Turley Testifies On The Lafayette Park Controversy [Updated]

downloadThis afternoon, I am testifying on the hearing on the controversy surrounding the clearing of Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020.  I was called to appear to address the underlying legal and constitutional standards governing such mass demonstrations.  For roughly 14 years, I was one of the lead counsels in the World Bank litigation that helped establish guidelines and case law governing such operations.  I have been critical of the force used to clear the park as well as the attack on a team of Australian journalists covered the protests.

The operation to clear the Park began two days before with the plan to install fencing.  By Monday, a small barrier was in place around the park itself and the clearing operation was to push back the crowd to a perimeter to allow the higher fencing to be installed beyond the range of debris or objects.  The crowd was pushed back to I St. from H St. by the line of officers.  (The hearing title and the testimony refers to the “Lafayette Park” or “Lafayette Square Park” generally.  In fact, the immediate park was closed off and we are discussing the operation to clear the area for the installation of the higher fence).

As I state in the testimony, I believe the order to clear the area would be found lawful. It is the level of force (and a charging of the line of officers) that is likely to be the focus of any court.  I still do not see the need for this level of force in the use of batons and pepper spray.

I have attached my testimony below.

The hearing went until after 2 pm.

I will be appearing as the sole Republican witnesses with three witnesses from the protests:

Kishon McDonald
Civil Rights Demonstrator
Amelia Brace
U.S. Correspondent
Seven News Australia
Right Rev. Mariann Budde
Episcopal Diocese of Washington

The oversight hearing of the Committee on Natural Resources is scheduled for June 29, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. (EDT) in room 1324 Longworth (Hearing Room) and online via Cisco WebEx video conference platform.  It is titled, The U.S. Park Police Attack on Peaceful Protesters at Lafayette Square.

Here is the testimony: Turley.House. Testimony.Lafayette Park

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  1. The threat has always been us….not immigrants, not foreigners, not religious people, not people of color…us

    By December our nation will be drenched in blood from coast to coast considering the way Americans are armed, rightly so. At least we are armed….thankfully.

    Bring it


    “Activists Set Up Guillotine In Front Of Jeff Bezos’s D.C. Home, Call For Amazon To Be Abolished”

    Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos presents the company’s first smartphone, the Fire Phone, on June 18, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. The much-anticipated device is available for pre-order today and is available exclusively with AT&T service.David Ryder/Getty Images
    Fringe activists set up a guillotine in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s home in Washington, D.C., on Sunday where they reportedly demanded that Amazon be abolished.

    One of the demonstrators said on a bullhorn in front of Bezos’s home, “it is still exploitation and when they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.”

    The guillotine that was set up in front of Bezos’s home had a sign in front of it that stated, “Support our poor communities not our wealthy men.”

    DC protester says: “when they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.” In front of a guillotine set up in front of Jeff Bezos complex in DC

    — Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) June 28, 2020

    DC protesters have set up a “guillotine” in protest of Jeff Bezos in front of his complex in DC

    — Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) June 28, 2020

    The event appears to have been held by a group called “Abolish The Present Reconstruct Our Future.”

    A flyer from the organization for the event stated:

    Amazon works directly with police to surveil us, stoking racist fears in the name of profit. Doubling down on their union busting and mistreatment of workers, Amazon fired and racially slandered labor organizer Chris Smalls. Join us to tell Bezos enough is enough!


    It’s an uprising, and we’re taking it to our neighbor @JeffBezos’ house #dcprotest

    — abolish the present / reconstruct our future (@AbolishTheNow) June 27, 2020

    The event comes as demonstrators have increasingly targeted residential neighborhoods to conduct their events, especially wealthy neighborhoods.

    Over the weekend, Black Lives Matter demonstrators marched through a residential area in Beverly Hills, chanting “Eat the rich!” and “Abolish capitalism now!” Eventually law enforcement officials intervened and arrested those participating in the unlawful demonstration.

    On Sunday, demonstrators in St. Louis, Missouri, attempted to march through a private gated community but were met by heavily armed home owners who guarded their property.

    Protests and riots have broken out across the U.S. in response to the death of George Floyd. The rioting has resulted in looting, attacks on law enforcement officials, vandalism of churches, and the destruction of statues and monuments.

    As The Daily Wire reported late last week, rioters “have destroyed statues of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, and attempted to destroy the statue of former President Andrew Jackson before being stopped by law enforcement.”

    Statues of the man who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner,” a notable person from the Catholic church, and a Holocaust memorial have also been destroyed in recent days.

    The American Museum of Natural History announced on Sunday that it would take down a statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt that has been located on the property for 80 years.

    The destruction of statues and historical monuments seems to have slowed down over the last couple of days after President Donald Trump announced that his administration would be taking action against those involved. Trump even used his Twitter account, which has well over 80 million followers, to tweet out posters of suspects that were wanted in connection to the attempted destruction of the Jackson statue in Washington, D.C

    1. well it’s great that finally i agree with protesters on one thing. Bezos should be punished. After a fair trial of course.

      Its’ fantastic they’re coming for Silicon Valley now. The revolution always eats its own. Silicon Valley is run by a bunch of nation wrecking plutocrats.

      Break their monopolies and submit them with use taxes so they can never again manipulate and whip up public sentiment in America against law and order as they’ve done the past 6 weeks.

