“That’s All I’m Going To Say About It”: Whitmer Declares Biden Innocent Without A Search Of Senate Records

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 7.15.59 PMWe have been discussing how Democrats are struggling to defend former Vice President Joe Biden despite his refusal to open up his papers being held at the University of Delaware.  The disconnect with how the same politicians addressed the allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh is glaring but few have adopted the categorical position of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday with Jake Tapper. Whitmer’s answer (like the poor image in the remote interview) was obscure but no less conflicted than the later interview given by DNC Chair Tom Perez.  The key is that there is still no review of the Biden papers that has been completed yet MSNBC host Nicole Wallace has called the coverage a “smear campaign” against Biden.

Whitmer has publicly discussed her history as the victim of sexual assault.  Tapper made reference to those prior statements in setting up an expected question on the allegations of Tara Reade against Biden.  Whitmer is widely viewed on the shortlist of the candidates for Vice President.

Tapper asked a reasonable question as to the obvious contradiction of how Whitmer and others addressed allegations against Kavanaugh and Biden.  Whitmer however said that she resented being asked the question as a survivor.  She then said that, even though no search has been done on the Senate papers, she is completely satisfied that Biden is innocent because she knows Biden.  She stated:

“I know joe Biden. And I’ve watched his defense. And there’s not a pattern that goes into this. And I think for these reasons, I’m very comfortable that Joe Biden is who he says he is. He’s — and you know what, that’s all I’m going to say about it. I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds and it is — you know take us at our word, ask us for our opinion and let’s move on.”

The whole exchange is below.

The question is whether Democratic leaders like Whitmer would have accepted before any investigation into Kavanaugh if a senator or governor said the he knew Kavanaugh and that was all that was needed to reject the allegation of Dr. Ford.  More witnesses have come forward to support Reade than was the case of Dr. Ford.  Yet, Whitmer will say nothing more on the subject.

The objection to Tapper raising that she has previously spoken as a survivor is odd since she has repeatedly done so in discussing such issues.  However, she is also the governor of a major state and a possible Vice Presidential running mate to Biden.  Declaring that you need no more information and have nothing more to say is obviously inadequate. Yet, the media largely ignored the categorical denial.

It was equally curious over on ABC This Week.  ABC “This Week” host Martha Raddatz also did an excellent job in noting the conflict in treatment in the two cases. She also noted that Biden had weeks to prepare an answer but still claimed falsely that the National Archives would have such documents — a claim immediately denied by the Archives.  Perez however declared that Biden was clearly innocent and no further investigation was needed. He declared that Biden “is an open book” but he then opposed opening the books at the University of Delaware. Like Whitmer, he sees no need to actually investigate.  Perez would not even agree to the much ridiculed suggestion of the New York Times that the DNC perform the search at Delaware.

Once again, the most surprising aspects of these interviews is the utter lack of media scrutiny. It is doubtful that similar claims during the Kavanaugh hearings would have received the same passive response.


Here is the Tapper interview:

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: You said you believe Vice President Biden. I want to compare that to 2018 when you said you believed Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford after she accused now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault.

Kavanaugh also, like Biden, categorically denied that accusation and Blasey-Ford, to be honest, she did not have the contemporaneous accounts of her view of what happened that Tara Reade does. You have spoken movingly about how you’re a survivor of assault yourself. Why do you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh? Are they not both entitled to the same presumption of innocence regardless of their political views?

GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER: Jake, as a survivor, and as a feminist, I’ll say this. We need to give people an opportunity to tell their story. Then we have a duty to vet it. And just because you’re a survivor doesn’t mean that every claim is equal. It means we give them the ability to make their case. And the other side as well. And then to make a judgment that is informed. I have read a lot about this current allegation. I know joe biden. And I’ve watched his defense. And there’s not a pattern that goes into this. And I think for these reasons, I’m very comfortable that joe biden is who he says he is. He’s — and you know what, that’s all I’m going to say about it. I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds and it is — you know take us at our word, ask us for our opinion and let’s move on.

Just for the record, the reason I’m asking you is you’re the only democrat on the show today, not because you’re a survivor and not because you’re a woman.

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  1. In typical Jonny style, harp on the dem who touched a shoulder and neck and will not release his total record of 40+ years for scrutiny in an election year. Really–Jonny, you are a better lawyer than that. Yet where was “offended” Jonny for all the production asked and ignored of Trump–tax records, subpoenas, testifying for Mueller? Of course, Biden would NEVER nominate Jonny for the SCOTUS, his only goal these days. Jonny has put his goal in the hands of the repubs, and more specifically Trump. What a sad decline in an academic who, years ago, showed such promise. I weep for your lost soul, Jonny.

    1. Every week it looks like JT has gone off the deep end. But what is worse, is that he feeds his Trump base with nit-picking nonsense. And they come running after JT yells, SUEY…SUEY

        1. Maybe you should read JT’s other post about censorship today. You claim how much you love the constitution, and yet you have no idea how dissent formed this country. So it’s Ok to write here, if only I write what you want to read.

  2. Whitmer is a good example of the results of the mind control used by Democrats since the 1930s, the mind control that is currently being pushed by academics and Democrats (the same thing.) The woman is an example of effective propaganda. She’s been brainwashed, as have most Democrats.

  3. Turley Notes ‘”Utter Lack Of Media Scrutiny”

    But What Has ‘He’ Told Us??

    In this column Turley condemns mainstream media for not pausing the pandemic to focus on Tara Reade:

    “Once again, the most surprising aspects of these interviews is the utter lack of media scrutiny”.

