Lisa Bloom: Yes, Biden Is A Rapist But I Endorse Him

220px-Biden_2013We have been discussing the hypocritical positions of Democratic leaders ranging from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in their response to the allegations of sexual assault by former Vice President Joe Biden.  Women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom caused a stir this week however with a position that is at least honest, if chilling.  Bloom stated that she believes that Biden did rape a female staffer but she is still going to endorse him for President of the United States.  She tweeted “I believe you, Tara Reade . . . sorry.”

Bloom has previously had embarrassing positions with regard to Harvey Weinstein and Kathy Griffin.

Once again, I continue to be baffled as to why this is so difficult.  Biden insists that there is no prior allegation of sexual harassment or assault by anyone. However, he refuses to allow a search for any such allegations in his papers under lock and key at the University of Delaware.  I still believe that Biden has the stronger case in this controversy, so I do not get why he resists total transparency on this or any such allegation.

I can see politicians saying that they believe Biden but also demand total transparency on any and all allegations of sexual harassment or assault.  What is untenable is saying that you believe him but do not want to review the total record held in these different archives.

Bloom however is virtually unique in applying the same Kavanaugh standard of just accepting any allegation raised by victims of sexual assault. However, she then said she would still work to elect someone she believes is a rapist for president even thought it is not too late for the Democratic Party to select someone else.

Bloom tweeted

“I believe you, Tara Reade. You have people who remember you told them about this decades ago. We know he is ‘handsy.’ You’re not asking for $. You’ve obviously struggled mightily with this. I still have to fight Trump, so I will still support Joe. But I believe you. And I’m sorry.”

So just to unpack this.  Bloom believes Reade who says that Biden raped her when she was a staff member and then lied repeatedly to the public.  However, she still believes he should be the Democratic nominee–not sure if the apology really makes much of a difference.

Bloom noted that Trump also has been accused of assault. However, that does not excuse endorsing someone you believe is a rapist instead of demanding that the party pick a non-rapist as its nominee.

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  1. Bloom’s comment “is at least honest”? Really, Jon? What I’m finding harder and harder to believe is that any decent law school would employ someone like you who would go to the lengths you go to in order to lend your credentials in support of someone who cheated to get into the White House, a serial bankrupter of businesses, someone with a pattern of cheating thousands of contractors, who brags about assaulting women, who is a chronic, habitual liar, who imprisons brown people and their young children for seeking asylum, who leverages aid to an American ally for political gain, who ignored a deadly pandemic, who pivots to blame everyone else on earth for his failures, who praises White Supremacists, who is a racist and demonstrably mentally ill. Why would you do this? Do you want a judgeship that badly?

    Yeah, I know, First Amendment and all, but then there are the matters of integrity, judgment and respect for the institution of the presidency and rule of law. Maybe I’m too idealistic, but I couldn’t see any of my professors saying the kinds of things you do to defend someone like Trump. Let’s see if you respect the First Amendment enough not to block this comment.

    1. Maybe I’m too idealistic,

      File that with Prince Andrew’s remark “I have a tendency to be too honourable”.

          1. Natasha, these guys don’t do content. They’re the 18 year old HS juniors cracking jokes in the hall.

          2. yes, much untrue, but you string together so many falsehoods and exagerrations it takes too long to sort out

            see you guys use this tactic all the time. distort the truth, then defy others to “prove” its wrong

            that keeps your adversaries busy

            it’s a clever version of trolling, instead of using insults, you use incorrect assertions.

            it takes ten times as long to refute a lie as tell one

            this is why our entire system of mass media is a rotten steaming dungheap of lies.

            a system i question more and more

    2. I think your comment is already protected under the AMDA. (Americans With Mental Disabilities Act).

      I forget the exact case, but a Federal court decided it was unconstitutional to prevent the mentally ill from saying whatever they wanted. So you’re kewl!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  2. Technically, and this is a law blog so such technicalities matter, it is an allegation of sexual assault or perhaps aggravated sexual assault, and not rape. Rape generally requires as an essential element, the penetration of the female sexual organ with the male organ. Here, she said Biden, without consent, aggressively thrust his fingers into her body.

    On to the story: I guess I can understand the lady’s perspective on supporting Biden. I support Trump.
    We’ll see how it shakes out.

    1. IIRC, that’s called ‘aggravated sexual abuse’ in the New York Penal Code and the penalties are just a notch below those of 1st degree rape.

