breakdown the funding source for each of the organizations. Then the next time I was at that arena I narced them out.

        2. oh, they have their tendrils here too

          this is not to say that all Chinese communists are bad people. This is a one party state. Pretty much if you have something to contribute and wish to advance in the PRC, you have to be a communist. This is how it was in Russia and other one party states. So there are good people even in the CCP at many layers, even if the thing as a whole is a problem.

          One party states: one day it may be that here too. I wonder to what extent many of our own bureaucracies are absolutely dominated by Democrats. Perhaps we think we see the anger of the apparent “Deep State” when we might actually just be seeing a collective form of sabotage emanating from a preponderance of Democrats among the bureaucracies, embedded like so many ticks on a junkyard dog?

          In Chicago for example, you might as well consign yourself to the lowest rung if you want to be a Republican. Of course that’s why a lot of people left, went to the collar counties, and the place is not run by pragmatic, Democrat, upwardly mobile biglaw partners like Lori Lightfoot., bureaucrats, essentially.

          Of course Chinese who come here fear for their relatives and don’t want to rock the boat too much by whizzing on the CCP. CCP has an iron hand on the PRC from bottom all the way to top

          1. Yes, we have people that are not loyal to America even though they are citizens of the US. Then again we have leftists that are not loyal to America even though they too are citezensof the US. Any American can have loyalties to another country but what does that have to do with my response to YNOT’s typcially dumb statement?

  4. The left’s claim is that Trump lies. The truth is sometimes he exaggerates a bit but in total he has been far more accurate than the media and any Democrats vying for the office of the President now or in the near future.

    A summary of Democratic thought regarding Trumps actions.

    Trump: Chinese Travel Ban, ban on European countries

    Media and the left: The Travel Ban is racist, xenophobic, banning EU nations…bias, why not ban UK which he did. Then the media and the left do a complete about face. Trump should have done things earlier.

    Who is the liar? Only those that are so blind to reality that they cannot see the truth.

    Who is prolonging the briefings? The media. After the briefing the media asks question after question repeating themselves day after day apparently unaware of the facts.

      1. At the time the Coronavirus first appeared no one knew much about it and everyone was making their predictions. Predictions for US deaths were between 500 and 2-3 million. That is a wide variance and definitely a wide error range. Let’s take #1 from the article.

        When: Friday, February 7, and Wednesday, February 19
        The claim: The coronavirus would weaken “when we get into April, in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus.”
        The truth: It’s too early to tell if the virus’s spread will be dampened by warmer conditions. Respiratory viruses can be seasonal, but the World Health Organization says that the new coronavirus “can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid weather.”

        Today is April 8 and the onslaught of the virus has weakened. NYC, the hotspot, is seeing less admissions and less people on ventilators while ventilators are being released as not needed from several states. It appears the Presidents belief was correct, but you wouldn’t recognize fact from fiction because your brain only functions in the direction of hate Trump.

        Let’s take one of the most important controversies where action had to be taken. Trump Jan 31 EO: The Chinese Travellers Ban opposed by Biden, Fauci, the MSM and all or almost all people from the left on this blog. Who was right? The President.

        Take note how the first item on the list provided by your source that you obviously didn’t understand or read is now debunked.

        1. Leave it to Allan to point at New York as proof that Trump’s lie is actually true.

          You saying something is debunked doesn’t make it debunked. It would be one thing if there were no statistical reality to counteract your claim…, but no, Allan goes with it anyway.

          1. NYC is almost half the deaths. The west coast has been sending ventilators east. We have smaller problems but what we do think is true is that the deaths rise as the curve flattens. Your mathematical and cognitive abilities are low so let me make it easy. People enter the hospital and get sicker and sicker over a period of a couple of weeks with many going on ventilators where a very large percentage will die. Suddenly less people are coming to the hospital but the numbers on ventilators are at the max. As they die the death toll rises even if no one enters the hospital.

            I took the number 1 item from your article and showed that it was wrong.

            You talk, talk and talk never saying much of anything though you do throw in a bunch of lies.

            Now you will try and untangle yourself from the mess you created. Then you will run away again.

            1. You didn’t show anything was wrong. You just said it was wrong, tossed out an incoherent rationale which you are probably convinced of and think you’ve shown something. Critical thinking is obviously not a strong suit in Allan land.

              And the skew between hospital admissions and deaths from CV-19 goes back all the way to some research I attached to you weeks back…, something you said was too long to read and that I didn’t even understand…

              Interestingly enough, that’s exactly why I know you don’t understand it. Your accusations about non comprehension always reflect where you are with an issue, Allan. It’s so obvious it might serve you well to go back and read over your posts to see just how obvious it is.

