Yale Professor: Trump Is Using Subconscious Techniques To Push “Armed Troops In The Streets” Toward A “Massacre”

It often appears that there is no medical or legal theory that is too unhinged to trigger criticism in the media so long as it is targeting President Donald Trump or his supporters.  I have previously criticized Dr. Bandy X. Lee who has called for such nonexistent actions as Speaker Nancy Pelosi “putting a medical hold” on Trump.  Lee also was prominent among a group of mental health professionals soon after the election to declare Trump mentally ill. Such views are reported without the type of scrutiny that they would normally warrant. Now Lee is again using her credentials in the law and psychology to say that Trump is using subconscious techniques to send “armed troops in the streets,” a technique she explains is used with “child soldiers.”  She warns that Trump will not leave office and is pushing the country toward a “massacre.”

I have previously criticized professors and legal experts who regularly distort existing case law to argue that Trump can be charged with over a dozen different crimes connected to an assortment of scandals.  Lee, who also writes for Huffington Post, has become the same type of perpetual motion machine of psychiatric theories against Trump. Her most recent expert analysis is that Trump is using standard subconscious technique to enlist the “child soldiers” seen in his supporters opposing the pandemic restrictions:

“Subconsciously, it is a loyalty test for the people. In Africa, where I did some ethnographic work, child soldiers would be recruited and made to kill a family member to demonstrate their allegiance to the government and not to the family. Similarly, in urban gangs in America, one may be challenged to kill a police officer to prove one’s willingness to uphold gang rules over societal rules . . . When Donald Trump suggests that the virus be taken as a ‘hoax’, that people gather in churches or that people protest for their own sacrifice, he is actually testing people’s loyalty to the ‘laws’ of his mind over the laws of nature, or even impulse for survival. The more he abuses them, the greater their devotion grows, since the psychological cost of admitting their mistake is ever higher — and so it becomes easier to dig a well of unreality than to see the obvious truth.”

She adds that this is all supported by her training: “We are now entering my specialty: public health approaches to violence prevention, and how to stop epidemics of violence before they happen.”

“He is practicing his “total authority” and putting his armed troops in the streets. We would be mistaken to believe he will leave, or even let a losing election happen in the first place. Abuse of the mind is the worst kind, for you make people do what you wish against their own interests, and even extreme physical abuse becomes possible. He is not only getting away with shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, but a whole massacre.”

Again, MSNBC and CNN and various media outlets regularly (and often correctly) call out conservative experts who make outlandish comments.  Yet, Salon and others will report these type of legal and psychiatric theories without a modicum of skepticism, let alone scrutiny.  The Salon interview is a case in point. At no point is Lee questioned on whether the suggestions of a massacre and child soldiers might be a tad hyperbolic, or put in the context of her prior assertions.

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  1. Today, Trump angrily tweeted to his 87 million followers that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decison to allow all of the ballots to be counted in their state “will undermine our entire systems of laws. It will also induce violence in the streets. Something must be done!”

    Longtime Republican attorney Ben Ginsberg, who successfully won the Bush v. Gore case before the Supreme Court, said “Calling elections ‘fraudulent’ and results ‘rigged’ with almost nonexistent evidence is antithetical to being the ‘rule of law’ party. The truth is that after decades of looking for illegal voting, there’s no proof of widespread fraud. At most, there are isolated incidents — by both Democrats and Republicans.”

    As usual, Turley gives Trump a free pass for his public condemnation of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court the day before election day. Presumably, JT doesn’t believe the Republican presidential candidate predicting violence in the streets of Pennyslvania if all the votes are allowed to be counted qualifies as an outlandish enough comment worthy of his legal attention.

    1. RacePace7 – didn’t the AG of PA call the election for Biden today? That is ballot rigging!!!

      1. He already dug a hole for himself saying that if Biden loses then Trump must have cheated. What does he know that we don’t. Did he take a part in rigging the Pennsylvania election? That type of comment has repercussions, violent ones.

  2. Classic example of the far left using ‘perception management’ and also a classic example of their failure. Only thing to remember is the left doesn’t care diddly about the Citizens.

  3. “Hello, and welcome to the mental health hotline.

    If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly.

    If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you.

    If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Stay on the line so we can trace your call.

    If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship.

