“Are Democrats Trying To Lose This Race?”: Bush Ethics Head Slams Omar For Saying That She Believes Biden Accuser

Painter-731-Thumbnail-640x480We have been discussing the struggle of Democratic members and various commentators in rejecting sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden while also opposing any review of his papers for past allegations, including those at the University of Delaware.  Some members and feminist figures, including most recently Iihan Omar, have declared that they believe that Biden did rape his Senate aide Tara Reade and is continuing to lie about it publicly.  However, they still support him to be the next President of the United States.  Now, former George Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter has chastised Omar for publicly stating that she believes Reade because it could cost the Democrats the election. It is a curious ethical line to draw.  If a member believes that Biden is not just a rapist but continuing to lie about the rape, one would hope that the member would publicly voice their view.  Just as I find Omar’s position to be morally incomprehensible, I find Painter’s position to be ethically incomprehensible.

Painter is widely cited in the mainstream media as an ethics expert.  In 2018, Painter ran unsuccessfully for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party nomination for U.S. Senate. He is a law professor at the University of Minnesota. Omar represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which includes Minneapolis and some of its suburbs.

Painter has been one of the most vocal voices claiming an array of criminal and impeachable offenses by Trump over the last three years (here and here and here and here). Now he has declared it to be “ridiculous” for a Democratic member to believe an alleged rape victim when it could help Donald Trump.  On Twitter, Painter has also encouraged voters to oppose Omar in part because she believes Reade.

Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

Tired of hearing antisemitic slurs from  @IlhanMN? Tired of her saying she thinks @JoeBiden is guilty of sexual assault because a pro-Putin accuser says he is? Support @Antone_MN for Congress in

Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA
This is ridiculous. Two days after Reade’s lawyer quit because she has trouble telling the truth. Are Democrats trying to lose this race? Ilhan Omar: ‘I do believe’ Tara Reade’s claims against Joe Biden fxn.ws/36slHRj #FoxNews


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  1. “Bush Ethics Head” How can he have a head of ethics? Bush had no ethics!

  2. We don’t have to really care who says what about Biden. The outcome November election will be based on how many votes the Dum’s can steal. Nothing more, nothing less.

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