  2. Turley loses credibility every single time he continues to carry water for Trump. He claims, in the attached piece, that it is a “fact” that Lafayette Park was not closed for a photo op, and that it is just serendipitous that the fat slob stinking up the White House and his fat fixer immediately proceeded to the church for the photo op after the police cleared the park by tear-gassing peaceful protesters even before the 7:00 curfew. Sorry, Jon, this won’t fly. See, Jonny, we’ve had 3+ years to see Trump in action, and we now know and understand how abuse of power, coupled with malignant narcissism, works, especially when the macho imagery that Trump is so desperately trying to create, is threatened. You left out a few details, like the fact that it was reported that he had been hiding out in the White House bunker like the sissy he really is, so that he had to create a manly man photo op image while the cameras were there to record it. Lots of cameras were there because of the protesters. If he waited until the protesters and cameras left, there would be no free campaign publicity. So, the protesters weren’t warned that they would be tear-gassed if they hadn’t cleared out by the 7:00 p.m. curfew–the troops just moved in. Of course, Fat Boy had to be protected during his Rambo moment with not less than 35 men, on rooftops and trees, with assault rifles. according to journalists who counted them.

    I’m sure that JT, along with Kellyanne, are feverously trying to come up with an explanation for the current report that months ago US intelligence learned that Russia was paying a bounty to Taliban militants to kill American troops. He began trying to deny he was ever told anything about it. Now, the “administration” is claiming that it wasn’t considered credible enough to bother the Dotard with. No one believes that any intelligence official or staffer would determine that this type of information was not worth passing on. Past reports indicate that the Dotard, with his ADD (he has the attention span of a 3 year old), or just plain indifference coupled with lack of leadership and narcissism, has to have briefings dumbed down and reports limited to a couple of pages. I’m sure the bleach bit and paper shredders are being put to good use as I write this. However, I’m sure Turley and Kellyanne will come up with some lie or another. One thing they haven’t done is to indicate what they’re going to do about it. The American public is weary from the lying alone, much less the failure of leadership.

    1. blah blah blah kellyanne, dotard, talking points of the day. nobody is listening.

      wait, dotard. oh, of course, she means trump not demented joe. we’ll see how much of a dotard Trumps looks next to that guy once the debates come.

      1. I ignore Natacha on the regular. I am always very pleased that the majority of the posters here are intelligent, professional people open to conversation. You all add to the professor’s pieces. I don’t know hat the trolls are trying to accomplish as most of us tune them out. I learn a lot from this blog, not being a legal professional myself, but rather an educated amateur. I appreciate those of you that invest your time rather than copying and pasting from CNN, WaPo, the NYT etc. Most of us are indeed aware that America is not defined by its echo chambers, nor is it defined by personal grinding axes or bias. Natacha and her fellows (if they aren’t the same person, or at least members of the same troll hive) can rest assured that most of us don’t even bother reading their drivel.

        1. True.

          The copy/paste from NYT, Wash Post, CNN, etc are cringe worthy
          There is a reason why majority of Americans today disregard the news corps.

          Articulate arguments with engaging rebuttals get the attention of Americans.

        2. Good point. I lam earning who to ignore. At least Professor Turley allows everyone to express themselves. More than I can say about social media.

    2. Hate Trump? OK, but do you really want to live in the USA that will ensue with Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the “Gang” running it. If you’re honest you won’t.

      1. Of course they don’t, but they are mainly privileged and asleep. Nothing changed for them during the ‘Great Recession’, just business as usual with their astronomical amounts of wealth that shield them from everyone and everything, particularly from deep thoughts, empathy, or compassion. My progressive friends tell me that Biden can win, and then in four years we can have a ‘real’ election. Yes, this is the mentality on the street. They know full well that Biden is a rube. They don’t care, because nothing that would transpire henceforth would affect them in those towers made of ivory and glass, the rest of us be damned.

    3. I often choose to go downtown after rush hour so it’s easier to get there. By your logic, this is because there is a fix.

      Rational people can see that Trump simply waited for the crowd to clear and then departed. Occam’s razor vs Hickam’s dictum.

  3. Republican Senate Receptive To Renaming Bases Named After Confederates

    But Trump Mortally Opposed!

    The Senate is poised to challenge President Trump this week with legislation requiring the military to rename bases bearing the names of Confederate generals, a proposal that is shaping up to be one of the most contentious items in this year’s annual defense bill.

    In the Senate, the main issue appears to be timing. The bill that emerged from the Republican-led Senate Armed Services Committee included a provision giving the Pentagon three years to come up with new names, while an amendment filed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and 35 other Senate Democrats last week would speed up that process, requiring the name changes within a year.

    Although there is still vocal opposition to removing the Confederate names at all — Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has proposed an amendment to strip the renaming requirement entirely — Republican support for the change suggests that it will survive any challenges during this week’s floor debate.

    But with Trump pledging that he will “not even consider the renaming” of bases, it is possible that the provision could eventually pitch Congress into a showdown with the president over the entire defense bill.

    The push to rename the 10 major bases named after Confederate generals — and remove other Confederate likenesses, symbols and paraphernalia from all defense facilities — has gained momentum as nationwide demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality enter their second month.

    Edited from: “Senate Defense Bill May Challenge Trump On Renaming Military Bases With Confederate Names”

    Today’s Washington Post

  4. Any regrets about being so in the middle of the Trump emergency response strat team, Professor? Must be just this side of being a mob lawyer. ‘Oh gee, I said once at a cocktail party that I might’ve disagreed with a bit of what Trump once did on multiple occasions but, truthfully, there is only crime in all the legal code…that being getting a blowjob from an intern.’