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    If you are a manic-depressive, it doesn’t matter which number you press no one will answer.

    If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969.

    If you have short-term memory loss, please try your call again later.

    If you have low self-esteem, please hang up. All our operators are too busy to talk to you.

  4. We will find out how close to being right she is following the election in November if Trump loses. Of one thing I am certain. Those of you who think Trump will leave office without any effort to reject the election results if he loses have a deluded understanding of Trump.

    1. Bernie Bro Randy;
      You don’t have to leave office when you win in a landslide over a senile Sleepy Joe.

  5. I really don’t know what the big deal is here. Dr. Lee is just protecting the Chinese Communist Party. And so am I. I am NOT really Bob Miller, I ‘borrowed’ the name from a stolen wallet I found.
    Wontu Lulu

    1. I knocked off Seth to use one of his many accounts.

      Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone

  6. OMG!!! Dr. Lee just provided a non-partisan psychoanalysis of Joe Biden!!!
    Dr. Bandy X. Lee

    Psychologist Specializing in Long Range Diagnosis

    Yale University bandy-bandy@yale.edu
    Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Hall
    New Haven, CT 06520

    April 24, 2020

    Dear New York Times,

    How are you? Fine I hope! You asked me last week to do a long range analysis of Joe Biden, vis a vis some very nasty comments from right wing neo-fascists and Trump supporters to the effect that the former Vice-President is showing signs of cognitive dementia and senility. I appreciate you choosing me and I assure you that I will provide a very honest analysis, free of any political bias, such as has been insinuated by the fanatic rabble that supports our obviously mentally-disturbed President.

    Those who know me well, know that I do not have a political bone in my body. To proceed to my analysis, I find Joe Biden to be the very epitome of a mentally sound person, fully in grasp of reality. He seems well-oriented as to what year it is, and he has not been seen out of his home without his pants on. He knows who the President is, which is Trump, who makes fun of physically disabled people. He does have little bo-bos from time to time about where he is. For example, which state he is in, but on a standard short form mental status exam, he still scores a solid 66.6%! Since he is the only person in the class, so to speak, I feel quite comfortable rounding that up on the curve to a solid A+!

    I did take note of the fact that he was not able to recite the passage about all people being endowed by you know, the thing, with whatevah, but no psychologist in her right mind would expect a patient to be able to recite the whole Declaration of Independence. Plus, on the World War II answer he gave, he knew who the President was during that time, Franklin Roosevelt, a good Democrat, Thank Goodness!, so I think that makes him pretty much a candidate for Mensa!

    As far as mistaking his sister for his wife, that is a common mistake, and quite common among the members of the Hookworm and Incest Belt of the South, where so many of Trump’s deplorables dwell. I know I have several times mistaken a grande for a venti at Starbucks, and Jeni’s Ice Cream for Ben and Jerry’s! Sooo, these sorts of little mixups can happen. I am not worried at all by that!

    I do note that he is a sensitive and caring person, and I would suggest that he not engage in any prolonged debates or lengthy question and answer sessions. I think he sometimes seems to stumble over words or lose track of the question, but that is simply because he cares so much for people as opposed to the psychopathic Trump. And, it would probably be advisable to connect either a short tether or some duct tape between his belt and the dais to keep him in place because he has an oratory style like the old Greeks of the Peripatetic School, who walked around as they dispensed their wisdom. It is conceivable that Joe Biden could wander around and fall off a stage and injure himself during such an episode.

    In short, I saw absolutely no signs of any cognitive difficulties with Joe Biden, and I think he would make a wonderful replacement for that fat, narcissistic, criminal crook, Donald Trump!

    Very Truly Yours,

    Dr. Bandy X. Lee,


    The whole article is at the link! And even a kewl picture!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Why do some many on the left believe US Military are mindless drones. It is so disrespectful to the armed force. Every NCO takes a oath to protect the constitution and is under the NCO code of conduct has a moral and ethical right to refuse any unlawful order. NO military person will ever fight a US citizen period. As a disability veteran you people disgust me.

  8. OK people, I just got an Emergency Email from one of the DNC shills here. He asked if we could please not talk about Joe Biden’s obvious senile dementia today, because it is really interfering with their attempts to portray Trump as crazy. This person, and I will not reveal who he is, says that he knows he is a POS for all the stuff he posts, and that he doesn’t even believe the crap himself, but it is all he can do for a job right now because he has been laid off from his job as a reporter at _________. His unemployment checks have not started coming in yet, and this is all the money he gets, and it ain’t much.