              Basic formula: when hospital admissions start to slow, deaths go up because the average time frame of getting CV-19 and going into ICU is in the 2 week range, sometimes a little longer. Natural skew, see?

              And while NY may be peaking within a couple days, St. Louis, for example, won’t be peaking for 2-3 weeks. Rolling peaks across the nation. So a peak in NY doesn’t mean a peak nationally. Explaining that to you since holding a couple of concurrent ideas is also not your strong suit.

              Where Trump was wrong, but not entirely on the wrong track was in his original prediction that the “heat” of April would make CV-19 magically disappear. What helps with viral relief is actually fresh air and keeping windows open, not heat per se. Sunshine also constricts a virus’ cell walls as well. So Trump was on the right track…, but Trump being Trump, he was off track on the exact reasoning underlying.

              In that respect, we are more fortunate than China was in strict timing, China reaching critical mass in early winter, while in the U.S. we have the advantage of oncoming spring. But as in the flu epidemic of ’17-18, there was a fierce reverb the next fall. So we’re not out of the woods.

              Interestingly enough, antibody testing will show CV-19 was actually in the States as far back as last spring. Wuhan is just where it hit critical mass first. And, as we know, even after the ‘travel ban’ on China, 430,000 people entered the U.S. from China while Trump was failing in the other aspects of pandemic response.

              I think I’ve broken this down basically enough for you, Allan. And it’s a good bookend to the research I attached to you a few weeks back. Enjoy.

              1. I proved Trump substantially correct on the first item in the article you used as proof. Not long ago I posted a similar story on another hotspot, Louisiana where the admissions are also decreasing.

                Now you are doing your Natacha game of writing long stories filled with mistruths, repeat statements, off subject statements and now you are changing the subject after you realize your statement holds no water. You blame it on his use of the word “heat”. The word “heat” was not used and what he said was thought by a lot of scientists I think including Fauci.

                You are running away from the discussion and trying to create something that doesn’t exist or is insignificant.

                Where is the proof that the off topic stuff you are filling your reply with is true.

        2. Allan says: “today is April 8 and the onslaught of the virus has weakened.” That’s not true. Cases are going down ONLY because of social distancing and stay at home orders, and this does not prove that Trump was telling the truth when he said it would be gone by April. He had no basis for saying that, and we don’t know what would have happened if schools and businesses hadn’t closed, if we hadn’t sheltered in place and weren’t wearing face masks. It only appears that infections and deaths are leveling off–they aren’t gone. It hasn’t “magically disappeared” as he claims, and there’s no proof that it will do so. Time will tell.

          The so-called “travel ban” is a joke–over 400,000 people came to the U.S. from China after the “ban”, because there were exceptions, including those who were American citizens, those with visas, etc.. Something to take credit for without basis in fact. These 400K could well have spread the virus, so Trump can’t take credit for saving any lives.

          1. 779 people died yesterday from CV-19 in NY. I believe yesterday was considered to be April.

            And truthfully, however much he’s been doing his best to throw sand in the gears of pandemic response, Trump is regularly being overruled from within at this point. They let him rail on soporifically in public at his freak show pressers, rail on in the oval office, at reporters, whatever…, but he’s had to back track on every single one of his denials, on every aspect of policy suggested by Fauci and Birx.

            Of course it would be nice if he didn’t make a point to try to campaign at the pressers and not get in the way at every opportunity, but it seems Trump is just plain incapable of it…

            So Trump is a liar. Every single day proves it.

            1. You have difficulty understanding what the 779 represent. Look at how many were admitted to hospitals and how many less are now on ventilators.

          2. Not to mention the fact the airlines instituted the ‘travel ban’ from China before Trump actually did. Basically the ‘travel ban’ talking point relied upon by the Trumpers is just grasping at the only excuse possible to try to mitigate Trump’s flagrantly awful pandemic response tactics. Or rather lack of tactics as diagnostic testing and supply of ventilators and PPE was (and still is) woefully short.

            Basically the travel ban talking point tries to deflect from Trump’s actively ignoring normal guidelines from the National Security Council and the CDC for pandemic response. It may be a step up from complete denial — but really only serves to highlight how poorly Trump has handled CV-19 overall.

            1. “Not to mention the fact the airlines instituted the ‘travel ban’ from China before Trump actually did. ”

              Actually earlier than the travel ban Trump ordered the airlines to stop flying from certain areas.

          3. “Allan says: “today is April 8 and the onslaught of the virus has weakened.” ”

            It has in that it is not spreading as quickly and is disappearing from areas. It also may have weakened from mutations.