  3. I can see politicians saying that they believe Biden but also demand total transparency on any and all allegations of sexual harassment or assault. What is untenable is saying that you believe him but do not want to review the total record held in these different archives.

    The above is true and logically consistent. But leftists are not motivated by truth or logical consistency. They see themselves as fighting various forms of injustice and inequality; and as such anything goes. We tend to see most leftists as well meaning, but naive, they see us as evil.


  4. “I still believe that Biden has the stronger case in this controversy, so I do not get why he resists total transparency on this or any such allegation.”

    It is quite simple. Biden knows d@@n good and well (if he can actually remember) that there is something incriminating or at least embarrassing in those papers.

    Bloom might be a despicable sh@@lib but at least she is an honest one. I have to respect that.


    1. antonio – if there was nothing incriminating in the Delaware files, he would not have had people combing through them in March and April.

      1. Biden is FAR more afraid of the documents pertaining to Ukraine, Russia and China than he is of any semblance of employee complaint docs.

        1. Mimi – I would say from watching his softball interview with Mika that he has skeletons everywhere. 🙂

          1. And cannot recall where he buried them. The next interview, he’ll be using the same minder who was assigned to Hunter’s interview.

            1. DSS – Hopefully the minder will remember not to talk during the interview. 😉

      2. Well, the same must be true of Trump’s tax returns, the files he refused to turn over to the Mueller and House investigations, and Trump’s financial records. Let’s see them.

        1. in a thread about a sexual assault accusation against Biden, Natch brings up Trump’s tax returns. Very funny!
          I welcome more such humorous remarks!

          1. No, Kurtz: try to follow the thought process here. The thread is: why would someone who is innocent fail to agree to release documents. Here’s what Schulte said: “antonio – if there was nothing incriminating in the Delaware files, he would not have had people combing through them in March and April.”

            By the same token, if there is nothing incriminating in Trump’s tax returns, financial documents and the files and documents sought by Mueller and House investigators, he wouldn’t refuse to produce them.

            We already know from Michael Cohen’s testimony that Trump keeps 2 sets of books: one for the IRS, that downplays his income and exaggerates his deductions, and another set for Forbes, to be used in their rankings. Also, some financials have come to light in association with some loans he was seeking to re-finance or obtain, and they show he has constantly lied about his net worth.

            1. No, Kurtz: try to follow the thought process here.

              You have no ‘though process’. You just recycle the same phrases from one post to another, as if you had a set of macros to construct them.

              1. TIA displays his typical “thought process”, such as it is.

            2. “No, Kurtz: try to follow the thought process here. The thread is: why would someone who is innocent fail to agree to release documents. ”

              Are you talking about Adam Schiff???

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

            3. I never took a position on Biden’s papers, wherever they are kept, or hidden. He is free to keep or hide them as he pleases as far as I care.

              This has zero to do wih Trump’s tax returns. Which are private and between him and not hidden from, but filed with the IRS which are the enforcers, who have gone over them plenty, Im sure. The IRS is the one who gets to accuse, and they haven’t. Or whatever quibbles they had, have been settled and paid by the taxpayer to the IRS. So there is no relevant accusation to trigger a demand for disclosure, actually.

              It’s entirely unlike this subject in every relevant respect.

              That was the lamest attempt at diversion ever.

            4. I missed this condescending remark yesterday. So cute! Say what you like, but the lion does not concern himself with the opinion of lambs

          2. Kurtz, the bogus issue JT raises – for the 4th or 5th time – is Biden’s supposed lack of transparency for failing to turn over his public docs for scrutiny. How is his November opponents willful hiding of documents regarding his finances, not too mention his hiding of other information about his sexual promiscuity while married and stonewalling on the numerous sexual allegations about him not relevant, to the point of ridiculing JT’s hypocritical focus?

            1. Trump’s taxes are not hidden. They are reported to the party which has the authority to complain about them. That is the US Treasury via it’s collection agency the IRS. If they have no complaint at this time then there is nothing to write about or “disclose” This is totally and wholly irrelevant to Reade’s accusation against Biden

              Trump’s supposed sexual infractions are slightly more comparable. Slightly., But not much. Because of two reasons

              a) Trump’s accusers shed no llight on what happened between Biden and the young staffer in an empty hallway years ago. Nothing relevant, no probity at all.

              b) in terms of comparable standards, maybe there is some slight relevance, but probably not, because, your “WHATABOUTISMS” are not fresh allegations, like Reade’s. And Trump already ran for POTUS and now Joe can be vetted on the subject like Trump if that’s his wish to run.