    Turley has been totally focused on Tara Reade while totally ignoring the 24 women accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. But what has Turley told us about Reade beyond the allegations against Biden? ‘Very little’, from what I have seen.

    Turley has told us nothing about Reade’s life story. Though in all fairness to the Professor, mainstream media has also failed to flesh out the details of Reade’s life. Which makes you wonder if Reade’s story can hold up to media scrutiny.

    I have made an effort to google a comprehensive profile of Reade’s life. To my surprise little has been written. Reade has been in headline stories for almost 2 weeks at this point. Yet so far she has flown completely under the radar with regards to her life history.

    It appears that Reade has had a middling career as a Non-Profit Organizer. She worked at a Woman’s Shelter and as an ‘Expert Witness’ on behalf of abused women. Reade has also worked for Animal Rescue Organizations. Therefore Reade has devoted herself to rescuing women and animals. But these activities have been covered in only broad references. No details are available.

    Reade was married in the 1990’s to an abusive husband somewhere in the Midwest. But again this period has been covered in only broad references. Currently Reade features herself as an ‘Actor-Writer’. But Reade’s professional credits in these endeavors are unknown. It’s not even clear where Reade even lives at this moment.

    Trump supporters keep comparing Reade to Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blassy Ford. But one should note that Ford’s entire bio was readily available almost as soon as she became a media person of interest. Yet we’re not seeing that with Reade. For some reason Reade is still mysterious to the public. Which makes this commenter wonder if Reade can really hold up to a scrutiny.

    1. —-
      In this column Turley condemns mainstream media for not pausing the pandemic to focus on Tara Reade:

      “Once again, the most surprising aspects of these interviews is the utter lack of media scrutiny”.

      Hiding behind the pandemic is pathetic move.

    2. Ford was a Democratic party activist. That’s why her “history” was known, although it was actually contrived. Her real history was revealed by her former boyfriend, who said she was a compulsive liar.

      1. Semcgowanjr:

        Show us an article telling us about Ford’s career as a ‘Democratic Party Activist.

        And wasn’t Tara Reade a ‘Democratic Party Activist’. Mainstream Media should have her bio on hand as well.

        Semcgowanjr: Why is you name impossible to spell? We keep saying that with new commenters who keep springing up like weeds. Strangely they all have names no one could spell or pronounce. It this one of those ‘lost in translation’ mysteries?

            1. REGARDING ABOVE:

              This is a Station Identification by our resident sock puppets. They just want readers to know how present they are.

      1. Truth, how’s your English?

        This link you posted is just a broad, brief article telling us nothing new. It contains no details on Reade’s life. I’m not sure why you even posted it.

        Your link, however, contains this interesting passage: “Trump’s behavior toward women is not a secret”.

        That’s a huge understatement! But at least Redstate makes a vague, crisp effort to deal with it. Which is more than we can say for Professor Turley.

        1. 1. My English is pretty good. If you disagree, I welcome your critique. I don’t deny that I make occasional errors.

          2. I posted the article in response to your quote “Turley has been totally focused on Tara Reade while totally ignoring the 24 women accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.”
          Since you find Turley’s “omission” of Trump’s record baffling, here’s the key quote from my linked column…
          “It is also pointless to say that it’s time to bring all these women forward and demand Trump answer for each of these. He has answered those questions multiple times. Granted, he does so with flat denials and even aggressive responses and attacks on their character, but it isn’t as though the media straight-up ignored those allegations like they did the one allegation against Biden.”
          I’m not attempting to speak for JT, but I’ll assume his reasons are similar.

          3. “Trump’s behavior toward women is not a secret”. Bingo. The key line.
          Before I ever pulled the lever for Donald Trump, I was relatively certain that he was a well-known womanizer. I think virtually everybody knew that his record as a skirt-chaser was pretty well established.
          So if you, or anybody else wants to needlessly fill space to announce that Trump is a bad person who has treated women with total disrespect, my only response is “yeah, I know, I’ve heard it a million times”.
          I’ll assume everyone else has too.

          1. TruthHurts, you’re basically saying you knew Trump was a long-established playboy. That’s honest of you. Though isn’t it peculiar that Evangelicals are counting on Trump to ban abortion?? I mean, as you noted, Trump was a long- established playboy. Trump even hung-out with Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. And he’s going to ban abortion..?? Sounds like the height of hypocrisy!

            And ‘no’ Trump has ‘not’ addressed all the women accusing him. When that issue came up 4 years ago, Wikileaks came running to Trump’s rescue to change the discussion. Trump himself was generating so many controversies then that those women got buried beneath countless distractions.

  4. This lady wants to be VP and this is how she responds to a reasonable question. She refuses to answer and provides irrelevant BS as an excuse. This lady is a good example of the axiom of rising to one’s level of incompetence, only she surpassed that level prior to her current position . . and I say this without any guns on me, no racism, nor Confederate flags about.

    1. Don, let’s talk about Confederate flags. Why were protesters in Michigan carrying Confederate flags?? Michigan was a Union state during the Civil War. So how did Confederate flags get up there in the hands of Trump-supporting protesters?? It makes no sense at all.

      1. “Why were protesters in Michigan carrying Confederate flags??”

        Seth, whether you like it or not, there are a lot of people from the South who take pride in their homeland and their ancestors…most of whom were poor and never owned slaves…and they embrace the Confederate Flag as a symbol of standing up to tyranny.

