Isolation Waltz: Seven-Year-Old Greek Prodigy Pens Incredible Musical Piece For The World

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I wanted to share an absolutely beautiful composition by Stelios Kerasidis. He has been described as either 7 or 8 and the video is an amazing thing to watch as he plays his “isolation waltz” inspired by the pandemic.

Stelios is the son of two pianists and first gave a public performance at age 3.

While many have already viewed his work on YouTube it is a lovely piece that is really uplifting for everyone locked in during the crisis. For those of us who do not understand Greek, he starts by saying “Hi guys! I’m Stelios. Let’s be just a teeny bit more patient and we will soon be out swimming in the sea. I’m dedicating to you a piece of my own.”

This by the way is his third composition:

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  1. This prodigy may have some learning to do about mood. The world is in a funk so he sets off in a minor. The value of his contribution, at this juncture, must have been the uplifting of spirits. Instead, he aggrieves us with a death fugue.

      1. That, me thinks, is impossible given that volume of raw talent. He might benefit from some direction into a major key and:


        Gather ’round me, everybody
        Gather ’round me while I’m preachin’
        Feel a sermon comin’ on me
        The topic will be sin and that’s what I’m ag’in’
        If you want to hear my story
        The settle back and just sit tight
        While I start reviewin’
        The attitude of doin’ right
        You’ve got to accentuate the positive
        Eliminate the negative
        And latch on to the affirmative
        Don’t mess with Mister In-Between
        You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum
        Bring gloom down to the minimum
        Have faith or pandemonium’s
        Liable to walk upon the scene
        To illustrate my last remark
        Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark
        What did they do just when everything looked so dark?
        (Man, they said “We’d better accentuate the positive”)

    1. Took some hunting but it reminded me of Mr. Holland’s Opus in some respect until it took off into some uncharted musical territory. So that one is a definite must have. Time to start haunting Amazon for the DVD.

  2. Thank you Professor…….yes, lovely indeed! Such a nice respite for us. And what a sweet child with a wonderful, and most likely, exciting future.
    I notice he’s playing a Yamaha………that’s perfect for his young little hands, imo…..So much easier to play than others, again, my opinion.
    I’ve never been on one that didn’t feel (almost) like butter.😍

    1. I felt compelled to listen to the young man a 2nd time. Thank you, young master!!!

  3. I think when I was 11, I was trying to see from how far away I could pee into a bucket. It’s just such a shame to see this kid wasting is childhood! 🙂

    1. kydave – he is young, he has time to turn his life around and join the rest of us as junior criminals. 😉

    2. 🙂 I was engaged in GI Joe/Barbie warfare. My most radical tactic was to layout a stream of lighter fluid from my bedroom to my sister’s collection of dolls and then light it. Oh, the good ole days.

      1. Olly, you sound just like my brothers. Haha. My barbies were mangled. Not to mention the Nerf guns and then later in teen years, the airsoft guns that were shot at me. One time, they set up a trap with a string so when the door opened a bunch of pop crackers exploded and smoke everywhere. Yeah, lots of stories.

        1. 🙂 That’s what brothers are for. I had 4 sisters and no brothers. Being outnumbered to me meant everything was fair game, including beheadings and dart wars.

      2. I did timing delays with M-80’s and GI Joe in various situations. It was all about gauging altitude on explosion.

        1. I thought so…sisters can be ruthless though on the counter-attack. I didn’t mention my mom had a collection of belts…:(

        2. Cindy Bragg – just a tale for the fairer sex. My sister is 8 years younger and when my G.I. Joe went missing, I really didn’t miss it. However, at some point I was sent to get her from her bedroom and found her, Barbie, and my G.I. Joe getting more action than I was at the time. 😉

          1. Paul C…….LOL….Great story! As a little Southern Baptist girl, I would not have had any idea about what they were doing!

            1. Cindy Bragg – how old were you when your Barbie got some action. 😉

              1. Paul C…… parents couldn’t afford Barbie-type dolls😣……but to answer your question, I was a first year school teacher! Ancient!!! LOL

                1. Cindy Bragg – I was a late starter, too. Seems to have worked out for you. 😉

              2. Oh, Lordie, Lord…Paul, 😒. I see you.

                Don’t be bugging Cindy about her Barbie’s action, or lack thereof.

                1. WW33 – you need to catch up. Cindy and I have solve this problem. 😉

                    1. WW33 – i doubt very much if you are a tortoise, however you can tell us about your Barbie experiences. 🙂

                    2. Actually, Paul, I have some other topics I want to discuss on here, including, the Bohemian Grove, the Lost Nixon Tapes (where he references it).

                      Also, the Round Table, and Cecil Rhodes.

                      And, the significance of Nelson Mandela as a Knights of Malta member.

                      I have a lot of questions about secret societies and clubs, and the interactions between them on the world stage.

                      Or are these topics not allowed?

