Omar Faces Ethics Outcry Over Payments To Husband After Decrying Those Who Profit Under Our “System Of Oppression”

440px-Ilhan_Omar,_official_portrait,_116th_CongressRep. Iihan Omar has been much in the news for her extreme positions on defunding police departments and yesterday calling for the dismantling of not just the American economy but the political system.  In declaring her support for sweeping legislation yesterday, Omar railed against the American economic and political systems as a “system of oppression” and insisted that we cannot allow people to “prioritize profit without considering who is profiting.” That question however is now being raised in growing ethical concerns over Omar giving her husband’s company a massive amount of her campaign funds.  This has been an issue that I have written about for over two decades as a legal but corrupt practice. The two stories show once again that the only defining element in Washington greater than irony is hypocrisy in both of our political parties. Update: Omar may have given as much as one million dollars to her husband’s company.

The ethical charges are being voiced by figures like George Bush’s ethic adviser Richard Painter who has been one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump. Indeed, Painter previously criticized Omar after she declared that she believes former Vice President Joe Biden is a rapist who is continuing to lie about raping a Senate staffer. However, she is still supporting and advising Biden in his presidential election.  Painter objected that Omar would publicly admit that she believed Biden raped his staffer because it could undermine his election.

Painter is now focused on what is clearly a legitimate ethical concern. He is quoted as saying payments like those of Omar “should not be allowed . . . given the amount of money that goes into these campaigns from special interests.”

Omar has previously been criticized for paying fees to Tim Mynett’s consulting firm when they were rumored to be in a romantic relationship. Mynett and Omar would later divorce their respective spouses and marry.  Omar has given Mynett a total of more than $878,000 since 2018. That includes $189,000 just weeks after the couple announced they were married, according to media reports citing data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

What should upset voters the most is that (so long as the payment reflect a very generous standard of market rates) this is all perfect legal under the laws designed by politicians for themselves.

I have long been a critic of such use of campaign funds for family members, but both parties have long engaged in the practice.  I have been a vocal critic of such nepotism by members of Congress as well as nepotism in the Trump Administration.  The Trump campaign also pays the President’s family members or “significant others” ample salaries.

For decades I have railed against laws designed carefully to give the appearance of ethics while intentionally creating loopholes for politicians to enrich their families.  The recent controversy over Hunter Biden is another example of one of those avenues for corruption in the form of influence peddling (contracts that both leading Democrats and the media have bizarrely defended).  It is also lawful but an obvious corrupt practice. When faced with corrupt but legal practices by members of their own party, many continue to espouse the “if it is legal it is alright” claim.  It is not all right.  It exists because these politicians can count on their parties to deflect criticism or insist that there is nothing to see here. The anti-nepotism statute is an example of this fraud played on the American people by both parties.  Congress carefully excluded campaign work to allow members to pour campaign money into the pocket of their own spouses and children.

Again, it is important to note that this type of payment to spouses continues in both parties.  As someone who have objected to this loophole for over twenty years, I am astonished that Congress has been able to get away with this practice for so long. Voters continue to be chumps who allow both parties to play them on blue state/red state politics.  When faced with ethical challenges, these politicians just ratchet up rhetoric against the other side.  When it comes to ethics, politicians know that the outrage lasts only until the next short news cycle and political shiny object.

If you really want to stop politicians from “prioritiz[ing] profit without considering who is profiting,” you can start with the families of people like Rep. Omar.

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    1. Anonymous– Oh yes, but now he wants to add Obama to Mount Rushmore. We could recognize Obama for being the first man in American history to have the Presidency be his first real job. Personally, instead of Mount Rushmore, I would add him to Stone Mountain, perhaps riding behind one of the generals with his arm around the general’s waist to symbolize the democrats continuing racist demand for affirmative action.

      1. We could recognize Obama for being the first man in American history to have the Presidency be his first real job.

        Not sure what’s a ‘real’ job as apposed to an imaginary one. Presumably Obama had the ordinary p/t and seasonal service jobs you have between the ages of 16 and 23. He worked as a copy editor for about 2.5 years (1983-85). He practiced law about 60% time for three years (1993-96). The rest of his salaried positions incorporated a great deal of activity of dubious utility, of course. That’s true of anyone who spends long years in public office. The legal profession is not free from it.

        1. Absurd………….it’s so cute that you think Obama was actually “working” all those years.
          You do know that Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best) wasn’t really working, right? That was all pretend, as well. 🤣

  1. So many typos it’s barely legible. And Ivanka Trump works her butt off. I agree that there is hypocrisy on both sides, on the right particularly among the Never Trumpers, but it is the defining feature of the left a la “burning buildings doesn’t spread COVID but Trump rallies do” etc ad nauseum.

  2. Can we all now agree on the nature and characteristics of a crusade with the intent of “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America…,” as commanded by the incensed, zealous, extremist and pothead son of a radical, activist, anti-colonialist, anti-American foreign citizen. Now you know why the Founders required the president to be a “natural born citizen” as codified in the U.S. Constitution.

