“We Came To Riot”: Illinois Man Arrested With Cache of Explosives

Matthew-RupertYesterday I wrote about the curious effort by some in politics and the media to portray “Russians” or “White Supremacists” as driving the rioting in various cities.  The role of anarchists and Antifa members was obvious — and reinforced by arrests reported in various cities. This gold encrusted arrestee is Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, who was arrested in Chicago trying to pass out explosives — allegedly much like the two attorneys arrested in New York.   The evidence includes a videotape on which Rupert states “we came to riot.”

Rupert is an “outsider” though far short of Moscow. He lives in Galesburg, Illinois.

The prosecutors filed a complaint stating “In the video, Rupert passes out explosive he indicates he possessed, encourages others to throw his explosives at law enforcement officers, actively damages property, appears to light a fire a building on fire and loots businesses in Minneapolis.”

Rupert tried to hand out the explosives and is quoted as telling another individual “light that bitch and throw it at them.”  The other individual did just that and threw the explosive at the police.  Rupert seemed to claim in court that these were fireworks, which could be a significant defense against the more serious charges if proven. His political views are unknown currently.

It is clear that radicals are flocking to hot spots to foster rioting and attacks on police. It is also likely that, particularly on the Internet foreign and white supremacists and other groups are fueling the rioting.  Some white supremacists are likely to also be present at these riots. However, the notion that the riots are primarily or substantially the result of such groups is implausible.  The rioting was too spontaneous and widespread to fit such a theory.  Police are reporting the arrest of many from anarchist and Antifa groups in various cities, as discussed in the earlier column.

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    1. Thanks.

      From the article:

      Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence

      Trump wants to designate antifa a terrorist organization, despite lack of authority and evidence of wrongdoing.

      By Ken KlippensteinTwitter YESTERDAY 7:18 PM

      “Antifa, short for “anti-fascist,” is a type of militant anti-racist, anti-nationalist organizing that does not rely on the justice system to confront the far right. Groups associated with antifa have destroyed property and committed violence in the past, but the fact that the FBI’s situation reports cannot find any evidence of such involvement now suggests that fears about such groups may be exaggerated.

      “The report did warn that individuals from a far-right social media group had “called for far-right provocateurs to attack federal agents, use automatic weapons against protesters.” (The Nation is withholding the name of the group in order to not disrupt any potential law enforcement investigations.)”

    2. So the FBI couldn’t find the ANTIFA account just banned, they weren’t watching it ?
      Another low down edited lie by left wing The Nation… apparently covering just Lafayette Park… from “time” 1600 to 1715

    3. well if the FBI says so it must be true.

      its so funny how Democrats and liberals used to mock me when i was younger and trusted the FBI

      now the foot is in the other shoe

      I wonder how many of the daring rock chuckers were actually government informants believing they were operating with one sort of immunity or another. rogues, like whitey bulger, who committed decades of murder and mayhem when on the FBI payroll

      maybe there’s rogues yet today inside FBI, telling their antifa informants to go out there and raise cain. i wouldnt be surprised. some of the protestors are claiming agent provocateurs and I would take that possibility seriously. not for most of them but for some.

  1. If “white privilege” really existed you wouldn’t have:

    1. 99% ethnically white politicians such as Elizabeth Warren obtain career advancement by claiming to be Cherokee.

    2. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about the Knoxville Horror.

    3. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Brittney Watts.

    4. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Wendy Martinez.

    5. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Nathan Trapuzzano.

    6. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Karina Vetrano.

    7. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Chandra Levy.

    8. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Mollie Tibbets.

    9. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Dave Stevens.

    10. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Trisha Meili.

    11. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Christopher Lane.

    12. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols.

    13. Everyone in America would constantly hear and know about Harry Stone.


    Just waiting for the first BLM supporter or SJW tell me one of the following:

    These events really didn’t occur.

    No evidence that race had nothing to do with any of them.

    Or maybe they had it coming due to “white privilege”.

    85% of all interracial crime is black on white, not the other way around.

    That is an inconvenient “hate fact” but a fact nonetheless.

    I will take SJW’s and leftists more seriously when their actions go beyond virtue signaling and get their hands dirty by moving to a black neighborhood or sending their kids to a black school.


    1. Forgot to add this possible SJW/leftist reply:

      You are a racist for even bringing this up!


      1. The way you bring up these imaginary responses when you’ve been ignored is one of the best running gags on this blog. Keep up the good work!

        1. @Brad

          Feel free to take a stab at it! Or you can acknowledge that 85% or interracial crime is black on white. Of course, I you won’t. Wouldn’t if some dindu were knocking your head into the pavement. Would make excuses or blame yourself just like most other “good whites”.


    2. Is “white privilege” the same concept legislated four times into law by the American Founders in their Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802 that Americans must be “…free white person(s)…” as “original intent” – which, incidentally, were in full force and effect on the date of issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation causing the legal status of freed slaves to change from “property” to “illegal immigrant” requiring immediate deportation. It would seem that the American Founders created a “white” country.

      Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802

      United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” March 26, 1790

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof

    1. smash the antifa terror cells or the United States will not be safe. they have grown very bold and failure to act now will spell future anarchy worse than now by far

      1. @mr kurtz

        If “white supremacy” really existed do you think we would tolerate massive numbers of people rioting, burning businesses and property, all while making excuses for such behavior?

        Do you think a country like China would tolerate such?

        Never heard of Turks apologizing for the Armenian genocide or Japanese apologize for the Rape of Nanking.

        Only Western Whites are held to be guilty for the “crimes” of their ancestors.

        Wonder why no one says Turkey, China or Japan need more “diversity”. Am I missing something?


        1. aha but the Kurds the Kurds the kurds. you forget. when a country turns against the US in its various schemes, suddenly it must have more diversity. So the mass media and the Democrat cheerleaders here went wild when Trump pulled out ahead of the Turk offensive against Kurds in Syria. Not like the US really had any choice with all the US nukes stored at the Turk’s Incirlik air force base. Hell the Turks could invade the rest of Cyprus tomorrow and get away with that too. There’s a thing called NATO and Turkey is a made man in it.

          Japan is totally under the US in geopolitics so it is left alone.

          China, a few Republicans of note in the US occasionally harry them about the Uighurs. That’s little Marco’s detail now. The Democratic party could care less. They are only in favor of Muslim rights in America, not China.

          The Sinicization of Tibet is already forgotten by everyone besides Richard Gere. Why? the mass media including Hollywood has a lot of Chinese advertisers and investment now, and the cynical media bosses could care less about Tibet. Not even the Dalai Lama is going to complain about the PRC anymore so why should anybody else.

          No Antonio, your point is well taken

  2. “Rupert has a criminal record: In 2016 he was charged with threatening a public official and unlawful possession of a firearm.”



    When Raging Against The Machine Beware Of The White Agent Provocateur

    BY YESHA CALLAHAN · MAY 30, 2020

    The tall white man was dressed in all black and carrying an umbrella. In one of his hands, he held a hammer and calmly attacked an Auto Zone store in Minneapolis. Black protestors looked at him quizzically, and some even tried to stop him. He’s now known on the Internet as the “umbrella man”.

    This unknown man, some who have said was an undercover cop who intentionally was inciting mayhem, is nothing new when it comes to protests. Agent provocateurs place themselves in the center of it all as distractions and are typically masochists and anarchists who are just out wreaking havoc for the thrill or attempting to infiltrate a movement.

    The ones who aren’t cops? The ones burning buildings and masquerading around as if they care about the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery? Those are the ones you should be worried about. Those are the ones destroying cities they don’t live in, and after they get their rocks off, they return to their idyllic home in the suburbs, turn on their televisions and laugh.

    If I had to describe the typical personality of one of these agent provocateurs, I’d say they were typical 4chan and Reddit thread members coming to life. These people couldn’t give a damn about the movement they’re infiltrating. They don’t care about Black lives mattering. They’re only there to get off on the destruction.

    Agent provocateurs are nothing new and in a lot of instances sometimes the United States government has used them to infiltrate and disrupt movements.

    1. It would appear that there may have been another arrest in 2018, in Galesburg. I don’t have any details.

  3. Dear law-abiding Americans – Michelle Malkin

    You have done nothing wrong.

    Being white is not a crime. Being a Trump voter is not a crime. Being a police officer sworn to “protect and serve” every day is not a crime. Being a non-white police officer proud to uphold and enforce law and order is not a crime. Being a black or brown or yellow American who rejects excusing criminal behavior is not a crime.

    Rejecting collective guilt is not a crime. Refusing to acknowledge “white privilege” when you were born poor, or in a broken home, or with physical or psychological challenges, is not a crime. Embracing the historic American nation, instead of erasing it, is not a crime.

    Enforcing your private property rights is not a crime. Teaching your wife and children to use a gun in self-defense is not a crime. Owning an AR-15 or two is not a crime.

    Do not let the media, Hollywood, academics or politicians gaslight you. Stop internalizing lies. Who are the criminals? Who are the heroes? Who are the makers and keepers of peace? Who are the sowers and reapers of hate?

    The Proud Boys, who have guarded their communities and country for the past three years, were the lone citizen soldiers in the battle against antifa that no one else on the ground wanted to fight. The group and its leader, Gavin McInnes, have suffered greatly for trying to stop the violence now raging nationwide. McInnes has been deplatformed everywhere and falsely labeled a “white supremacist.” Scores of Proud Boys of all colors have lost their jobs after being doxxed by antifa vigilantes. Two Proud Boys are in prison, railroaded by New York Democrats, after a Kafkaesque trial in which the cop-hating antifa “victims” who lured the Proud Boys into an October 2018 street brawl refused to press charges or testify.

    Their crime? These unapologetic Americans stood on their feet, not on their knees.

    Journalists and photographers who documented antifa violence for the past three years, such as Andy Ngo, Chelly Bouferrache and Brandon Brown in Portland, Oregon, have endured physical assaults, death threats and harassment. Many others have gone into hiding and suffer in silence.

    Their crime? Exposing antifa anarchy, standing eye to eye against their assailants, on their feet, not on their knees.

    Working-class Irish, German and Polish-American men of Fishtown, a northeast Philadelphia suburb, came together this week to prevent their neighborhood from being pillaged and burned in the name of “social justice” like the rest of the City of Brotherly Riots. They banded together outside the 26th police precinct, armed with bats and golf clubs, and faced down Black Lives Matter protesters who were there to taunt and provoke the cops.

    Turn off CNN and tune into the facts on the ground. At least 25 Philadelphia cops have been hurt during mob violence this week. It’s an all-out war on the thin blue line. At least 150 cops have been assaulted—four nearly murdered—in New York City as of Tuesday afternoon. Two Buffalo, New York, law enforcement officers were run over late Monday night. In addition, 51 members of the U.S. Park Police were injured; a Cincinnati cop was grazed by a bullet aimed at his head; four St. Louis officers were shot; one retired St. Louis police captain was killed; a Las Vegas Metro cop was shot; and a federal officer was shot and killed in Oakland—all in the name of peace, tolerance and reparations.

    Yet, against this bloody and retributive backdrop, Democratic leaders in Philadelphia who have coddled looters all week condemned the peacekeeping Fishtown Brigade as a “mob” of “vigilantes.”

    Their crime? Standing tall on their feet, not on their knees.

    Scot Mendelson, a world record-holding powerlifter, protected his Southern California gym on Monday afternoon. “If you’re going to destroy something that somebody worked so hard to build, well, you know what, maybe you should be put down,” he told Fox 11 Los Angeles. “You walk through my door, you threaten my life, I’m aiming for the head.”

    Big Scot Mendelson who is currently the raw (unassisted) world record holder in the 308 lb weight class with 701 lb (318 kg) bench.

    He’s protecting his Van Nuys gym from looters ‘by all means necessary.’ pic.twitter.com/RGJF8nBooh

    — Ken (@Ken_1689) June 2, 2020
    Mendelson’s crime? Standing muscle-bound and honor-bound on his feet, not on his knees.

    Proud and good people hold their chins and guns up in a crisis. It is how Korean grocers responded when the police abandoned them during the Los Angeles riots in 1992. It is how armed small-business owners of all colors are now facing an onslaught of crazed, greedy and evil barbarians hell-bent on destroying every enforcement bulwark that protects our civil society—from our borders to our neighborhoods to the White House.

    Weakness is not strength. Confessing sins for which you bear no guilt is not noble. It makes me sick to my stomach to see virtue-signaling police chiefs kneeling before barking rioters calling them “pigs.” I am nauseated by the sight of sobbing white people groveling for forgiveness before sadistic Black Lives Matter demagogues—as if this will appease the unappeasable. It will not and never will.

    America, straighten your spines. Unbow your heads. No home or nation was ever saved by kowtowing to invaders or ransackers. Unless you are praying to God, get up off your knees.

