Going Viral: California Man Arrested Three Times in 12 Hours But Repeatedly Released Due To Zero-Bail Policy

There are have been various accounts of criminals who were released due to the pandemic only to quickly commit serious criminal acts. However, few have gone as viral as Dijon Landrum, 24.  Landrum succeeded in being arrested three times over the course of 12 hours but still walked each time with just a citation for three felonies due to California’s zero-bail policy during the outbreak.

The Glendora Police Department said the first crime occurred at 8:28 a.m. with an attempt to break into a vehicle. Landrum tried to drive away in a stolen vehicle.  He also have stolen property and narcotics with him.  Despite the serious crimes, he was allowed to walk away with a citation.

Just one hour later, the police responded to another call of a possible intruder.  Landrum was allegedly walking around and stealing things that he placed in a box.  The police found him with the stolen property and gave him another citation. Then sent him along his way.

Then around 8:50 p.m., officers received another report of a stolen car.  They spotted the car on a freeway and Landrum fled.  A police chase followed with the assistance from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol.  All three jurisdictions finally caught Landrum and, you guessed it, he was given a citation and released.

The virus may be destroying virtually every business in America but it is proving a bonanza for Dijon Landrum.

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  1. Subject Still Has To Answer Charges

    It’s upsetting that Police couldn’t lock this guy down. Yet Dijon Landrum still has 3 seemingly solid cases against him. Eventually he will have to answer to all 3, and if convicted of just 2 he could be looking at hard prison time. For a man of 24 his future is already in doubt.

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                  I, too, like the Blue, but am partial to the Rose Period.

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  2. All good and right thinking people know that it is racist to accuse blacks of committing crimes in numbers disproportionate to their percentage of the population. I am so shocked that JT would post such a thing because it gives bigots ammunition to malign minorities. We know these things aren’t really happening as portrayed and if they SEEM to be happening, whites deserve it.

    Can I get some virtual signaling from a few good whites out there?


    1. antonio……..Can you get some virtual signalling from a few good whites out here?
      Sho ’nuff!!
      But first, tell me what it is. 🤠

  3. These right-wing folks are some wild and crazy peeps.

  4. He did a hat trick. Can’t say he’s talented though since he got caught all 3 times. I can understand some of the logic behind the policy of reducing inmates amid covid, particularly in light of the number of guards that have taken ill. We don’t want the type of riots that occurred in Italy’s prisons with the inmates taking over occurring here. Still there have to be exceptions to the bright line rules, particularly for felony repeat offenders

    1. CK07:

      How do we know that he got caught every time?

      Lots of unaccounted for time; he could well have committed 6 crimes and be batting 50%.

  5. It is Democrats who are doing these absurd things. So why does any sane person continue to vote for Democrats??? How stupid must people like Seth/PeterShill/bythebook/bad anonymous have to be to continue to shill for Democrats and to vote for them???

    TIA hit the nail on the head below when he said the Gentry/Liberals are more interested in the status (race/gender) of the criminal than they are the actual crime.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Perhaps he’s a student of history.

    Originally a maxim used to encourage American schoolchildren to do their homework. Palmer (1782-1861) wrote in his ‘Teacher’s Manual’: ‘Tis a lesson you should heed, try, try again. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ The saying was popularized by Edward Hickson (1803-70) in his ‘Moral Song’ and is now applicable to any kind of activity.”

  7. “Dims” is a good term. Dimwits run the Demogog Farty.

  8. The new normal. Mexico murder rate reaches new high as violence rages amid Covid-19 spread. Mexico doesn’t do virus body counts.

    Mexico’s homicide rate raced to a new record in March, as violence raged even as Covid-19 spread across the country and authorities urged the population to stay home and practice social distancing.
    Mexico registered 2,585 homicides in March – the highest monthly figure since records began in 1997 – putting 2020 on track to break last year’s record total for murders.

    “It’s business as usual [for drug cartels] with a risk of further escalation, especially if at some point the armed forces are called away for pandemic control,” said Falko Ernst, senior Mexico analyst at the International Crisis Group.

    Violence has flared throughout the country, but it has been especially intense in the central state of Guanajuato, where criminal groups have battled over lucrative territories rife with theft from pipelines.

  9. When the rule of law is expelled to make way for political expediency, we are a failed culture and nation. Time to rid our nation of its most pernicious viral infection, – progressive political thought.

  10. Are the people in CA crazy?

    They arrest a lonely paddle boarder, but release this bozo?

    Did you see the pictures of riot police standing watch over protesters outside the governor’s palace? The cops would have broken heads and arrested people for “disrespecting” their boss, but let this person go.

    Really generates respect for CA.

    1. Yes, we all watched the lone paddleboarder get arrested. It is a shame. He was very well socially distanced. But in all fairness, no arrest, obviously, they tried to make an example out, not saying its right.

      I like to The state beach a lot, the waves can get packed with surfers and other board enthusiast. So, if everyone goes out into the water, there would be zero distancing, and that could be a problem.

