Proving the Unprovable: The White House Ties Itself Into A Statistical Knot Over Covid-19 Harm

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedThe problem with never admitting a mistake as President is that it requires others to defend it no matter how indefensible.  That is the problem with declaring that “99 percent” of U.S. coronavirus cases are “totally harmless”  is that statistics are tricky things that often demand actual proof.  Mark Twain once said “facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable,” just not this pliable.  Rather than just admit that the President overstated this point, the White House proceeded to try to prove the unprovable with predictably ridiculous results. Even the President’s top health advisers refused to support the statement. It is another example of the expenditure of unnecessary energy and focus to avoid admitting a mistake.  One can still maintain that most people exposed to this virus show mild or no symptoms without dying on this statistical hill (with graphs that actually show that the statistical claim is wrong).

I have been critical of the unrelentingly negative coverage of many news outlets over the last three years.  There is a loss of objectivity in much of the reporting as we have discussed in prior postings. However, many of these negative pieces are legitimate stories like the President telling the public that 99 percent of virus cases are harmless.

During his July 4 “Salute to America” speech on the South Lawn of the White House, Trump noted that the administration conducted more than 40 million coronavirus tests. That is an impressive figure. However, he added that “by so doing, we show cases, 99 percent of which are totally harmless.”

On its face, the statistic is clearly wrong.  It is certainly true that a very high percentage of those who test positive for the virus do not show serious symptoms.  However, President Trump elected to put a statistical twist on that fact.  As a result, it was immediately ridiculed.  The President has been repeatedly criticized (often fairly) for downplaying the threat of the virus or making dangerously ill-informed comments.  This is another example of sending a message directly at odds with what his public health officials are trying to convey to the public.

Putting aside the public health dangers for such statements dismissing the threat to individuals, it makes even less sense politically. With the President struggling with dropping polls, it would seem obvious that fighting on this issue would play directly into the hands of his critics.  Yet, rather than walk it back, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended the statement as factual with two charts illustrating the country’s COVID-19 death rate.

There were two obvious problems. First, just showing a chart of deaths does not show the percentage of harm.  Many of those who recover from the virus are experiencing long lasting symptoms. Moreover, even those with “mild cases” report some serious symptoms, including neurological symptoms now being documents even in mild case recoveries.

Second, McEnany’s slides showed a case fatality rate of 4.6 percent, not 1 percent. So even if you are just talking death rather than harm that is almost 500 percent off.

What is intriguing about this latest pile up is that it was again entirely avoidable with a simple correction. This is why Benjamin Disraeli said “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

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  1. The 99% statistic goes back for months. The WHO and CDC have been saying all along that the vast majority of cases are no more than a bad cold. Unless a person is tested, they’re likely to not even know they have it. Statistics show that the deaths are mostly in the over 80 group with nearly all over 60, and with underlying conditions. Here in my county, over half the cases are among blacks and Hispanics, not that that has anything to do with how harmful the cases are. The virus was politicized as soon as it appeared in this country. In reality, the real number if probably much less than 99%. Yes, numbers are going up but so are the numbers being tested. Originally, testing was limited to those with certain symptoms. Now anyone can be tested.

    1. Did you click thru and read the linked content? Because it contradicts you. Also the impact of morbidity matters.

  2. “Second, McEnany’s slides showed a case fatality rate of 4.6 percent, not 1 percent. So even if you are just talking death rather than harm that is almost 500 percent off. “

    Turley, who I like and believe honestly represents his points on the law, should be ashamed of himself for this comment. If one tests only the sick one will have a high death rate but that doesn’t represent the country or the testing that was done. That does not reflect the argument at hand and creates a phony picture of a disease that can be lethal most frequently in the elderly and the ill. The number Turley used is generally one used to push a political point of view that doesn’t represent the truth.

    1. I think your blind indignation has led you to mischaracterize Turley’s droll and rather simple observation that Trump’s people tried to buoy his 99% claim with a slide that showed a 4.6% fatality rate. Does Trump have any competent people working for him or have they all been scared off?