    1. I wish we had more white people like Pinay Michelle Malkin. She’s awesome!

      “Weakness is not strength. Confessing sins for which you bear no guilt is not noble. It makes me sick to my stomach to see virtue-signaling police chiefs kneeling before barking rioters calling them “pigs.” I am nauseated by the sight of sobbing white people groveling for forgiveness before sadistic Black Lives Matter demagogues—as if this will appease the unappeasable. It will not and never will.

      America, straighten your spines. Unbow your heads. No home or nation was ever saved by kowtowing to invaders or ransackers. Unless you are praying to God, get up off your knees.”


      1. I’m not surprised this kind of hyper-emotional screed catches on.

        She leads off with a lazy appeal to the sufferers of victim complexes. If you are white, you are a victim. If you are a Trump voter, you are a victim. If you are a police officer, you are a victim. Not a great start.

        She keeps up with this by next denying the existence of white (and presumably Asian) privilege because other forms of privilege exist. She also conflates “guilt” with acknowledging different Americans have had different experiences. Not exactly winning logical arguments.

        Paragraph three- garden variety strawmen.

        Paragraph four is interesting. She keeps up the victimization trope by telling the reader they are being lied to. Nothing specific- Just lies. She’s practically begging the reader’s mind to fill in the blanks with the scariest boogeymen they can imagine. The “Who are the sowers and reapers of hate?” is a great question, but I suspect it was asked in bad faith.

        I don’t follow all the doings of The Proud Boys, but Malkin has been so disingenuous up to this point, it’s hard to keep taking her seriously. Not very persuasive. Same with her characterization of what happened in Philadelphia. There have been peaceful protests across the country. Why is she so sure there was going to pillaging and burning in this instance? Is it possible she’s swallowed the bait and dismissed peaceful protesters as violent criminals? Why does she claim to know the intention of protesters was to taunt and provoke?

        “Turn off CNN” LMAO Burn! Good one! “An all-out war” It doesn’t get an more hysterical than that. She rounds up her list of police casualties, which one would think would be longer if we were in the throes of a true insurrection, by once again doing the job of Russia and China by conflating peaceful protesters with violent rioters.

        I’m not sure why she’s implying Scot Mendelson has been charged with a crime. Probably because her readers are frothing at the mouth by now and will assume, without evidence, he’s been tarred and feathered.

        “Proud and good people hold this chins and guns up in a crisis.” This might be true to those in the heat of the fire, but it’s an especially effective play to the sad impotent shlubs who use their guns as substitutes for manhood and personality. Then she casts opportunistic miscreants as an existential threat to America using apoplectic language that would be hilarious if so many people didn’t view all this as a harbinger of the end times.

        The “weakness is not strength” paragraph is truly sad. I haven’t seen a single police officer take a knee before rioters, only peaceful protesters. It shows she doesn’t want peace. Why is she painting this false picture? Is it because she doesn’t want peace, but wants America torn apart? Possibly, but it’s more likely she’s cynically trolling for clicks.

        All around weak effort as anything except propaganda for the converted.

        1. @brad

          When the brave masked warriors of the antifa and their BLM allies come for you or your property I am certain you will invite them in and give room to “destroy”, right? I am also quite sure you wouldn’t defend yourself or property because you “hate guns” And afterwards derive some sort of perverse satisfaction for checking your “white privilege”, if still alive.

          And some on this blog wonder at why I feel absolutely no sympathy for white s@@tlibs and their incessant virtue signaling.


  4. Jonathan Turley: “His political views are unknown currently.”

    Are they? This article is dated June 2nd:

    Man Charged With Bombs, Inciting Riot, Praised Trump On Social Media

    BY STEPH BAZZLE June 2, 2020


    “In Rupert’s case, RawStory reports that he had expressed a mixture of feelings on his social media: sympathy for George Floyd, distaste for law enforcement — and admiration for Donald Trump. In posts, he called himself a “freedom fighter” standing for constitutional rights.”

    1. That “story” links to another “story”, which links to an article. The article quotes Rupert’s social media posts that DO NOT support Trump, the only mentions are negative or mocking.

      I would say it was a case of 4th hand gossip, like the children’s whisper telephone game, but that might imply that the authors were truly unbiased like yourself.

      Quick-tip: whenever reading any news, blog or even research study, Always check out the sources. You’d be surprised how many times there’s a discrepancy. Sometimes the source isn’t accurate, sometimes there’s no documented source, sometimes the source referenced was fictitious.