      Some surfer in Manhattan Beach was fined for surfing, but not arrested. I think about 1200. If he lives in one of those houses, 1200 is probably 1.20 to him, maybe less. 0.20 cents. Idk.

      But yes, another “example,” to all the beach lovers.

      Also, you cannot just open one beach here with lockdown. I bet ppl flocked from San Diego, and Oxnard, all the way to the OC, for the Huntington Beach opening. And now, its closed again. So, there you go.

      Too much sunshine gone to ppls heads with regards zero bail berzerk matter. In theory, its a nice idea, in practice, not so much.

      The state tries of CA likes to try new things out more, generally speaking. Hopefully, they’ll pull back on this idea of zero bail.

      1. Alright, this post didn’t go according to plan, the gist…gist is there…

        No one should be arrested for paddleboarding….making examples of folks.

        OC beach experiment was a nightmare. Open all the beaches, or don’t bother at all.

        Zero bail is a ludicrous idea.

        1. Alright, this post didn’t go according to plan, the gist…gist is there…

          The gist in the former is not the same as the latter. It’s as though you listened to your emotional self first and then upon further reasoned review, made your subsequent post. Well done on the correction.

          1. Olly – Thanks. I’ll take the compliment. 🤠 the latter was more succinct, as they say in biz “trim the fat.” No need for extras.

  11. Now I know why low priority prisoners have been released from California and New York….to make room for incoming arrested social distancing offenders.

  12. We understand what’s behind it. Gentry liberals (many of them on the bench) fancy they are the assigners of status. Enforcing the law incorporates deplorables arresting and interrogating clients of gentry liberals for violations of penal codes whose provisions are derived from the moral sense of ordinary people. Gentry liberals find that disgusting, because their understanding of what constitutes a violation of social norms derives from the status of the offender and not their behavior. So, the activities of police forces must respect status and not contravene that by detaining the clients of gentry liberals ‘disproportionately’.

    Gentry liberals are a social malignancy. They should have no influence in society.

    1. It’s too bad the sins of the “gentry libs” aren’t only visited on them. Since they’re not, I’ll continue to do concealed carry and dispense my own brand of justice, if required. I urge others to do the same and get to the range. Heading there today.

      1. Funny you should say that. We go to Colonial but presently their range is closed.

        In Florida we used go to as a family to the Everglades to shoot at cans and trees in swamps back in the day. Fun times.

          1. I can appreciate that. Hopefully Northam will reverse soon. People in Church Hill are gathering in parks, on streets, as families and friends sans masks. I have refused to wear masks in public and have even used it as an occasion to initiate conversations with strangers.

            Me at Publix last week not wearing a mask:

            Me: (in the checkout line) “Hey, you are not wearing a mask!”
            Man: (silence, looks nervous)
            Me: “this checkout line is for people wearing masks and we are an exclusive group, so youll have to go to the back of the bus”
            Man: (laughing) “How did you get in this line while not wearing a mask?
            Me: “They haven’t noticed”

            Line erupts in laughter. Checkout employee shakes her head and later tells me “this is ridiculous” through her fashionable mask


      2. Did you also remember to take your daily dose of bleach and lighted your interior through your posterior?

        1. Chris Cuomo’s wife bathed in Clorox to help cure her Covid. And they are disinfiecting the NYC subways with Ultraviolet light. Trump knew what he was talking about.

          Also, did you see that the oh-so-busy-in-midst-of-pandemic Dr. Tony Fauci had the time to call CNN’s Chris Cuomo DAILY to check on him while he was supposedly confined to his basement recovering from Covid? What a crock.


          1. “A crock”??? Not if they’re friends. Fauci says that he’s known Chris Cuomo for a very long time.

            ‘The Brooklyn-born infectious diseases expert said he has known Cuomo, the younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, since he “was almost a kid.”’ -NY Post

          2. “Chris Cuomo’s wife bathed in Clorox to help cure her Covid. And they are disinfiecting the NYC subways with Ultraviolet light. Trump knew what he was talking about.”

            Chris Cuomo’s wife wasn’t injecting Clorox or drinking it. And who said that UV light isn’t effective against the virus when used on contaminated surfaces. As for Trump? He sometimes doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

            But one thing is clear:

            Critical thinking isn’t one of your strengths.

        2. The #MeToo Democrats —–>>

          I believe Joe Biden!

          “Me Too!” said Nancy Pelosi. “Me Too!” said Stacy Abrams. “Me Too!” said Kamala Harris. #Me Too!! Said every single other liberal woman who is a big flaming hypocrite counting on the stupidity of the American people to actually believe thier #MeToo Movement was ever about “women”….sorry….it was NEVER about women….not ever…..it is…and always was about one thing: political power.

  13. California needs to secede from America. Then we can build up a wall and keep them in.

    1. CA has most of the ports, and the goods come from China. 5th largest economy in the world, a few years ago. 40 million ppl here.

      It is a testing ground sometimes for new laws and policies.

      This one needs to go back into the box.

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