“We Need A Miracle”: Jim Bakker Needs Money After Government Shutdown Of His “Silver Solution” To Coronavirus

After getting out of jail for fraud, televangelist Jim Bakker wasted no time in using religion to peddle a variety of dubious products and claims. We previously discussed his selling Trump coins as a direct contact with God and Doomsday pancake mix. Now he has got himself in hot water with a purported cure for COVID-19 called his “Silver Solution” which I referenced in a recent column.  Now, as we discussed, the government has pursued Bakker, including Missouri suing the televangelist last month and New York’s attorney general sending a cease and desist letter. So Bakker has found himself in “a situation” where he is telling his followers to send him checks rather than use credit cards.  He is calling on the faithful to keep him out of bankruptcy.

Bakker told his viewers that “You can’t use credit cards if you do give to our ministry at this time because there’s a situation.” Bakker explained that the government said, “’You sold products that we didn’t approve of,’ but that’s not what we did.”  Now he is pleading for a miracle from his miracle cure: “SOS, save our station, save our ship, help us stay on the air. We’re asking people to give an offering, and we need a miracle.”

Bakker added:

“Your products are going to come to you. Every one of them will come to you, come right to your house, and if we can’t, we are going to refund. I will sell the buildings, parts of the buildings at Moringside in the long run if you give me a chance. Don’t let me have to file for bankruptcy . . . We need money to say on the air. I am just saying it bluntly,” he said. Bakker and his wife asked for people to buy their books or send in donations . . . They’re already bleeding us to death, and now we’re going to have to pay lawyers that will bleed you to death.”

There is little surprise in Bakker finding himself again in legal hot water. What is a continuing surprise is that he continues to find suckers to send him money in an endless line of religiously cloaked schemes.  The problem, it seems, is his own lawyers “bleeding him to death” rather than his unique penchant for seedy pitches, including a purported cure to COVID-19 which could actually cost lives of any dupe willing to buy this shtick.

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  1. Dear Jesus,

    Please send money bag$, nekkid ladies, cognac, Porsche and a P-51 Mustang.


  2. He should have been forced to pay lifetime members back, not actually asking for money!! Totally he is a pathological liar and theif!! I’m Mad even hearing or reading his name along with his associates names!!

    1. He was always a pathological liar and thief. Nobody remembers the 1st Commandment—particular when money is their god and those they look up to sell “I’m rich…self-made billionaire…do as I say not as I do…” as God blessing them and you should follow them if you want wealth…. When you feel this man/woman is sent from God to tell you how to live, there’s something wrong with your concept of God and your relationship with God!

  3. If someone is to donate, go back and see what destruction he did to his PTL ministries!! When that went down the handicap kids home at PTL those poor kids that lost what they thought was their forever home, they ended up homeless when it went down!! This man JIM BAKKER and all his right hand men, turned everything a profit lined their own pockets hell their dogs has heat and air dog pins they used PTL members money for!! People believed and lost thousands of dollars not a few people try people from all walks of life lost thousands and thousands of dollars!! If you people anyone who believes him even now, he is making fools out of you!! I watched my Aunts and Grandmother pour their hard earned money into PTL I watched right there with my family as they cried in disbelief when PTL came crashing down. So many people ended up hurt and felt used and embarrassed for believing him and his associates back then, This man is still no good and not worth a damn dime of anyone’s money!! And anyone who wants to believe him, YOUR A BIGGER FOOL IF YOU THINK HE BELIEVABLE NOW, I SAY GO BACK REFRESH YOUR MEMORY OF PTL! THEN HIM NOW TRYING TO SELL FAKE ONCE AGAIN!! HE LINING HIS POCKETS EVEN NOW!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! HE IS AS FAKE NOW AS HE WAS BACK THEN!! HE HAS NEVER CHANGED AND GOD EVEN KNOWS HE HASN’T CHANGED AT ALL!! POUR YOUR MONEY INTO YOUR ATTENDED CHURCH BEFORE PUTTING TRUST INTO A MAN WHO WAS PROVEN A FAKE BACK THEN AND WHO STILL IS TODAY!!I TRUELY WOULD LIKE TO SEE HIM SITTING ON A SIDEWALK IN RUGGED CLOTHS AND BEGGING FOR FOOD!! BECAUSE THIS MAN IS ONLY A FAKE CHRISTIAN WHO ONLY LINES HIS OWN POCKETS NO ONE ELSE’S!! PERSONALLY IV SEEN HIS ALMIGHTY AND ITS SPELLED WITH PURE FAKE LIAR AND THEIFERY!! NOT IN NAME OF RELIGION ON FOR HIS PANTS POCKETS!! UNREAL THAT HE IS EVEN BACK PREACHING RELIGION WHEN HE IS AS FAKE AS YOU CAN FIND OF SCUM OF THE EARTH!! PTL WAS BEAUTIFUL, BUT PROVEN HOW HE AND ASSOCIATES HANDLED IT!! WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE ASK THE HANDICAP KIDS WHO LOST THEIR HOME AT PTL THEIR ADVICE BEFORE GIVING THIS MAN A PENNY!! HEARTBROKEN BY SO VERY MANY KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE!!