    1. Can we all now agree on the nature and characteristics of a crusade with the intent of “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America…,”

      Did not Trump run on the platform of fundamentally transforming America?
      OPr did you think MAGA meant don’t change a thing?

      1. No, Trump did not run on a platform of “fundamentally transforming America”. The word “again” in MAGA clearly implies a return to that which was previously known. To “fundamentally transform” implies a change of something to such a degree that its association with it original form is nearly or totally unrecognizable. It is little wonder that the country is in the turmoil it is if this ham-handed equivalency represents that limit of our ability to understand subtleties in rhetoric.

      2. President Donald J. Trump ran on a platform of building a wall and draining a swamp.

        President Donald J. Trump ran on a platform of abrogating the unconstitutional acts of an ineligible son of a foreign citizen.

        MAGA means restore the dominion of the “manifest tenor” of the U.S. Constitution in America.

  3. Speaking Of Payments..

    Anti-Government Groups Take Pandemic Relief Funds

    Conservative members of Congress and advocacy groups that ardently criticize excessive government spending were among those accepting small-business pandemic relief funds from the Treasury this year, according to data released Monday.

    Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, led by firebrand anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist, took a loan between $150,000 and $350,000 from the Paycheck Protection Program. The Ayn Rand Institute and Citizens against Government Waste likewise accepted loans funded by the program.

    Groups on the left also received these government funds. But applying was an especially tough decision for many longtime critics of big government, who suddenly found themselves in need of federal support.

    “The CARES Act has created a moral dilemma for those Americans who value freedom,” reads an explanatory essay posted by organization leaders on the website of the Ayn Rand Institute. “The pandemic has cost them their jobs, their savings, their businesses. And they blame a significant part of this loss on the government. But because they oppose government handouts, they worry that accepting CARES money would be a breach of integrity.”

    Americans for Tax Reform Foundation is one of two related tax revision groups led by Norquist, who famously said: “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”

    In a statement, the foundation said it applied for the funds after being badly hurt by the government response to the pandemic. It did not oppose the program when it passed, received the loan “and has as a consequence been able to maintain its employees without laying anyone off,” the statement said.

    At Citizens Against Government Waste, communications director Alexandra Abrams made a similar argument to justify accepting a loan between $150,000 and $350,000.

    Another government watchdog, Taxpayers for Common Sense, applied the same logic.

    Steve Ellis, president of the widely cited nonprofit advocacy group, said he wrestled with whether to accept government help. The organization’s $178,500 loan is the first government funding the nonprofit has accepted in its 25-year history, he said.

    “I didn’t take the decision to apply [for a PPP loan] lightly. . . . If I was sitting on a pile of cash, I wouldn’t have applied,” Ellis said in an email. “But we’re not, and I need staff to work with me to hold policymakers accountable for how our tax dollars are being spent in the future.”

    Edited From: “After Railing Against Federal Spending, GOP Lawmakers, Conservative Groups Benefit From Government Aid Program”

    Today’s Washington Post

    1. ARI took the soup? Oh that’s hilarious. wow. why not? straight out of the “bad guys” of Atlas Shrugged

      Is Peacough still alive?

  4. Speaking Of Payments..

    Trump’s Niece Claims Donald Paid Buddy To Take College SAT’s

    Among the new disclosures in the book is Ms. Trump’s claim that Mr. Trump paid someone to take his college entrance examination.

    “That was much easier to pull off in the days before photo IDs and computerized records,” Ms. Trump writes. “Donald, who never lacked for funds, paid his buddy well.”

    Ms. Trump says the purpose of the alleged fraud was to help Mr. Trump gain admission to the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate, which Mr. Trump was ultimately able to do after first attending Fordham.

    How much that friend helped is not clear. Mr. Trump’s college records have never been made public. In February 2019, Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, testified that Mr. Trump had him threaten to sue those schools and the College Board if information about his performance was revealed.

    Edited From: “In New Book, Trump’s Niece Describes Him As Still A Child, Seeking Attention”

    The New York Times, 7/7/20


      Trump’s Niece Could Be A Malcontent But..

      Michael Cohen’s 2019 Testimony Seems To Buttress SAT Story

      When President Donald Trump went to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he says, he was a “really good student.”
      He’s proud of his record — at least, he said as much to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd in 2015.

      “Because everybody knows what a great school it is,” he said. “Everybody knows that to get into Wharton is probably the hardest school to get into.”

      But the world may never know just how good of a student Trump claims to be. In an explosive opening statement to the House Oversight and Reform Committee Wednesday, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, called him a “racist,” “con man,” and “cheat” who directed him to threaten the president’s “high school, his colleges, and the College Board to never release his grades or SAT scores.”

