“That’s All I’m Going To Say About It”: Whitmer Declares Biden Innocent Without A Search Of Senate Records

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.15.59 PMWe have been discussing how Democrats are struggling to defend former Vice President Joe Biden despite his refusal to open up his papers being held at the University of Delaware.  The disconnect with how the same politicians addressed the allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh is glaring but few have adopted the categorical position of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday with Jake Tapper. Whitmer’s answer (like the poor image in the remote interview) was obscure but no less conflicted than the later interview given by DNC Chair Tom Perez.  The key is that there is still no review of the Biden papers that has been completed yet MSNBC host Nicole Wallace has called the coverage a “smear campaign” against Biden.

Whitmer has publicly discussed her history as the victim of sexual assault.  Tapper made reference to those prior statements in setting up an expected question on the allegations of Tara Reade against Biden.  Whitmer is widely viewed on the shortlist of the candidates for Vice President.

Tapper asked a reasonable question as to the obvious contradiction of how Whitmer and others addressed allegations against Kavanaugh and Biden.  Whitmer however said that she resented being asked the question as a survivor.  She then said that, even though no search has been done on the Senate papers, she is completely satisfied that Biden is innocent because she knows Biden.  She stated:

“I know joe Biden. And I’ve watched his defense. And there’s not a pattern that goes into this. And I think for these reasons, I’m very comfortable that Joe Biden is who he says he is. He’s — and you know what, that’s all I’m going to say about it. I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds and it is — you know take us at our word, ask us for our opinion and let’s move on.”

The whole exchange is below.

The question is whether Democratic leaders like Whitmer would have accepted before any investigation into Kavanaugh if a senator or governor said the he knew Kavanaugh and that was all that was needed to reject the allegation of Dr. Ford.  More witnesses have come forward to support Reade than was the case of Dr. Ford.  Yet, Whitmer will say nothing more on the subject.

The objection to Tapper raising that she has previously spoken as a survivor is odd since she has repeatedly done so in discussing such issues.  However, she is also the governor of a major state and a possible Vice Presidential running mate to Biden.  Declaring that you need no more information and have nothing more to say is obviously inadequate. Yet, the media largely ignored the categorical denial.

It was equally curious over on ABC This Week.  ABC “This Week” host Martha Raddatz also did an excellent job in noting the conflict in treatment in the two cases. She also noted that Biden had weeks to prepare an answer but still claimed falsely that the National Archives would have such documents — a claim immediately denied by the Archives.  Perez however declared that Biden was clearly innocent and no further investigation was needed. He declared that Biden “is an open book” but he then opposed opening the books at the University of Delaware. Like Whitmer, he sees no need to actually investigate.  Perez would not even agree to the much ridiculed suggestion of the New York Times that the DNC perform the search at Delaware.

Once again, the most surprising aspects of these interviews is the utter lack of media scrutiny. It is doubtful that similar claims during the Kavanaugh hearings would have received the same passive response.


Here is the Tapper interview:

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: You said you believe Vice President Biden. I want to compare that to 2018 when you said you believed Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford after she accused now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault.

Kavanaugh also, like Biden, categorically denied that accusation and Blasey-Ford, to be honest, she did not have the contemporaneous accounts of her view of what happened that Tara Reade does. You have spoken movingly about how you’re a survivor of assault yourself. Why do you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh? Are they not both entitled to the same presumption of innocence regardless of their political views?

GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER: Jake, as a survivor, and as a feminist, I’ll say this. We need to give people an opportunity to tell their story. Then we have a duty to vet it. And just because you’re a survivor doesn’t mean that every claim is equal. It means we give them the ability to make their case. And the other side as well. And then to make a judgment that is informed. I have read a lot about this current allegation. I know joe biden. And I’ve watched his defense. And there’s not a pattern that goes into this. And I think for these reasons, I’m very comfortable that joe biden is who he says he is. He’s — and you know what, that’s all I’m going to say about it. I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds and it is — you know take us at our word, ask us for our opinion and let’s move on.

Just for the record, the reason I’m asking you is you’re the only democrat on the show today, not because you’re a survivor and not because you’re a woman.

