Illinois Homeowner Kills One Burglar and Tackles Another In Latest Pandemic Crime

Mugshot for Bradley Finnan, 39, of Chatanooga, Tenn.

I am in Chicago to assist with my 92-year-old mother who is in failing health. Much of the local news is about an outrageous crime where two armed robbers wore medical masks and gloves to break into a home. With people suffering in this crisis, these two individuals saw a criminal opportunity rather than human empathy. The problem is that they picked the wrong house. Not only was the crime captured on Ring, but the homeowner in Arlington Heights fatally shot Larry Brodacz, 58, and chased down, Bradley Finnan, 39.

The homeowner tackled Finnan who was able to run away but was later captured by police. The doorbell video captured the two men in their criminal act. As reported by WGN-TV, the police reported that “Fearing for his life and the lives of his wife and children, the homeowner discharged a round from the family handgun, striking Mr. Brodacz in the abdomen.”

Finnan met Brodacz at a car dealership job and reportedly told police that Brodacz told him that he once saw $200,000 in boxes in the home, but that was 20 years ago.

Finnan has been charged with felony murder due to the death of his co-felon. Such charges have been long criticized by defense counsel but are now routinely brought against those who participated in a crime leading to the death of a fellow criminal.

This crime is not unique as we have been discussing during the pandemic, including the spike in burglaries in New York and the recent horrific murders in Michigan. As I said before, crisis rarely changes people. It merely magnifies what is already in a person. Good people can become incredible heroes while bad people can become truly demonic. This seems a case of the latter.

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  1. I think the homeowner is a former associate of these professional criminals.

  2. Dittos to this homeowner! I hate violence, abhor it and have no record of such conduct. But the bottom line is, if you break into my home the outcome will not be pleasant for you. It is that simple. And I don’t care if your name is sh@@turious, Rafael, Rufus or whether you are a brave, masked member of the antifa.

    And call me what you want, I will be alive.


  3. “Illinois Homeowner Kills One Burglar” This should happen more often.

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