    Nice work.

    1. What’s wrong with representing clients? Everyone has a right to a lawyer.

      Here is Hellvis showing the mentality of a person who’s never been accused of anything. He’s an angel! Must never have had to hire a lawyer. Lucky man.

      Many people are not so lucky and have to hire lawyers to defend their rights. And normally liberal people understand that a lawyer can justifiably represent the most odious people accused of crimes. The government can be made in our system of due process, to prove its case.

      Now, I rarely wade into criminal defense matters and when they come up I get help. But in my little humble practice out here in flyover, I have represented all different kinds. People of all races, different religions, national origins, and various walks of life. With regular small practice civil stuff. People in all walks of life– including convicts– and racists– and foreigners — have a right not only to criminal defense but also real estate transactions, doing wills, to file and defend civil lawsuits, etc. Even to start new businesses and defend the ones they already have, seek new licenses, zoning beefs, whatever. Should a lawyer be discouraged because someone is “unsavory?” A good lawyer is not.

      In law school my liberal professors told us nearly ever day that we would have to represent people we disagreed with. I took it seriously and I did. I thought that was what i needed to do to earn the esteem of my colleagues. And what small face I have, is indeed among lawyers; but people like Hellvis look down on some of my clients.

      I remember one time someone said exactly the same thing to me once: oh you’re like a mafia lawyer. Well. I had to laugh. If I could have a career as distinguished as certain “mob lawyers” like Bruce Cutler, I would be proud of it. The reality is, Im a nobody. But Im proud to take different kinds of cases and clients including those that the hotshots at “BIGLAW” won’t touch. I know a lot of people in the suburbs dont like clients i have had, because ive been “privileged” to live in suburbs for a couple decades, and I have had people in those circles tell me they didn’t like my clients, and ghost me too. More than once.

      But this was about Trump. Trump has the right to a lawyer too. Good for him if he picks successful ones.

      Hellvis, if you discourage lawyers from representing those you consider “unpopular” defendants, you do not serve our system of adversarial justice nor your own interests well. One day even a perfect angel like yourself, may find yourself unpopular, and needing a lawyer too. You should hope that there’s a Turley around willing to take your case.

      And this is not just a professional belief of mine, it is a social one. In general, I have no problem having friends who are convicts. Of course the subject would matter. I would not never befriend a convicted rapist or a child molester. But I have friends with other convictions. For example. I have lifelong friend, who’s a Democrat, who went to prison for a crime of “graft,” but he’s one of the most sincere, honest, productive, law abiding Americans I have known. A fine fellow before and after incarceration. And yes he’s even an Italian American! I love the Italian Americans more and more as I age. Now, back then, maybe he did the bad thing the feds accused him of, or maybe there was a bigger context that the jury never heard. It wasn’t my case to defend as his lawyer, but I defended them in society and conversation, my friend and his lawyers, when people sniveled at his lawyers. for defending him. Come to think of it, I have more than one Italian American friend with a conviction. Men of honor! I’m lucky to have had a “diversity” of social contacts like this over a lifetime.

      Believe it or not, I have even given money to help fund access to justice for the poor. And i have represented that most difficult client, the one who can’t pay. These things were not exemplary nor heroic. I am no saint and probably not even a good person. But these were my duty as a lawyer, to do so when the time was ripe for it. And I did.

      So don’t be a sniveler. Everyone has a right to a lawyer. Good for Turley for representing his clients well.

      1. You’re cute when you get all huffy. But save the self righteousness for something a little more worthy than shilling for such an awful president.

        1. I’m just here exercising my free speech rights and political freedom to support the POTUS Donald J Trump.

          You people are intent on discouraging other Americans from exercising the very same political and free speech rights that you claim to espouse. Fake!

          It’s a clear strategy of social intimidation. You know it, don’t run away from it. it’s that “peer pressure” thing. Well, when i was a kid, they told me not to give in to it, and I dont

        2. Hellvis, again with the generalizations. How come most of us can mention very significant lies by Obama but you are unable to mention significant lies of Trump?

          That doesn’t make you look bright. It makes you look like your former alias and still the one beforre that. One has to wonder why you need all those aliases.

          1. Oh, more incoherence. I mention lies by Trump nearly every time I post. Here’s one for today (from other things I’ve posted to you, and from, wait for it….THE STEELE DOSSIER)…

            Trump: I have no building interests whatsoever in Russia. I don’t know what you people are talking about.

            Here I’ll go grab the link…

              1. Hellvis, in case you don’t realize it that is not Trump making the comment you said he made. That is a convicted liar testifying. I guess you lack the ability to recognize why this proves nothing. Typical of almost all your comments.

                Additionally this had nothing to do with Trump acting as President and then lying which were the parameters of the request. You keep thinking you found a significant lie but you fail every time. I know how it must pain you that out of the thousands of lies you have stated he made that you can’t list 5 of the most important lies that occurred during his Presidency and involved his powers as President.

                I’ll repeat an important and significant lie of Obama’s ‘you can keep your doctor…’ along with a host of others as documented on video by Gruber.

                  1. That is a convicted lawyer who has led over and over again stating what another said. That is meaningless.

            1. Hellvis, this may be beyond your abilities but one requires the question as well as the answer. Context is important as is understanding the different meanings of simple words.