    I told him to FOAD, but if any of you here are softies, then do as you will. I told him I would have more respect for him if he just prostituted himself on the streets, but he says he is overweight, and not very attractive. Plus, he has a bad rash “down there” and he would not like to give it to anybody else.

    Just FWIW.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. The “Girl” closes her nutty posting with “Just FWIW.”

      Yep, it’s ‘worth’ nothing.

      Squeeky has a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

  9. Applicants must provide a notarized certificate of “Insanity” to gain entrance to the American Communist Party (i.e. college campuses, democrat party, RINO cage, Hollywood, MSM, etc.).

    Any person is insane to oppose freedom, free enterprise and the genius of the American Founders, and he must be “insaner” to join the voracious, carnivorous, dictatorial, wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing communists, who are decompensating narcissists merely in search of personal power for personal power’s sake.

  10. You know, somewhat forgotten in all the shillery here is the fact that the Democrats have pretty much nominated a dude with obvious senile dementia to be their candidate for that office, that whatever, you know that thing! Oh yeah, the Presidency!

    Which personally, I think someone with a few seconds attention span and cognitive dysfunction is the perfect choice for the Democrats! It is sooo representative of them!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. The Stakes Are Too High

    Trump Has To Be Removed!!

    Trump defenders presume this crisis will dissipate in the weeks ahead. But there is no proof it will. We’re not going back to normal until a vaccine can inoculate the masses. Yet such a moment could be 3 years away.

    In the meantime this country is grappling with the most serious crisis since Pearl Harbor. Even if we had the most capable of presidents, this crisis could still be a cliffhanger. The world could possibly be facing a futuristic dark age.

    We cannot afford to have a narcissistic buffoon leading the nation at this moment. The stakes are far too high! Donald Trump has to go immediately for America’s survival.

    1. Peter – Obama was a narcissistic as they get. We didn’t try to remove him. Your problem right now is YOUR governor.

      1. Paul, all you’ve got here is lame What About. Your comment could be Exhibit # 1 to illustrate how Trumpism is essentially a personality cult.

      2. Yes Paul, Obama did have a touch of narcissism as is true of most people who rise to leadership positions. Difference, however, is that Trump is a malignant narcissist. Obama was not.

        1. Randy Pelton – wasn’t Obama the one who use “I” or “me” over a hundred times in a single speech? And I think more than once.

    2. TDS, when left untreated, always leads to insanity. You and “doctor” Lee are unhinged maniacs. There is NO hope for you.

      1. STD (Sycophantic Trump Disorder) always leads to derangement, lunacy and stupidity. You’ve been diagnosed Susan.

    3. I have an idea.

      Let’s release a novel corona virus six months prior to President Donald J. Trump’s historic landslide victory over a democ-rat party

      that has no viable or, otherwise, sane candidate.

      That’ll bring his numbers down, right?

      I mean, “The stakes are too high!”


    4. The world could possibly be facing a futuristic dark age.

      Only if they start doing shots of bleach every time the President speaks. You make Chicken Little seem rational.

    5. What we have is clusterf*ck caused by hysterics. As more data comes out, you will find out the virus was here by about Thanksgiving at a guess. Maybe mid-December. People weren’t dying at an unusual rate, or there would have been wide spread reports of it, then or now. What you will eventually learn (whether you choose to accept it or not) is that this whole reaction was driven by the media inducing panic, and bad models of “worst case” scenarios based on very iffy information.

    6. “The Stakes Are Too High”

      More hysteria from Paint Chips. Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud, calling Dr. Freud. Paint Chips is hysterical again. He needs a little Satisfaction.

    7. There is no hope of changing the minds of the Sycophantic Trump Defenders (STDs) here who are afflicted with Sycophantic Trump Disorder. But have fun trying.