              1. Kurtz, the IRS does not have the resources – thanks GOP – to fight lawyers and accountants from the bigger companies and studies have shown this. Every major candidate since Reagan has released their tax returns. What is trump hiding?

                Since Trump was rejected by voters, he has not been “vetted” and found acceptable on the question of sexual assault.

        2. Natacha – hypothetically, I file a sexual harassment claim against you with a third party. I get a copy and they send you a copy. Do you destroy the copy or keep it in case it comes up to bite you in the a$$??? He has a copy in the U of Delaware records.

          1. Who said Biden ever got a copy? What proof do you have, other than your true discipleship and firm belief in anything put out by Hannity or others on Fox? Why doesn’t Reade have a copy, and…what about the dozens of sexual assault claims involving Trump?


            1. Natacha – two things 1) still waiting for that BMI score 2) regardless, if she filed a report, he got a copy or his office got a copy. Did you see his face when Mika said you could search on her name? There is stuff in his U of Delaware files. Quit being an apologist for a sexual predator.

                1. Anon – 25.2. I have put on a few pounds staying at home. 😉

                  1. Let s know when you quit being an apologist for asexual predator.

                    1. Anon – what is your BMI? And which sexual predator are you supporting?

        3. Natasha:

          “And double to you” is always a winning argument.

  5. OMG – I am clutching my pearls!! What ever happened to the famous leftist moral superiority?

    I like honesty, let’s try some more.

    Chamber of Commerce Republicans – I like illegal immigration because it provides a source of cheap labor and I could care less that it drives down the wages of working class people.

    The Hard Cultural Left/SJW’s – I like illegal immigration because I want to remake America. This is necessary because America as founded is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic and generally evil. All cultures are equal (except for Western Culture, see above) and have contributed wonderfully to world civilization. Whites have brought mostly suffering and destruction to other groups and thus deserve whatever they get.

    Upper Class White Liberals – I like diversity and constantly am telling others about my moral superiority, intelligence and right thinking. I particularly like to adopt non-white children to demonstrate such. Of course, none of the above requires me to get my hands dirty and actually subject myself (or family) to these same conditions that my policies create for the working class. Fortunately, being a good liberal does not require such, it only requires saying the right things. I want Blacks and other minorities to really, really, truly like me!

    Blacks – I could care less about NPR, bike trails, arugula, symphonies and “good government”. Show me the GIBS.

    Hispanics – To Black Americans, you may have worked for the White man and have suffered for this, but you didn’t work for us. WE OWE YOU NOTHING!


  6. People who support Trump do not believe he is a rapist. His troubles started when he made a lewd joke on a hot mike. But he had no history of literally grabbing anyone by their lady parts. Rather, there were multiple accusations that suddenly came in, that were disproven.

    An accusation must be proven, and that includes any against Joe Biden, as well. If Reade told people at the time that Biden assaulted her, that is at least something, but perhaps not enough to prove an allegation. After all, I could say anything about anyone, and then years later they would remember my saying it. But that would not prove it was true. It is certainly possible that it occurred. Due to the nature of the alleged assault, it would be difficult to prove.

    If someone really does believe their candidate is an actual rapist, then they have low standards for President.

    At least Lisa Bloom is the only person who is consistent, as it pertains to Biden. If she thinks that all women should be believed, then that should be true regardless of the political affiliation of the alleged perpetrator.

    There is no way a guy fondles a female employee, against her will, one time. It seems so unlikely. There would have to be a pattern of this type of behavior, at the next level past burying his nose in hair and breathing deeply, and running his hands over their shoulders and back. I could see someone who does not respect boundaries, and has some sort of compulsion to touch women, ignoring the disgust when it’s not wanted, to push it further. But there would be a pattern.

    Could it be possible that Joe Biden actually fondled women, or worse, and it never came out after decades in government? Yes, it is possible, but he has such an open compulsion to handle women that I wonder if he’d be able to hide crossing that line.

    For example, Bill Cosby had a long list of women who corroborated his behavior. Plus he admitted to drugging them.

    I don’t know about Joe Biden. I’d have to see the evidence.

    1. Karen, Trump does have that history. See May 1, 2020 Business Insider article “The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct” which this site won’t let me link for some reason.