              Trump had an interest in building anywhere in the world where he could get funding at a good interest rate but I don’t think he had any interests in Russia.

              1. And he lied about building in Russia. Repeatedly. Mueller report cited it. Hell, he’s even on tape admitting it. You’re clueless, Allan. But we know that already.

                1. Take note how you have no quotes and cannot establish the question asked or the response that was made.

                  I know it went over your head but in one sentence of my reply I used the word “interest” in three different ways. Are you playing stupid or are you stupid?

                    1. This seems to be a redux of the Cohen testimony. Show me where Trump owned a tower in Moscow.

                      Are you stupid or dumb?

                    2. Hellvis, I am still waiting for you to connect the dots and provide the context of the discussion, the quote of the question and the answer. Make sure everyone was on the same page and its not based on how one wishes to interpret a subjective answer.

                      You can’t do it and this is insignificant along with being outside of his Presidential duties.

                      How many lies of Obama’s as President do you need to hear? 57 states. Is that a lie. According to you it is but in reality it was a mistake. Shall we interpret it as 50 American states plus seven Muslim states? If you wish but I don’t.

                      Let’s here it Hellvis. I’m still waiting for your reply on Russia, oil, Obama and Trump. If you lost your place I will send you a reminder tomorrow so you can get to the right location.

                2. Hellvis – if I remember correctly Trump had a branding deal for 3 hotels with somebody and one of them was possibly going to be in Russia. He, himself, was not building it.

      2. I had an old lawyer I looked up to and talked to from time to time, early in my practice. Who was a big Democrat. He was also a Marine and lost an arm at Chosin. He had the gall at the time when “the war on Drugs” was at a fever pitch, to represent a drug dealer. This caused a grudge among the persecutors and he was soon thereafter accused of a crime himself. It was a sorry beef and he beat it before the jury. He had the respect of his peers out here, before and after, from all the way right to all the way left. How did the government persecutors fail to get the memo that this was a righteous man and not fit for their attention? Oh, they rarely worry.

        I have seen it all along, and the one of the few thing that has surprised me the past few years, is how SUDDENLY all the Democrats just LOVE the FBI! I got sorry news for you guys, there are a lot of good GMEN but there are a lot of bad ones too, and more importantly, the INSTITUTION suffers from some major organizational loss of mission and focus on proper law and order and justice. It’s becoming ever more an instrument of political persecution. Oh not just J Edgar but after him too –there may have been a brief interlude of caution after the Church committee– but it was thus again already in the 80s! and worser than ever now.

        Obviously so, as they sit on their thumbs and watch as federal criminal conspiracies rock the nation with riots and racketeering and they do precious little to restore order. Because they are an ever more ossified turd of political correctness taking the shape of an agency! With less and less regard for mission and more and more for “turf” and protecting it come whatever political trends may bring.

        1. Kurtz– “they [FBI] sit on their thumbs and watch as federal criminal conspiracies rock the nation with riots and racketeering and they do precious little to restore order.”

          Don’t forget that 15 of them went to Talledega to investigate a garage pull rope. Took awhile probably because none of the 15 ever learned how to tie a knot. That surely is more important that a terrorist organization burning and looting major cities.

        2. Mr Kurtz – I think it was F. Lee Bailey who said that all good defense attorneys can expect to be setup for something down the road.

      1. From Kurtz’s link:

        “ST. LOUIS (AP) — A white couple who stood outside their St. Louis mansion and pointed guns at protesters who were marching toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation support the Black Lives Matter movement and don’t want to become heroes to those who oppose the cause, their attorney said Monday….”

    1. Turley continues to be the most honest man in the room. You would know nothing about that.

    2. Mr Kurtz – don’t the Karen wife with poor trigger discipline. BTW, did you see the pictures of the interior of that house? It was built during the St. Louis World Fair and is gorgeous.

        1. Mr Kurtz – Twitter has images of the inside of the house. It is magnificent. I have been fighting since last night with some idiot who thinks they should have let the hooligans tramp through the place. I think the gate to the right was broken in the rush. The first bunch went through to the left, you can see them on video, one black guy is a suit with a walkie talkie. I saw the original video so I got the swearing, etc which was supressed in the other videos, making the couple look deranged. They were not peaceful.

          1. Paul, thanks for standing up for these brave people. The least we can do is verbally support them. Their lives are changed forever.

            It only takes one moment of courage to transform the self from a pussycat into a lion. We saw it happen with those two. Incredible

            This is very heartening to me, very encouraging. Americans have to stand up to the mob’s criminal intimidation.

          2. I don’t understand what the hell the FBI & DOJ are doing.

            You say & I see elsewhere, ring leaders like the guy in the suit & walkie talkie. FBI/DOJ have got to know much of the funding for the riots is coming from George Sores.

            Reportedly Soros has bought some of the courts in the St Louis area. (Owen Shroyer, formly of StL)

            The Gateway Pundit also has connection with StL.

            1. Geo Soros has some friends in the CIA Deep State. He has many times helped execute “color revolutions” against rival nations — but its unbelievable they’ve launched this on America itself! He should be arrested, tried for sedition, and punished according to law.


              FBI are afraid of him. Chickens! And a rotten chicken head at the top, letting the nation perish in chaos and disorder before our eyes.