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  2. Ford was better prepared than Reade because she had a team to prep her for a political hit. Even then her former boyfriend and former close girlfriend put the lie on her. The team heavily pressured the girlfriend to amend her story but she wouldn’t. Then they smeared her. Despicable people.

    1. Young, feel free to post articles supporting that assertion. It would be interesting to see what you’re talking.

      In any event a well prepared witness is better than a sloppy one.

      1. Preparation is especially important when you plan to be a false witness.

        1. Young, if you’re a lawyer, you dread the sloppy client. And that may explain why big ‘MeToo’ lawyers are shunning Tara Reade.

          That doesn’t mean Reade is lying. But if she comes across as sloppy that becomes a problem. And again, you should know those dynamics.

      2. I think Young probably means Diane Feinstein’s involvement in fielding the complaint, then sitting on it until it was strategically helpful, etc. Remember that, don’t you?

  3. Blasey-Ford Was Better Prepared Than Reade

    Reade’s story about filing a sexual harassment complaint has also changed, in ways that seem less explicable by trauma. On March 18, she tweeted, “When I filed a complaint against Joe Biden for sexual harassment and more I was fired in ’93.” But The Associated Press reported that last year she said, “They have this counseling office or something, and I think I walked in there once, but then I chickened out.” According to The A.P., she now says she meant that she chickened out about reporting her full experience but did fill out an “intake form” with some broad details.

    Again: None of this means an assault didn’t happen. Reade’s former neighbor Lynda LaCasse says she recently remembered that Reade told her the story in 1995 or 1996. Other people have told reporters that Reade shared her account with them years ago, but without going on the record by name. (Her brother has said the same thing, but his recounting of the story has changed.)

    Still, where things stand now, it’s hard to compare Blasey’s case with Reade’s. Blasey had four sworn affidavits from people whom she’d told that she’d been assaulted, as well as therapist’s notes and the results from a polygraph. She testified, and was cross-examined, under oath. The Democratic plea, at the time, was for a thorough F.B.I. investigation.

    Edited From: “Democrats, Tara Reade And The #MeToo Traps”

    Today’s New York Times

    1. Blasey-Ford Was Better Prepared Than Reade

      She had carefully prepared fabrications. Wasn’t good enough, because every element of her story was contradicted by others or surviving documentation.

      1. Absurd, I was personally not that comfortable in seeing allegations from high school presented in such a hazy fashion.

        Yet Blasey-Ford had been living a good life in California. She and her husband didnt seem to need any cash. Their big thing was surfing!

        So logically Blasey-Ford had more to lose than gain with her Kavanaugh testimony. It didnt appear for a moment like Dr Ford enjoyed it. Legions of wingnuts were sending Ford hate mail. No successful woman needs to deal with that.

        Reade, by comparison, is still mysterious. Not that much is really known about her. What little there suggests that Reade could be financially poor.

        1. What Seth is saying to the social climbers out there is “college lady good, poor lady bad.”

            1. maybe so but Seth is making it clear: Reade is poor so she can’t be trusted! It’s obvious. He said much the same the other day. Shameful insult of a person who is deemed to be not credible because she MIGHT be hard up and is likely not be as well heeled as Blase Blase. Pathetic!

            2. and by the way some wingnuts are sending hate and death threats to Reade too. In every such story there are scores of hateful people who emerge to harass and intimidate. this factor is omnipresent, expected, and thus not material to evaluations of credibility. except to say that perhaps nobody wants to accuse a powerful person in general.

        2. This one worked on all Bill Clinton’s conquests too right? “Trailer trash” i heard the remark a hundred times. Sad!

          And you guys wonder why “the deplorables” sometimes vote for Republicans. The contempt of the Democrat leadership and chattering minions for the native born white working people is palpable as ever.

        3. Yet Blasey-Ford had been living a good life in California. She and her husband didnt seem to need any cash. Their big thing was surfing!

          That’s absolutely irrelevant. She made an accusation against two men and neither she, nor the Democratic lawfare artists representing her, nor the Democratic congressional staffs, nor the Washington Post (which sent a reporter to Alabama to hunt for people who had dated Roy More 40 years ago) could come up with one person who was a known associate of Kavanaugh / Judge and a known associate of Blasey who was willing and able to sign an affidavit or produce proofs that Kavanaugh or Judge had ever been in the same room with Blasey at any time, anywhere. Blasey is one of 40,000 youths born after 1962 and prior to 1969 living in Montgomery County, Maryland in 1982. Neither she nor anyone in her family was enrolled at school with Kavanaugh or Judge or anyone in their families. She didn’t live within walking distance of either one. You have an insuperable problem right there.