      1. Mathematics is part of a skill set needed when one wants to look at data and assess it for themselves. If you have that skill set then explain why you think the 4.6% is a more accurate representation of what Trump was saying than the 99% number.

        Brad, you insultingly called my approach “blind indignation” when I actually provided mathematical support for my contentions. What do we call your approach if you can’t prove what you say?

        1. LOL You have either have poor reading comprehension or an inability to focus. Both could be side effects of blind indignation.

          Was Turley lying when he said, “McEnany’s slides showed a case fatality rate of 4.6 percent, not 1 percent.”?

          Maybe the slide was planted by a Deep State actor to make Trump’s team look foolish… Or maybe they are just a sloppy group.

          1. “LOL You have either have poor reading comprehension or an inability to focus. Both could be side effects of blind indignation.”

            Brad you have confirmed your inability to prove your case. I showed how and why my 99% was reasonably correct. In the context of the President’s speech you haven’t demonstrated any knowledge of what the 99% or the 4.6% mean. You are trying to slide your point across based on ignorance.

            Trump was talking about the 99% that did not die or get seriously ill. Look at the number of deaths and look at the number of tests performed. That will provide a number greater than 99%. The actual death rate from the disease actually keeps falling with time as more and more young are being tested.

            Now let’s see if you are able to understand what the different numbers represent. Responding as you did above keeps reaffirming your ignorance.

            1. “Brad you have confirmed your inability to prove your case.”

              What do you think my “case” is, exactly? R-E-A-D-I-N-G C-O-M-P-R-E-H-E-N-S-I-O-N. Try it again:

              I think your blind indignation has led you to mischaracterize Turley’s droll and rather simple observation that Trump’s people tried to buoy his 99% claim with a slide that showed a 4.6% fatality rate. Does Trump have any competent people working for him or have they all been scared off?

              1. Brad, my reading comprehension if fine but your ability to do basic math indicates a rather low level on the totem pole. Go back and run the calculations for both numbers. When you are finished put them in your next reply along with the explanation.

                Can’t do that? We already know that. Why is it there are so many incompetent people on this blog that can take sides but can never explain why? Maybe you need a course in critical thinking. Since it is doubtful you know what those two words, critical thinking, mean, avail yourself of Google or some other search engine to help you out.

    2. I feel the same as they are doing it in my state the numbers aren’t based on the total population, they are based on the total number of cases regardless of whether or not they are harmless. there are too many metrics being ignored. It isn’t honest data, and it kills me that someone so smart as the professor falls for this party line crappolla again, and again. Newsflash JT: ‘your’ dem party is dead and buried, and barring your ‘classical libs’ deciding that finding their spines is more important than defeating Fat Orange Man, it ain’t coming back.

  3. I think Turley is nitpicking as is the media. If my calculations are correct the death rate of 40 million tests would be slightly above .3% or less than 99.6% died.

    One can nitpick to death almost any statistic. I don’t particularly like the statement without further discussion but his point is correct in that he is focussing in on the number of deaths compared to the numbers of tests. At the present the media is focussed on such an outlandish risk of death for political reason that contrary arguments must be made and the President did that. He is forced to make statements of that nature so that the media will publish the statement and get the word out. We already know that the President’s statements of good things receive limited press so one cannot object to his statement especially since it is far, far more accurate than the prevaliling statements from the press.

    1. Allan,
      It’s an election year. There is no statement this President can make between now and November that won’t be attacked. Turley even commented that the number was unprovable. If that’s true, then isn’t it also unprovable that it’s inaccurate?

      1. It’s a legitimate number. The only thing in question is the definitions around all the words in the questions questions. It certainly is a better number than the Turley number provided at the end of his piece. It is certainly a better number than bandied around by the MSM and the leftists. It is probably the closest number of all to the truth when one merges all the numbers together based on statistical significance.