          1. This guy has major cojones. & Turns out that lady was top in her class at university.

            we’ve turned the corner when people like this finally get with the program and step forward to lead. fantastic! happiest story I’ve read since February

  5. Jason & the Argonauts came across some statues for all the world to see, including Talos

    Hercules entered the treasure chamber & Talos didn’t like it.

  6. Even the Bible Is Full of Flawed Characters

    The destruction of monuments only impoverishes our sense of history.

    By Timothy Dolan

    Years ago I was dedicating a new parish to St. Peter. A woman wrote to protest: “Why would you name a Church after such a coward, a sinner who denied even knowing the Lord when Jesus needed him most, at the hour of His arrest and crucifixion?”

    Knowing her and what parish she was from, I wrote back, “But you’re a proud parishioner at St. Mary Magdalene Church. She was sure not a paragon of virtue for a chunk of her life. Yet, by God’s grace, she became a radiant, inspirational saint. If we can’t name churches after sinners, the only titles we’d have left would be Jesus and His Mother!”

    Isn’t the same true of America’s historical personalities? All of them had flaws, yet all of them still contributed a lot of good to our nation’s progress.

    Defacing, tearing down and hiding statutes and portraits is today’s version of Puritan book-burning. Our children need to know their country’s past, its normative figures and their virtues and vices. That’s how we learn and pass on our story. Is there any more effective way to comprehend America’s history of racism than reading “Huckleberry Finn” or one of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories, works of literature now ominously on the chopping block?

    My own mom kept a photo of her parents hanging on the wall of our house. Her dad, my grandfather, was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family. I’m glad we got to know of him, the good and the bad.

    The same is true of the church I love and am honored to serve. Yes, there are scandalous parts of our history, and countless episodes when popes, bishops, priests and others—including some who are now saints—didn’t act as they should have.

    God forbid we’d go through a cultural revolution as China did five decades ago. Beware those who want to purify memories and present a tidy—and inaccurate—history. And who’s to say which statues, portraits, books and dedications are spared? Remember when some objected to raising the status of the Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to a national holiday, citing his self-admitted flaws?

    If literature that depicts prejudice, or words or scenes that are today rightly abhorred, is to be banned, I don’t know if even the Bible can survive. If we only honor perfect, saintly people of the past, I guess I’m left with only the cross. And some people would ban that.

    As a historian by training, I want to remember the good and the bad, and recall with gratitude how even people who have an undeniable dark side can let light prevail and leave the world better. I want to keep bringing classes of schoolchildren to view such monuments, and to explain to them how even such giants in our history had crimes, unjust acts and plain poor judgment mixed in with the good we honor.

    Cardinal Dolan is archbishop of New York.


    1. “Beware those who want to purify memories and present a tidy—and inaccurate—history.” That is some delicious irony.

    2. Well said. The statues should be accompanied with the full story in bronze. Lincoln standing with the kneeling freed slave should be replaced with Lincoln and the freed slave’s hands meeting before shaking, both standing, both equal. There’s your truth, and meaning. There’s the answer. A statue of one of the leaders of the Confederacy should be surrounded by equal size statues, if not larger, of slaves of the time, a la The Burghers of Calais by Rodin. Etc.

      History must be memorialized but not unless it memorializes the whole truth.

      1. “History must be memorialized but not unless it memorializes the whole truth.”

        ‘Don’t know much about historyyy’ as the song goes. How many bronze tablets telling the ‘whole’ truth do you expect to have stacked around monuments? Here’s an idea– why don’t we have books on history?

        1. Young, these rioters and looters don’t read so history books mean nothing to them. They are ignorant and they act like fascists. ‘Let’s burn the books’.

    3. Even the Bible the priest says. LOL. Ever heard of Joshua? One man’s hero, another man’s genocider

      History is full of ambivalent figures as is life

      But religions are much to blame for lionizing some and hating on others. But is there is any choice, really? “cant we all just get along” is the cry of a simpleton.

      Im not a crusader against religion but let’s get real. Church won’t defend half their saints anymore so who cares what Dolan says.

      I dont forgot how they de-listed or erased so many of their own in the Vat 2 reforms.
      Shall I name names? How about St Christopher patron saint of travellers. Off the calendar! Oh I could go one with some interesting others.

      A lot of these priests who have coddled left wing culture destroyers for um 60 years or so now, ignoring other more subtle forms of iconoclasm, may find that their turn for the treatment has soon arrived.

  7. Trump had his bling bimbo daughter Ivanka jack a Gideon’s bible from one of his hotel rooms so he could look tough. Trump simply looked like the blithering idiot he is. “It’s a Bible.” Trump denigrated religion by connecting himself to it just as he denigrates America. The only religious leaders that defended him were in tents on the Prairies. The Pope and all the established religious leaders were offended, but not the right wing extremists and bible thumpers. Barr facilitated the parade by clearing the area. Trump wanted to look tough so they used tear gas and roughed up some peaceful protestors. They closed off streets from both ends so protesters would be contained and arrested, not dispersed, a little Red Square tactics. All the rest is legal mumbo jumbo. Turley lowers himself to exceptionally low depths even attaching his expertise to this obvious show of force. Put it in context. He was going to send in the dogs, looting meant shooting, etc.

    1. “Trump had his bling bimbo daughter Ivanka jack a Gideon’s bible from one of his hotel rooms so he could look tough.”
      As always a balanced opinion from the peanut gallery.

