Louisiana Pastor Who Refused Pandemic Orders Announces He Will Accept Pandemic Checks

RISD_Tax_Collectors-1We previously discussed the defiance of Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell who refused to stop holding large services as the state struggled to control the coronavirus.  Now, Spell has announced that while he wants nothing to do with orders designed to control the virus, he would appreciate the faithful sending him and other churches their pandemic stimulus checks.  We also previously discussed televangelists telling the faithful that the pandemic and economic collapse is not excuse to stop sending tithes to the churches.

Spell has launched the #PastorSpellStimulusChallenge, to collect stimulus checks for churches and ministers.

CNN’s Victor Blackwell asked on Sunday about “people who you know don’t have much” to hand over their $1,200 stimulus checks, but Spell said many evangelists are not getting checks.
This might be a tad more compelling if Spell was not the early face of defiance against efforts to control the spread.  It is like refusing to help put out a fire destroying a home and then contacting the owners if they wanted to donate their insurance payment.

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  1. I think he forgot the rules. If you take gov-ment money, you get gov-ment strings attached.

  2. Look, this so-called pastor knows he has a gold mine at his fingertips. He probably already knows his chumps by their certificate of stupidity red MAGA hats and shirts. Why not pick them clean before their families are faced with the cost of hospital stays and burial.

  3. If this pastor is encouraging people to tithe, the amount would be $120.00 not $1200.00. And with the exception of certain tele-evangelists who belong behind bars (Peter Popoff, for example) in most churches there is no absolute requirement to tithe if you are financially unable to do so.

    Secondly, the phrase “while he wants nothing to do with orders designed to control the virus” could have been written “while he wants nothing to do with orders designed to cancel the First Amendment…” Remember the cop who told the Greenville minister “Your rights have been cancelled.”?

    In NYC, the mayor is encouraging people to photograph people who are not wearing masks and/or maintaining social distancing and then send those pictures in so that “enforcement” agents can be sent out. Can you say East Germany?

    In Michigan, you can go to Walmart to buy food but you can’t buy paint or seeds for your garden. If you live in Ann Arbor and have a vacation home up north you can’t get into your own car and drive there. You can go sailing on a lake but you can’t take a motor boat out to the middle of the lake to go fishing.

    If you want to know why many people are saying enough, consider what you’ve been told. You don’t need to wear a mask….oh wait, you do need to wear a mask. You need to be six feed apart….oh wait, you need to be thirteen feet apart….oh wait, if someone sneezes and doesn’t cover their mouth you need to be twenty-seven feet apart. You need to wipe down your groceries….oh wait, the FDA now says you DON’T need to wipe down your groceries.

    Barack Obama once said that the problem with the Constitution is that it tells the government what it CAN’T do. Given what some state and local politicians are doing we have a situation where the camel’s nose is definitely under the tent.

    The First Amendment is first for a reason. The Second Amendment is there in case the First Amendment doesn’t work out. — Dave Chapelle

  4. Basically despicable in my opinion. I feel for the people who are duped by charlatans like this. Thank you for commenting on it!

  5. As far as I’m aware, the Falwells are on the level, as were Billy Graham and Bill Bright. (As far as I’m aware, the Robertson organization does not include conventional ministries, just broadcasting and schooling). You need to be very wary of any sort of innovation or entrepreneurship in matters of faith and morals. Fidelity is key, not novelty. A great many of these chaps are anxiety provoking.

  6. Perhaps the clergyman noticed Turley promoting his services of legal commentary to for-profit news corporations? Seems Turley has been very visible this past year on a few dozen news networks and as many online websites to pontificate on sundry political issues…Pro-bono, of course

  7. Given recent evidence in Massachusetts and LA county that the antibodies of the Wuhan Virus are in many more people than previously thought and hence showing the virus has been with us longer, affected fewer despite exposure and is a lot less lethal than the authorities who oppress us would have you believe, maybe we should reward people like Rev. Spell who had the guts the question the emperor’s clothes? He’s certainly no coward; a rare commodity in these hysterical days.

    1. There were about 240 elderly people on the Diamond Princess with a symptomatic illness. About a dozen have died an a handful are still not out of the woods yet. For people over 60, this is a real danger.

      As for the pastor in question, one thing that appears pretty clear is that large group events which include singing can be and have been superspreader events. He can conduct his services with an online feed and / or have small services where a two digit population is deployed throughout the nave and / or have drive-in services in parking lots. What he should not be doing is packing people in and have them sing.

      As for Catholic priests, dispense your flock from weekly attendance and have them come in alternate weeks, spread out. And do them a great favor by consigning the Oregon Catholic Press materials to the rubbish bin. Just the Mass, quiet as you can make it.

      1. TIA:

        I don’t think days sequestered on the Diamond Princess with the aged cruising crowd ( median age was between 60 and 69-year-olds according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Global Passenger Report) equates to 45 minutes in a mega church with families. Maybe its just me but I suspect the evidence will eventually show we’ve been had — as have our leaders — by fear masquerading as a “Super-Virus.”

          1. estovir:
            Can’t say we were close, but John and I were in law school together at UR. I think he went over to the Court of Appeals and served there with distinction as a staff attorney. Good guy and well suited to his new role.

        1. We’ll have an idea in about three weeks. If the people appearing are young, likely very few. While symptomatic illness can be godawful, it is very seldom lethal for anyone under 50. For those between 50 and 60, the risk factor is excess weight. Those over 60 are in danger as is, those with excess weight moreso.

  8. So he asked his congregants to consider choosing to support his church and that’s a problem? How about Harvard who took $9 Million from the American public despite a $37 Billion Endowment which I’m guessing is FAR more than is in the church’s reserves . My guess is this church needs it far more than Harvard needs it and does just as much good.

    Let’s point out ALL of the waste of these programs not just target one population or organization.

  9. Oh wow! You mean some Christians are hypocrites??? I would have never imagined such a thing! Color me SHOCKED!!!

    I mean, c’mon, this is the most newsworthy piece of hypocrisy out there right now???

    How about Queen Pelosi chomping down on $16/pint ice cream while America is waiting on a stimulus check?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky
      Like Young said earlier, she’s our very own confection-eating Marie Antoinette. And you know what happens -if only figuratively in modern days, alas – to the clueless, flaunting rich in times of crisis, right? Shoe Queen Imelda ring any bells?

    2. Not so much the hypocrisy of Christians (a topic for another day) as more evidence that 99.99% of televangelists give the rest a bad name. I know you’re far too smart to fall for the Liberal Mass-Labeling Trick ™, where a specific story is used to paint a general audience. As you well know, that Trick–by either definition, design, or both–lumps in with a breathlessly broad brush adherents who have never even heard of Rev. Spell: Much less have ever listened to his (personal??) gospel, and certainly don’t follow his teachings.

      We’ll have to ask Seth Warner (the site’s resident sheriff and record keeper) if you have ever posted anything I did not find appropriate, funny, and most importantly, spot on correct. I don’t think so, but Seth keeps little journals on all the posters to JT’s blog, so I’m sure he’ll know. It is odd that he (Warner) keeps such meticulous records about visitors to a site wherein he has never agreed with the site’s primary author, no? It’s almost obsessive/compulsive. Poor little fella.

      Anyway, please keep up the good work you do here, and doubtlessly all across the Interwebs! 🙂

  10. The Dogs R Us Congregation- is asking for dog treat donations–not money. God Spulled Backwards Is Dog.
    As for these fleece the flock guys, I say, Wake Up Americans!
    Praise the Lard and pass over a pancake.

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