        I’m willing to bet that a lot of people NOT from the South feel the same way, and quite frankly, there’s no rational reason why this should bother you.

        1. He’s just trying to draw you into an argument that he thinks you will lose.

          Just as an aside, General Pickett of the famous charge was no fan of slavery and married an American Indian after the war. He was loyal to what he saw as his people and his country and that was true of most of the courageous soldiers who fought for the South.

          1. Young, let me get this straight. You’re a lawyer in Arizona, married to a doctor, and you feel Confederates fought a ‘noble cause’..??

            1. Peter – Tucson went for the Confederacy. There was a Civil War battle fought in Arizona.

              1. Paul– Yes and I think it may have been the last battle of the Civil War and the Confederates won it.

                Tucson is still leaning Confederate–they wanted to dump federal law and become a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

                1. Young – Visitors travel from around the country to experience the Picacho Peak Civil War Reenactment with its three exciting and historic battle reenactments complete with lifestyles of the soldiers in the southwest during the 1860s. More than 200 reenactors come from many states to camp at the park with their authentic Civil War camping gear.

                  Food and beverage concessions will be available. Visitors are encouraged to bring plenty of water, as well as lawn chairs, hats and sunscreen. Pets are not permitted (they don’t much care for cannon and musket fire!).

                  Picacho Peak Civil War Reenactment – Civil War in the Southwest – Picacho Peak State Park – Arizona State Parks Foundation

                  In addition to the battle reenactments, spectators can see artillery and cavalry demonstrations, presentations on women in the Civil War and soldiering in the Southwest, plus the “period-appropriate” musical entertainment.

                  The Battle of Picacho Peak
                  Civil War battles across America were well documented and history teachers carefully covered each battle across the East Coast, but few ever thought what was happening in the West during this time. A battle of the American Civil War was a skirmish fought near a rocky spire called Picacho Peak located between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. The new highway follows the old wagon route that passed Picacho in 1862.

                  In 1860 the New Mexico Territory, which consisted of the lands that would become the states of Arizona and New Mexico, was sparsely populated. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, the U.S. Government recalled the majority of its troops from the West to build the Union army for the fighting in the east. Henry Hopkins Sibley joined the Confederacy and convinced Jefferson Davis that he would raise an army in Texas and invade New Mexico territories. He proposed that mineral resources would fill the coffers of the Confederacy and fund their massive war effort.

                  Picacho Peak Civil War Reenactment – Civil War in the Southwest – Picacho Peak State Park – Arizona State Parks Foundation

                  Tucson was the capitol of the Confederate Territory of Arizona between February 20, 1862 when some 120 Texas Rebels took control of El Presidio San Agustin del Tucson and late April, when the 1,800-strong Union army of the California Volunteers entered this dusty, dirty little Mexican town without firing a shot.

                  During that short period, 50 miles NW of Tucson, an engagement was fought between a Union cavalry patrol and a party of Confederate pickets from Tucson. Every year in March, dedicated men and women from all over come together at Picacho Peak State Park to reenact The Battle of Picacho Peak.

                    1. Peter – to the best of my knowledge there are no movies. It is/was hotter than hell.

                    2. Paul, they were probably wearing wool uniforms in that heat.

                      Thanks for telling us about that battle. It looks like a possible movie idea.

                    3. Peter – they re-enact the battle ever year (probably not this year) with several people suffering heat stroke (and that is the audience). You are right about the material though.

                      If you plan to make a movie of it, plan to film it in the winter. That area is a state park.

        2. Truth, what country are you in??

          I’m originally from the Upper Midwest. I lived on Lake Michigan for the first half of my life. We never identified with Confederates up there. Confederates were stupid southern rednecks!
          The fact that you think people from that region share common bonds with slave-owning dead-enders makes me wonder if you’re really on U.S. soil

        3. Truth –

          “there’s no rational reason why this should bother (Seth)”

          And there’s the problem.

            1. REGARDING ABOVE:

              Oh, oh, the puppets are annoyed!

              One can be sure the puppets will post some creepy video whenever I am active.

              You see currently these threads are under occupation by an army of sock puppets who hate liberal commenters. One can identify the puppets by all their funny names; most of which defy any pronunciation

      1. Tell us what you think of the women in Muslim countries while you are standing up for women.

        1. Young, what about women in Muslim countries?? Did you have something important to add to that discussion?? Should American woman forget that their rights are under assault by Republicans and focus on Muslim countries instead??

          1. Should American woman forget that their rights are under assault by Republicans and

            Their rights aren’t under assault. That’s a stupid liberal meme.

            1. Absurd–

              It’s also an evasion.

              He doesn’t want to talk about the treatment of women in Muslim countries, or the treatment of Muslim women in some US homes. The Fascist left loves Islam, just as The Third Reich did.

              1. Young, Republicans aren’t oppressive enough! Like I really want a Muslim theocracy..??? ..Why..??!!

            2. Okay, Absurd. Then women’s clinics aren’t shuttering all over the South. Glad to hear that was over-hyped.

              1. An illegal crosses the border and has a baby and that child is instantly a US citizen with the usual rights.

                A baby born alive on an abortionist’s table is killed. Apparently it does not have the right to liberty and, certainly, not the right to life.

                I do not to object to abortion done early and safely.

                ‘Abortion’ on a viable child is murder.

                Funny that the people who support live-birth ‘abortion’ are often opposed to the death penalty for vicious killers.

                Perhaps we should just call executions ‘late term abortions’ and end at least one controversy.