    2. It’s a good estimate. We should keep in mind that “harmless” excludes not just those that died from CV-19, but those who had bad cases and failed to recover completely. We don’t have solid numbers on this, but a starting guess would be “as many as who died are survivors with residual damage”.

  4. Rather than just admit that the President overstated this point, the White House proceeded to try to prove the unprovable with predictably ridiculous results.

    He doesn’t need, nor should he bother trying to prove it. He could have thrown out any number and the rats would have scurried to debunk it. We’ve watched this nonsense from the media even before he took office and rational people don’t pay any attention to them anymore. He could have said 99% of what the media reports are lies and harmful to this country. Let them get to work trying to debunk that.

  5. The Diamond Princess data suggests that with the treatment options available at the beginning of the epidemic, the mortality rate for persons over 60 with a symptomatic case was about 5%. Scandinavian data has suggested about 1/2 of those infected develop symptoms. So, the mortality rate for those over 60 would be about 2.5% and for those under 60 around 0.5%. Mortality among those under 60 is concentrated among people over 50. The risk factors alluded to are all correlates of a high body-mass-index. Ideally, the public health measures would have consisted of travel restrictions, selected activity restrictions (contra indoor singing, bars, &c), personal protective equipment, and isolating the high risk groups (old people and late-middle-aged people with a weight problem).

  6. In an otherwise sane column, JT writes:

    “I have been critical of the unrelentingly negative coverage of many news outlets over the last three years.”

    failing to realize he could have written this column once a week at least since Trump took office because he is a lying scumbag, and if anything the US press is too respectful of a man deserving none, only because he is the president.

    Since January, he has lied and otherwise reacted to the virus not in the interests of public health, but in his own personal interest in getting reelected and with results disastrous to public health and to our economy..While most of the rest of the developed world has turned the corner on the early phase of this threat – and blocking travelers from the US – we and our businesses are going under for a 2nd time.


    1. Since January, he has lied and otherwise reacted to the virus not in the interests of public health,

      Thanks for the issue of your imagination. Always an education.

  7. Big fan, Mr. Turley, but you blew this one. Death rate well under 1%.

    1. He’s a lawyer. People with high verbal intelligence and poor math skills go to law school.

      1. LOL:)

        Reports of deaths from different places, like Kingston NY…. 00.0234%

        About what was predicted at the start of report.

        On topic: Why haven’t Dr Fauci, Bill Gates & others involved with building this latest Chicom Flu Bio-Weapong been arrested & all those Bio level 3 & 4 labs been shut down as those labs have no other function other then building “Illegal Bio-Weapons”.

    2. So Mark, anything short of death is harmless? I did not know that!

      1. It’s can be an exceedingly disagreeable experience, but there is scant evidence of l/t damage from it.

          1. There is a difference between something that can happen and something that is likely to affect more than a very minor percent of those who get.

            But, just keep on surfin the panic porn.

          2. There’s a kidney/urinary tract component to Covid as well that isn’t quite pieced together quite yet. At least by western medical research so far. An acupuncturist/TCM person would be further down that track as TCM has long seen the link between the bladder and kidneys in relation to the lungs in relation to conventional anatomy and physiology.

            Suffice it to say…, definitely not just ‘the flu’.

      2. Well, NOW you know. Take a look at the link I posted earlier. Dr. Atlas says the same thing. Or, don’t educate yourself and continue to look like a fool.

        1. I think you should get a 2nd opinion.

          By the way, Dr Atlas is a right wing idealogue . Doesn’t mean he’s wrong, it just means his opinion on policy may be suspect.

          1. He’s not providing a policy opinion. He’s looking at the data and seeing the same thing anyone would see. This is not rocket science.

          2. By the way, Dr Atlas is a right wing idealogue .

            And you see yourself as the voice of objective reason? LOL!

  8. Wow, Turley ironically is doing the same thing trump’s enablers are doing. Calling a willful lie a “mistake” is not only disingenuous, but stupid as well. Turley goes to great lengths himself to avoid the obvious when it comes to trump’s lying. Here he’s showing us he’s also part of the problem. Call it for what it is. A damn lie.

  9. The mortality rate from infection is below .3% and apparently falling. The deaths are heavily concentrated among people over 70. Turley makes himself look like a simpleton with this post.

  10. Turley is beyond lame, beyond hypocritical here. This 99% nonsense is nothing, yet Turley grandstands with the big ‘I gotcha’. Trump has lied, exaggerated, and unfairly blamed from his earliest days of campaigning. This was his core strategy, lies. The economy was in full rebound, at a safe and predictable pace, unemployment was down from over 10% to 4% and dropping; yet Trump blatantly lied to his dupes that the economy had never been in worse shape. And; they believed him. This creation of chaos that never existed along with incessant buffoonery and blithering idiocy has removed all points of reference for his followers. Trump’s supporters have passed over the line of being able to think for themselves and into the world of whatever Trump says is gospel, even when it is so false as to be simply stupid. Trump’s stupidity is owned by his followers. They defend it. Unemployment dropped under Trump a half a percentage point, not because of anything Trump accomplished but because after six years of recovery the baby boomers that would have retired earlier had it not been for the recession brought to us by the three stooges, they now could. Unemployment was high during the Great Recession because the economy was slowed and because job openings were delayed as boomers stayed in the workforce to offset their losses. Yet after five years of ridiculous lies and idiocy, now, Turley rises to the occasion to catch Trump in, not a lie, but a statistical mistake. This is like exposing Hitler for stealing silver from conquered peoples.

    Turley, you have lost a huge amount of credibility here slapping the blither idiot liar Trump on the wrist. Read a newspaper from time to time. Access some data. Pull your head out from where the sun don’t shine. You cannot be this obtuse.

      1. OK

        This is like complaining that Jackson didn’t give lunches to go to the Native Americans he sent out on the Trail of Tears, to die.

        Hitler is simply the most well understood example. No failure here.

        1. once it’s struck, the bell continues to ring. a fail is a fail.

        2. Work on your own Canadian history of exploiting the indigenous people of North America, Canadian Isaac.

    1. Canadian Isaac attempts to exert foreign influence over our domestic political affairs and 2020 election.

      Foreigner opinions: I don’t care

  11. People over age 65 represent about 15% of the diagnosed Covid cases and 80% of the deaths. Of these, about half were people in nursing homes. The shocking and indefensible decision to force Covid-19 patients back into nursing homes was responsible for thousands of those deaths. People under age 65 represent about 85% of the cases and 20% of the deaths. Of those, the vast majority were people over age 55 with serious health conditions.

    Unless you fall into one of those groups, you will be fine – there is a high likelihood you will not have any symptoms (far-leftist Vox’s nice little fear mongering anecdote about Lauren notwithstanding. I would have appreciated at least a little effort to find a nominally credible source).

    The correct public policy response is to focus on protecting the small portion of the population that is vulnerable. Instead, we shut down an entire economy where the vast majority will be fine. The economic effects will disproportionately affect people of color, the people that the left professes to care so deeply about. Millions of kids have lost a year of their education. We will soon learn about the excess deaths caused by delaying important healthcare measures such as cancer screening and treatment (actually we won’t hear about, it will be buried).

    The good news is that the Covid crisis will end in early November. I read somewhere that one of two things is going to happen. Either Biden will be elected and Covid will be buried in the memory hole. Or Trump will be elected and the left will turn to voter suppression. It brought a smile to my face but the broad outlines are correct.

  12. I’m really surprised to see this article, and it sadly reveals an astonishing lack of a basic math and understanding of how this virus is spreading. After all that we have been through, I really am flabbergasted that we’re still arguing about reality.

