Ohio Man Arrested For Pulling Gun On Easter Bunny

One Ohio man has a curious way of celebrating Easter. The unnamed 49-year-old man was arrested after pointing a gun at the Easter Bunny in Middlebourne, Ohio. Police later found a .22-caliber handgun and an open 12-pack of beer in truck. It is a good thing, as my kids remind me every year, that the Easter Bunny does not impose a moral test like Santa. Both naughty and nice benefit equally from the Bunny, though there could be a little use proviso on the pulling of guns on the righteous rabbit.

The man was unresponsive to commands at the roadside stop and a police dog was brought out. He then began to respond and was placed into custody. Another man was also found in the truck.

He was ultimately turned down by jail officials because he had an elevated temperature and could have coronavirus. He will now face charges of aggravated menacing and improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle.

Of course, some kids have indicated that they might prefer to be armed during encounters with the rabbit:

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  1. Apparently, Professor Turley wrote the following excerpts on April 11, 2020. In summary, the Professor contends that rights, freedoms and immunities in the Constitution are not absolute and may be denied arbitrarily on the basis of the potential for rights and freedoms to cause bodily injury and/or property damage. Americans must be protected from bodily injury and property damage but there must be “probable cause.” One can’t keep and bear arms to shoot a bad neighbor. The discharge of arms will cause bodily injury. Various types of flu have been causing bodily injury and death for centuries. Currently, the statics show the usual and customary flu is more lethal than the “Wuhan Flu.”

    Where do we draw the line in denying constitutional rights? The “Wuhan Flu” is going to kill a certain percentage of the population no matter what “preventive measures” are taken. The “Wuhan Flu” will make multiple passes through America. Many people have contracted and recovered from the “Wuhan Flu” back in October and November of 2019. Many are asymptomatic. Does the right of a few people to be spared exposure deny the constitutional rights of all Americans? Who makes that decision? In fact, the Constitution does not address the denial of constitutional rights other than allowing the arrest of people and the denial of a court date only in a condition of rebellion or invasion. 40,000 people die on highways annually. Many victims of automobile wrecks have absolutely no idea or forewarning, for example, that the whole family is going to die or in a head-on collision on the way to grandma’s house. Does America prohibit driving? We know bad things are going to happen on the highways, right?

    People who play with fire know the risks. People who take the risks accept them. People who want to commit suicide must know and accept the “risks.” It is not clear that suicide is unconstitutional or that a law precluding it could or should be written. People who embark on cruise ships or go to a church full of an infected congregation must have some defective thought process but the remedy for their hazardous acts is specific and particular quarantine.

    “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”

    – Sir Walter Scott

    Abraham Lincoln was allowed to deny constitutional rights. He gladly seized more and more power, ultimately placing America on the progressive road to communism by first eliminating classes from society per Karl Marx (Marx 1849, Lincoln 1860), Lincoln’s mentor. There is little in the Communist Manifesto that remains to be implemented in America. Central planning, control of the means of production (regulation), redistribution of wealth and social engineering have nullified and abrogated the Constitution and Bill of Rights and now hold dominion with an iron grip in the United States, communists having succeeded in “fundamentally transforming” them.

    Threats to the public must be thoroughly quantified. Colds and influenza have been a public threat for centuries.

    Tyrants and dictators will take a mile, given an inch.

    Rights, freedoms and immunities are provided by the Constitution, not denied by the Constitution.

    “…the Constitution ‘is not a suicide pact.'”

    “No constitutional rights are truly absolute.”

    Why the government can shut down church gatherings during pandemic (excerpted)

    By Jonathan Turley

    “This may be the most compelling use of the belief that the Constitution “is not a suicide pact.” I have been critical of that often repeated reference by those who want to ignore fundamental rights. It was originally attributed to Abraham Lincoln after he had violated the Constitution by unilaterally suspending habeas corpus. It is more often attributed to Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, without noting that he used the line in one of his most reprehensible opinions, a dissent to the Supreme Court extending protections to a priest arrested for his controversial speech.

    “These churches would convert the free exercise clause into a suicide pact of sorts. The interpretation not only puts the faithful at risk of infection but also their communities. No constitutional rights are truly absolute. Rights such as free exercise of religion and free speech can be overcome with a sufficiently compelling purpose of state and the least restrictive means of achieving that purpose. There is nothing more compelling than battling a pandemic, and limiting gathering size is the only effective deterrent to the coronavirus spreading until a vaccine can be made available.”

    – The Hill, 4/11/20

  2. It was self-defense. The Easter Bunny wasn’t wearing a face mask. His photo, posted by Turley, will be introduced as Exhibit A by defense counsel.

    1. Failure To Mask – A weapon wielded sufficiently to require the Lincolnesque denial of freedom of religion and assembly to all Americans nationwide per Professor Turley as presented above.

      “That dudn’t make any sense.”

      – George W. Bush

  3. The only way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good bunny with a gun. We should have all bunnies be armed. The people should demand that bunnies have the same 2nd amendment rights that humans have. Bunnies should have the right to stand their ground too. Bunnies should have the right to conceal their firearms, that includes AR-15’s and other hunting and sporting models. No background checks for bunnies. Bunnies should have same day purchasing and carry-out laws. And of course, no limits of ordering and purchasing of hollow-point rounds or bulletproof penetrating rounds from any and all guns. The NRA be renamed the National Rabbit Association, and if these laws are not met, all bunnies are encouraged to gather fully-armed on Federal or State grounds and demand their God given right to any and all firearms.

  4. I am betting it is a pro-abortion advocate, because everybody knows the Easter Bunny is anti-abortion.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    *There are tornadoes all around me, so if I don’t show up here for a while, I am in Oz or something.

    1. How many pro-abortion-rights activists do you know that owns guns and turns them on people they oppose? Being thick like brick is helpful in staying delusional and happy, I guess. No?

  5. I am going with diminished capacity. If they can prove the Easter Bunny exists, they can convict!!!! Happy Easter, everyone. 🙂

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