      Cohen said documents he shared with the committee included “copies of letters” written at Trump’s direction that detailed the apparent threats, though no school was directly named in the statement.

      “As I mentioned, I’m giving the committee today copies of a letter I sent at Mr. Trump’s direction threatening these schools with civil and criminal actions if Mr. Trump’s grades or SAT scores were ever disclosed without his permission,” he said.

      Among the examples supporting his claims that Cohen submitted to Congress was a letter sent to Fordham University dated May 5, 2015: “…please be advised that my client does not consent to any release or disclosure of any educational records to any third parties; and if in the event any of his records are released or otherwise disclosed without his prior written consent, we will hold your institution liable to the fullest extent of the law including damages and criminality,” he wrote.

      The letter added that Trump “truly enjoyed his two years at Fordham and has great respect for the university.”

      Trump transferred to Penn after spending two years at Fordham University in New York City. Trump’s academic record was a large topic of discussion shortly after he won the 2016 presidential election and the Penn’s student newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian, published a story that questioned his status as a top student.

      “The irony wasn’t lost on me at the time that Mr. Trump in 2011 had strongly criticized President Obama for not releasing his grades,” Cohen told the committee. “As you can see in Exhibit 7, Mr. Trump declared, ‘Let him show his records,’ after calling President Obama ‘a terrible student.’”

      Edited From: “Michael Cohen Testimony: Trump, A Wharton Alum, Told Me To Threaten Colleges To Not Release Grades”

      The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/27/19

  5. For decades I have railed against laws designed carefully to give the appearance of ethics while intentionally creating loopholes for politicians to enrich their families.

    Swine feeding snout to snout at the trough with litters of nepotistic piglets suckling on their teats.

    Oink… Oink… Oink… all the way the bank.

    Just another day wallowing in the pigsty known as Washington DC.

    Pigs in Zen (thank you Jane’s Addiction)

    1. Just another day wallowing in the pigsty known as Washington DC.
      This is one area where Trump should be bragging about being better at it than all the other [politicians.

  6. Omar’s family album (originally made famous by Ray Stevens in 1962)
    As cringe-worthy as this piece is, I’d still rather listen to it than nepotite Omar herself.

  7. People who oversee communism where everyone is supposed to make the same and live the same way seem to live just a little better than everybody else. Omar and company appear to be the only anti-establishment options for Democrats.

    Given that the 2016 Presidential election was a despair vote against the establishment in the two major political parties, and these kinds of people are the only anti-establishment option for the Democrats, perhaps that’s why the Democratic party is stuck with a 79 year old establishmentarian of diminishing capacity as the change agent.

    Hopefully, he doesn’t continue to talk about leg hair and roaches.

      1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. The point is taken. However ill-advised, my SOLE intent was levity, not trolling. It will not happen again. And care will be taken that future attempts at humor cannot be misunderstood.

        1. Steve, it is obvious by now that Trump supporters want to emphasize Biden’s age and alleged feebleness. But I think this strategy would be more effective if the GOP nominee was Mitt Romney, for instance.

          And though Trump is a few years younger than Biden, Trump’s sanity has been a matter of serious question since before he even got the White House. That bleach-injecting remark alone negates almost every Biden gaffe. So I think Trumpers are only playing to each other with this “Biden is senile” thrust.

          1. Biden in a coma is a better choice than Trump. Trump has always been unbalanced. Trump is the court jester that happened along at the right time and by a quirk of fate, got elected. 60,000 votes in three states while being almost 3,000,000 overall behind Clinton? Trump wasn’t ‘elected’ Trump represents what slipped between the cracks.

          2. Do I seem like a Trump supporter to you? What is your view as to why Trump was nominated and then put in the White House? Please don’t tell me it was because of the Russians.

            1. Steve, I think Trump was nominated because he was the only Republican ‘not’ reading from a Koch Bros script. That’s what made him stand out as ‘fresh’ and ‘spontaneous’ as opposed to all the robots.

              But Trump, as you know, never won the Popular Vote (in the general election). And that failure was more significant than his supporters have ever acknowledged

              1. Trump ‘won’ with fewer votes than Romney lost with. IOW >>> low turnout election. Not looking at those numbers this time around, and that informs Repub efforts to suppress the vote.

              2. As I understand it, you are saying something like this:

                Trump was viewed as the outsider who was not bought and paid for, But only during the primaries. The general election was a fluke.

                Under that mindset, nominating another establishment moderate Democrat like Hillary Clinton for a do-over makes some sense. I am dubious the middle class sees it that way.

              3. The despicable thrice cursed Kroch brothers ruined quite a bit of American industry with their schemes.

    1. Joke Biden’s vice presidential pick will become president in the event of a Joke Biden victory in November.

      Joke Biden will be removed from office per the 25th Amendment.

      Americans should be told that they are actually voting for a vice president who will be ensconced as president by the Deep Deep State, Communist Party Headquarters.

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