“They Were Right To Do It”: Swalwell Praises FBI For Using Campaign Briefing To Investigate Trump [Updated]

440px-Eric_Swalwell_114th_official_photoAs I discussed in a column this weekend, Democratic members have spent years mocking allegations that there was any spying or surveillance of Trump or his campaign by the FBI. That was just a conspiracy theory. Now however there is proof that the FBI used a briefing in August 2016 of then candidate Trump to gather information for “Crossfire Hurricane,” the Russia investigation. It turns out that it did not really matter after all and Rep. Eric Swalwell did not miss a step. He simply declared that such targeting of the opposing party and its leading presidential candidate was the right thing to do. That’s it. A conspiracy theory suddenly becomes a commendable act.

The document, a seven-page summary of Trump’s intelligence briefing, undermines past claims that there was no spying or intelligence operations directed against the campaign or Trump.

Nevertheless, Swalwell told Martha MacCallum on Fox: “I hope they do it if a Democratic candidate ever does that with any country … So, Martha, remember right before this meeting occurred, candidate Trump said, ‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you have Hillary’s emails.’ And what do they do? They actually did it. So think about it.”

It is indeed worth thinking about. Most people took Trump’s statement as a taunt of Clinton and the press.  He stated “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let’s see if that happens.”

Trump insists it was a joke. That is how many took it but, in fairness, he is later asked by NBC reporter Katy Tur whether he was encouraging a foreign country to hack into emails, he said, “Now, if Russia or China or any other country has those emails, I mean, to be honest with you, I’d love to see them.”  That does not sound quite as jovial and many of us criticized him for such an irresponsible statement.

However, that is not collusion with the Russians or a crime of any kind. Indeed, not only did Robert Mueller and the Inspector General find no evidence of any contact by the campaign with Russian intelligence or officials, but former Deputy Rod Rosenstein stated recently that he would not have approved on the continued investigation if he knew about the false information used as the basis for the investigation. He said he would have stopped the investigation and has called for the continued investigation into the bias shown by various officials who were key to the investigation.

There was a time when, after Mueller found no evidence of such collusion, leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chair Peter Schiff assured the public that he had evidence of such collusion.  Schiff never produced the evidence.  So Swalwell and others are left where we began with the campaign statement of Trump to suggest that the statement alone is a fair basis for an investigation into him and his campaign.  Swalwell even justifies the FBI (in a Democratic Administration) using a campaign briefing to gather information on Trump and his campaign.

Note the FBI did not simply call and demand for answers about Trump’s public comments. It used a briefing for investigative purposes while assuring Trump that the briefing was solely for his benefit. This is a briefing that the FBI strongly encourages candidates to accept in the interests of national security.

Swalwell also added “By the way, he says in the meeting, ‘Joe, are the Russians bad?’ It’s like, yes, the Russians are bad and don’t eat glue. Like, should we even have to tell you that? … He told the country for years, but he was never given this briefing.”

They “don’t eat glue?”  The report states that Trump asked whether Russia or China was presenting a greater threat in intelligence activities in the United States. It describes basic questions of comparison by Trump and his aides. Here is what the document actually said:

Trump asked the following question,”Joe, are the Russians ~se they have more numbers are they worse than the Chinese?” Writer responded by saying both countries are bad. The numbers of IOs present in the U.S. is not an indicator of the severity of the threat. Writer reminded Trump the Chinese asymmetrical presence in the U.S [had to be] considered when making comparisons.

During the ODNI briefs, writer actively listened for topics or questions regarding the Russian Federation . During Mull i gan ‘ s brief, he stated the U. S . i s the world leader in Counterterrorism. Trump then asked,” Russia too? ” During a discussion regarding nuclear testing, Russia and Chi na were brought up as cheating o n the Nu c l ear Test Ban Treaty . Trump asked,”Who ‘ s worse? ” – stated,”They are b oth bad , but Russia is worse .” Trump and Christie turned toward each other and Christie commented ,” Im shocked .”

Back to the main issue, the document shows an agent who was reporting on what was said and observed for Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  As stated in the column, my concern is that there has been reporting on this document but little analysis of its implications. We spent three years of analysis on Russian collusion theories that proved to be based on false information. The media eagerly pursued analysis of possible Russian moles or a Manchurian candidate in our midst. Similarly, there was ample (and in my view justified) analysis of how the Ukraine scandal might have involved the use of government authority for political benefit. Yet, there is no substantive analysis of how the Obama Administration conducted an investigation of the opposing party’s leading candidate. Even with new documents showing that the FBI quickly refuted the claims used to justify the investigation, there is no interest in that story.

To the contrary, Swalwell now insists that it was always a good thing if the Trump campaign was targeted or subjected to intelligence gathering.  Indeed, he wants it to happen again if a candidate makes a statement on the campaign trial that is deemed an invitation to a foreign power. According to Swalwell, an Administration not only can but should investigate the opposing party if it deems public campaign statements to be suspicious. So if a candidate like Bernie Sanders says that he wants to declassify most intelligence and be transparent with the Russians, should the FBI investigate him? What if he calls on Russia to supply leadership and support on domestic political issues or publicly supports figures under sanctions by the current Administration?  After all, Sanders was long criticized for visits to Russia and close associations in the country.  Is that now “the right thing to do” in Swalwell’s world to target such a candidate in an election year?

Swalwell has long been an example of rage overwhelming reason in our current politics. Yet, he embodies the dangerous reckless that is taking hold of our national discourse on both sides. Spinning such stories is now more important than maintaining long-standing bright lines against using national security powers to target opposing parties or candidates.

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      1. Our black culture is rot. Black boys left unattended, fatherless, raised by the government, have now grown up and this is why they do

        The focus by Dems on systemic “razism” and tearing down statues and monuments are insulting and demean the intelligence and dignity of black Americans. They should be lynching Pelosi and Biden, but they are too classy to exact such revenge. Instead they will vote for Republicans come November

        Expect Armageddon this November when the Dems contest everything and engage in voter fraud

  1. I heard Trump’s comment live when he made it. I was not a Trump supporter at the time and took it as a joke, which it clearly was. When I saw how it was interpreted by the media afterwards, that’s when I realized just how deceitful they had become. I knew they had been biased for a long time, but this was different and it still amazes me how anyone like Swalwell can pretend it was anything other than a joke. The ONLY conclusion from this is that Swallwell and anyone who says it was a serious remark is simply lying.

    1. The joke that is DTJ is not funny any more. I hope he spends the rest of his life selling MAGA hats that are made in Mexico to his permanently unhinged base.

    2. I believed Professor Turley when he testified before the Senate! I have stayed with this investigation since the beginning, and watched as the Washington MSM has become a brain washing tool for the Democratic Party. I clearly see how a group of media, politicians, and “ring leader” has master minded this conspiracy. I believe it to be Hillary Clinton. I believe she not only master minded this whole affair, but has used the Clinton Foundation money to pay attorney’s fees and guaranteed clemency for any one convicted of a crime, when the next Democratic President is elected. That’s the insurance policy that is often mentioned. I am waiting to hear the John Durham Investigation report, and how it’s presented to the public by Attorney General William Barr. As the old saying goes; The Wheels of Justice Grind Exceedingly Slow but Grind Exceedingly Fine”! Read em and Weep Hill.
      Bob Rigby

  2. So who all still thinks it is a good use of time to reason with an Swalwell, Schiff or Schumer that there was no evidence of conspiring or colluding with Russians? You can’t wake a man up if he’s only pretending to be asleep.

  3. Good for those that have lived isolated from the world for the past 4 years. That would include Molly G., