Son of Federal Judge Killed And Husband Wounded In Attack At Home [Updated]

download-2In a murder that has shocked the nation, the son of federal judge Esther Salas was killed and her husband wounded in their home in North Brunswick, New Jersey.  Daniel Anderl, 20, was a student at Catholic University with hopes to go to law school.  His father is a criminal defense attorney. Such attacks on federal judges are thankfully rare and there is much speculation about high-profile cases that Judge Salas has handled or taken on recently, including a lawsuit related to Jeffrey Epstein and another past case involving “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice. While the crime had the markings of premeditation and even professional elements, police are looking into a body found after the shooting as possibly linked. The apparent suicide in another town involved a lawyer who was being contacted reportedly about a connection to the gun recovered near the scene.

Unlike many former prosecutors serving on the federal bench, Judge Salas was a former public defender – a welcomed addition for many in the criminal defense bar.  She was also the first Latina woman to serve on New Jersey’s federal bench.  She was appointed a federal magistrate by President Barack Obama.

Her husband, Mark Anderl, was repeatedly shot but survived.  He is a criminal defense attorney.  Judge Salas was reportedly in the basement at the time of the shooting by an individual disguised as a FedEx driver.

Their only son was studying Pre-law philosophy at CUA. He was shot through the heart immediately after opening the door.

I find the speculation about the connection to the Epstein case to be highly unlikely. There is no rationale reason to kill a magistrate assigned to such a case involving Deutsche Bank investors claiming that the company failed to monitor “high-risk” customers like Epstein. She just received the case.  What possible advantage would be gained from such a crime in the Epstein case?  If this was a hit on the judge, it would seem more likely tied to a past case. If it was a hit, the hitman appeared to panic after shooting the son and father.

This type of loss is unimaginable and left many of us shaken this morning.  This young man was working hard for his future in the law and making a difference in society.  Hopefully the federal agents will track down this killer but there is nothing that can make parents hole after such a senseless tragedy.  Thankfully, Mark appears stable despite such serious wounds.

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  1. The Mainstreaming Of Misogyny

    Roy Den Hollander’s profile as an educated white man blinded the media to the danger of his extreme views.

    By Melissa Jeltsen


    Today, Den Hollander’s writings are seen as clear examples of violent misogynistic extremism. But much news coverage of Den Hollander occurred in 2007 and 2008, before many in the mainstream media were as familiar with this particular strain of hate or what it was capable of inspiring. This was before Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian went on their murderous rampages, radicalized by their hatred of women; before the terms “toxic masculinity” or “incel” were household names. This was before many people understood that misogynistic behavior is often present before acts of extreme violence.

    Some individuals did see the danger in Den Hollander’s words at the time. His ex-wife’s divorce attorney filed a disciplinary complaint against him in 2003, and in 2007, another lawyer wrote a letter warning the New York state court system that he was dangerous after reading his blog. The media did not investigate or explore these angles. Instead, they gave him a microphone to share his views, viewing him largely as a harmless crank in a suit.

    Megan Carpentier, a NBC editor who wrote about Den Hollander for Jezebel in 2008, chalks up the lighthearted news coverage to his status as a white man with advanced degrees. Due to prevailing media bias around class and race, he was perceived as legitimate while spouting egregious statements about half the human race.

    “Our culture places a really high value on physical attractiveness and a certain kind of intellect and ability to express oneself verbally,” she said. “So, when you have someone that speaks with a certain kind of accent and fits a general kind of attractiveness standard, we take them more seriously and we don’t think they’re going to commit a violent crime.”

    That’s how you get news stories about a dapper neo-Nazi, she added, referencing a profile of Richard Spencer that was widely criticized for glamorizing white supremacy.

    “I think a lot of people looked at him and they saw themselves,” Carpentier said. “They saw a guy with an MBA, they saw a guy with a law degree, they saw someone who was educated, well traveled, spoke another language, and they didn’t see someone who was going to dress up like a FedEx employee and shoot someone.”

    The media also wasn’t primed to recognize the dangerousness of his rhetoric because violence against women is so normalized, said Soraya Chemaly, feminist activist and author of “Rage Becomes Her.”

    “The problem is that societal norms weren’t actually being violated when he said some of the things that he was saying; societal norms were being confirmed,” she, said. For many years, she said, feminist activists and writers who were targeted by him sounded the alarm about his potential for danger, but they were considered outside of the norm, not him.