                1. Young, show us an article from a recognizable source documenting the number of ‘babies born alive’ only to be ‘murdered’.

                    1. Young, yeah, Gosnell was prosecuted. His practices weren’t legal. No laws in any state allow what he was doing.

                      If one bad apple spoils an entire profession, we’d have to outlaw cops! So your reasoning here falls short.

                    2. Word about Gosnell’s operation had gotten around and nobody wanted to do anything because abortion is almost untouchable. What brought investigators to his door was evidence that he was over-prescribing opioids. That they would investigate. Once they were in the door they were shocked and horrified. But they should have known.

                      The assumption that he was the only one is wrong. The lax law enforcement and tolerance for expanding the scope of abortion allowed a lot.

                      Here is the testimony of an Illinois nurse describing babies born alive and sent to ‘comfort rooms to die.


                      Virginia almost passed a bill that would allow the killing of a child shortly after birth after consultation with the mother.

                      The will is there to kill babies.

                      Gosnell is not alone by a long shot.

                    3. Young, your comments concerning Christ Hospital omits a crucial term: ‘Severe Abnormalities’. Those are the abortions you described.

                      Severe Abnormalities may include fetuses whose brains develop outside the head. It’s a grim topic to be sure. No one wants to go there in exploring the possibilities. It’s like discussing auto accidents; all blood and guts.

                      I suspect the heroine nurse of your story was an anti-abortion activist. That conflicts with her healthcare mission of protecting patient privacy. If she feels abortion is wrong she should have transferred to a medical job unrelated to abortion. People shouldn’t bring their politics to work when it conflicts with patient privacy.

                      Here’s Chicago Tribune coverage of that nurse’s job termination. The Tribune, for the record, is not considered liberal. This is a straight forward account.


                    4. Seth, we kill people with severe abnormalities now?

                      Good thing you were never allowed near Stephen Hawking.

                      You ‘suspect’ the nurse was…. Oh course you do.

                      She was not the only one. There were several others giving testimony to the same effect.

                    5. Maybe Young would like to experience his wife being forced by the government to give birth to an infant with severe brain damage, in severe pain, and with no chance for life beyond a few months to a year. That happens. The results, beyond bankruptcy are often traumatized families including other children.

                      It is not easy for most women to terminate their pregnancy, and especially one they’ve struggled to carry for 8 or 9 months, but that pain is nothing compared to what they face from scenarios like I outlined above.

                    6. BTB- You learned all of that as a contractor? Something in the building code perhaps?

              2. Okay, Absurd. Then women’s clinics aren’t shuttering all over the South.

                That criminal enterprises are going out of business is a good thing. No one blessed with right reason fancies anyone should have a ‘right’ to operate or make use of such charnel houses.

                1. Absurd, whatever. As I have noted many times, the number of Americans wanting a total ban on abortion is about 20%.

                  In other words about 80% of all Americans think abortions should be legal in at least certain situations. And the majority of college educated women believe that reproductive choices are important.

                  So this idea that American women should be perfectly comfortable with Republican rule is not true. So why this disengenous suggestion that American women have the luxury of focusing on rights for Muslim women??

                  It’s just an idiotic talking point for really stupid people.

                  1. Ask them which situations and then tabulate how common those situations are, Peter. They amount to a low-single digit share of the abortions performed in the U.S.

                    The rest of your post is a mixture of stupidity and red herring, of course. Neither I nor any person of sense composes their understanding of right and wrong by consulting opinion surveys. I don’t care if ‘American women are perfectly comfortable with’ blah blah blah. No one who lives in society with others is perfectly comfortable with the regulatory regime therein. It was not a stated concern of mine. That’s your silliness.

                    1. Yeah, Absurd. You think the public would be fine with putting women and doctors in jail. ..Not..!!

                      Anyway, this thread isn’t about choice, or lack of.

                    2. I don’t think it is your role to choose topics on the thread.

                      Your inner Fascist censor is exposed.

                    3. If they commit crimes, put them in prison. That’s what prison is for.

                    4. TIA:

                      For 186 years, the vast majority of American states had little trouble jailing abortionists as felons for assisting in abortions and some states targeted the women who hired them. Nine states still have abortion bans still on the books. It’s not some inconceivable idea that abortions could be ruled illegal again after the scientific question of viability of the fetus is established. Though I support choice until viability, I wouldn’t mind a fact-based ban just to see liberal heads explode.

  5. “Perhaps in part to atone for his shabby treatment of Anita Hill, Biden was especially prominent in the Obama administration’s overhaul of Title IX treatment of claims of sexual discrimination and harassment on campus. You can listen to Biden’s strident speeches and rhetoric on this question and find not a single smidgen of concern with the rights of the accused. Men in college were to be regarded as guilty before being proven innocent, and stripped of basic rights in their self-defense.” Read the whole article here by very liberal Andrew Sullivan.


  6. it’s laudable that Joe Biden mustered a direct response to this. The denial is about what one would expect. it’s a close call, sort of a he said she said. I might give Reade the edge in a civil case, but I believe any jury would find reasonable doubt. So, that’s sort of a question of the standards of weighing the evidence. Reasonable minds could differ about these allegations.

    But his stuttering, strange response to questions about opening archives made him look bad. There’s little doubt about that.

    I hope Joe can maintain his position as the presumptive nominee., because I am pretty sure if they find a way to substitute another person, that person may run more strongly against Trump than Biden. And I continue to favor Trump for a second term, in spite of the numerous difficulties he’s had along the way.