      1. Remembering, and paying attention to as many of these as I came upon, (which was about six of them) I find it interesting that the BI says the response was simply refuting they happened instead of the reality that many of them (not all to my knowledge, by any means) were factually refuted. E Jean Carroll’s accusation unearthed a 2012 Law and Order episode where the story entailed a couple who role played her exact scenario, down to the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman. The story from the woman on the airplane was refuted by an eye witness who said he saw her coming onto Trump, and then a picture of the airplane seat (model) in question exposed how her story was not physically possible. The one with the woman at the Mara Lago party where Trump’s calendar had him in a different city. Then there was the one by a campaign worker who said he kissed her without permission, then released a video where SHE was the one who kissed him.

        I don’t exonerate him for anything unequivocally, but he has long been known as an over the top germophobe. It is also true that after the Access Hollywood tape came out, the actress that Trump and Billy Bush came to visit went on the Today show and said Trump was very much a gentleman in her company and treated her completely professionally. And finally, having read an interview that was re-published somewhere that was originally in Playboy, I just wonder. It talked about two twin Playboy bunnies who talked about partying with Trump at the Playboy mansion throughout the decade of the 90’s and said if anything Trump was shy and diffident around women. They said they never saw him being remotely caddish. And yeah, that could be exactly the type that would possibly try to take advantage, but again, that wasn’t what they said.

        1. Carroll’s at least entertaining. Because liberals are humorless scolds, they don’t appreciate that.

        2. Mimi – assuming for the sake of argument that Stormy Daniel’s story is correct, it shows how brave the President is to have unprotected sex with her. 😉

      2. I recall when those women came forward. I do look into allegations as much as the posted evidence allowed. The problem that I have is that an allegation is considered a truth, as long as it is against a Republican. Accusations should be proven. Lists in articles lose credibility when they pad the numbers with accusations that he objectified beauty contest participants, or that they felt like cattle while their physical attributes were analyzed. It’s a beauty contest. There was little effort made to determine the credibility of any of them. An example would be the rape train breathlessly reported upon in the Kavanaugh hearings, that turned out to be entirely manufactured.

        One rape allegation was supposed to have happened in Burgdorf’s, of all places. It is not conceivable that someone was raped in the middle of one of the most prominent clothing stores in NYC. A store famous for its customer service, with staff waiting discretely to attend you. I just don’t see how it could happen.

        I do not see how a sexual assault can occur during a first class flight, in your seat. In front of everyone.

        Ivana Trump said she never meant to imply he raped her in a criminal sense. More like when they were intimate there wasn’t any emotion from him anymore. She has been pretty clear on this. She said, “I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president.” Although she has addressed this more than once, she was included in the list.

        His pattern of behavior would make accusations of ogling likely. Heterosexual men notice beautiful women. I could see Trump being open and crass about his admiration, as that’s part of his known character flaws. He has a history of infidelity, which makes further accusations more believable. Again, a known flaw.

        I don’t understand what a beauty pageant participant’s complaint about being objectified would be doing in a list of sexual misconduct. They enter a swimsuit competition, and then get upset about their bodies being evaluated on physical attributes?

        There has been no evidence of any rape. The rape accusations were Ivana Trump, which she herself denied, and in a Burgdorf’s without evidence, and I can’t see how it could happen. Any claim that Trump supporters believe he is a rapist is false.

        I think that everyone who ever went to an Epstein party is a bit contaminated. His association with Epstein in retrospect is a liability. From what I know of the matter, there were no records of him going to orgy island like there is of Bill Clinton. Trump had attended Epstein parties, and Epstein occasionally visited Mar-a-lago. It was Bill Clinton who traveled extensively with Epstein, to Africa and his island. After he threw his hat in to run for president, an anonymous woman got Lisa Bloom to release a statement, and claimed Trump raped her at 4 different parties. Her actual filing attorney is a patent attorney. However, journalists balked because the accuser was anonymous. There was no way to check the story. Her backer was a former producer of the Jerry Springer Show. When they contacted her patent attorney, “Far from derailing the Trump train, Katie Johnson and her supporters seem to be in an out-of-control clown car whose wheels just came off,” wrote Brandy Zadrozny. The woman dropped the case. All that was missing were the Solo cups. The author of the article loathes Trump. The Editor’s note at the bottom was written in hysteria. And yet, they dismissed the allegation.