    These days, there is slightly more public understanding of misogyny and the danger it poses, Chemaly said, but the media is still poorly equipped to cover it without trivializing it.

    “What does it really take to have the media stop questioning whether this is serious?” she asked. “I’m exhausted.” – Melissa Jeltsen, Huff Post

    1. All that verbiage, and no clue what he actually advocated. Just characterizations. Worthless.

      1. Unlike you, ‘This is absurd…’, others have spent time on his site reading his views.

        S/he says: “Just characterizations. Worthless.”

        Right. Because ‘This is absurd’ says so.

  2. There is still something incredibly fishy about this shooting and the alleged killer.

    If he was going to die anyway, why not go inside the house further, kill the Judge too, and then off yourself there on the spot.

    Or if you just wanted the Judge bc you hate women that bad, why not just wait for her to get off work, and walk by her house like a casual walker in the neighborhood, pull out your gun, and kill her, and then kill yourself in her front yard

    The narrative goes that he was suicidal and dying of cancer.

    If you put yourself in the shoes of this guy, and you think how you would plan it out. This literally makes no sense. There are so many ways one can do this, and he made the decision to go all pretend FedEx like a male stripper? Hello, I have a package for you. Smh. No, just no.

    1. I agree it’s fishy, but it the security camera tapes identify him, that’s what he did. Still puzzled right now.

  3. Oh God. Their only child. I am heartbroken for their loss.

    This likely was either a hit on the father, perhaps by a disgruntled, incarcerated client, or an amateur hit on the mother, the federal judge. A professional would not have panicked, or abandoned a target that was in the house. To be a real professional assassin requires a lack of emotional range. Thank God she was saved from having him hunt her through her home. But her heart is irretrievably broken, nonetheless.

    I disagree with the recent trend in lionizing the criminals who prey upon us. They deserve a fair trial, and to be treated decently in prison. But society needs to be protected from predators.

    1. Repeal the unconstitutional and illegitimate 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments.

  4. If the subject was not so very sad, an amusing thread here with the usual suspects trying to figure out which conspiracy will be their choice, assigning motives fitting their prejudices, and then virtual silence form the latter as it turns out the killer would have fit right in here with most of them. And then we have one poster with chronic anger management issues defending killing judges and prosecutors, and no push back.

    I’m sure JT is very proud of those 43,000.000 hits, no matter how f…d up most are.

    1. BTB – As they say in Hollywood PR, any PR is good PR, so if JT is getting hits on his blog, no matter what commenters are saying. . . .

      To use Charle Sheen’s words #winning

      JT is not responsible for the likes of commentary like mine 🙄 it is not his job to police the blog commentary.

    2. assigning motives fitting their prejudices, …. with chronic anger management issues …no matter how f…d up most are.

      1. Oh, look, someone dislikes me enough to be using my name.

    3. My thoughts exactly, Book. In fact, when I heard the badkground of the suspect, my first thought was: which Turley blog creature was this???

    4. ” as it turns out the killer would have fit right in here with most of them”

      It must be wonderful to be as virtuous and perfect, as you think you are, BTB.

      A virtuous and perfect, Putz.

  5. This murder and attempted murder was a shocking, horrible crime in any moral universe.

    So we still haven’t heard much about the latest FBI documents from 2016/2017 confirming the FBI knew the Steele dossier was utter non-sense from the get go. Yet they used it to justify multiple wiretaps through the secret FISA court and to launch the Mueller investigation targeting their political enemy. What’s up with that?

    And Michael Flynn is still a political prisoner.

    1. And apparently Flynn and fam have posted vids of themselves spouting Q Anon schtick. #Winning

      1. Would you like Flynn and his family deported to the nearest Gulag, Bugs?

    2. @JohnnyBugs-

      We now know that Flynn’s prosecution was a political hit job, orchestrated in the oval office by Obama, Biden, Comey, and other senior officials. They knew that Flynn’s communications were perfectly normal, so they manufactured a bogus crime (the Logan Act) and set him up for a perjury trap. And Flynn didn’t even lie. Then they threatened to prosecute his son to coerce him to plead as leverage in the Mueller witchhunt. They thought they would get away with it, but the amazing legal work by Sidney Powell forced the FBI to disclose the underlying documents. Now they’re trying to run out the clock to silence him through November. Michael Flynn is a political prisoner. Judge Sullivan, dismiss the charges now.