    1. Kurtz writes:

      “I continue to favor Trump for a second term”

      What, deficit isn’t big enough, you want another chance to pay for the wall, need to hear 20,000 new lies, want to finally repeal and replace Obamacare, put a stake in NATO, or want to find out if he and Kim will find lasting happiness?

      1. I totally want to see that wall keep on building yes

        The deficit is a concern but it’s already at a massive, unbelievable level especially now. It’s an ahistoric situation., The US is blazing a trail in macroeconomics that few ever thought possible. It’s not clear any president could reign it in, or that any ever will. It will roll along this way until it either breaks the system of international finance, or the US is broken itself. Right now neither seems likely to happen any time soon. Deflation is more of a scare now than inflation.

        And the US dollar is the prime example of economic “networking effects” if there ever was one.

        This is unrelated topic, but a big one.

  7. No, Jon, no one’s struggling, except those of you who keep trying to make this non-story into a story, by arguing that no one has seen the “Senate records”. As explained, in today’s Sheila Kennedy blog. cited below in part, Reade admits that the complaint she filed did NOT mention sexual assault:

    “Along with the other inconsistencies and questionable elements of the Tara Reade accusations, there is the undeniable fact that Joe Biden has been repeatedly vetted; most recently when he was under consideration by Obama for Vice President. No investigation has uncovered the slightest hint–let alone an accusation– of sexually inappropriate behavior. (Yes, he’s “handsy”–he likes to hug and touch, and that has made some women uncomfortable, but that is a very different thing.)

    In Washington, where there is gossip about everyone, there has never even been any gossip about Biden engaging in inappropriate behavior with women.

    Then there is this observation from a commenter to this blog who spent many years in Washington:

    I worked in the U.S. Senate in the 60s, and even then, U.S. Senate office building hallways where the abuse was supposed to have happened, are VERY public, well traveled thoroughfares. They have become ever more public over the years. Numerous Senate offices open onto those hallways which are traveled by Capitol Hill police, Senators and staffers, the media, lobbyists, tourists and tour groups, constituents, mail carriers, vendor deliveries, custodians, facilities maintenance personnel, and more. Any Senator wanting to sexually assault someone would do so in their own office (and lock the doors), or a vacant committee room, a storage closet, or a hideaway office to do the deed. The last place they’d pick would be a Senate hallway. This accusation does not have the ring of truth.

    Biden has categorically denied the incident ever occurred and has called for a thorough search of Senate archives for the complaint that Reade says she filed. (Her descriptions of the contents of that purported complaint have now changed, too. In contrast to her earlier descriptions of the complaint, she now says it didn’t include any reference to sexual assault.)To date, reporters have been unable to find any record of any complaint.

    Given the timing, the multiple inconsistencies– not just in Reade’s account but in the accounts of friends she presumably told (not contemporaneously but a few years after the supposed incident)–and the absence of any remotely similar accusation, it is hardly unreasonable that many women find Reade’s charges unconvincing.

    In her daily Letter, Heather Cox Richardson observes that the Trump campaign is using Reade’s story to regain control of the political narrative.

    The attempt to get Biden to jump through hoops Trump ignores is classic gaslighting. It keeps Biden on the defensive and makes sure he is reinforcing Trump’s narrative, thus strengthening Trump even as Biden tries to carve out his own campaign. It is precisely what the Trump campaign, abetted by the media, did in 2016.

    The pundits and media outlets that are feeding on what several reporters had previously investigated and concluded was a “non-story” are once again allowing themselves to be used. In 2016, it was “her emails.” In 2020 it’s “all women must be uncritically believed.”

    Not simply taken seriously, or given the benefit of the doubt, but believed.

    Apparently, in order to be “real” feminists, “real” advocates for women, “real” supporters of #MeToo, we must uncritically accept any and all claims made against politicians we admire or support, no matter how dubious. Otherwise, we’re hypocrites.”

    Meanwhile, no one is talking about the multiple, credible allegations against Trump. Where are the tax returns? Why does he require people who work for him to sign NDAs, and why won’t he let us see the Presidential Daily Briefings as same relate to COVID-19?

    I have a bigger question: why would a law professor allow his credentials to be used in this manner?

    1. Of course it’s BS coming from Trump supporters Natasha, who have 25 accusers to deal with.

      Interesting commentary of the Senate Office Building. I visited there once about 20 years ago and it is as he relates. A very busy thoroughfare with constant traffic and senators offices opening right ontp it. There is nowhere to hide.

    2. Natacha – we are still waiting for those BMI scores. Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!

    3. I was unimpressed by Gretchen Whitmer before these remarks and they are a net neutral to me. I am not concerned about Whitmer being a feminist or “survivor” or not.

      There failure to timely report for 2 plus decades is enough to make a reasonable person doubt Reade. I am glad they have given her accusations attention, however, though the media was quite tardy about it.

      Here’s a different viewpoint, from a close friend who was raised in China. Her immediate response was, “she probably liked him, and that’s why she didn’t tell. Now he’s running for Vice President and she’s mad at him.” Simple as that.

      This is the complicated reality of a lot of close contact stories that long after they happened, the woman who is mad about something, then after the fact, decides that she did not consent. In reality, the consent was implicit, and an objective observer would conclude their was consent, but inside her own head, it may have been conditional upon this or that; perhaps they dream of being the big man’s next wife or favored mistress. And then, when it does not pan out, there is a tardy accusation of lack of consent. And then there are financial motivates working in favor of accusations of assault too.