      1. Bling Bimbo Ivanka failed at her business flogging bling that she ripped off from European designers and had made in Asian sweat shops, all funded with Daddy’s money. Trump openly attaches his name to the charitable donations of others, taking the credit for these good deeds and smiling all the way. I would wager that Trump has never opened the Bible and the one he held up was not his. Even the generals who he dragged along were ashamed. Anyone with any sense of decency would be offended.

        1. She actually had a wonderful line of jewelry. I saw her stuff at Trump Tower. The woman has taste something Issac doesn’t seem to have. He lashes out at anyone in the lowest level possible. Go after the kids. Next stop for Issac is Baron.

    2. @issacb

      This. This post is the very problem we have. Wild hyperbole in place of anything factual, but discussed as if fantasy is reality.

      Step 1: Make stuff up
      Step 2: Beat chest
      Step 3: Go to Step 1

        1. Yep, Turley refers to his profession as ‘legal mumbo jumbo’. Thanks for clarifying your position.

  8. These violent riots are part of the long planned destruction of the US & it’s take over by globalist aholes.

    One can check things like, Smart Cities initiative, State Dept Memo 7277, the ahole’s comment’s from their meeting a few weeks back at Devos, Fed’s 2019 August meeting @ Jackson Hole Wy. etc., etc… Contact Tracing, Bill Gates Wuhan bio weapon connection.

    They’ve got us in the thick of it now!

    1. Yep, and everything Trump does feeds the globalist fire and embarrasses and marginalizes freedom-loving Americans. Conservatives literally could not have found a worse champion. Sad.

      1. “embarrasses and marginalizes freedom-loving Americans. Conservatives literally could not have found a worse champion. ”

        What they hell are you try to say?

        GW Bush, Dick Cheney, etc., claimed they were Conservatives. I hope you’re not promoting that kind of American Hating Trash.

        Reagan in 1986 , at the Evil Dr Fauci’s counsel, signed onto giving Big Pharma product liability immunity for this decades long human experimentation on US citizens with their vaccine industry.

        Is that the kind of Conservatism you’re speaking of?

      2. Brad,

        Color Revolution/Lafayette Riots/Other Related Attacks against people’s US govt:

        If you wish to icthB about something Trump isn’t doing icthB about him not arresting Dr Fauci, Bill Gates, etc for their involvement in illegal creating this Wuhan Bio-weapon flu/Cancer, their mad rush towards an experimental improperly tested mRNA injection posing as a vax.

        It shocks my senses at what these evil Aholes have released on the world. It’s Sick!

        Start looking at the independent research that’s now started coming in recently.


  9. Photo op? I saw a President standing before a burned out church holding a Bible, symbolically showing that neither our religion nor our government will bow to anyone, regardless of how hard we are hit. After all, is there anything more anti-American than burning a church? That important message could not have been given to the American people and the world with protestors blocking the way and endangering the President’s safety.

    1. Brandishing an unread, upside down Bible for cameras, without even a whisper of a prayer, is exactly the type of taunting I’d expect from the Antichrist, not someone “symbolically showing that neither our religion nor our government will bow to anyone.”

      When he finally gets it right side up, he holds it in front of his smiling self like a freshly-killed big game trophy. Creepy.

      1. Brad – my copy of the Bible works the same way as Trump’s with the place marker coming out the bottom. It is a stylistic choice by the binder. So, Brad, Trump had the Bible right-side up.

      2. Trump’s no Antichrist.. Wow the stuff people come up with. If he is then the Devil better fire him as a failed “celebrity apprentice” because recently Trump seems pretty meek and mild to me.

    2. Wow, “our religion”?!?
      Not a fan of religious plurality and the religion clause of the First Amendment, huh?

      “is there anything more anti-American than burning a church?”

      Yes, absolutely. Lots of things are more anti-American: the Confederacy, voter suppression, failure of an elected official to uphold the oath s/he took to the Constitution, …
      Of course, both your and my statements are matters of opinion, and it’s no surprise that we have different opinions about it.

  10. I’m old enough to remember watching this whole thing live on TV. Most of the protesters were peaceful, but some were not. Because of the violence during the previous nights, I had the sense that many in or near the area were itching for more violent action.

    When law enforcement started to clear the crowd, I remember wondering what the rules and laws are for the peaceful protesters to disburse. Thanks to Professor Turley, now I know.

    I also recall watching Trump walk out to St John’s and I thought it was a great moment . I literally cannot think of any legitimate reason why that moment should be considered controversial. He is the president. He walked out of his home and down the street to a sight of terrible violence and held a bible. What on earth is wrong with that???

    And then we get the interpretation by the ‘media’ and the left. That has been our world for some time now – a parallel existence of factual events and propaganda held in contradiction.

    The left won’t read this testimony because reality has nothing to do with their narratives. But, they will continue to spin great yarns both here and in the wild and explode in self-righteous outrage at all of the dishonest idiots who don’t agree with their dishonest idiocy.

    1. The Left will read this testimony – excising any sections or instances that do not align with the Grand Narrative, and focusing on any bits and pieces (ignoring all context) that suit their Purpose.

      As for the President walking to the church, I tend to apply the Obama perspective. If we swap Obama with Trump and swap the “protesters” for MAGA people – would there be any rage from the media or politicians?

      Absolutely not.

      They would still be swooning over the glory of their figurehead, and the appropriateness of the action – even if they had used grenades and real bullets to clear the park.

      1. I’d have been furious if Obama had cleared Lafayette Square of peaceful “MAGA people” using tear gas, pepper balls, flash grenades, smoke canisters, rubber bullets, and batons.
        And you can bet there would have been a huge uproar in the press and from politicians.

        1. Committ – I would have been upset if peaceful “MAGA people” were tossing bottle of frozen water at the park police and had caches of weapons.

          1. If you’re suggesting that that describes the people protesting in Lafayette Square on 6/1, provide evidence.

              1. Paul, that report is BS and is based on “sources” not the Park Police.

                I happened to have the TV on starting about 1/2 hour before Barr surveyed the scene and told the cops to go. The view was aerial and on the ground from multiple angles. Of course i couldn’t see every protester at all times, but the mood was loose with no screaming at cops who were in many cases a few feet from the crowd and with a relaxed posture on both sides. From the reaction – or lack thereof – by the police, they were not under attack.

              2. No, that’s a Fox article, and it doesn’t include an actual Park Police Report. The U.S. Park Police site: https://www.nps.gov/subjects/uspp/index.htm
                You’ll want to distinguish between protesters in Lafayette Square vs. elsewhere (e.g., further down H St.)
                And although law enforcement — which wasn’t limited to the Park Police — initially denied using tear gas,your own story cites another reporter saying “This is a false narrative from Park Police sources to a local reporter,” and there was later other evidence of it being used.

                I know that Wikipedia isn’t always reliable, but it can be when the text is sourced, and the WP page on this is actually quite detailed with a lot of references: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_photo_op_at_St._John%27s_Church

        2. CTHD Needs to be committed because he supports the violence and looting that led to around 15 people being killed after Floyd’s death. He hates police and doesnt care that around 100 policemen were injured in DC. He thinks its swell when an 84 year old walking in a walker is punched by a guy with 103 prior arrests.

          Wonderful CTHD keep supporting the facists and the killers.

    2. Lorenzo…….. Democrats are spooked when they see a Bible. Also, their concept of an actual leader is one who travels with a teleprompter and bobble-headed “yes” folks. So, now you can understand why the hysterics from the left.

      1. “Democrats are spooked when they see a Bible.”
        Well you’d be spooked too if the mere sight of it melted you. Imagine their horror at a wooden stake or the sunrise!

      2. Cindy,

        Re: Attack against Trump/supporters by BOK center mangement etc…

        Some of the pieces are coming out.

        Oklahoma like other places has Commie types.

        A guy named Kaiser, last time I heard, controls Bank of Oklahoma, & like many hide behind charitable foundations.

        The Kaiser Foundation, I’m not sure what all this foundation is into. US Healthcare is at least one issue.

        BOK center is part a govt funded project , named based on Bank of Oklahoma.

        Among other issues, in the article below claims management of the BOK helped sabotaged attendance.


        BTW: LEO seems to have been doing their job. Think some of these LEO showed up to help:


        1. Thank you Oky1!! I can’t believe the Bank of OK!
          Here’s a great post on FB….I don’t know the woman who wrote it, but even though she lives in Texas now…..she’s a Chickasha girl!! So you know she is OK!
          *********************************************************June 27 at 9:01 AM · Shared with Public
          They closed your business.
          They closed your church.
          They closed your parks.
          They closed your beaches.
          They banned funerals.
          They banned graduations.
          They made you wear masks.
          They banned dads in delivery rooms.
          But they allow riots, vandalism, arson, looting and the destruction of the American Flag and American History.
          We were all played.
          Scare people with a virus. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline. Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in. Then… ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in Antifa to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Loot. Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down.
          We are all being bated by adversarial governments who want to destroy America – China, Iran, Russia. Have the Far Left abuse the racial wars to fuel the fires. And, in an election year, have Democrats blame all of it on the President.
          This is what modern warfare looks like.
          Walkaway from the Marxists Terrorists aka the Democratic Party. #walkway

            1. Paul …she’s a cowgirl from Chickasha. ….Can’t beat thos Okie girls….But I aven’t a clue why Warren turned out so hideously…She grew up in The City (OKC) but still, it turned out some good people. I guess her family was full of bad seeds.

          1. Good to see many others can see the devil’s hands at work.

            Later tonight infowars’ site & Jones’ show tomorrow are saying a bit ago they have the inside CDC docs sent out to Texas govts showing the complete fraud being used to cause a fake spike in the # of Chicom Covid cases in Texas.

            I’d bet they’ll try not get deceived & have plenty of verification.

            1. ” complete fraud being used to cause a fake spike in the # of Chicom Covid cases in Texas.”

              Covid deaths per million population:

              Texas 84
              New York 1,619

              Belgium the worst in Europe: 840
              (San Marino is a micro state with too few numbers IMO to compare with)

              NYState governor Cuomo is a Democrat as is the mayor of NYC. These numbers tell us a lot. The MSM keeps slamming Texas while being much nicer and quieter toward Democrat NY. We have to listen to the ignorant here like Hellvis and Anon talking about Covid-19 and making jacka$$es out of themselves.

          2. I want to make this clear, I should have wrote:

            “Among other issues, in the article below claims Arena management of the BOK Center helped sabotaged attendance.”

            How far up the food chain to BOK & Kaiser I don’t think it’s known just yet.

            but it again reminds one of my lawyer friends here was saying a few years back that the next big war would be they billionaires would be fighting it out for position & Power.

