The New York Times Calls For Biden To Open Up His Papers As Two Additional Witnesses Come Forward To Support Reade

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     The concerted effort to limit any search was no more evident than the interview on Sunday of CNN’s Michael Smerconish and former Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle.  Doyle started the interview that steadfastly supporting Biden in refusing to allow a search of his papers at the University of Delaware.  She repeatedly Biden’s clearly ridiculous claim that these papers would be used as “fodder” against him because it involves insights into his views and interactions with other leaders.  However, the search would be confined to sexual harassment and assault allegations.  That position was correctly rejected by Mika Brzezinski the minute that Biden said it.  What was truly odd is that Doyle then said that Biden is nothing like Brett Kavanaugh because he has said “here are all my papers.”  She however just supported refusing to show his papers.  She also ignored that he falsely assured the public (and remaining silent for weeks and 16 prior interviews on the allegations) that the only place for such complaints would be National Archives.

      The Doyle interview was also interesting because she was one of the most vocal figures in demanding that Dr. Ford “be believed” and attacked those questioning the allegations. During Kavanaugh, Doyle demanded a full, independent investigation and to “burn down” the system because women “are working through their fear, shame, and trauma in order to change the rules.” The rules however seem to change too readily on who is accused.

960px-Amy_Klobuchar,_official_portrait,_113th_Congress  In the meantime, two additional witnesses have come forward to support Reade and say that she told them at the time about the assault. That brings to four, the number of witnesses who say that they were also told of the assault allegation. These witnesses are important because many of those who supported Anita Hill and Dr. Ford in raising their allegations have denounced Reade for waiting so long to come forward. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) said during the Kavanaugh hearings that “when you look at the rules of evidence, when you look at credibility, the fact that she had mentioned this before means a lot.” Well, there are now four such witnesses.

     I have repeatedly said (and I still maintain) that the record still offers more support for Biden due to his staff members denying any prior allegations was made by Reade or anyone else of sexual harassment or assault.  However, the light treatment given Biden’s artificially narrow construction and misdirection on searches is highly disturbing.  There is no good public policy reason to confine this search to just Reade or to just the Archives (or now the Senate) to exclude the Delaware archived records.

     If Biden wants to be transparent, he should be transparent. It is easy. You just allow a search of all archives and libraries holding his papers for any allegation against him of sexual harassment or assault.  What is the terrible prospect of such a search?  It will not reveal privileged notes or documents on his work with other leaders or on different issues.  It would only be confined to allegations of his misconduct toward women.  Advocates are working too hard to avoid that obvious fact to justify Biden’s curious and cabined response on any search.

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  1. Well, they got Joe trapped the Men Too grinder now!!!!Are theUniversity of Delaware documents about his college life or about his political life. Give them hell Joe, Trump does what the hell he wants to.

  2. So when is Turley going to ask for release of aTrump taxes. And while we are at it, let’s have all Trump records related to multiple rapes opened. Shall we?

    At this point, Turley sounds as much deranged as you would think circumstances demand. After all the goat moron at white house is now certifiably insane and the country is finally waking up to it – including the moron’s base. So no wonder Turkey os working overtime to push nonsense.

    1. Nobody is asking for Trumps tax returns because it isn’t a freaking requirement to become the President!! If YOU think tax returns should be a requirement then focus on changing that!? Until then, you have ZERO rights to ask for that information, it is private and you don’t give that up to be president.

    2. “So when is Turley going to ask for release of aTrump taxes.”

      I think Turley should ask for a release of Hutom’s taxes before Hutom (Mouth) is permitted to post on this blog.a

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