          1. https://www.twincities.com/2020/06/01/federal-charges-illinois-man-who-came-to-minneapolis-passed-out-explosive-devices-started-fire-looted-store/

            “He appears to have an affinity for firearms, likes to fish and shares macho memes. In November 2016, two weeks after Trump’s election, he posted a picture of himself in a store with his hand on a bikini-clad female mannequin’s crotch with the comment, “On my 2k16 Donald trump s—.”

            Other than Trump, he doesn’t appear to frequently mention elected officials by name, although shortly after the 2016 election, he also posted “Man IMA miss Obama… Now I’m scared for the sake of america..””

            1. …and apparently expressed his enthusiasm for Trump in his social media posting.

              One would have to know his true political leanings to be able to accurately interpret his quote about Obama.

      1. Meaningless unless substantiated…

        He apparently “expresses enthusiasm for Trump” in some of his social media postings. The Mercury News article cited by Squeeky mentions this, as well.

    2. Yeah, he is a real Trump supporter. SMH

      “He appears to have an affinity for firearms, likes to fish and shares macho memes. In November 2016, two weeks after Trump’s election, he posted a picture of himself in a store with his hand on a bikini-clad female mannequin’s crotch with the comment, “On my 2k16 Donald trump s—.”

      Other than Trump, he doesn’t appear to frequently mention elected officials by name, although shortly after the 2016 election, he also posted “Man IMA miss Obama… Now I’m scared for the sake of america..”


    1. aint a white nationalist either. that is one of those drug addict ANTIFA, it’s obvious from his disgusting teeth.

      i told you how to recognize them. pasty white skin, black outfits, very skinny, and bad teeth.

      “white nationalists” tend to have red necks, they like to go outside and do healthy things like mow the yard and go fishing, and don’t wear “hoodies”

      there is no solidarity among whites as a whole. this much is clear. white people in government and society who love law and order must turn on the Antifa freaks and crush them, burn them out, like a pesky anthill in the middle of the driveway

      the peaceful protesters are not the enemy. certainly, ANTIFA are the enemy

      anarchists are the enemy of all mankind and all government as such. go read the contretemps between Bakunin and Marx, it tells you all you need to know about how worthless the anarchists are that not even communists want them for allies.

      sure, temporary shock troops to instigate disorder, but never more than that

      and let the FBI trace the money coming into these ANTIFA “collectives” and see where it’s coming from. I would not be surprised if the real communists out there today, like, that is, the ones in Beijing, have found a way to send them money

  5. He’s hideous. It’s a reasonable wager he’s just damaged goods all the way down.

  6. It is comforting to know that an enemy of our great country looks like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine fame. It is a bit sad that anyone would try to damage the country that has given so much to so many. However, having a visual image of the enemy is a good thing. It demonstrates that we are dealing with losers; those who have nothing but hate, who have the support of the monied elite. I wonder if this is that Gavrielle Princip looked like to those on the streets of Sarajevo just over a century ago.

  7. It’s time for the truth…
    – Since 2011, The Democrats have boldly supported Antifa.
    – The Democrats have endorsed the violence and behavior of Antifa which has caused millions in damages and thousands injured and some killed.
    – The Democrats and their supporters have funded these insurrectionists and have abetted Antifa in their crimes.
    – Democrats across the country are now stating their desire for a revolution and the removal of a President that was democratically elected.

    If you are still a Democrat or vote for Democrats, you are supporting and are a part of the people that don’t believe in the US, the Constitution, the rule of law or the United States. The platitude of the elected Democrats against violence is hypocrisy and has become lies. Any Democrat politician who isn’t actively speaking out against Antifa – not the platitudes about violence but about the Antifa which creates it – is a liar and wants the destruction of the US and the rule of law.

    It’s time that we tell the truth.

    1. Link please. I’m a long time Democrat and have never supported Antifa and don’t know any who do.

      1. I guess we could start with the story yesterday about the city council member who says he is ANTIFA. but are you looking for such cases all the way back to 2011?

        oh wait, Im not your research assistant, book. Go look it up for yourself. But I’ll give you some help.

        The Democratic party itself has not supported ANTIFA, this is true. Not explicitly.

        But; Democratic fundraisers and operatives have supported them and worked with them.

        let’s just go back a little bit first.

        You could also take a look back over the past primary season at all the “Bernie bros” you dislike so much who promised that there would be riots. Remember those guys?

        I was going to pick an articled about bernie bros threatening people and talking about riots but there were too many too chose from. going back to 2016 too, wow. i never knew they were that bad! I kind of like bernie some days. but he’s got a lot of very radical boosters!

