“A Digital Thunderdome”: Another Times Editor Leaves Under Fire For Opposing Views

Yellow journalismWe have been discussing the shocking abandonment of journalistic principles by the New York Times in its recent apology for publishing a column by a United States Senator and forcing out an editor who had the audacity to publish an opposing view of the current protests.  The newspaper effectively declared echo-journalism to be its new mission.  Now another opinion writer and editor, Bari Weiss, has resigned after what she called an “illiberal environment” where she has been harassed and abused by other reporters without any intervention from the management. In a scathing resignation letter, Weiss called the Times a “Digital Thunderdome.”

In the Cotton controversy, various writers falsely claimed that the senator’s column contained false and unconstitutional statements.  Simply the act of publishing the column led to the removal of the editor. Yet, one of those writers recently spread a clearly false conspiracy theory about police with no such outcry.

After the removal of the editor and cringing apology of the newspaper, Weiss said that the environment at the newspaper became openly intolerant and hostile for anyone deemed insufficiently obedient to the new orthodoxy at the newspaper.  She wrote in her resignation letter that “showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.”  She claims to have been called a “nazi” and “rascist” for holding opposing views: “a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.”

She said that she is not alone in such treatment under the new order and that “the truth is that intellectual curiosity—let alone risk-taking—is now a liability at The Times.” She stated:

“Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions.”

The last few weeks have seen the rapid acceleration of attack on free speech and the free press. The most chilling aspect of this period is that the attacks has come from universities and the press itself.  Faculty and reporters have remained silent as their colleagues have been abused. Many are fearful that they will also be labeled as racist.  These attacks have succeeded in chilling speech.  Indeed, Weiss describes how management encouraged her in private but remained conspicuously silent in public.  She stated “Even now, I am confident that most people at The Times do not hold these views. Yet they are cowed by those who do.” It is an account that is all too familiar for those of us in academia. However, the collapse of the New York Times — long the iconic paper of record in the United States — has been the most chilling development in this glacial period.

I have previously said that the actions of the New York Times on the Cotton column would stand alone in journalistic infamy.  It is not surprising that the New York Times has allowed an environment of intolerance and abuse to expand in the vacuum left by by its earlier abandonment of core principles.  None of this matters to most readers or reporters.  Readers now have a newspaper that will not challenge their assumptions or their positions.  Reporters will be allowed to continue to write so long as they do not challenge the orthodoxy of the new order.  It is a pattern that we have seen played out repeatedly in history and it has never ended well.


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  1. This article is pointless and futile. The New York Times is the enemy. The New York Times is the propaganda arm of the communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO) party. The New York Times and its enemy allies have a mission of “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” The enemy must be repulsed, defeated and annihilated with extreme prejudice. The entire American welfare state has been imposed by communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) and is irrefutably unconstitutional. The “manifest tenor” of the Constitution must be re-implemented. The maximal rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities of Americans, and the severe constitutional limitations and restrictions on government must be fully restored.

    Next question.

    1. And Foxnews, read that sometime? Newspapers have typically always been partisan. Compare the Times with Foxnews and see which one is the most leaned. Then read BBC or Reuters for a less biased presentation of the happenings of the day.

      It’s time for a lawyer initiated revolution. Constitutional lawsuit day.

      Happy 14th, Vive la France

      Google La Marseillaise by Mireille Mathieu, turn it up really loud, and marchons, marchons.

      1. You do realize that many French revolutionaries were themselves murdered by the mob they created.

        1. LorenzoValla – You do realize that when they opened the doors of the Bastille and let out the prisoners, that included the Marquis de Sade.

            1. LorenzoValla – thanks for the good catch. He got transferred ten days before the Bastille was stormed. Thanks again 😉

        2. Lorenzo

          Critics of revolutions keep bringing the ‘Terroir’ up. Yes it is true, however, just like most revolutions, noble words were not precisely aligned with noble deeds. The words were objectives. The deeds the fruits of the chaos of revolution. One might define the American Revolution as including the Civil War or perhaps even still going on. The words used to illustrate the reasoning for the revolution are still yet to be realized completely. The revolts we are experiencing these days are accompanied with extremes and chaos; not to mention mayhem independent of any just cause. Such is the nature of revolution. The French Revolution stands along side of the American Revolution as one of the great events in the evolution of mankind. One might consider that if Newton’s third law is applied to each, the causes for the French Revolution were far more extreme than the causes for the American Revolution. Each action results in an equal and opposite reaction.

  2. “Faculty and reporters have remained silent as their colleagues have been abused. Many are fearful that they will also be labeled as racist. These attacks have succeeded in chilling speech. Indeed, Weiss describes how management encouraged her in private but remained conspicuously silent in public. ”
    In college, we had few Leftist trogs teaching about great men and chuckling at their “stupidity” in standing up to tyrants. We passed them off as the beta male wussies they so clearly were back then. We avoided their lispy voiced, limp-wristed musings for the most part but would see them in various haunts being petrified by actual females. Now come full circle they are the academie – pusillanimous men with no chests, no voice and no courage save what they can muster from a bong or overwhelming group of floaters, as we called them. They deserve the misery of the coward. Like Shakespeare said, they must be dying a thousand deaths! Let ’em. They’ll either resist or become modern day Petains — most likely the latter.