  4. The last time I read about Bakker he was in the fetal position awaiting arrest. What ever happened to Tammy Bakker (and her runny mascara) BTW. Last I heard she married a rich guy, like 30 years ago.

    1. She died from cancer and she still has that runny mascara in Heaven or hell which ever place got her!! I met both of them, they shook my hand now If I ever had a chance to meet them again it wouldn’t be a handshake I would gladly spit on each and everyone of them!! I have always felt bad for Bakkers Kids the daughter was beautiful and their son handsome, I can only imagine how those kids felt back then!! I often wonder how they turned out after the embarrassment of their parents and what they did and effect it had on their son and daughter, god is good, but some people are as untrusting even more now than ever!! He has no conciousness if he actually is asking for money from people now as he did back when PTL was thriving. He has alot of nerve and still as fraudulent and a liar same as before!!

  5. Just FWIW, colloidal remedies have been around for a while. I had a friend who was swearing by them about 15? years ago. She gave me tons of literature, which gave me a chuckle. Here is something about them:
    Colloidal mineral promoters would like you to believe that mineral deficiency is a widespread cause of disease. To counter this alleged problem, they are marketing products said to be water-leached from shale in the Emery Coal Field of central Utah. According to various sales pitches, an ailing cattle rancher named Thomas Jefferson Clark was told about a healing stream by Chief Soaring Eagle, a Paiute medicine man and elder. The miracle waters were well-known to the local natives who supposedly had benefited from them for hundreds of years [1]. Clark drank from them and quickly recovered from his malady. Intrigued, he followed the stream back to its source in organic-rich shales. By 1931, after several years of experiments, he sold his own brand of tonic rich in “colloidal minerals.” As word spread, a minor legend was born. Light Energy Productions has recorded an account of Clark’s many adventures [2]. Curiously, according to an article in Self magazine, the present-day Paiutes have never heard of either Chief Soaring Eagle or the renowned healing powers of their ancestral waters [3].


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Jonathan: Stop picking on Jim Bakker “for seedy pitches, including a purported cure to COVID-19 which could actually cost lives of any dupe willing to buy this shtick” Trump beats Bakker hands down when it comes to shady shticks! At Thursday’s White House briefing Trump offered his own version of a cure: injections of disinfectant and applications of ultra violet light. None of the medical experts present at the briefing endorsed Trump’s bizarre cure. But Trump persisted and when Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker told Trump people were not interested in “rumors” but useful information Trump pointed a finger at Rucker and said: “I’m the president and you’re fake news”. Dr. Vin Gupta, a pulmonologist, says: “…injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible and it’s dangerous. It’s a common method that people utilize when they want to kill themselves”. Perhaps the NY attorney general should also send a cease and desist order to Trump before one of his followers actually takes his advice. And, perhaps, you should focus on Trump’s “seedy pitches” rather than those of Jim Bakker. I would imagine Trump has more followers than Bakker.

    1. Dennis McIntyre – he asked if we could do it and we already have one of them.

    2. Finally Trump unites the nation.

      Loyal Trump Supporters lining up to inject bleach in preparation to opening the economy, and those on the left cheering them on.

    3. And his followers will end up like these Baker haters because they never followed the 1st Commandment: thou should have no gods…. Trump followers think he is the Messiah! Hard to follow that reasoning. But they believe he was sent by God to save the white race!

  7. silver does have antimicrobial prooperties and is used in various medical applications. but the usual hucksters selling it to “patriots” are usually just trolling for suckers. seen it going on for decades.

    some suckers drink so much of the stuff they literally turn their skin blue. argyria is what that’s called, or argyrosis

    1. Indeed. Pump and dump futures operations are always never far away from the Stansberry Research arm.

      And yes, there are even some orthos returning to an early 1900’s practice of soaking post op bandages so they don’t have to be changed so often. Funny, in the flu of 1917, and in post op tents in the Civil War, the value of fresh air and sunshine were well established as aiding in the prevention of infection.