    Throughout this pandemic, anyone who can do simple math has always pointed out that the denominator used for calculating death and infection rates has been tricky at best to determine. The bottom line is that this math has always used a known value and divided it by an unreliable value. Early in the pandemic, it was essentially an unknown and drove much of the panic.

    We have never known how many people are infected, and if we did, that would be the actual denominator. Instead, the Johns Hopkins dashboard uses known infections (a subset of all infections) and that number is be necessity artificially low. I don’t think anyone can legitimately dispute that there are far more infections, both current and past, that we simply don’t know about. In fact, one of the reasons why infections are “spreading” is that we are doing both more testing, and testing a different swatch of the population than before. It’s critical to understand this. We went form targeted testing to something more akin to a random sampling.

    Earlier in the pandemic, only those who had serious symptoms and others that needed testing actually got the tests. Now we’re seeing people getting tests because they are required by their employers, because they are going to the hospital for non covid ‘elective’ procedures, because they need to for travel (Maine requires a neg test if you plan to visit), because more testing is available and they simply want to know, etc.

    Moreover, in the earlier days of the pandemic, it is well known that the disease attacked the most vulnerable who hadn’t been protected. Now, we are doing a better job of protecting the vulnerable and when you look at current infections, the demographics are much younger and healthier and those requiring hospitalization have much shorter stays.

    Here is an excellent interview of Dr. Atlas on the subject:

    You will notice that he says that 99% of those who get the disease have no serious complications.

    Trump often uses imprecise language that leads to lots of confusion and negative interpretation. And I agree that he cannot admit a mistake and it would be better if he could. And yes, he sometimes lies (although not any more than your garden variety politician). And he often attacks people when there is no need to – see his tweet about Wallace as a recent example.

    This is not one of those cases. Trump is correct about the 1% value, and if he’s wrong, it will likely be because it ends up being an even lower number.

    1. The three people I personally know have not gotten very sick. The first, a physician, thought he only had a cold. It was well after recovery that he was tested and antibodies were found. I suspect there are more like that and likely a large number of undetected cases.

      1. I have 2 dead relatives, though they were elderly and one already in the hospital. Someone I work with caught it and he said he coughed until he fainted numerous times.

        1. That’s a shame about your family. There is no doubt that some people get very sick and many die. A friend who is a nurse recently went to work in a nursing home and she said “they are dying like flies” in there and the morgue had to rent extra freezer space.

          This morning I phoned another friend, a physician who does work comp, and her staff does parking lot checks for employers and one day about 50% of the people who showed up tested positive but had little or no symptoms. They get positives every day but not typically that high.

          It concerns me that there are apparently a lot of people who are shedding virus but are not aware of it when they visit granny, or me. The percentage of mild infections appears to be very high. Apart from personal observations it can be seen in the rapid rise of infections while the rate of deaths is declining.

          It is looking as if Trump may be right allowing for hyperbole, but without consistent and accurate reporting the truth is unknowable at this time.

          1. The nurse mentioned above is one of the three we personally know who recently tested positive and I suspect she got it in the nursing home but don’t really know. In any event, she can’t go back in there until she is over it.

          2. the upside is that all of these positives are contributing to herd immunity. we still need to protect the vulnerable until it’s safe, but preventing the spread is completely unrealistic. slowing it down via distancing and good hygiene probably helps.

            the real question would seem to be what is an acceptable and manageable level of spread.

            1. “slowing it down via distancing and good hygiene probably helps.”


                1. Dude, was the important point where he says the uptick in cases was due to protests and demonstrations? I may have missed something later from laughing out loud, but this is the 1st I have heard of all the protests and demonstrations sweeping Jacksonville Florida and Tuscon Arizona with it’s huge black population.

                    1. Indeed. Neither one has had the massive protests necessary to create the uptick in cases.

                    2. Book–“Indeed. Neither one has had the massive protests necessary to create the uptick in cases.”

                      The problem with your statement is ‘necessary’. Protests are not ‘necessary’ to cause an uptick in infections but they can contribute substantially as even the mayor of LA conceded after encouraging protests. Both Jacksonville and Tucson had protests. It is a mistake to assume BLM protesters are predominantly black. In many cases college-age white people predominate by a wide margin.

