“This Is Exceptionally Scary”: American College Democrats Oppose Virtual Job Recruitment By Customs

We have previously discussed the effort of students and faculty to bar federal agencies like ICE from job fairs despite the strong interest (and need) of students to seek such jobs.  Now the American University College Democrats have demanded the banning of Customs and Border Protection despite widespread unemployment and the dire need of many fellow students to find positions with such agencies.  The interesting twist is that this was not even an on campus event but a virtual event.  Even without the government stepping on campus, the students objected to other students being able to speak with Customs in a virtual space.

The virtual event for May 15 began badly when, according to The Eagle, recruiters received information on every registrant for the fair regardless of whether they wanted to speak with the recruiter.  Customs then sent out a spreadsheet that included “many registrants’ cities, states, phone numbers and graduation dates.”  CBP apologized for the “unintentional disclosure of personally identifiable information” but insisted that it only affected “a limited number of potential CBP job applicants.” The College Democrats were absolutely right to call out that failure and object to the university.

However, the opposition to the recruiting event went beyond the incident and focused on the work of the Customs and Border Protection.  The College Democrats circulated a petition that declared:

“While it was a virtual event, allowing CBP to take part in our school function is the same as letting them walk onto our campus. If COVID-19 had gone differently, this event would have been in person and CBP would have been on our campus, attempting to recruit students. Having the presence of CBP on AU grounds without notifying students would have put several students in danger and showed a complete disregard for many students’ personal safety. This is exceptionally scary and unfair for immigrant and undocumented people at AU. No student should ever be put in a place where they have to share their personal information to get a career opportunity, and AU does not have the right to provide this information to organizations without a student’s consent.”

Thus, the student are seeking other students from interviewing for jobs off campus in virtual space.  The petition below demands that “CBP … no longer be allowed to take part in not just career events but all American University campus functions.”  There is not a hint of self-examination in whether students should be allowed to reach their own decisions on such work or whether it is appropriate to deny fellow students access to badly needed jobs in an economic meltdown.  Instead, the students object to any presence of the agency because such events are “exceptionally scary” for many on campus.  Indeed, the College Democrats insist that having the agency on campus would show “a complete disregard for many students’ personal safety.” Many students are facing exceptionally scary economic prospects and do not share the visceral reaction of the College Democrats to the work of this agency.  The idea that these students should be able to bar other students from making such choices is unfortunately increasingly common on our campus. We have embraced forms of speech regulation and enforced ill-defined “microaggression” policies to silence many with opposing views. Now such efforts include barring others from employment deemed unacceptable.

Here is the petition.


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  1. What’s exceptionally frightening is this generation’s authoritarian tendencies. Somehow they’ve managed to get into good universities without having the slightest idea of what the U.S. Constitution stands for, or, more importantly, why it was written as it was.

  2. The owners of the private property, such as American University, may allow or deny any speech on its campus.

    Students’ families may pay or deny the tuition.

    “[Private property is] that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other


    – James Madison

    “The American University is a highly rated private, Christian university located in Washington, D.C.”

    – Niche

  3. This is a throwback to the Vietnam Era when college students protested ROTC and recruitment by the military and CIA. It just goes to show you where Democrats lie, they want illegal immigration in the hopes they can somehow legalize them and register them as voters. Most Americans aren’t aware of it, but the reason the House Judiciary Committee began investigating Clinton was because he forced Immigration to naturalize thousands of immigrants who hadn’t been properly vetted so they could vote (for him) in the 1996 election. The investigation was stalled when they were forced to turn their attention to the Ken Starr investigation that lead to Clinton’s impeachment.

  4. This is the Great Leap Forward comrade. The bestest and brightestest evarz are going to build the golden people’s collective utopia where everything is free…except for the thoughtcriminal wrongthink deplorables.
    Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

    1. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto 59 years after the adoption of the Constitution because none of the principles of the Communist Manifesto were in the Constitution. Had the principles of the Communist Manifesto been in the Constitution, Karl Marx would have had no reason to write the Communist Manifesto. The principles of the Communist Manifesto were not in the Constitution then and the principles of the Communist Manifesto are not in the Constitution now. The entire American welfare state is unconstitutional and must not exist.

