Nevada Brothel Causes Stir With Stimulus Request

There is an interesting controversy brewing in Nevada over stimulus money and morality. Bella Cummins is the owner of a lawful small business who initially refused an emergency loan under the pandemic stimulus money. The reason? Her business is a brothel.  The CARES Act makes no distinction between moral and immoral businesses so long as they are lawful (and such a distinction in my view would challengeable). Brothels are lawful in Nevada.  Yet, Cummins was eventually allowed to apply for the loan but there are objections to giving stimulus money to an over-stimulating business.

Cummins has allowed her workers to remain on the property at Bella’s Hacienda Ranch in Wells, Nevada.  Her business was deemed nonessential.  While some might disagree, that distinction seems perfectly reasonable.  However, that still leaves the fact that when she went to Nevada State Bank to apply for an emergency loan from the Small Business Administration the bank balked.

Given social distancing rules, this is one business that will face the greatest delay and downturn in recovering from the pandemic.  Social distancing would seem the antithesis of the business model of a brothel.

Since applying for federal help earlier this week, the SBA has notified Cummins that her application to the Paycheck Protection Program for some $70,000 has been approved. However, she was then told by the bank that the funds were put on hold. It is not clear if that is based on the nature of her business or simply a pause in the program.

The question remains about the objections and whether there will be a move to limit future loans.  In my view, such restrictions would be arbitrary and discriminatory.  As many on this blog know, I have been a long critic of morality legislation. This is simply another variation in forcing citizens to adhere to majoritarian morals in my view if the loan is denied or the regulations changed on the basis of the business.

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  1. Is she breaking any laws? Does she have an endowment like Harvard? Or are her employees just well endowed?

    1. Independent Bob – since taste is personal, I would think they would hit the standard deviations.

  2. Any man that can have heterosexual coitus from six feet away is certainly a better man than I am !

  3. “Nevada Brothel Causes Stir…”

    – Professor Turley

    That’s a “stir?”

    America’s fertility rate is in a “death spiral.” Americans are vanishing. American women have stopped producing Americans. The population of America is imported of foreign hyphenates. American babies are killed in the womb.

    Abortion is less egregious than unconstitutional bailouts of private enterprise, which, incidentally, are dwarfed by unconstitutionally overpaid public workers (and striking teachers) in inordinately expensive, unconstitutional governmental bureaucracies, regulation being clearly unconstitutional and limited to money, the flow of commerce and land and naval Forces?

    The Constitution has been shredded, the inmates have taken over the asylum in the Communist People’s Democrazy of America and brothels are “too sexy to fail.”

    The currency is floated into Monopoly money. A trillion here, a trillion there. Where’s the problem? America can certainly afford to float some funny money to the brothels and to every person and enterprise; hand some out to the homeless while you’re at it.

    The band plays on as the Titanic sinks.

    It’s OK.

    “We all float down here!”

    – Stephen King

  4. Seth finds discussion about brothels boring. He wants to divert from that subject back to covid treatment and the biased coverage of the ever-editorial Wapoo

    OK, Seth, listen to Dr Martenson, a pathologist, conduct peer review of the negative press about these experimental treatments of covid with antivirals.

    various methodological flaws with the studies in question are explored. engage in some science here, don’t cancel out politics with more politics

    1. Kurtz, I’m fine with discussing brothels. I agree with you: they should be legal in every state and regulated by health inspectors.

    2. Here is the problem. It takes Peter Shill/Set and ByTheBullsh*t only a few seconds to lie about the drug. But the video from your doctor is 40 minutes.

      The lying shills have an advantage that they only need to tell a multitude of lies that it tales a lot of time to refute. This technique actually has a name:

      The Gish gallop is a technique used during debating that focuses on overwhelming an opponent with as many arguments as possible, without regard for accuracy or strength of the arguments.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. The Gish Galloper was Diane. Darren eventually banned her, though she sticks her nose in every once in a while. Natacha’s another, though she tends to favor volume of verbiage and repetition over bullet points.

      2. Squeaky, Trump and Fox News have shut up about the Malaria drug. Thst should tell you something.

          1. I don’t watch that much Fox yet I hear the discussion on the drug quite frequently. All that Paint Chips is proving is that the NYTimes lies and that paint chips are dangerous.

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