      This creates a situation which is very unfair for men in general. I know the “Feminists” and “survivors” will not like what I have to say. but normal people understand this social dynamic., and that’s why they are em-paneled on to juries, to make fair evaluations of evidence in such matters.

    4. In Washington, where there is gossip about everyone, there has never even been any gossip about Biden engaging in inappropriate behavior with women.

      And you know that from your couch.

      I’m afraid no gossip was necessary. He was photographed being inappropriate at news conferences.

  8. As much as I dislike both Biden and Whitmer, she is right. Joe Biden is innocent and does not need to prove his guilt. It is incumbent on his accusers to prove his guilt.
    I am just glad that the Left is starting to embrace civil liberties again. I hope they don’t confine this new found acceptance of tue constitution to their side.

    1. No one’s asking him to prove his innocence. That’s a straw man argument. All that’s being asked is that the same standards be applied regardless of party affiliation.

      The longer this goes on, the better for Trump. This is a self inflicted wound we’re happy to watch unfold. If Biden had any sense he would approve a search for Tara’s name in the records held in Delaware.

      “I am just glad that the Left is starting to embrace civil liberties again.”

      They “embrace” civil liberties when it’s convenient and discard it at the drop of a hat. They’re fooling no one except for the faithful.

      1. I hope the Biden issue drags on, embarrasses the Democrats, but doesn’t get so bad that Biden is replaced. He is unelectable without massive voter fraud which I am sure will be attempted.

          1. And with that we see why the Fascist left loves the Wuhan economic turndown. No sacrifice is too great to avoid burning on the altar to stop Trump.

            1. Young, here again you make us seriously wonder ‘who’ you really are.

              Like liberals ‘enjoy’ this pandemic..??

              One imagines this assertion incorporates the old myth that liberals dont really want to work. Yeah, here in Hollywood we like having the studios closed. No one here really enjoyed getting up at 5 am. We’re all hoping the studios never reopen. We just want to dither forever while collecting Unemployment.

      2. Kavanaugh was asked to prove his innocence and I rejected that. I am bound by personal integrity to hold the same position for someone I find anathema to my political views.

  9. 2019 you see someone with a mask in a bank you think ‘I might be in danger.,’

    2020 you see someone without a mask in a bank you know you are in danger

    2021 you see some one in a bank with a feather you know you are in serious danger.

    Which one was Lizzie Borden Warren?

  10. Better than what Pelosi would have come up with but did you expect any help from a member of the socialist cartel? Not like their real citizens.

  11. That any American should so disrespect the underlying foundation of our nation, the Constitution, for mere party power is a disgrace and if significant true Americans do not rise up and eliminate this poisonous thought train festering in our nation, we should be ashamed to call ourselves the land of the free.

  12. Who watches faux not the news propaganda? Pretty much any dumb ass wanting to get dumber, and many of the posters on here prove it.

    Whitmer is wrong. An investigation needs to take place. She has been right in response to the trump virus but she is nothing but a neoliberal corporate blue dawg demoRat other wise. As are the DNC, DCCC etc. they need to be confined to the annals of history, unlike the orange fascist who needs to confined to GitMo for the rest of his unnatural life.

    1. See ya at the hillary2020 victory party ( and failed concession speech x2 ) teehee.
      America will vote OrangeBoyJR before we ever elect another Clown Mouth Puppet Democrat.

  13. As a survivor, Gov. Whitmer is f**king blind if she thinks there isn’t a pattern.

    1. The depth and strength of discipleship never ceases to amaze me. Schulte begins with believing Reade, despite all of the inconsistencies and discrepancies in her story, hen morphs into the narrative that there must be a pattern. No matter what lies would be told against Biden, he’d believe them.

      If there was ever a form of mental illness called “Trump Derangement Syndrome’, here is a prime example.

      1. Natacha – first, we need those BMI scores. Second, I only said their was a pattern and if Whitmer couldn’t see it. she is blind.

  14. Whitmer’s “response” is entirely adequate for someone who wants to be a Vice Presidential nominee.

  15. Well, nothing happening in the world again so a “controversy” about searching a place almost certainly not where Tara Reade’s supposed complaint would be has all of JTs limited attention. I’m sure tomorrow he’ll post advocating that Trump quit trying to squash law suits filed by women who accuse him of sexual assault and that he follow up on his promise to sue all his accusers when he became president. Afterall, JT is a seeker for truth, no matter where it leads.

    1. Hey bythebook, Turley strikes me as the kinda blogger who chooses his topics based on who whines the loudest in the comment section…

      How’s it workin’ out for you so far?

          1. Oh, snap!

            Truth, you’ll really wig out once you’ve met Seth Warner. I’ve never known him to agree with any single posting of Mr. Turley’s, yet he is utterly obsessed with commenting on a large percentage of them.

          2. Just this one truth. I came here under the illusion that JT was a fair commentator on the issues.

            1. “I came here under the illusion that JT was a fair commentator on the issues”
              Now being perpetually disappointed because your own myopia about all matters great and small, maybe you’ll do the decent thing and move on.

            2. Well btb, you probably already know this, but…

              “Fair”, just like beauty…is frequently in the eyes of the beholder.

        1. If you thought Turley was a “stooge” then you would not be posting here on his page all the time.

          what books is trying to do by this is criticize Turley to drag him towards book’s preferred position.