          It gets worse, because all four people supposedly present with her drew a blank about this supposed gathering, with her chum later saying that she didn’t remember any gathering like that at any time and it would not have fit in with the schedule she was keeping in 1982.

          It gets worse, when the man she named as having been a summer bf who introduced her to Kavanaugh’s circle says he has no knowledge relevant to her claims.

          It gets worse, when the pack rat Kavanaugh family locates his 1982 desk calendar. Neither she nor her chum Leland Ingham Keyser can be found on it.

          It gets worse, when it’s discovered she lied about a menu of ancillary matters, including the renovation project on that ducky house in Palo Alto.

          Mark Judge has published about six books over the years, including memoirs of his young life. Where do you think she got his name and those of his friends?

    2. It is amazing that anyone still thinks that Ford was a credible witness. All the people Ford named as collaborators, including her ex hus-
      band, denied her account. Ford could not remember where it happened, how she got there, or how she got home and even when it happened. Biden’s accuser has all of her allegations collaborated. The hipocracy is so amazing. Democrats and the press have no moral authority and, hopefully, they will pay a hefty price in November.

      1. Galvis, Tara Reade doesnt really have all her “allegations collaberated”. If she did, her case would look a lot more solid. Reade is leaning heavily on her mother and brother to say she mentioned the incident 30 years ago.

    3. Yes, Blase Blase was carefully “sandpapered” by lawyers

      And she rendered an emotional testimony– which was even more tardy than Reade’s, even more lacking in corroboration and verification and even plausibility

      At least we know for sure that Reade and Biden actually met!

      1. All true Kurtz except Kavanaugh disqualified himself by his unhinged and BS testimony and there was at least one other witness who claimed a similar drunken display of sexual aggression by him. No one else has offered anything like Reade’s allegation against Biden, which originally was like the others – he got too close and made them feel uncomfortable. Good enough, except there are hundreds of pictures of him behaving the same to grandmothers and some pretty unattractive women.

        1. Kavanaugh has heart, he was offended, and I don’t consider his reaction unhinged. A man would have to be a lizard not to be offended by such accusations. And many men in public life are lizards. Trump has got a super thick skin and so does Biden. Does Kavanaugh? Not so much. I don’t count that against him that he’s more like a normal human being that way.

          There is little reason to disbelieve Blase Blase that somebody groped her at a beer party when she was a teenager. …But there is equally little reason to believe that someone was kavanaugh. Identification is important, proof of physical presence is important, and Blase was weak on both dimensions, in which Reade’s accusation is stronger.

          If you want to keep on doubling down on the comparison, it won’t get better.

          If I were a Biden apologist, I would just say well she never reported it for decades so it’s not credible. And leave it at that. But Reade’s accusation though very tardy, was less tardy than Blase’s.

          Nonetheless, both were so tardy that a reasonable person could just dismiss them both.

          1. Kurtz, like Trump being a despicable d.ck, Kavanaugh’s outrage was a show he was coached on. I’m not sure I understand your tone deafness to a..holes. Why would he be outraged to have his drunken frat boy boorishness brought up – given that at least two then young women accused him of assaulting them – or if he was, the best response most of us would have taken would be, “Sorry, I was young, stupid, and drunk a lot, but when sober a good guy and I am now.””

            1. who is an ahole and who is not is often a matter of perspective.

              America is wonderfully diverse county and that alone is enough to suggest why i see it differently. my idea of what is an ahole is probably just different than yours.

              I have a large measure of economic independence due to my humble tastes and luck.
              And so I am free to maintain peculiar combinations of viewpoints without much negative social consequences. i find that most of my fellow americans find themselves coached by others in their opinions far more than I am.

              in Kavanaugh perhaps you saw a ahole., A Catholic prep school frat boy type, soiled with an unexpected consequence from early errant behavior, a lawyer for the other side, being righteously pilloried by the Feminine Authorities, and hopefully kept out of his desired advancement.