      Plus the new docs confirmed that the Obama administration and the FBI knew the dossier was nonsense. They used it anyway because it suited their political ends. Even Peter Strock wrote an internal memo pointing out that the NYT reporting on point was completely wrong. Ironically, the Steele dossier likely contains Russian disinformation. Through their own duplicity, Obama, the FBI and Mueller used it to undermine a duly elected president. Putin succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, but not for the reasons you espouse.

      1. Flynn didn’t even lie.

        He did not lie to the FBI.The FBI said he was not lying.
        But Flynn did lie to the court.

  6. Cindy Bragg — Don’t knock music education as a major. The degree results in an important career. Generally I am impressed.

  7. So far, there isn’t much probative information – nothing that says “This is why the crime occurred”. All we have is the gun registered (if I read the news accounts right) in Den Hollander’s name. Den Hollander was a fount of idiotic statements about women and his reasons for associating with some of them. If psychopathology figures in this case, it’ll have to be winnowed out from the defendant’s statements. Somehow, I don’t think Den Hollander’s done speaking about why he did what he did.

    1. Den Hollander was found dead of an apparent suicide, so he’s done talking. Hopefully the police will find more information.

      It would make sense that this was an amateur killing, although the case is still under investigation.

    2. Den Hollander was a fount of idiotic statements about women

      What did he say that was idiotic?

  8. It is, of course, foolish to think that the murder of the Judge’s son could possibly have anything to do with the recent assignment of the Deutsch Bank-Jeffrey Epstein case to the Judge. Clearly a case from 5 years ago involving attorney Roy Den Hollander establishes a much more compelling motive, even if there aren’t any actual facts to support such a purported motive. And 5 years is a reasonable amount of time for Hollander to come up with his scheme of a killer disguised as a FedEx employee. Such elaborate schemes could not be developed overnight. Furthermore, we must take note that Hollander has three names, just like other famous patsies–errr, I mean assassins–that the “authorities” pinned political murders on, such as Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray (aka Eric Starvo Galt), and Sirhan Bashira Sirhan. So, the case should be closed without further investigation or enquiry whatsoever. History teaches us that we should always blindly accept the conclusions reached by Deep State authorities, particularly when they reach their conclusions without any facts or evidence, which is their preferred practice. The Deep State knows what’s best for the Hoi Polloi. And the fact that Hollander has three names should seal the deal for all of us. The example of Buckwheat’s tragic assassination by John David Stutts many years ago is a salient reminder:

  9. Excerpt about Den Hallander from the linked article, below:

    Den Hollander argued one case before Salas, according to federal court records: a lawsuit where he represented a woman and her daughter as they sought to register for the military’s selective service. In the case, Den Hollander’s clients claimed the draft was unconstitutional because it barred women from registering.

    The case, like at least one other in the federal court system, raised intricate legal questions about the treatment of women in the military.

    Salas sided against a part of Den Hollander’s arguments last spring, but also agreed with some of his claims and allowed the lawsuit to continue on.

    The attorney exited the case in June 2019, handing it over to a team of lawyers at the large New York-based law firm Boies Schiller Flexner.

    Den Hollander said he “would not be able to see the case through” because he was terminally ill, Nick Gravante, Boies Schiller’s managing partner, told CNN on Monday.

    Den Hollander had called Gravante out of the blue last year, asking the larger firm to take over the case before Salas.

    The firm knew of Hollander’s history pushing anti-women viewpoints, but saw the case as an opportunity to fight for equal rights for women.

    “We were not going to let Mr. Hollander’s private views as expressed anywhere interfere with our taking over the case from him and going forward with it,” Gravante said Monday.

    Gravante said he didn’t know of any anger Hollander had for the judge or why he had worked on the case to begin with.

    In one of his writings, Den Hollander claimed he had been diagnosed with melanoma cancer in October 2018.

    He was featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker

    On his website, Den Hollander wrote an autobiographical document in which he personally disparaged Salas in racist and sexist terms.

    While speaking about Salas, he claimed he often ran into trouble with female judges of Latin American descent, claiming they were “driven by an inferiority complex.”