          I am pretty sure Turley has little time to read these comments. Probably never does

          1. Kurtz I seriously doubt JT reads this page also. Why would he? This is some pretty low level discussion, so no, that’s not my intent. I like to argue and I hope maybe lurkers will be persuaded by a well reasoned one and facts.

            1. ” I like to argue and I hope maybe lurkers will be persuaded by a well reasoned one and facts.”

              This probably is a fair description of 90% of the people posting here from any alignment. It’s why I try and avoid demonizing my partners in dialogue. I encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the discussions and arguments in a convivial way.

              1. I encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the discussions and arguments in a convivial way.

                Might be possible with Enigma, Peter, and Appleton. The rest of them, not a chance.

  16. “Once again, the most surprising aspects of these interviews is the utter lack of media scrutiny. ”

    I am not surprised and find it difficult to understand how any person who stays up on current events would be surprised. The Main Stream Media is the propaganda arm of the DNC, and the “Establishment”, and has been for decades.

    Perhaps what should be surprising is the lack of shame and the hubris of the MSM, and the DNC.

    Who watches the Media watchdog??? Pretty much nobody.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky, thank you for providing balance to this discussion. by the book is using this matter, as if it doesn’t exist, and has n importance. He follows the script of the DNC and their Comrades in media. Divert attention and spew hatred of Trump instead.

      1. Justice– I think book is as much ANTIFA and Brownshirt as DNC. But you are right about his tactics. Several have attempted to engage with him, but it is wasted effort. It is worth knowing what type of people we are dealing with on the left. The Romney type ‘reaching across the aisle’ philosophy is a surrender to Fascists. Wise men in Germany thought they could work with Hitler. Kerensky never seemed to grasp the peril that Lenin posed. Book’s tactics here give one a good idea what Trump is dealing with in Pelosi and her gang with the help of a corrupted, censorious media. They would embrace censorship and worse with torch in hand and eyes alight with a fanatic’s zeal. As for rule of law–the Flynn case tells how they want the law to work.

        1. Young, what are you ranting about?? You’re supposed to be a lawyer! Yet here you’re attacking Book with a canned tirade that has no connection to anything Book wrote. Is English your first language??

            1. Young, understand ‘what’..??

              Trumpers in 2020 are using the same language that radical leftists used in so-called ‘Underground Newspapers’ of the Vietnam War era. Like your tirade at Book, for instance. You could be a hippie reporter referring to the L.A. County Sheriffs Department in 1968; same cliche buzz words.

              Are you in the U.S..??

        2. ANTIFA are human scum. They are most paid informants for the police and socalled “watchdog” groups, they are sometimes crisis actors, and the rest are a rabble of maladjusted heroin junkies.

          Book can read and write and from what others say he is a retired contractor, so, that would make him far too decent of a citizen to be at the level of the ANTIFA who float like the scum of dung on the top of septic water.

            1. Im at work and not anywhere close to there today. I do need to get back to billable time now that I’ve exhausted my lunch hour tirades, however

              1. Yeah, Kurtz, mind those billable hours. I wonder if Young is minding his billable hours.

          1. Kurtz– So then book is just an ordinary Fascist? Maybe. Several ‘educators’ have been tied up with ANTIFA. Should we assume a retired contractor, as he says, has greater integrity than an ANTIFA activist? Maybe. He should be smarter. I am thinking book is more of a pajamas boy part-time ANTIFA loon.

            1. Young, if you’re a lawyer, one presumes you can make a case. Yet all we see are cliche references to facists and ANTIFA. Is that all you can muster??

            2. Young, I sense you know that ANTIFA are not the run of the mill internet arguing liberals, they are basically just a criminal gang of anarchist hoodlums, convicts, addicts, and social misfits.

              ANTIFA chapters are fly-paper for local and federal law enforcement, which uses them as a convenient platform to keep track of left-wing nutjobs. That’s why they actually DONT declare them an officially bad outfit.

              The Left wing anarchist nutjobs are too dim to understand this. No, Isense book is just a vigorous old liberal flexing his acid tongue on the internet, and not a criminal sociopath looking for a riot to do his thing,

              1. In San Jose the police routed people attending a Trump rally directly into an ANTIFA mob and stood by holding their d**ks while people were assaulted. The city and police department are being sued for this public disgrace. If law enforcement is using that organization to keep tabs on extremists they are doing a poor job of it. It’s worse in Portland.

                1. oh that’s basically what happened at Charlottesville too according to the police review


                  but understand the police regularly develop informants inside illegal operations. drug gangs etc. kkk and antifa same way.

                  they are keeping tabs on them, yes. i did not say they are stopping them. they rarely do. they rarely stop any sort of crime. this is a fantasy that we have because of movies. occasionally they prosecute crimes after the fact, but mostly, crime is never “stopped” in its tracks except by private people including private citizens and security alike.

                  1. they rarely stop any sort of crime. this is a fantasy that we have because of movies. occasionally they prosecute crimes after the fact,

                    You should sober up before you post again.

                    1. oh im perfectly sober. most crimes committed are undetected and uncomplained about. the amount of crimes that are stopped i directly intercepted in progress by police are minimal. think about it

                      now if you want to say that they’re indirectly stopped by enforcing rules and locking up bag guys, well yes of course police help maintain order in that way

                      my reply was in context to what Young said and absurd youre taking the reply out of context

                  2. Developing informants is one thing, urging criminal acts and standing by while ordinary citizens are attacked is the way of Fascist governments. It is illegal. It is immoral. It is intolerable. I hope cities that did this, San Jose, Charlottesville, and Portland end up with gigantic judgements against them.