        PS scratch AOC’s surface and you will find plenty more antifa connections, too. or just listen to her over the past week and you can hear all the apologies for illegal actions right from her own mouth.

      2. @btb

        Good for you! Glad you aren’t an antifa supporter. I am Hispanic and do not support official bilingualism, unlimited mass immigration and multiculturalism as defined by the left.

        That makes us both outliers.


  8. Why has nobody asked where the explosives came from? You have to have a permit to buy that stuff. And, how much cash was there and where did it come from? It had to be a significant amount to even be mentioned. Those questions need answering.

    1. not necessarily; seems like they didn’t say what explosives.

      could have been black powder you can buy anywhere, or tannerite.

      could have been anfo compound, could have been moonshine with soap chips in glass bottles. there’s a lot of stuff that can be made into IEDs and anything that can go boom or accelerate fires can be charged as an explosive. the modern industrial ages gives a lot of powerful chemical tools and its impossible to license them all

      but they should do a thorough investigation and we better see a lot of prosecutions

  9. Here is what I have found so far:
    Rupert’s public Facebook posts over several years and via several different accounts don’t suggest an obvious classification into a traditional Republican or Democratic category. At times they appear left-of-center, but he expresses enthusiasm for President Donald Trump in several posts from 2017 and 2016.

    He’s expressed a disdain for police — his posts claim a number of encounters with law enforcement — for several years. He spoke of a desire to seek justice for Floyd, posting about Floyd soon after his death. He displayed signs drew by hand saying “RIP George” that he appeared to post around Galesburg at first, and then later Minneapolis.

    A post from Thursday reads: “Fight for what u believe in!! Cops kill everyday and everyone wants to just now stand. I been a freedom fighter my whole life and I’ll live behind my constitutional rights!!! I love this country but the people u pay to harass us I hate to the death of me.”

    In his numerous live videos from his recent trips across the Upper Midwest, he occasionally chants such sentiments at demonstrations, but they’re generally dominated by talk of arson, violence and looting.

    He appears to have an affinity for firearms, likes to fish and shares macho memes. In November 2016, two weeks after Trump’s election, he posted a picture of himself in a store with his hand on a bikini-clad female mannequin’s crotch with the comment, “On my 2k16 Donald trump s—.”

    Other than Trump, he doesn’t appear to frequently mention elected officials by name, although shortly after the 2016 election, he also posted “Man IMA miss Obama… Now I’m scared for the sake of america..”

    My GUESS is, he’s a wigger.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. He’s a screwball. But where would he get the idea that he should run around rioting? Oh, I remember, from CNN and Democrat politicians.

      1. You think violent anti-authoritarian Joker wannabes take their cues from cable news and politicians? I understand that belief helps you get fired up for your two minutes of hate, but allowing yourself to be so easily manipulated is not a good look. Sad.

        1. Uh, Brad, people take their cues all the time from what they see and hear on TV. That is why they have these little things called “commercials.”

          And what also comes across is the message, “Oh, we expect them to loot and riot, because of their righteous anger.” That message makes it clear they will not be shot for looting and rioting, sooo why not grab a new TV???

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Sure, people take cues from TV all the time. Still, it’s a safe bet this particular guy’s violent worldview was not formed by CNN and boring politicians. I also don’t see any indication he was there for a new TV.

            1. I don’t know where this PARTICULAR dude got his inspiration. Maybe World Wide Hip Hop. Whatever, messages are sent by CNN, and everyone else, and I think CNN and MSNBC are really bad about making excuses for violence.

              If some little kid listens and watches mommy and daddy talking about him, and excusing his bad behavior, do you think he does not pick up on that? Same principle here.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

      1. wigger: a white person who tries to emulate or acquire cultural behavior and tastes attributed to African Americans.

        The grill is a giveaway, as is his facebook page, bro.

        From his goofy grin, I would suspect he uses Xanax heavily, but that is just a GUESS.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  10. It’s been widely reported that the lock down may have been unnecessary because areas that did not impose strict lock downs did no worse than areas that did. Hold that thought.

    What was the proximate cause of the events of the last few days? Was it Floyd’s death? Was that the “but for” moment? I don’t think so.

    According to reports, Floyd, who had run-ins with the law in the past, was trying to turn his life around,. So why did he have drugs inn his system and why was he trying to pass an allegedly counterfeit twenty dollar bill?