            And here we all are, at the whims of the world’s billionaires all wanting to play God.

  11. Forty years ago, liberals were people with whom you had policy disagreements. Now they are thoroughly destructive and their activity is incompatible with any sort of constitutional system.

  12. Lafayette Park was full of peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights, plain and simple. Case closed.

    You fellas need to double down on your Geritol™️ And have more rest periods. The get off my lawn shtick has played itself out.

    Bless your shriveled, cantankerous hearts fellas.

    What is wrong with you all?

    1. They were lawfully told to disperse. They didn’t. Case closed. I guess with you “it’s heck they only threw a few rocks and burned two buildings and a church. See ‘largely peaceful.'” Sort of like being “largely alive.”

      1. They were not told to disperse except at the last minute, if at all, and then with needlessly aggressive tactics. That was not a violent crowd and smart policing would have begun with a clear and repeated message that the crowd would have to move followed by friendly shuffling along, and at least an hour before the desired time.

        1. Book’s proposed techniques have been working swimmingly in Seattle. Another one shot and killed in the Summer of Love zone, by the way.

          1. “They were not told to disperse except at the last minute, if at all, and then with needlessly aggressive tactics.”
            I love a contradiction in terms.

            1. Mespo– Notice the “if at all” qualifier in Book’s statement. He has no certain information at all, just declaring what he wants to be true.

              Book, you say you are an employer. How diverse [black] is your crew?

      1. Lady lawyer dared them to take her gun and find out. You can bet she would have dropped the hammer. Lawyers learn fast bluffs don’t work unless you have the conviction inside to make good on them. Then they’re not bluffs, anyways.

    2. Did you see the Chad in the pink shirt with the AR 15? Get off his lawn indeed. Or not; let’s go to the next level. Let’s double down our bets and see.

  13. “It is titled, The U.S. Park Police Attack on Peaceful Protesters at Lafayette Square.”
    It’s like another Dim congressional hearing some years ago styled: ” How foolish President Lincoln got the back of his head in the way of a bullet fired by media star John Wilkes Booth.”

  14. It’s always an easy 20-20 hindsight call while sitting in an air-conditioned hearing room safely protected by armed guards. It’s gets progressively harder on a darkened street while being pelted by rocks, bottles and baggies of urine. I’d give our protectors the benefit of the doubt over our tormentors and even over an Australian film crew who’d be better served interviewing concussed cops at the hospital than spoiled miscreants in a battle zone. As history shows, civilization is fragile. Attacking the defenders of civilization seems a fools errand.

    1. The Lafayette Square event was in broad daylight with cameras up the ying yang, overhead and all around. If the police didn’t know what they were facing they could have turned on CNN and saw it all from beginning to end – I did. The proof is in the pudding and the crowd never became violent even after the cops and military did.

      1. If a crowd is peaceful but instructed lawfully to disperse, are they still peaceful if they fail to disperse?

        1. They were not instructed to leave coherently , let alone legally and yet still remained peaceful. The police were not peaceful.

          1. I asked you about ‘a crowd’, not this crowd. I want to know if you believe that a crowd that fails to comply with a legal order to disperse is still peaceful. Yes or no?

            As to whether or not the crowd at Lafayette Park was peaceful, there were some who were not before the order was given. I hope you can understand that a mostly peaceful protest isn’t really peaceful just as a woman can’t be kind of pregnant.

          2. I saw some protesters and rioters hop on a police car in a recent clip from Detroit. The police car carefully tapped the gas, stopped, let the freaks fall off, and did it again, until the stupids got the message. The police did NOT “run anybody over” but they should have. It’s time to restore order.

      2. And you actually expected CNN to cover violence done by the mob they said were peaceful protesters?

        CNN won’t.

    2. Yes and the fools have been busy. The question I ask is WHO SENT THEM ON THIS ERRAND?

      These lazies and freaks don’t just rouse themselves off the couch for no reason.

    1. Across the street from the front of the White House, to the north. In the recent past, you could walk along the sidewalk on the WH side of the street separating them -,Pennsylvania Ave – and several decades ago you could drive down the street, Barricades were placed after some tumultuous events but I don’t remember what, and never removed.

    1. If you’re robbing a store and burning it down during a ‘mostly peaceful protest’, it’s not violence but a new form of self-expression. However, if you whistle at a pretty girl on a college campus, it’s a form of sexual violence and you risk getting expelled.

      1. Lorenzo:

        “If you’re robbing a store and burning it down during a ‘mostly peaceful protest’, it’s not violence but a new form of self-expression. However, if you whistle at a pretty girl on a college campus, it’s a form of sexual violence and you risk getting expelled.”

        Yes, you’re learning the radical’s rules summarized nicely as: Heads they win; tails you lose. Sorta meets the working definition of evil, right?

      2. Put a loop on a garage pull rope and 15 FBI agents will swarm you. No wonder they don’t have the time, inclination or guts to investigate mob leaders destroying cities.

        1. That’s right Young. ANTIFA BLM and other organizations are in a nationwide conspiracy to extort business from protection money under threat of ‘protests” that are in fact planned riots and mass vandalism and arson.

          FBI is busy with more important things. Now that there are no more Russian spies hiding behind the bushes anymore. Very pathetic leadership from Wray. Fire him already

          1. BLM is close to $120 Million for Obama. No wonder the Democrat Party supports violence and looters. It looks like the Democrat Party is the party of death and racism.

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