    He attacked Salas’ professional record and associations, and at one point, appeared to push a white nationalist belief that organizations are “trying to convince America that whites, especially white males, were barbarians, and all those of a darker skin complexion were victims.”

    Amid the ladies’ night lawsuit, filed in 2007, Den Hollander was featured in reports in The New York Times and The New Yorker and made a guest appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.”

    “The feminists have taken control over every institution in this country — they want to take control over men,” he told the Times in 2011 after the Supreme Court declined to take up his ladies’ night lawsuit. “I’m going to fight them to my last dollar, last breath.”

    The New Yorker profile in particular focused on a night at a club with him in which he railed against “feminazis,” spoke of his attraction to “black and Latin chicks, and Asian chicks” and held forth on his tactics for picking up women.

    In 2017, he unsuccessfully sued multiple media outlets, including CNN, accusing them of disseminating “false and misleading news reports” about Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. The case was dismissed.

    Den Hollander graduated from George Washington University Law School in 1985 and then worked as an attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service, his online resume says.

    1. How many times are officials saying Hollander shot himself… in the head?

  10. This Judge was preciding over the Epstein case. Epstein banked with Deutsche Bank.

    Epstein was part of a Mossad Blackmail Operation that went on for decades on a tiny little island. It is truly amazing this all went on for as long as it did.

    Epstein was caught in Miami years ago, and detectives were told to back off and stand down…why? Bc Epstein was intelligence.

    This hit on Judge Salas family is true Banana Republic style disgraceful.

    And now, theyre claiming it was a disgruntled lawyer who already committed suicide.

    Lulz! You think, I, or we, believe that load of crappola.

    Pahleezz, we the people, were not born yesterday.

    Smh. Judge Salas do NOT remove yourself from this case, and give them hell. Fuego Caliente.

      1. I don’t believe the Lamestream Media.

        Nor the Deep State for that matter.

        Lawyer with a FedEx truck and a fake FedEx outfit, or was it an “official” outfit that he stole, or borrowed from his local FedEx store?

        Maybe he just walked into FedEx and asked for a FREE outfit. Said, hey man, can I have a FedEx outfit? Would you mind if I borrow a truck too?

        How about YOU do some thinking before you write anything, as well as anything from your Brain Washing Black Box Tel-a Lie-Vision in your living room.

        1. When he stole the FedEx truck, not a single employee noticed the missing FedEx truck.

          Just like in the movies, wow, the truth is closer to fiction than we all think.

        2. There wasn’t a FedEx truck, apparently.

          Maybe he got the uniform on ebay:

          “Police said the gunman was wearing a face covering and a FedEx uniform, posing as a delivery driver when he arrived at the family home around 5 p.m. Sunday. Authorities say Daniel Anderl opened the door and was immediately shot, with the gunman then wounding Mark Anderl before fleeing the scene.

          “There was no FedEx truck involved, and the suspect used an ordinary car to make a getaway, sources said.”

          1. I saw some reports saying there was a FedEx truck, but some, or even most reports say the guy was in an ordinary vehicle. Since the majority says ordinary vehicle, we will go with that and what you are saying above.

            And uniform off Ebay. Okay, fine.

            Are they going to release photos of him suicided in his car? They should.

            It would solve some of the maybes out there, not all, but some.

            1. Also, why would this Female hating lawyer go for 2 MEN???

              He hates women, not men, and yet, he killed 2 men?

              Why didn’t he just go for her? That would make way more sense. You hate women, this judge is a woman, and she was your judge in a case 5 years ago.

              But the 2 men related to her???

              Okay, so this had Nothing to do with hating genders. Like Zero %

              So, then, why the mafia style hit job? Usually you go for the loved ones to inflict pain on the target but still keep the target alive and coerce them to do what you want them to do.

              We all know this from mafia hits both fictional and nonfiction.

              Could it still be that this lawyer was a fall guy?

              Maybe someone drug him out into his car and then shot him point blank and walked away. Maybe they forced him to put the FedEx outfit on first.

              Does anyone have proof he is actually dead and from suicide?

              There are still a lot of questions that remain open.

              1. Unless you were severely mentally ill, and not just an alleged woman hater, the chances of you targeting one judge when you have seen many judges through the years both men and women seems odd to me.