      One has to ingest constant colloidal silver for argyrosis to kick in.

  8. Jim Bakker knows from the past and today that there are rubes out there to fleece. And being a con-man he also knows that there are rubes that buy the crap Trump sells everyday, so why not tap into that market. If their not busy shooting themselves up with Lysol.

  9. What is the difference between Jim Bakker, and say — Rachel Maddow??? They both preach to a bunch of nitwits and peddle bizarre theories. Bakker pumps colloidal silver while Maddow pushes weird Russiagate conspiracies. They both laugh all the way to the bank. I see this as both sets of worshippers beings peas in a pod.

    Bakker picks the low-hanging fruit, while Maddow fleeces the more smug educated nincompoops with college degrees. But they are both going after morons, just different market segments thereof.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. That’s pretty much it. She has a more pretentious clientele.

    2. Except what does Rachael Maddow actually sell? Other than darkly humorous ventures into the right’s hypocrisy, of course.

        1. Ahhh. Jimmy Dore. Funny guy. I partake from time to time. But you’re missing the point…, what physical product is Maddow actually selling?

          Yes, she’s hammering her point of view on a subject we all know is true into the ground But she’s not selling anything. Her advertisers might be. Different story than Bakker.

    3. Squeeky – not 100% sure because I do not follow either of them, however the difference seems to be Maddow has a solid money stream and Bakker has to beg for his. Other than that, they are the same.

    4. As is Trump! He told you and you don’t seem to mind when he says, “I like the uneducated. These are my people.” Yet his father made a huge donation for his MBA as did he for his children’s. They can’t earn it, they pay millions to get it. He even has made it difficult for your child to get funds to go to college as well as taking funding from Primary Education so that you and your community remain “uneducated.”

      If he has billions why do you have to support him through donations.

      How can you bankrupt 2 casinos that you own when the house always wins?

      Bloomberg is a billionaire and used his own money so he wouldn’t owe anybody anything. You can’t buy him. He is a self-made billionaire and paid for college, graduated with honors and established an American financial company that every country in the world subscribes to his service! He has brains and degrees. His company is pro employees, provides them with breakfast, lunch and snacks, best healthcare and is not seeking government help during Covid-19! They are set up to work from home during this period of time.

      Why did Trump’s company apply for Covid Care? Why are they seeking a bailout for his hotels?

      Try to use common sense. I know it’s hard to search out FACTS for yourself but try to think for yourself. You and your family’s lives may depend on it. God helps those who help themselves. If you believe in God and believe you’re a child of God, you don’t need a middleman. You have a direct line to God.

  10. At the time a series of scandals erupted at PTL ministries in 1987, someone who’d been associated with him said ‘I don’t know if Jim has any conscience left or not…’. He and Tammy Faye seemed almost camp. The televangelists of that era were a mixed bunch. Jerry Falwell had some ill-advised ventures into partisan politics, but was basically on-the-level and a capable institution builder. John Ankerberg did not have Falwell’s organizational skill, but kept away from scandal and had a ministry with more focus. As for the others, Gene Scott was camp (though likely did little damage for ‘a that), Pat Robertson was too political and too weird, Jimmy Swaggart was an embarrassment all the way around, and Bakker and Ernest Angeley flat out con-men.

  11. Silver Solution??? How lame!!!

    Certainly, injecting disinfectants and putting UV light inside the body is a better alternative. Bakker should know better.

  12. When Jesus comes back he’s not gonna look like Jeffrey Hunter and he’s gonna be pissed!

  13. The comments on this legal website: bizarre.
    If this is a reflection of America’s finest lawyers, we are in big trouble



  15. It is within his rights to ask for it. I once ordered a submarine off the back of a comic book. Luckily, it came C.O.D. and I didn’t have any C, so I couldn’t pick it up. I look back now and wonder how those kids who had the C felt when they opened the box? Even at age 9, Master Paul Schulte could see it would sink but never rise. Another Tresher incident.

    1. If only the preacher knew how to get to White House … Lard himself is omnipresent there.

      The lard also suggested his sheeps start gulping bleach. Can’t wait for a few less votes for the lard in November.

  16. When you have a bakker rith two “k”s who is a preacher, then you have a snake in the grass.

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