    Floyd had a job but was laid off as a result of the virus lock down. He was likely living paycheck to paycheck. It has been reported that drug use has gone way up in the areas with strict lock downs.

    I imagine most people reading this do not live paycheck to paycheck, I also imagine that most people reading this probably had occasional bouts of mild depression during the last couple of months. NOw imagine yourself in Mr. Floyd’s shoes.

    So…….I think but for the fact that Floyd lost his job to what may have been an unnecessary lock down, the riots and the looting would not have happened.

    1. My thought is, if the FBI and CIA had been doing their jobs for the last three years instead of trying to frame Trump and sabotage his presidency maybe we could have understood what the Bernie Bros, Social Justice Dems and Antifa wouldn’t have been capable of planning this well-funded insurrection. And If I were a Democrat running for national office I would try to think of how I possibly address that in a campaign because it’s a powerful message that is going to hit hard. Of course, normally that would be something to pin on the President but in this case I think that will be a fail.

      As to Floyd, he worked security at a night club in the vicinity where he was killed…. where Derek Chauvin also worked security. They worked the same shift but Floyd worked inside whereas Chauvin worked outside.

  11. Well you have a bona fide insurrectionist involved in live mayhem on a city street and employing deadly force against American citizens. Anyone oppose a few rounds from an MK 16 directed his way by a trained marksman? Didn’t think so.

    1. In summary

      MESPO hates…

      white guys with better teeth and slimmer waist
      and his reliable strawman….Mmmmmmmaaarrxxxists!!!

      it would be easy to pick out Mespo in a riot given the color of his eyes. Better to vent his rage online with keyboard, wifi and a case of Cheez Whiz

      1. Peg C. – mespo would never stoop to Cheez Whiz. Until you mentioned it, I don’t think I have used the product in 40 years.

      2. Peg:

        No Peg, I hate criminals, anarchists and those who would excuse their mayem over some pedestrian street morality. (Btw they come in all colors) Hate is an underrated emotion every bit as valuable as love in a given circumstance. Think I’m wrong? Walk in on a burley child molester with designs on your toddler kid one day. But then again you already know that after vomiting up such nonsense as your comment here. You wanna play flower child and cumbaya every miscreant, traitor and knave, be my guest but don’t come around seeking approval for your nihilistic approach to justice. And that’s what this is about – your insecurity over fawning over society’s dreggs and you apparent need for validation from the mob. I never liked mobmen or mobwomen. They remind me too much of Cheese Whiz — sallow with gooey inclinations.

        1. @mespo

          You can’t reason or debate leftists so why even try. You can only mock and point out their inconsistencies. You, me and everyone who disagrees with them is a “fascist” and they want to SHUT YOU DOWN or DESTROY you. They are not acting in good faith.

          I look forward to the day when their minority pets and antifa attack them or their property for their “white privilege” and flashing a “good white” card doesn’t help.


            1. 2 more supposed Americans who gave up on democracy. Whiny babies who can’t deal with adversarial viewpoints is a better description.

  12. He had instructions from Congresswoman AOC


    AOC encourages protesters to “cover identifying tattoos,” “turn off Face ID” on phones, wear “heat-resistant gloves”

    aoc Verified

    View Profile


    BE SAFE. Here’s our guide on being prepared for safe protests. PLEASE READ ⬇️
    1. LOOK OUT FOR THINGS THAT DON’T SEEM RIGHT. There are increasing reports and investigations that white supremacists may be infiltrating these protests, breaking windows and destroying property. If anything seems off to you, DOCUMENT IT. Always check who is organizing.
    2. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF GRASSROOTS BLACK ORGANIZERS. They have been at this a long time and are disciplined in the ropes of community organizing and demonstration. It IS a discipline. Follow trusted leaders whose goal has been the focused pursuit of justice. If they just showed up, that’s a red flag.
    3. HAVE A BUDDY. Make sure someone is keeping an eye on you and check in on them.
    4. STAY SAFE and take care of each other. 💜

    1. Hey mike thanks for reposting explicit instructions to the comrades. Glad you had time before making your way to barricades this am. Any Molotov recipes to follow.

  13. Galesburg is a nice town and is not the type of place which would have fostered this dork. I wonder if he went to high school there.

  14. It has been 51 years, almost to the day, when Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground began their bombing campaign against the US. The playbook was written by this man, a mentor to Barrack Obama.

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