                      I am not sure what point you were trying to make unless you think some supernatural blessing made protests safe while families going to the beach were suicidal. One nutty lawyer in Florida went that far.

                    3. Young, the obvious point is that the uptick in cases across the Sunbelt is not due to protests as Dr Atlas stupidly claimed. It’s due to the president and governors in those states encouraging reopening without social distancing and masks. If it were due to protests, the biggest upticks would be in locations where they were plentiful and well attended. That would not be Jacksonville Florida and Tuscon Arizona. Does Dr Atlas need a map?

                    4. BTB– “It’s due to the president and governors in those states encouraging reopening without social distancing and masks


                      You seem remarkably certain in a situation where uncertainty prevails.

                  1. you skipped the part where i said that creating a herd immunity is a good thing, and that is created by healthy people getting the virus. i also said that social distancing and good hygiene helps control of that spread, so of course you took that out of context and then pretended not to understand. you also skipped the part where i suggested that the discussion should really be about what spread rate is acceptable, instead of everyone acting like the spread itself is unacceptable.

                  2. “Neither one has had the massive protests necessary to create the uptick in cases.”

                    I can’t help but laugh at btb. There were protests in Jacksonville. Florida is doing large numbers of testing so I would guess one would see an uptick in Jacksonville due to protests.

                    I think btb replies bypass his brain.

            2. Lorenzo– I had thought that too; rapid spread of mild cases pushes us more rapidly toward herd immunity.

              For me an acceptable level of spread is that I not be a part of the herd.

              I like your posts, by the way, very rational and fact based.

          3. That’s a shame about your family.

            He’s almost certainly referring to his wife’s family.

        2. Booking:
          That’s all meaningless without access to their past medical records but hey it’s your usual play to emotions.

          1. Btb is always providing relatives to affirm what he says. Sometimes he even creates another alias to do the same. My bet is a lot of his relatives don’t think very highly of him.

            1. Allan– That sounds right. I just tried to imagine him at Thanksgiving. Lord! I think I would leave fast with all my dinner in Ziplock bags. But, then, he is far left so he would probably puke if anyone dared to tell him he actually has something to be thankful for.

              1. When you have no argument then feel free to imagine whatever you like.

                For what it is worth – and really none of your businesses, my house has been home base for Thanksgiving and visiting extended family relatives from all over the country for years.

                I only mentioned my 2 dead relatives in passing with no intent – I mentioned one was already in the hospital – while the intent of retelling the guy who I work with was how terrible it can be. A grown coughing until he faitned repeatedly is a nightmare I don’t choose to test, but then a self proclaimed alpha male as dumb as mespo will want to try it out. Be my guest.

                  1. By the way, is white meat racist at your Thanksgiving now? I just read that chess is racist because white moves first so I imagined white meat must not be far behind.

                    1. Here’s s thought for your dinner: “Please pass a slice of the racist meat and a little bit of that meat of color.”

                1. BTB- Just saw that California has seen a huge spike in new cases. It is Democrat dominated and has imposed harsh standards for businesses and individuals. When I was there over a week ago it was illegal to go out without a mask. It seems your certainty that the spike was due to Trump and reckless Republican governors is not supported by the evidence. That commonly happens with your claims, by the way.

                2. You mean your wife’s home has been open to her family.

                  1. Yes, and my family. My wife has cincidentally been a casual acquaintance of mine for decades now. Anything else you want to know about our Thanksgivings? Fascinating subject, I know.

                    1. Yes, and my family.

                      I’m glad you appreciate your nieces.

                      We have a shirt-tail much valued by her relations. Quite the dynamo. No one can figure out what she ever saw in her husband, who may have some skills which are however obscured by his excess liquor consumption and his habit of being an arrogant and self-centered blowhard. Everyone puts up with him because the two of them are a package.