              In Kavanaugh perhaps I saw a Catholic lawyer, a family man, who outgrew bad behavior, and was being put through a humiliating public farce by Feminist Tyrants, who tried to hit him where it hurt him the most, with his family. I could have cared less about whether Kavanaugh got the job or not.

              I played football, I went to Catholic schools, I used to drink a lot of beer when i was younger, I could empathize with Kavanaugh in a lot of ways personally as a human being.

              Kavanaugh’s got golden handcuffs now until he dies. He got what he wanted. it’s a gilded cage. He would have had a happier life if he would have withdrawn himself. But guys like him are service minded. they are less selfish than me. I never would have taken a job as a judge., it would have exposed me to public nitpicking and also limitations on my salary I never would have enjoyed. I am not so service minded as Kavanaugh. And maybe I dont have and never had as thick of a skin as guys like him either.

              I would not even run for dogcatcher. It sickens me the idea of pandering for votes. I would not want a job as a judge not even an ALJ. I do not love my country enough to put myself through that misery. Kavanaugh is not the ahole– I am.

              1. No, some people are a..holes, with Trump being exhibit A. I seriously doubt most of us would have anythuing to do with him in real life unless we just liked the trappings of wealth.

                Kavanaaugh by all accounts is not an a..hole now, but he was then, and probably did the gross things he’s accused of. In the end he didn’t rape Ford or the Yale fellow frosh, but he provbaly did dry hump Ford – like he would even remember – and wave his d..k in the frosh’s face at a party. He wouldn’t remember either event according to those who knew him and he just should have said so. Instead we get him and Graham with the fake outrage – Graham being part of stealing the Garland seat made that pose really amusing.

                1. but he provbaly did dry hump Ford – like he would even remember

                  The term ‘provably’ does not mean what you fancy it means.

                  No, some people are a..holes,

                  And they tend not to be very self-aware.

                  1. I meant to type “probably” not “provably”.

                    I defer to your expertise on the self awareness of a..holes.

                    1. The term ‘probably’ doesn’t mean what you fancy it means, either.

              2. Actually, there’s no indication that the adolescent Kavanaugh was an unpleasant person generally. His enemies in 2008 were able to locate a menu of people who did not particularly care for him. You’re going to find that anyone who cut something of a figure at a certain age has his detractors unless he has was at that age of unusually sanguine or phlegmatic temperament (and phlegmatics don’t usually cut a figure, though my uncle did managed to at that age).

                One of them, and alumnus of Georgetown Prep, signed a statement for the committee later posted online. There was nothing in it, just some general characterizations by a middle-aged man dissatisfied with aspects of his adolescent life; most people similarly situated have other things to do with their time at age 53 than to ponder people they did not much care for at age 16.

                Another, a roommate Kavanaugh had at Yale, made a clown of himself offering vitriolic denunciations. Three young men were assigned to a suite. By Kavanughs account (which Roche hasn’t contradicted), the conflicts between this fellow Roche and the third man grew so severe that the third man was assigned to another room. Another young man was assigned for the balance of the semester who had his own take on what was up there. (The fourth man had nothing much to say, other than he didn’t like the way Kavnaugh and his friends got sloppy drunk and didn’t clean up after themselves properly and he found Kavanaugh unfriendly; the fourth man’s principal interest at the time was his own homosexuality). So, here we are looking at this fellow Roche, 35 years after the fact, issuing anathemas against a man he shared an apartment with for four months (during which time, we have reason to believe, Roche was so obnoxious that the third man in the suite had to leave). Now, to a normal person, that looks really bizarre. (Roche also made factual claims that look absurd to any of us who lived in the State of Maryland at the time). Out of embarrassment, you wouldn’t take this man seriously, unless, of course, you’re damaged goods yourself.

                Of course, Kavanaugh’s done 35 years of living since James Roche moved out of his dorm suite. In that time, he finished a demanding educational program on time, passed the bar exam, and held handsome positions in the legal profession, positions which aren’t handed out like candy. He also got married and had children. There aren’t any scandals in his background: no citations by professional panels, no DUI’s, no spells in rehabilitation, no time in asylums, no known history with psychotropics, no abortions, no ba*tard children, no divorce proceedings, no string of ex-girlfriends issuing denunciations, no disgruntled employers, no disgruntled employees.