    I can’t wait for the counter-revolution. It will truly suck to have been cowering, co-opted cowards in times of great moral crisis.

  3. I had never heard of Bari Weiss before this story broke. In the reading I’ve done about her since, it seems to me that she is the ideal type for the job of an opinion editor. She described herself as “intellectually promiscuous” and her writing on various subjects like the #metoo movement, Israel, and politics certainly fits that description. Her downfall apparently was her refusal to walk lock-step with the liberal purists around her and so they made the work environment so hostile she had to leave. As several have commented already, the so-called liberals do eat their own. And, if given a big enough pan, BLM would fry ’em like bacon.

    1. She’s the issue of private schools around Pittsburgh and of Columbia University. She’s Jewish, AC-DC, and has been employed in journalism her whole adult life. She’s an absolutely standard-issue liberal, ca. 1995. That’s who the woke-tards cannot tolerate. AG Sulzberger is content with that.

  4. We have government-paid officials in the White House doing opposition research on the Dr. Fauci at the CDC, because he dares contradict Trump on the virus.

    We have military officials driving Vindman and his brother out of the military for daring to tell the truth about Trump in a Congressional hearing.

    We have members of the National Weather Service threatened for their jobs if they do not back up Trump’s gaffe that a hurricane was headed to Alabama.

    So tell me again how it is the left wing at the Times that is cancelling/silencing voices?

    Trump is the canceller in Chief.

    1. We have military officials driving Vindman and his brother out of the military for daring to tell the truth about Trump in a Congressional hearing.

      About 52% of the Lt. Colonels in the armed services are not promoted to full Colonel. It’s up or out in our military, same rule for everyone. No clue how you fancy Vindman merited promotion while some other Lt. Colonel did not. That aside, Vindman is clearly out of shape. He also got the idea in his head that the President works for ‘the Interagency’. That would justify his dismissal from the service right there.

          1. Yeah, but mesblo would never have cut it in the military… He’s an “all talk” kind o’ guy.

        1. Dunno what the standards are. My Uncle retired from the Navy a captain. He’s never in his life been as endomorphic as Col. Vindman. Don’t they have to pass physicals? (It seems to me the complaint about George W Bush in TxANG was that he skipped a flight physical).

    2. Vindman should be in jail for leaking classified information. He’s lucky he will get a pension. What a loser.

  5. NYT is competing with the rest of the main stream media to become the Pravda of the new Stalinist era.

  6. They say a liberal is just a conservative who hasn’t been mugged; I guess Barry Weiss just got ‘mugged’ by the Times.

  7. She stated “Even now, I am confident that most people at The Times do not hold these views. Yet they are cowed by those who do.”

    They are ‘cowed’ because AG Sulzberger won’t take out the trash. He won’t because he Just.Does.Not.Feel.Like.It.

  8. Governor Newsom is closing all places where people can be near each other in buildings. So maybe he should shut down the Los Angeles Times. Cuomo could do the same for the NYT. The world would be a better place.

    1. “Governor Newsom is closing all places where people can be near each other in buildings . . ..”

      Kind of a first amendment problem with that.

      And, hostile though they be to free speech, those aren’t the governors who would close those particular publications.

  9. Professor Turley’s comment is scathing and exactly right.

    But the people at the New York Times don’t care.

    1. The Sulzberger cousins might act if the paper were bleeding red ink, either to replace AG or to sell the paper to someone like Bezos. Well, they have an audience for their tripe. You want to see who the audience is, read what Gainesville and his sock-puppets say. The political culture of the portside is rotten and valueless. This will not end well.

  10. The left, under the aegis of the new progressive ideology, has become nothing more than fascist thug bullies. To state otherwise is to admit ignorance or, worst yet, willful ignorance. The sooner this nation rids itself of all elements of this pernicious ideology the more quickly and assuredly we can salvage this great experiment in self government. We are infected by the left in a more deadly manner than covid – 19

  11. By the way, Bari Weiss is Jewish, AC-DC, and the issue of private secondary schooling and Columbia University. She’s 36 years old and has worked in journalism her whole adult life. She’s an absolutely standard-issue liberal of the time common ca. 1995. This is who they’ve run out of town.

    1. many conservatives are pointing out the distinction between the Leftist (Marxism based ‘critical theory’ ideals schlepped in –studies academic programs) and the more traditional Liberals. the Liberals use to keep the Leftists in check, but now the lunatics are running the asylum.

      1. The Left are not lunatics. They want power. They are engaged in a systematic campaign of chaos and destabilization funded by billionaires like Soros. But they fully would take him down eventually too if they could. Liberals are fools, swept as aside now by the strong hand of radicals.