        Here is the link to the story that you referenced.

        1. After the federal attorney (Jim Accosta?) let Epstein off with a slap to the wrist, 13 of Epstein’s victims sued Epstein in civil court. The lead attorney on the case, a guy by the name of Brad Edwards, was interviewed on youtube and was asked about Trump’s involvement. What he said was this: “We had Epstein’s black book, and we subpoena’d everyone in it.” ONLY TRUMP got back to us. He reached out to our office, offered to spend as much time as we needed with him and to tell us everything he knew about Epstein. The information that Trump gave us not only checked out, but was actually very helpful to us in winning our case.” The interviewer then asked “I have heard people say that Trump had Epstein permanently kicked out of Mara Lago, is that true?” And Edwards responded “I have also heard that but I don’t know if that is true or not.”

          This can be viewed by anyone, just search on youtube for the video “Brad Edwards defends Trump.” Or a much longer version going more into the actual civil case which is entitled “Bradley Edwards explains the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein.”

      3. “The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct”

        File with ‘all the convictions Mueller has obtained’ and ‘Obama is our 12th best president’.

  7. Yes, the usual suspects are being very hypocritical. But Tucker Carson, on the network that must not be named, has been pointing out discrepancies in Reade’s story for the last two days. Why? He is doing this in the name of journalistic integrity or because the GOP really wants to run against Biden.

    As for Biden saying there’s nothing in his papers while continuing to refuse releasing them —– you don’t suppose there is something else in there that he doesn’t want anyone to see do you?

    1. There is plenty Biden legitimately doesn’t want others to see until he is out of public life. That was the stipulation, which is common since communications originally private about people and institutions he still needs to deal with could hinder his future interactions as president. Would you like your personal emails released to your employer or clients?

      1. Is anyone asking for Biden’s personal emails that are not related to the accusation of sexual assault? Did he even provide personal emails to the University?

        What has been requested are any documents that mention the accuser by name, or any allegation of misconduct.

    1. “If you like your rapist, you can keep your rapist!”

      – B. Obama {paraphrased}

  8. Biden is no proven rapist; his accuser’s story is too convenient, too precisely timed and at odds with her previous comments on the man; and most importantly Dims lie — early and all the time. With these unassailable yet paradoxical truths you can sally forth to meet the day.

    1. In this particular genre, his accuser’s story is one of the more compelling and believable.

      1. See Angie Dickinson’s comments on #metoo allegations. A lot of this is just trivia.

      2. See what’s been done to Cdl. Pell. The evidentiary standards are almost nil when malicious people want them to be. In Cdl. Pell’s case, the malicious people included one set of appellate judges, quite a number of jurors, the prosecutors, and perhaps the trial judge as well. (Note, Gainesville is the same sort of person).

  9. The hypocrite JT continues carrying Trump campaign water under the guise of objective legal commentary.

    We got your propaganda line the 1st thru 3rd time JT. How many more do we get this?

    Even though there is no way in hell that any complaint from Reade would be in the public papers Biden has left with the U of D, , GOP strategy is to demand they be searched and call Joe a hypocrite for not chasing his tail. Meanwhile, your candidate can lie on TV everyday, all day, and berate the 25 women who have accused him of sexual assault while failing to lead us in a present severe crisis, and you’ll keep repeating this idiotic line.

    We got it.

    You don’t

    1. The hypocrite JT continues carrying Trump campaign water under the guise of objective legal commentary.

      We got your propaganda line the 1st thru 3rd time JT. How many more do we get this?
      Then one has to wonder about the mental state of those who continue to drink at the “poisoned well” of the blog. Well … some people wonder … not moi … when it comes to btb.

  10. Give her points for exposing all the Democrats. Thanks, Lisa!!!

  11. Bloom may be on the short list for Biden’s VP pick. Loyalty counts.

    1. If she is on the short list for VP she better hope he remembers who she is… and remembers there is a list.

  12. IMO, Bloom’s position represents the vast majority of leftist dems.
    “Yeah, he probably did it, but I’m still going to vote for him,”
    Basically, she’s admitting that she’ll sell her soul in order to achieve her political agenda.
    She gets credit for honesty.

    1. Thanks Truth001 for that insightful pairing of the difference between Trump voters and what you imagine are Biden’s thoughts.