                    3. WW33 – In my storage shed, I have several years of plays from the Bohemian Grove. I know a little bit about it. Which Round Table are you interested in? Did not know Mandela was a Knight of Malta. Was that before or after he was released from prison. I am aware of some of the secret societies, but not in depth. Don’t know much about Cecil Rhodes, except he existed.

                      However, I am always up for a in depth discussion and I am a pretty good researcher. If you are interested, pick a topic and let’s start. 😉

                    4. Stanley Kubrick is one of my all-time favorite movie directors. Unfortunately, he is not here anymore.

                      I also want to discuss Adam Weishaupt versus Adolph Knigge, and what exactly happened. 😁👀⚡😁

                    5. WW33 – I haven’t the foggiest on Adolph Knigge v Adam Weishaupt. Don’t know who they are.

                    6. Out of the University of Ingolstadt, came law professor, Weishaupt, and the Order of the Illuminati. This was in the 1700s.

                      Anyway, long story short, Weishaupt and Knigge, had a falling out. Knigge allegedly accused Weishaupt of being a “Jesuit in disguise,” which I assume was a pretty, pretty, pretty big insult back in the day (using Larry David’s words 😉). And then, Weishaupt accused Knigge of being way too into Occultism.

                      And bam⚡💥💫

                    7. WW33 – so, do you think the Illuminati still exist? Are you looking to join?

                    8. WW33 – The Masons have become a very open organization in the last few years.

                  1. My apologies, Paul. Laundry duties.

                    Does the Order still exist. Hrrm, good question. It is my understanding that they disbanded, a very long time ago.

                    But one can always ponder…or perhaps, a new group subrogated, stepped into the shoes of…

                    The Masons are very open now, especially in the last few years. I have noticed as well.

                    There was a picture of George Washington in Apron, on Black & White tiles, that started my interest.

                    Then, in DC, I happened to see the Scottish Rite Temple and the No. 33, and became even more fascinated. My whole thought was, Why are these Egyptian Sphinx doing here?

                    Also, a fan of Dan Brown books, lol, so ya know, when in Rome, well DC is Little Rome based on the layout.

                    I’ll say it like a rapper, when in Lil’ Rome. 😆😉😁

                    1. WW33 – Dan Brown is a p**s poor historian. Read him only for fun.

                      There is supposedly a connection to the building of the pyramids and the first masons. I cannot find the story and I am getting sleepy. However, that is the reason for the Sphinx. The order started sometime in the 1400s from the stone mason who were building cathedrals. Very exclusive group.

                    2. It was my understanding that Nelson Mandela became a knight of SMOM in 1996, and later invested in 2004.

                      He was pretty high up there in rank.

                      He was York Rite, and only level above is Order of the Temple (Knights Templar). And below Knights of Malta is Order of the Red Cross, I assume related to THE Red Cross Organization.

                      The building in DC is the Scottish Rite, the one with the Egyptian Sphinx. Different branch, with the 33 degrees.

                      If I am wrong on any of this, please correct.

                    3. WW33 – I had to do a far amount of research on this one. It appears that South Africa has a distinct branch of the Masons called the York rite. They use the same vestments as the Knights of Malta, hence the confusion. The real Knights of Malta require that you be Catholic to join, I think the York rite doesn’t even care if you are an atheist. It has been really hard to nail down Mandella’s religious beliefs )if he has any).

                      You are right about the Scottish rite, they have 33 degrees. As a little factoid, giving someone the 3rd degree comes from the 3rd degree initiation for the Knights of Columbus. KoC only has 4 degrees, the last one is costly so most don’t do it.

                      As for rankings, you can go through the ranking fairly fast in a large lodge. You have to find tutors and you have to put the time in.

                    4. Paul – I laughed at Dan Brown comment 😆. okay, Dan Brown only for entertainment, got it.

                      Sounds good, interesting stuff, we can pick this historic topic up another night. Get some 💤 😪

                  2. Careful Paul, it appears a trap.

                    The numbers don’t add up so far.

                    The economy has to open back up or more people are injured/die the this Wuhan China flu.

                    1. WW33 – what WordPress needs is an IM function so you can have side conversations.

  4. That’s beautiful. What a gift he has. My 11 year old son just started piano lessons with his mom and I’ll show him this video.

  5. Beyond awesome. Little man brings the heat. Thanks for posting, Professor!

  6. He can come to play music in my living quarters anytime. He is really amazing. I love seeing young children with such beautiful gifts from God.

    1. WW33 – boys that age are not sterile. You will have to Lysol your house after he leaves. 😉

        1. WW33 – well, he might be the one sterile boy in the world who is that age. 😉

    1. Paul C…….OT ..the Cornish pasty shop in Mesa ships next Monday.
      The lady at the Tempe–Univ location,btw, couldn’t stop laughing at my accent, poor kid…

      1. Cindy Bragg – we have twangs here, not accents. 🙂 Last time I was there we ate at the counter where you can watch them making the pasties. The counter also has hooks under it for purses. 😉

        1. Why don’t they all have hooks for purses? That would be a great idea.

          Now I’m craving pasties. Haven’t had one for years.

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