            The Travel ban prevented millions more from coming in and spreading the virus further. You don’t know what you are talking about and you make a mess out of rational thought.

        1. That mistake would be thinking there’s any chance at all of you being able to recognize something true as true.

          You’re like my neighbor’s dog. He’ll come up with this nasty tennis ball in his mouth and drop at my feet. Nudging it toward me like a maniac. I’ll pick it up, bounce it off the sidewalk a couple times to get the dirt off…

          And the dog just stares at the concrete insanely, wondering where the ball disappeared to.

          1. What proof do you have? None. You provided a citation of an article. I copied the first item and showed why it was wrong. You had no response. You just knew the article made a claim. Did you check it out? No. Did you check the date? No. The dog you talk about is smarter than you. He saw something that didn’t make sense to him so he thought about it. It might take him time to learn but by thinking the dog eventually might learn.

            In your case there is no thought process so you remain dumber than the dog.

            1. And there we have it. There are literally no words left on the subject. I leave you, and my neighbor’s dog, to your infinite genius.

              Party on.

            2. By the way, the proof is in what happened in reality. You’re used to doubting reality, so I can’t help you with that.

              Keep rocking out with that and report back how you’re doing with it.

              1. More Natacha cr-p. Pepper the blog with responses but none on target. That is your smokescreen you hide behind while you run.

  5. Howard Dean has never been the brightest bulb in the fixture. I boycotted MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and NBC a long time ago, because they were too much like Hoard Dean.

  6. JT: “Dean is an able advocate for Democratic values”

    Howard Dean is pure scum. Does anyone here actually support this vile creature in any way? He fights against drug reimportation and backs the psycho-terrorists MEK. He’s a lobbyist who doesn’t register as a lobbyist and gets away with it…a total sell-out. He’s a shill for giant corporations.

  7. That’s the channel he appears on. While the country needs updates on our health situation the fact that it comes with a dose of bullying and lies makes it of dubious value


    Like anybody is going to miss him??? Don’t they call this Dunning Kruger Effect where some idiot tremendously overrates their own competence??? Or is it just plain ol’ hubris on steroids.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  9. There is very little “news” presented at these pep rallies, unless it is news when Trump acts like an ignorant a.s trying to sell us a used pandemic response. It isn’t. It’s news if he doesn’t.

  10. Dean’s always been a puzzle. Unlike, say, John Kerry, he had other things to do with his life than electoral politics. You don’t get to be a physician without smarts and physical stamina. He and his wife had founded and run their own general practice. Unlike John Edwards, his career ‘ere entering politics was not an embarrassment. Unlike Kerry, Edwards, and Barack Obama, he ran for president having actually run something other than his mouth. Prior to about 2002, he didn’t have a reputation as a nut, either. You might figure that at that time it was just salesmanship to the Democratic Party’s Cindy-Sheehan wing, but he’s kept it up for the last 16 years, beyond when it could do even a very cynical man a bit of good.

    1. There’s nothing puzzling about Dean. He’s laid out his cards for everyone to see. He will do anything for money and power. That anyone would fall for his schtick after all these years is puzzling.

      1. i always kind of liked that guy. he was on the radio a couple months ago and sounded reasonable compared to some of the nutters they field today

      1. He used to hit on my friend when she waited tables way back when. He seemed shocked she didn’t know who he was.

  11. HOWARD DEAN is a NUT JOB – Always has been – He like all DEM’s and Main Street MEdia can’t stand TRUMP’s success for the daily briefings, even the Trump haters, who some I know, tune in.

    Your getting the unfiltered Truth vs the MSM lies.

    It drives the Trump haters and MSM crazy.

  12. I Think CNN is starting the news conferences after the President is done. However, no one watches CNN.

  13. Agreed, Professor. While I prefer the briefings of Cuomo and RI gov Gina Raimondo for factual content and emotional levity, Trump is still president even though he’s clearly not in control of the CV-19 situation. Therefore it’s news when he speaks/slurs.

    Rather than give Trump a further foil by refusing to air his Apprentice briefings, it’s best to hang him out in public to expose his dysfunction to the sunshine. If this country can’t look at this guy in action, and not vote him out in the fall, I’m afraid we don’t deserve much as a nation.

    Trump has already abdicated so much U.S. status on so many issues, we as the voting electorate shouldn’t be given a pass card for being just as responsible as Trump is for letting it go on. A daily briefing/public relations disaster should be the minimum we’re forced to suffer, especially given his failed pandemic response is directly responsible for the needless deaths of thousands of our residents.

    So until further notice, we just all need to knuckle down and take daily doses of Sir Floptop’s freak show pressers as nothing else but a reminder of just how far we’ve fallen as a nation.

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