  12. Lee is a NUT CASE, TRUMP HATER and she should be committed, she is very very disturbed.

    But the Press loves her, then again its the Press, they Hate Trump as much as LEE

  13. You know, the only people credulous enough to fall for Lee’s bullcrap are Democrats. They love them some “experts”, no matter how wacky, as long as the subject matter confirms their own biases. Which, if you think about it, is a form of authoritarianism – the willingness to follow an alleged “expert” and not do your own thinking.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  14. Stop handing our tax dollars to these liberal colleges! They work too hard at destroying entire generations with their leftists educations. Anyone who has attended college knows that liberals reign there. There is no reason to support such teachings unless you approve of brain washing your adult children.

    1. Liberals love facts because they make you smarter. Conservatives hate facts because they make you liberal. You sound like you wear a t-shirt that says…I’d rather be a Russian than a democrat.

      1. Liberals love facts because they make you smarter. Conservatives hate feelings masquerading as facts because they make you liberal.

        FIFY. No charge. By the way, you’re welcome to take a shot at providing evidence of a fact that supports any of your opinions. Good luck.

        Ready. Go.

      2. Liberals aren’t very liberal anymore, ever notice that? They have nothing in common with the root of that word.

        “Words such as liberal, liberty, libertarian and libertine all trace their history to the Latin liber, which means “free”.

      3. “Liberals love facts because they make you smarter.”

        Ha, ha, ha. This statement comes from a poster that I don’t think ever provides facts nor does this poster dispute facts. All this poster FishWings does is to make dumb statements like this one and this posting actually shows more of its talents than most of the others. That is how bad things are with FishWings.

        1. Do you just wake up everyday, and think , yeah, I’m going to be as stupid as I can today.

          1. FishWings, can you name some entries on the list that you made which actually had content? No. All you do is make stupid nonsensical statements. It hasn’t changed.

  15. Does Turley have a problem with someone from a school using their 1st amendment rights? Turley loves to point out when students or professors have a problem with far-right or just plain Nazi’s speakers, he write long articles on that they have a right to speak. But when a Yale professor said something against the Dear leader, then Turley has a problem.

    1. Turley isn’t calling for Dr. Lee to be silenced or punished in any way, he’s just criticizing her speech. No problem or contradiction there.

      However, Turley might want to ask why Dr. Fauci has been getting so many death threats that he needs a security detail. What could possibly explain the death threats?

    2. By “far right…speakers,” do you mean the men who provided maximal freedom to individuals and severely limited and restricted government, the men who couldn’t conceive of abortion or governmental gifts of “free stuff” cash to all forms of leeches parasites and dependents and the men who secured private property as the sole possession of the private property owners, precluding any and all forms of interference with its possession and disposition of such?

      Are those the “far right speakers” you reference, the men who said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” and “…courts…must…declare all acts contrary to the manifest tenor of the Constitution void?”

      Oops! I almost cursed right there.

  16. Not much difference between this Yale professor and televangelist fraud Jim Bakker, except that the religious phony hasn’t been certified with a PhD and a professorship in Yale.

    1. Seriously, you actually believe Jim Bakker was saying the same things? Jim Bakker was a fraud and a petty criminal. His entire modus operandi was makinhg money.
      This women actually BELIEVES this nonsense she is pushing.

      1. Bill53– A very good point. You are saying Jim Bakker is more sane than the credentialed ‘expert’ in Yale. I agree.

        1. there are elements of mass mobilization in Trump’s language. that is not rocket science to infer. she is exaggerating both the intention and likely effects however.

          likewise, Democrat political leadership often does precisely the same thing with their language. to imply that Trump is somehow more sinister than them, is bogus.

          group psychology is an integral part of even the most legitimate forms of “politics”

          1. If Trump were half as bad as they claim half of them would be in a concentration camp and the other half in a mass grave.

            In fact he has been more careful with the Constitution than Obama, Bush and Clinton.

            Obama droned American citizens. Clinton murdered them at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Bush pushed terrorism acts that apparently did nothing to stop terrorism but set us up for a coup by the deep state.

    2. Young, I was going to write something below but while getting there I saw yours and you adequately covered anything I was going to say at this time.

    3. Young – I think we all were having a discussion about this on another comment thread.

      And I think this goes to your point earlier, but I could be wrong.

      That is, that just bc you went through the rigor and requirements to get a Ph.D. or J.D., does not mean your thought process is at 100 % capacity.

      Although, it could be argued that no one is at 100 % capacity at all times, depending on external and internal factors.

      Just depends. Good day, bad day, good week, bad week….yada yada

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