                (And I doubt he’s given 10 minutes of thought to James Roche in that time).

    4. And, there were about 25 more witnesses who begged to testify about Brett “boof” Kavanaugh, but they were cut off.

      One other major point in all of this a SCOTUS appointment is a LIFETIME appointment, and for that reason, greater scrutiny should be given, and no witness with relevant information should be denied his or her chance to have a say. Then, there’s the fact that McConnell refused to allow a vote on Merrick Garland, thus depriving the American people of a voice on the SCOTUS by their candidate who DIDN’T CHEAT to win.

      1. Even with the 2-3 (2004?) presidencies unearned by the GOP since 2000, this would and should be a liberal court without the Garland theft. That was stolen not from Garland, Obama, or the Democratic party, it was stolen from the voters who rejected the GOP minority position specifically on 2012 but also in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. Their view point has been muffled and their fair representation on the court has been stolen.

        1. Right on. And then there’s McConnell who forced Senators to return this week to ram through even more unqualified candidates to lifetime federal judgeships. Republicans ignore warnings from the American Bar Association when they advise that certain candidates are not qualified. McConnell has vowed to fill every vacancy on the federal bench, and he forced there to be hundreds of vacancies while Obama was in office by refusing to bring a vote on candidates nominated by Obama, to again deprive the American people of a voice as to who sits in judgment on the federal bench. It cannot be stressed too much that these are LIFETIME appointments. Even after they retire, they can still take “senior” status–tying up resources because each senior judge gets an office and chambers, a secretary, at least one clerk, computers, copiers and other office equipment, and a court room even though they have only a few cases.

          1. OK great how about we amend the constitution so the article III judges are NOT lifetime tenures. I would take that deal in a second and I bet Mitch would too.

            Democrat party has benefited from the lifetime tenure most of all, so it’s funny that Natch the Dem cheerleader is on here complaining about that. You must think we’re all very stupid Natacha!

            1. OK, great, how about we hold the Senate to it’s constitutional duty to advise and consent on Presidential appointments to the SC. Too much to ask?

              While we’re at it, how about making the EC reps based on representational vote in the states, not winner take all, so we can minimize having losers become president and cause candidates to campaign in most states instead of 8.

              1. OK, great, how about we hold the Senate to it’s constitutional duty to advise and consent on Presidential appointments to the SC. Too much to ask?

                Why not grow up and accept you don’t get what you want some of the time?

  4. Senate Cannot Release Potential Records Of Tara Reade’s Complaint

    Senate officials said Monday that they cannot legally release any potential records related to a complaint purportedly filed by a former aide to Joe Biden who has since accused him of sexual misconduct, rebuffing a request by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

    Responding to a letter Biden sent Friday, the secretary of the Senate’s office, on the advice of legal counsel, concluded that the “Secretary has no discretion to disclose any such information as requested.” The office, which did not confirm or deny the complaint’s existence, based its decision in part on a review of confidentiality requirements.

    The letter from Biden was related to Reade’s allegation that Biden reached up her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers in 1993. Biden unequivocally denied the allegations on Friday, speaking directly about them for the first time. He also said he did not recall any complaint being filed.

    Reade has told The Washington Post that her complaint dealt with harassment in the office, not assault. She has said that she cannot recall the office to which she filed her complaint and that she does not have a copy.

    Reade was employed in Biden’s Senate office for nine months, ending in 1993. She said she filed a complaint that year with a congressional human resources or personnel office. The Senate Office of Fair Employment Practices fielded complaints starting in 1992.

    On Friday, Biden said relevant documents would not be found in his Senate papers, which are closed to the public, but would rather be housed at the National Archives.

    A spokesperson for the Archives said that it has no control over the release of such records and that any documents “would have remained under the control of the Senate.” A Senate resolution requires that such personnel records remain out of public view for 50 years.

    On Friday afternoon, Biden’s campaign released a copy of a letter the candidate had sent to the secretary of the Senate.

    The latest development adds to the fog surrounding the Reade allegations and illustrates the difficulty of looking into a 27-year-old alleged incident.

    The secretary of the Senate’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Reade also did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

    Over 35 months, which covered Reade’s employment period, 479 people sought assistance from the Senate fair employment office, according to congressional testimony in 1995. Of those, 325 sought informal advice, while 102 went into a five-step process that included counseling and mediation. Only 38 people ended up filing a formal complaint.