      1. I’m more than happy to say “You’re Welcome”, but just for the record, I haven’t speculated about Biden’s thoughts at all, nor would I.
        I should also add that I’ve been particularly sympathetic to Biden who I honestly believe is showing early signs of dementia. I’m not a fan of his, but it pains me watching him struggle to be coherent.
        Oh, and happy Thursday.
        It’s not a normal morning without your daily complaints about JT’s content.

  13. This comment from a lawyer shows why the legal profession is much lower than the Media in the people’s esteem

    Was she the one who offered money to accuse Trump ? Or was that her mother

  14. Isn’t that pretty much how trumpettes rationaiized supporting the Orange Muffin?

  15. “However, that does not excuse endorsing someone you believe is a rapist instead of demanding that the party pick a non-rapist as its nominee.”

    When will it sink in that Democrats have no use for morality if it gets in the way of them WINNING! Once more time I will say:

    “Trying to explain “principles”, or “right vs. wrong”, or “rules”, or “logical consistency” to a Democrat, is like trying to explain to a bad, cheating, folding metal chair-using, pants-pulling-down, wrestler why he didn’t win the WWF Belt fairly. He is not able to comprehend what you are going on about. All he knows is, that he won the match and the Championship Belt, and so what if his girl friend jumped into the ring while the referee wasn’t looking, and whacked the Good Wrestler over the head with a metal chair! What difference, at this point, does it really make??? After all, he won! He has the Championship Belt! Isn’t that all that matters???

    But if the Good Wrestler does the same thing in response to the Bad Wrestler, then the Bad Wrestler is full of righteous indignation and he will mouth all the right words – for example “ I was cheated blah blah blah!” But there really is no issue of morality in play with the Democrats or the Bad Wrestler. Like some sort of primitive in the wilds, whatever helps him get what he wants is good, and whatever keeps him from getting what he wants is bad. It is as simple as that. Democrats, and Bad Wrestlers, are complete sociopaths.”


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Oh come on, Squeeky, it’s not Creepy Joe’s fault. After all, he doesn’t have a father in the home. 🤣🤣

    1. Gosh the guy can swim nude in his own pool if he wants. let the protection staff look away.

      Observe we now, how the press nitpicks every little thing?

      Biden is suffering from dementia, it seems. How about that for a story? Or, flushing out further evidence for or against the Reade allegations. Or probing his financial ties to the Chicoms. This story about him skinny dipping is insignificant.

      1. Non-pathological men don’t walk around nude in front of the household help, Kurtz.

        1. I don’t, but I always wanted a pool for a quick dip like this.

          Security teams for VIPs have to eyeball the body in question constantly and it’s part of the job. They can always ask for another detail if they don’t like it. They get paid plenty for the job and can take the bitter with the sweet.

          1. They get paid plenty for the job and can take the bitter with the sweet.

            There’s a story of an exchange between Bobby Kennedy and LBJ which supposedly took place at LBJ’s ranch in Texas. Kennedy takes exception to LBJ discussing certain matters ‘in front of the servants’. LBJ says, “I don’t have servants. I have employees”.

            People who employ domestic help and know how to be proper employers keep it civil and if there’s a little more intimacy than that in the association, it’s contained. The one exception I’ve seen was with a woman who had non-specific (probably vascular) dementia and everyone around her was being treated indifferently-to-badly.

            The ‘he can be a sh!t if he feels like it because the Secret Service get good salaries’ is a lousy defense of Biden.

            1. LBJ used to sit on the pot in front of journalists. he was a disgusting person in many ways

              Biden’s material faults are many, most of all that he is too feeble minded to take the job as POTUS, and I don’t defend him. I just say this one is a trifle. it does perhaps fit into a pattern of shameful conduct, but there’s a lot more low hanging fruit to grasp than this

              1. LBJ used to sit on the pot in front of journalists. he was a disgusting person in many ways

                The salient word here is ‘journalists’.

          2. I’d really like to have a lane pool to swim some laps every morning. And if I were Creepy Joe, I’d show some respect for the agents who are willing to risk their lives to protect me.

            1. they’re probably sitting around filing their nails 90% of the time. if you ask me secret service should get busy doing more of what they used to do, helping address crimes involving currency and the misuse of it. there’s a mountain of credit card fraud happening that FBI is supposedly too busy to handle and the SS has some concurrent jurisdiction. they could get moving on the backlog of nonexistent investigations if they’re too offended by Joe skinny dipping in his own backyard

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