                    2. Your wife is a CASUAL acquaintance? Like someone you meet at the lunch counter by coincidence every now and then? I would like to see that produced as a sitcom.

  13. It’s become an industry unto itself, the attempted bailing out of Trump after he blatantly lies. The man is like the distant cousin you bring to a party and you look over to see how he is and he’s doing an extended version of the robot and people are walking away like ‘stay away from the crazy bastid’…

    Yeah, just like that.

      1. Bugman:
        Much moreso than you apparently. I’m betting he’s smarter, richer, more accomplished and better educated than you. Certainly braver. Jealousy hurts eh?

            1. What if I were a hero? What if I were a coward? YOU called Trump “brave.” So what did HE do that put himself in physical danger?

              1. Bug Out:
                Seems so obvious.He puts his real name on his opinions. You cower behind your pseudonym.

        1. I know, Mess. Wish I could lose a billion like he did and just get daddy to give me more.

          1. Johnny Buglife – other than ad hominem attacks, how are you going to prove you are smarter than me.

            1. Just kidding, Paul C Shulte. We’re all genius in our own ways. i plan to prove my intelligence by staying out of troll threds going forward.

          2. And yet Johnny above credits TCM. This means “traditional chinese medicine. Which also gives us such wonderful things as “pianfu tang” and “shijiu” ie bat soup and snake wine as supposed treatments for various ailments. Oh and the pangolins too. TCM may have been part of what caused the COVID in the first place, fool!~

            Hey, Johnny, ask a CCP member what he thinks of TCM…. oh wait, I bet you never even met a CCP member. Not that they would tell you if they were!

            It’s amusing how the Democrats, ever the Chicom fanboys like Biden, are so ignorant both of Chicom theory and practice. well, here, smarty pants, read this and grow up where TCM is concerned:


            a rare good article from Slate

            now, acupuncture which shows some empirically validated success for certain problems such as pain, is actually the exception not the rule. Most TCM is hogwash. And it’s one of the credits to the CCP that they actually understand this.

  14. What he said was “by so doing [non-symptomatic testing], we show cases, 99 percent of which are totally harmless.”
    Reframed: By doing non-hospital-admission testing we have found that among that group that almost all of the positives have been asymptomatic.

    1. Justice So ethingorother:
      Yeah Trump was debunked by Vox – the most sane of the Leftist insanity blogs. So its got you fooled.

      1. The creative writing team over at Vox did tell a nice little anecdote about Lauren, so give them credit for that.

      2. Once VOX declared that ‘preponderance of the evidence’ is the highest standard of proof. Of course it is the lowest [except for whatever universities really use when a male is accused of sexual transgression], and it is below ‘clear and convincing’ and ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. VOX has no interest in facts, just the current propaganda narrative.

  15. It’s a .26% death rate per the CDC and that’s likely an overstatement. You wanna take a beta male whine “but it leaves a scar” definition of harm go ahead. As the Spartan insult goes “May you live forever.”

  16. 99% is a term of rhetoric when used by a serial hyperbolist. Trump exaggerates; it is his style.

      1. No he’s best at skewered numb-nuts like you. The exaggeration is just a means to that end. By the way, COVID is a scam the Left swallows hook, line and sinker.

          1. Buggy:
            Happy to. I’ll be perfectly safe and fearless. You’ll be the worm slinking in the corner. Oh to be a beta male.

  17. Caught Pro Turley in a 100% incorrect statement! He misattributed the lies/statistics quote. It was coined by Mark Twain, not Disraeli.

    Otherwise the post is right on.

    Trump makes so many of these gaffes. And then he doubles down on them. Some smart guy he is – not.

    1. Let’s get a Philadelphia lawyer. Technically, Disraeli seems to have said it, but may not have originated it. Will Rogers said it. Mark Twain said it. Have you said it? It is probably an accurate quotation.

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