                This whole he had cancer, thus he didn’t care.

                Bull, total bull. I have had ppl i know young and old get cancer and they do not go on rampages, that is also a lame excuse.

                He was dying, angry, and a woman hater? Lol. What!!!???

                1. he also 100 % did not need a costume.

                  Wearing an outfit, would imply you are trying to get away with it.

                  In his case, he didn’t need a costume, so why get one, unless he was a male stripper on the side, which I doubt.

                  He could have done a drive by and then killed himself right after.

                  The costume thing doesn’t make sense either.

                1. Lol, other Anonymous, I found an article on Ron from 2010, and he married a Russian mafia prostitute, but did not know it when he married her.

                  He also said he wanted to switch his career to acting.

                  So, maybe the guy really was unhinged.

                  1. He certainly sounds unhinged. But also extremely convenient.

    1. This Judge was preciding over the Epstein case.

      No, she’s just been assigned to a component of that case, and not the most consequential one.

      1. A component is still a component, no?

        Sure, maybe not, consequential, but in the mix in some capacity?

        So, who was it then?

        Definitely not this lawyer 🙄

        Was it the mafia? I am still leaning toward Mossad with a fall guy.

        They have to find the fall guy first bc they can set it all up.

        1. You don’t seem to have much capacity for inductive reasoning.

          1. Oh, Lord, TiA, its a blog, not an well thought out article that I wrote. Give it a rest, my friend. #rollseyes

            We can write anything on here, unless Darren comes a knockin’

        2. It must be difficult to live in your world, “Anonymous”. That’s a lot of conspiracy and a complicated existence.

          Smoke more cannabis. It’ll help you relax.

          1. Olaf – you said smoke more, I don’t smoke, and never have. But I know ppl who do, hrrmmm, 2nd hand smoke, maybe? That would be a stretch since most smokers smoke outside.

            Unless its your mom. She smokes inside. Hope you don’t get sick from all the smoke where you live.

            1. Olaf was the best character in Frozen, you must be a fan, I assume. 🤪


    Rutgers Graduate Courts Distinction: Esther Salas tapped as first Hispanic woman on U.S. District Court in New Jersey

    Esther Salas, the daughter of a Cuban mother and a Mexican father, learned earlier than most children to negotiate the ins and outs of bureaucracy.

    Later, the 1991 Rutgers graduate would credit her encounters with welfare officials, insurance agents, and teachers as the unofficial start of her career in advocacy – a career that reached a milestone in mid-June when Salas became the first Latina to serve on the federal U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

    “My mother was 22 when she came here with no English, no education. All of her five children chipped in and helped her navigate through the maze,” Salas recalls of her childhood in Union City.

    In 1979, when she was 11, a fire in her apartment building destroyed all the family’s belongings. Although no one was harmed, Aurelia Salas ultimately had to go on welfare, a proud and hard-working woman forced by circumstances into what she saw as an unpalatable situation.

    Her daughter assumed a role common to the children of immigrants: translator and interpreter.

    “When I look back, that was a pivotal moment for me,” Esther Salas recalls. “If you track what I’ve done over my career, you’ll see I tended to do a lot of public service. I learned that you need to be a voice for those who don’t have one.”

    Despite setbacks in her mother’s life – including leaving an abusive marriage – the elder Salas managed to keep her three boys and two girls out of gangs, off drugs, and on the right educational path: All graduated from college, and Esther Salas went on to become the first in her family to attend law school, earning her law degree in 1994 from Rutgers-Newark.

    1. Why is it that minorities who arrive to this country work, sacrifice, overcome adversity, their children go through high school, college, acquire/create jobs and reach great heights but blacks do not? Blacks have been here for centuries, received an education gratis, are versed in English (so we are told by their teechurs) but never break their vicious cycle of poverty, victimhood, broken families and violent crimes on their own and society at large?

      Why do other minorities like that of Judge Salas make it and intergrate into America but Blacks demand reparations, special treatment and harbour hatred towards America?

      1. Hey, you! Other Anon, boot scoot boogie on down the road. Shoe fly dont bother me, I was here first. Original Anon.

    2. Sounds like her mother was a strong woman, who valued her kids’ education. Culture on the micro level, the family, is so important for children.

      I am very sorry for Judge Salas’ terrible loss.

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