    If Reade was among those who filed a formal complaint, her record would not normally be available until 2043, based on a Senate resolution passed in 1980 mandating that such information remain private for 50 years.

    Edited From: “Senate Rejects Biden’s Call To Release Any Potential Records On Alleged Misconduct”

    Today’s Washington Post


      One recalls that last week these documents were thought to be with Biden’s Senate papers at the University of Delaware. But that turned out to be a blind alley. Those documents never went to Delaware nor were they supposed to. But this story above describes ‘where’ those documents are and ‘why’ they won’t be for many years to come.

      1. Peter – we still do not know that a copy of the records are in Delaware. We just know that the National Archives doesn’t have it and the copy of the Senate cannot be seen before 2043. So, the blind alley is still available.

        1. Paul, you’re mistaken, the records never went to Delaware. That would not have been procedure for these records. They’d stay with what was essentially a Human Resources office for the U.S. Senate.

          1. Peter – if I filed a complaint about you, it would go in your file in your office. Those records are kept together. There are key words that came out of Biden’s mouth that are suspicious. No search in Delaware. However, his people had been searching the records in March and April. No search outside the parameters of Tara Reade. This leads me to think there might be others who complained.

            1. Paul – Of course, there are others who have complained. Have you seen YT montages of Biden with various women? He likes to get close, and I mean really close.

              1. WW33 – But, but, but … the senior staffers saw or heard and now are saying nothing. 😉

                  1. Social distancing….

                    …..the best thing that has happened for Joe’s run…

              1. Paul – I am seeing that Wittman floods…is that true? I guess I will be needing flood insurance.

                Some of the houses seem rather overpriced for the location. I understand big plot and big house, but what is the energy cost like?

    2. Are these not available because personnel records are considered private?

      While the complaint itself would be in the relevant office, any correspondence regarding the complaint should be with Biden’s senate records. That is, if he followed the requirements of the Federal Records Act.

      If a complaint was formally filed, someone will remember it. However, if I recall correctly, Tara Reade said she did not mention the incident where he grabbed her by her lady parts, but rather general harassment.

      There needs to be an audit of Biden’s senate papers to see if there was any mention of a sexual harassment or assault claim. In addition, I would like to know if there is a way to obtain a record of any formal complaints filed against any Senator or public servant who runs for office, not just Joe Biden, as well as their disposition. It’s relevant.

      1. Karen, this was in the Post story. It pertains to your questions.

        Over 35 months, which covered Reade’s employment period, 479 people sought assistance from the Senate fair employment office, according to congressional testimony in 1995. Of those, 325 sought informal advice, while 102 went into a five-step process that included counseling and mediation. Only 38 people ended up filing a formal complaint.

  5. The double standard is breathtaking.

    Of course all criminal allegations should be investigated.

    The problem with decades old allegations is the loss of evidence, and the affect of time on memory. I have not seen Tara Reade’s evidence, so I cannot say if she proves her case. Women who suffer a sexual assault need to file charges, or create some sort of paper trail. They might have a good reason not to press charges, but then they must accept the consequences that if they go public years later, it is more difficult to prove. Perhaps she has a blue dress smoking gun or some other compelling evidence. We need to see the evidence.

    This is why women should not be believed based on gender alone. All accusations should be decided based on the evidence. The amount of pushback I got on this intuitively obvious statement during the Kavanaugh hearings was astounding. All of a sudden, it makes perfect sense to some Democrats. Will they connect the dots?

    I would believe someone if they accused Biden of smelling their hair, but an assault accusation needs to be proven. If there is no proof, then it’s not fair when the accused has no possible way to defend himself.

    Make the case and see how it is resolved. Biden’s foot dragging on the document release makes him look like he’s hiding something. He should get in front of it.

  6. The current crop of “leaders” in our country today is abysmal.

    Yesterday, a man’s man, died: Don Shula, age 90

    When I was a young boy living in Miami, my family would attend Catholic Sunday Mass. I remember seeing Bob Griese & Don Shula at Mass St Augustine Catholic Church. At the time I thought they were “it” because they were. Paul Warfield (still alive and in phenomenal shape), Manny Fernandez, larger than life Larry Csonka, Nick Buoniconti and other members of the Miami Dolphins showed many young boys what being a man meant. His players agreed: it was hard to top Don Shula

    RIP Don.