      1. “Had the principles of the Communist Manifesto been in the Constitution, Karl Marx would have had no reason to write the Communist Manifesto.”

        Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto as a response to the US constitution? Is that what you’re saying?

        That doesn’t seem right. I haven’t read it in a few years, and am willing to be corrected on this point, but I don’t think he even mentions the Constitution, at least not in that particular tract.

        I tend to think of marx as primarily focused on European affairs. Indeed, he opens the Manifesto with the sentence “A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of Communism.” Since the US constitution have never had the force of law in any European jurisdiction, it would seem irrelevant to Marx’s stated concerns.

  5. What happens when you support 2,000 plus factories of brainwashed socialists. That started in 1898 with Woodrow Wilson importing Fabian educators and with his 1909 presidency and take over of the former Democrat Party just grew like topsy crossed with Pinocchios beak. Socialists are socialists and Constitutionalists are Citizens.

  6. In my youth Mrs. Grundy was the one minding everybody else’s business. Today caring Karen fills her role. If you don’t want to consider a particular employer for political reasons do not, yourself, talk to them. Mind your own damn business. Stay out of other people’s.

  7. The great American author Nathaniel Hawthorne worked in a customs house


    Most college students probably never even heard of him. I find it hard to care about what these brats think or do.

    There’s great people in the younger generation, some of them. Full of strength and the vigor of youth.
    But some of them are mewling kittens that will not survive.

  8. Beware of schools issuing laptops. They are monitored.

    Everything you do on the laptop is stored. Even if you use incognito. In addition, if you are using the school’s WiFi, everything you do (regardless of whether it is your device or the schools) could be monitored.

    There may be spyware loaded, that can turn on the video cam & microphone in a dorm room or at home.

  9. The article is just another explanation for me why socialist/communist nations collapse.
    The move their people with rage and hatred. There’s always a target to destroy. When one target is destroyed they move on to the next object of hate. At the same time they are attacking other objects of hate.

    Many of the targets are required for a successful nation. Worse yet, their demands while attacking an object of hate destroys other things nearby they haven’t explicitly targeted.
    It’s no way to run a populace or a political movement. It’s self destructive.

  10. I think giving rabid Lefties the run of campus is exceptionally scary.
    Ban them!

  11. The thing about shilling for a president that lumbers out into the world only to vomit on the wall day after day is it leaves the brainstorming sessions over at team Turley only this kind of story to write as distraction.

    The take home message of this story is that CBP is having trouble getting people to work for them because kids in jail and stuff.

    1. You ignorant ass, the jailing of kids began during the Obama administration. Photo evidence proves that. Photo evidence even proved that the mainstream media doctored photos from obumer’s term.

      1. If people don’t want their kids put in cages, they should (1) not turn them over to coyotes to act as human shields, (2) not attempt to cross the border with them contrary to law, and (3) not file bogus asylum claims if they’re caught crossing the border.

  12. Thus, the student are seeking other students from interviewing for jobs off campus in virtual space.

    The Amazing Turley is doing his magic act again. Immediately following a quote explaining why this is not an off campus event but very much a university insider event Turley magically waves his wand and turns it into the opposite.

    1. Anonymous, since even your replies are anonymous, and you even strongly disagree with what is usually posted here by PF, why don’t just leave this blog?
      Unless that is, you are getting paid by Geo Soros to be another soon to be ignored poster.

  13. What the dark state Dem’s have done to America;
    Weaponized the IRS against Conservatives;
    HRC’s Pay to Play scheme while she was Sec of State;
    Where Blackberries were smashed and emails were erased by Bleach-bit;
    Deb Wasserman Scholtz while head of the DNC, hired a Pakistani crook, for money laundering who had accessed computers, was indicted by a Fed Grand Jury on 4 counts of fraud and conspiracy charges;
    Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the primary for the 2016 election AGAINST him and FOR HRC;
    Hired and paid at least 1 person to spy on the Trump Presidential Campaign;
    And the Republicans are called monolithic (whatever this means), pathological racists. HA!