        Liberals have been useful idiots for them all along. Liberals are welcome however, to wake up, and get on the right side, and help save their own skins. Just don’t slow down the team with any more naive BS when things really get “underway”

        Because in the end, all political questions are a matter of organized force. this is the meaning of the famous quote from Mao about the barrel of a gun. He was right.

          1. Well, was Mao a lunatic when he unleased the Red Guards on the PRC state itself>? Can you imagine a national leader, siccing a bunch of crazy kids on bureaucrats, teachers, lawyers, farmers, and other necessary functionaries of a civilized society? Yes even the PRC had such things in 1966. An orderly society, albeit a communist one in name. But Mao unleashed them anyways, they ran down all the productive elements of society as “capitalist roaders,” flogged everyone decent in sight, desecrated the most ancient sites and treasures of Chinese culture in an insane culture war against “the four olds,” This for a society that was one of the most old-fashioned one in history! It’s hard to understand the scope and destruction of the “Cultural Revolution” episode in China, but it was very dramatic.

            But why? Why would Mao do this? create chaos and ruin?

            because in his case, he had rivals. Who were out to get him.

            And he started a major forest fire to, to slaughter them, en masse, no matter how many innocent people were consumed by fire along with them.

            Power, in a word,. That’s why. Lunacy? Method to madness.

            That’s what they are unleashing on us, a Red Guard “Cultural Revolution” that is almost unimaginable in its scope and destructiveness.

            Americans are so ignorant of recent Chinese history or hell nearly any Chinese history strike that, any history at all, this is not obvious.

            With an eye towards the Red Guards as the prototype of the BLM, it all makes sense

            One the other hand, we do not have a Mao who directs this.

            or do we? Is George Soros, the American version of Mao? A billionaire with grand designs for his own power, aggrandizement, and changing the world radically in his own vision. yes, I think George Soros, is the American Mao. He has organized this over decades, practized it on lesser nations, and unleashes it now on us.

  12. “but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.” a nice turn of phrase. We welcome Weiss to the free world. 🙂

  13. It never takes long for a “new order” to become smug enough to ignore the inevitable reaction to its dominance. America’s strength is that we have always found ways to express that. It is part of our “good” diversity. The diversity that says “I am different, I am better than you and the public is finally getting that message, loud and clear.” The message will come out, maybe in a post-twitter culture, but it will come out. If the precious New York Times is destroyed in the process, too bad. So far, the American People have always prevailed, and swept the scumbags into history. I await that day.

  14. Again, there is one person responsible for the ruin at The Times, and that is Arthur Gregg Sulzberger. Ultimately, he calls the tune, and until the board of The New York Times Company (in regard to which most of the voting shares are held by his relatives) does what is right and puts him out on the curb, this will continue. The woke-tards on the staff would not behave this way if they were not encouraged to do so. They’d shut their mouths or they’d leave and be replaced by people more sensible. You have not mentioned the name of AG Sulzberger, but he is entirely responsible for this situation. See Jeffrey Zucker at CNN. Same deal, just that he has superordinates who support his business model (which is for CNN to stay alive by moving in on the territory which used to be occupied by Daily Kos). When are you going to utter AG Sulzberger’s name?

    1. I agree, but these kinds of people are not interested in reason. If they were, this would not be happening. These are revolutionaries who believe that reason and free speech are the CAUSE of society’s problems, rather than the cure.

  15. Luckily, I saw the handwriting on the bathroom wall a long time ago and stopped reading and accepting the NYT as a reputable newspaper.

    1. Nearly twenty years ago, Camille Paglia offered that the self understanding of The Times as ‘the paper of record’ was ‘twenty years out of date’. It’s been out of date since AM Rosenthal retired as editor. You knew bloody well it was out of date when Howell Raines had his sports department write over 30 ‘news’ stories on the membership policies of a golf club in Augusta, Georgia. You knew it when The Times published ‘news’ from Iraq that was quickly debunked. (All their mistakes are in one direction). You knew it when The Times sports department acted as a press agent for Michael Nifong (no one was ever reprimanded for gross misreporting).

      1. By the way, the tool who was puffing Michael Nifong’s ‘case’ is named Duff Wilson. He moved on to Reuters and is now retired. Active on Twitter.

    2. Paul C…..true..except I have hung on to Ben Brantley……..usually love his crtiques ….His critique years ago of Rosie O’D in Fiddler was a masterpiece…hilarious! However, dot dot dot, he did have to write an apology to a trans in a play a couple of years sgo.
      Also, it’s hard buying just the arts section.😎
      But I do love that acid tongue of his…and he’s a Southern boy, too.

  16. The NYT has just reinforced the fact that they are a fascist organization that does not embody American values (in fact they seem to be aligning in the Chinese camp re censorship).

    Time for Americans to figure out where they stand vis-a-vis American or Chinese values.

  17. She had the audacity to sign that letter in Harpers that Seven Pinker also signed.

    So sad, but not wholly unexpected. The mass insanity is getting more virulent, vehement, and entrenched.

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