65148e738f6f1e2ba33b1b0e40044c66Happy Mother’s Day to all! This holiday holds particular meaning to many of us as we all weather this pandemic by pulling our family closer and tighter.  I am still in Chicago with my 92-year-old mother, Angela Piazza Turley.  We will be celebrating today on Zoom with the rest of the family.

I appreciate all of the prayers and wishes from readers about my mother over the last month.  While she has been in hospice at our family home on the Northside, she has rallied and much improved over these weeks.  It has meant a lot to me to spend this time with her and see her grow stronger by the day.  She is a tough Sicilian and has pulled herself back through an exercise of sheer will.  My mother raised five kids while spending her life as a community organizer, President of Jane Addams Hull House, and co-founder of a variety of public interest organizations and projects fighting slum landlords, political corruption, and poverty.

I wish I could be in Virginia with my wife on this day but the kids have been planning for this day in my absence.

I hope all of our mothers have a wonderful and relaxing day today.

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  1. Days later – I like your thinking – I hope your mother continues doing well. Both relations with mother and family are important. My wife’s sister lost her 17 yo daughter in Feb., she is buried now next to her grandfather. We visited their graves.

    Mother’s Day is about family love.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom! I hope she had a nice day and was able to see the flowers she likes and enjoyed seeing her son. Piazza is a nice last name. Turley is too, but Piazza has that Italian ring to it.

    Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. 🌹🌻🌷

  3. Wonderful, that you are there still, with your Mom.!
    Even more wonderful, thats she’s still there with you.!!!
    Given her determination, she may be up and about, soon. 🙏

  4. There was a scotus article about “Little Sisters of the Poor’. There is apparently a group of Cat O Lic nuns, or women, called “Big Fat Sisters of The Rich”. I think it is time to explore this so called religion regarding it’s qweer aspects.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Professor Turley. What a blessing for you to be able to spend this time with your dear mama in Chicago. Treasure every moment.

    Song for you both —–>>>

  6. So glad you are able to be with your mom on Mother’s Day. I am sure your presence has helped her rally. You have a lovely family. Blest be the ties that bind.

  7. I cant say Happy Mother’s Day to you because I know it’s not a happy one. Having a loved one in hospice means you’re going to lose them soon. My mother-in-law spent several months in hospice there in the Chicago area. It was a long drawn-out ordeal. Bear in mind that people, probably most, rally shortly before they pass. It’s part of the process. Having watched my mother, father, mother-in-law and father-in-law all die, or I was close-by (my idiot sister let me sleep on a couch not ten feet away while she called everybody in the country when our father died and my wife and I and her brother and his wife had gone out for breakfast and her mother passed while we were eating), I can tell you that once they’re gone, it’s a relief. Anyone who lives past 80 has had a long life and in many cases, they’re tired and ready to go. Birth and death are the beginning and end of life. Accept it and move on.

  8. One of my favorite people on legal matters, and eas6 on the eyes. God bless JT!

  9. Happy Mother’s Day!

    God Bless Mothers!

    America needs more mothers by many orders of magnitude.

    The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral.”

  10. Happy Mother’s Day to your mother. I am glad you are getting time to spend with her.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers here on the blog. May you have a joyous day.

  11. Mom’s proud of her son; son’s proud of his mom. And both spending Mother’s Day together. What could be better? 💐 🍰 🍷

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