  7. “That’s All I’m Going To Say About It.”

    – Whitmer Declares Biden Innocent Without A Search Of Senate Records

    “I was pushed onto the bed and Brett got on top of me.”

    Christine Ballsey Ford Declares Justice Kavanaugh Guilty Without Any Facts, Evidence Or Testimony.

    Why did the American Founders never entertain the concept of allowing women to vote?

    Answer: Because self-governance and the republic were far too important – worth dying for.

    1. I refuse to be dumped in the same category as baby-talk Ford or that maniac with the Solo cups.

      There are plenty of men who believed Christine Blasey Ford and disbelieve Tara Reid, purely on politics. These men either don’t know or care about the rule of law, evidence, or critical reasoning.

      There are no brain cells in testes. No guarantee of truthfulness resides in ovaries. Our character and intelligence are not determined by our gender.

      1. Karen

        Today is the memorial of Saint Antonina. We have it pretty good compared to what she underwent

        Pray for us Saint Antoninia


        Saint Antonina of Nicea
        May 4th III century

        At Nicaea, in Bithynia, saint Antonina, martyr, who was cruelly tortured and tormented with various tortures, still three days hanging, then imprisoned for two years and, finally, under Governor Prisciliano, and by the confession of his faith in God, was burned alive (s. III/IV).


        St. Antonina was from the city of Krodamos (in present day Asia Minor). She was arrested for being a Christian, and was brought before Governor Festus. He urged her to worship the pagan gods and promised to make her a priestess of the goddess Artemis. She bravely confessed Christ and urged the governor to renounce the worship of demons in the form of idols. Festus gave orders to strike the saint on the face and lock her up in prison.

        St. Antonina spent all her time in prayer, eating and drinking nothing. One day she heard the voice of God saying, “Antonina, fortify yourself with food and be brave, for I am with you.” When she was led before the governor again, the martyr continued to stand up for the Christian Faith and to denounce the pagans.

        Governor Festus ordered that the holy virgin be defiled by the soldiers, but the Lord inspired one of them, St. Alexander. He sought permission to go in to her on the pretext that he might be able to convince her to obey the Governor’s will. While he was alone with her, St. Alexander suggested that she put on his military attire and escape. The Lord ordered St. Antonina to agree.

        She subsequently walked out of the prison, not being recognized because she was dressed like a soldier. The remaining soldiers entered the prison and found St. Alexander alone in the cell. He was led before the Governor, where he refused to respond to questioning. Hearing that St. Alexander had been brought for questioning before the Governor, St. Antonina returned and stood by his side.

        On May 3, 313, Governor Festus ordered that their hands be cut off, and they were then smeared with pitch and thrown into a pit where a fire was burning, where they received the crowns of martyrs. When the fire went out, snakes were thrown into the pit, so that Christians would not be able to gather up their bones.

        Returning from witnessing these tortures, Governor Festus became numb, and was unable to eat or drink. He died after seven days of terrible torment.


      2. I know, huh? Men and women are the same, right? Any scientist will certify that as axiomatic, huh?

        The issue is not who wins the contest.

        The issue is who makes the babies.

        In America, that’s nobody – the population is imported of heterogeneous, incongruous, foreign invader, hyphenate parasites.

        The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral.”

        Women are killing America; America and Americans are vanishing.

        Women are the true misogynists; they hate pregnancy, delivery and nurturing of children – children sufficient in numbers to defend and grow the nation.

        Women are traitors to their country.

        Women have failed in their sole duty to their nation.

        What good is the vote when you don’t have a nation?

        The 19th Dumbmendment was a death warrant.

        China 1.4, India 1.3, Sub-Continent another 2+ billion.

        There are maybe 7.75 billion people of which only .750 are New Zealander, Australian, European, Canadian or American.

        If women are smart, I hope they start thinking…soon!

  8. Jake’s somber look is often vexing enough but when coupled with the disturbing image of the brazen Governor as it materialized in the airwaves during their chit-chat, the totality of it is borderline diabolical. I wonder if some manner of demonic intervention occurred?

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