    1. The education system’s problems start with this tidbit: America is #1 in the world in education spending…and 38th in the world for education results.

      And yet, the left continues to complain that we don’t spend enough on education?

  14. What can you say? The Young Democrats’ FAITH tells them that illegal aliens are peachy keen! No need to worry about all that depressing of wages and hours for low-skilled Americans, many of them black. No, FAITH is what is important here! FAITH in the Teachings of the Democrat Party!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Where are the adults at these universities. It is quite apparent that they are catering to a horde of spoiled brat willfully ignorant flotsam for the sake of a dollar. It is an embarrassment to even call these universities at this point.

    1. AC the adults aka educators, have encouraged, after brainwashing, that the inmates take over and run the asylum. The teachers in America are mostly responsible for the civil war now in existence in the US.

  16. This is another item in the file marked “gentry liberals are nasty, self-aggrandizing twits”. When they’re not behaving badly, you’re surprised.

    1. Absurd x , and just why do YOU think we are surprised? You must be just another dum dem who could care less about America.

  17. The Democrats are giving the ILLEGALS everything, even voting rights, so they will win elections, and they TAKE AWAY the rights of the American people. Something needs to be done. America rise up.

      1. ROFLMFAO!!!

        Touche! Considering all of us trolling these boards are obese, ….good point!

        1. ” Considering all of us trolling these boards are obese”

          Nah, banging on the keyboard here all day long is all you need to stay fit and trim.

      2. I get the point, but we don’t need “illegals” to do the work that you say obese Americans won’t do. Though I would agree that it would be the best thing that obese Americans could do for themselves and for our health system.
        For many years, our farmers had temporary workers on work permits, that came here and worked on the farms. After they were finished, they went back home until the next harvest season. Even the head of the farm workers, Cesar Chavez, was against “illegals” crossing the border

        No, we don’t need people crashing our borders to do anything at all in America. If someone has something to offer to America, they should come the legal way and show us they care about us, as much as we care about them.

        It appears, you, like too many others, are falling for the “open borders” crowd, who have spewed the same nonsense for years. It seems that their distorted idea is catching on with too many Americans.

        1. The ideal number of guest workers in this country = 0. If there is one operative principle in American immigration law, it’s that we do not import guest workers. Temporary residents should be diplomatic and quasi-diplomatic personnel, legitimate refugees, students, teachers, or their dependents. Every other foreigner in the country lawfully is properly a short-term visitor or a settler who can work for any private-sector employer who will hire him.

            1. One problem with California agriculture is that a great deal of it is crucially dependent on what amount to subsidies. If we had countervaling tariffs to protect our producers from other country’s subsidies, distributed irrigation water draws via auctions, ended all USDA subsidies and production controls, and told producers they could rely on domestic labor or they could automate, it would prove very jarring for California producers. Some land would have to be taken out of production and a great deal of crop substitution would have to ensue.

              The problem, really, is that guest workers are socially corrupting. We don’t need metics in this country. A small settler stream (say, 0.125% of the native population each year) might be beneficial.

              1. Gotta love this obtuse curmudeon Absurd

                metic defined

                a foreigner living in an ancient Greek city who had some of the privileges of citizenship.

      3. that was senseless and useless, but what do you do with several generations of human flotsam courtesy of LBJ’s Great Society? We will be carrying these unfortunates for the rest of their existences and more until we end welfare as we know it.

  18. It doesn’t matter whether it’s virtual or not, CBP should ALWAYS be able to recruit anywhere they want to recruit. These uneducated brainwashed students have no right to put their emotions over our safety. We should all be disgusted at the brainwashed sheep being processed through institutions like AU. They are little robots of the fascist Left and it’s time to push back against their tyranny.

  19. These are the same Democrats who want to vote by proxy in the House of Representatives.

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