                    What has happened in the past when the police are corrupt and no longer protect the public is that the public begins to act on its own?

                    In the end, the police are there to protect the criminals from the public by promising justice. Break that promise and then what?

                    A year or so ago there was a video of a young woman who with her boyfriend shot a cabbie in the back of the head in El Salvador. A mob surrounded her, drenched her with a flammable liquid, and burned her to death. What surprised me was that she died so fast. Inhaled super heated air, I suppose. What was not a surprise was that the people were sick and tired of a corrupt police force and decided to act on their own.

                    Is that what we want here? Seems like the Dems are working toward it.

                    No bail in California. If several citizens capture a bad guy do you think they want to call the police or deal with the matter on their own? Not good, but that is what is coming.

                    1. im sorry young i am cynical and i believe a lot of police agent undercover work consists of manufacturing criminal acts in a neat package ready for prosecution

                      or, using informants to get information and sometimes precipitate crimes, possibly because undercovers or surveillance can pick it up for prosecution,

                      or just because they are busy developing more and more informants for later use.

                      the ways in which police develop organized crime can be very ugly and that is precisely one of the reasons why they are kept from public view– along with other legitimate reasons, ie, to keep the methods secret and thus effective

                      if we are talking about the history of “right wing violence” as some who come here are occasionally chirp about, it is very often provoked by the use of informants who believe right or wrongly, that they have immunity from prosecution

                      it is certainly the case for organized criminal activity that louts like whitey bulger believe for good reason that they have some sort of immunity, which he did have, leaking info and setting up his rivals for the FBI to make easy catches. a despicable story and one that culminated with Robert Mueller’s failure to supervise that Boston office properly

                      and yet they finally caught them all in the evils acts and there was a late prosecution. as a consequence the FBI rogues who actually conspired iwth Bulger to commit murder, i think 2 remain incarcerated today

                      now what happened to bulger? a super famous snitch, and also one that severely embarrassed FBI…., he was sure to be assassinated if he was released from protective custody into genpop.

                      and they did exactly that and he was assassinated by another prisoner, predictably so– I cant help but wonder if the BoPrisons intended exactly that in making the “mistake” of letting him out into genpop

                      and observe that happened in October 2018 when Mueller was in the spotlight. funny huh? imagine how a long interview with Whitey bulger could have embarrassed Mueller at that important time. but dead men tell no tales

                  3. Kurtz– Wanting informants does not explain a police force that guides innocent people into the hands of a mob and then stands by while they are attacked.

                    We are drifting toward the Septemberist mobs of the French Revolution.

                    1. Young,

                      the DOJ was running a thing 2-3 decades ago called operation patcon. which targeted “right wingers” for investigation and persecution

                      it reaped such fruits: Randy weaver incident– FBI shooting innocent woman holding a baby, and a teenager

                      Waco– you know about that one

                      and a lot of other dubious fruit too.

                      I sometimes wonder if Operation Patcon did not have forward warning into the OKC bombing itself. oh wait, it most certainly did: FOIA requests have proven that the OKC atf office had prior warning their office was being targeted for bombing weeks before it happened. Informant name, Carol Howe

                      and furthermore, maybe other sources too. were the “midwestern bank robbers” aka the ARA involved in packing that ryder truck? some journalists think they were. how much forewarning if any was received from those informant sources? I dont know, nobody does, but it’s a good question

                      not long after the OKC tragedy, they (ARA) were quickly rounded up. one “committed suicide”: in police custody (Guthrie); three turned out to be police informants–(kenny and mccarthy and thomas) one of whom went on to active duty service in the army (kenny)– amazing outcome for a former friend of tim mcveigh,s but keep in mind he was army too; thomas disappeared into the witness proptection program, and the number one guy– apparently the only one who wasnt an informant– can you imagine a gang where half of them were informants? well the former leader is now a trannie activist still locked up in federal prison. Peter Langan. You can’t make crazy yet true stuff like this up!


                      and don’t get me going on John doe #2– was that mike brescia or was it andreas strassmeir? oh yeah that andreas active duty bundeswehr who was quickly squirreled back out of the control to germany. really crazy stuff

                      I don’t trust some of these FBI people today, nor have i for decades.

                      most of them are good, but the political hacks and pencil necked geeks are very questionable.

                    2. hey young,

                      you know who told Hitler to join the DAP, the German worker’s party?

                      That’s right, the German Army! they want him to be an informant. See where that one went? nichts zu danken!

                    3. Kurtz– Yes I knew the German army asked Hitler to join the NSDAP. Practically every history mentions it.

                      Whatever the case for informants [ would there be federal crimes without them?], it is impossible to say that it is okay for a battalion of armed police to stand by and watch, doing nothing, while peaceful citizens are attacked by masked terrorists, but that appears to have happened in San Jose and in Portland several times.

                      Recently Portland police [The Portland Pansies] stood by while federal officers were attacked by ANTIFA.


    2. Their behavior of the MSM will prove critical in getting Trump reelected. It has hardened those who recently left the left and generated new converts. One of my brothers who voted for Hillary has turned into the biggest hater of the left in my family of recovering lefties.

      1. Ivan– A lot of anti-gun leftists in California are rushing to buy guns. They are shocked to learn it isn’t as easy as they believed from watching MSM. Many are also discovering that if they have a medical marijuana card they can’t buy one at all. Awakening. They have been fed b.s. for years. They would prattle against the police and demand prison ‘reform’ and now that they have it they are on their own and scared.

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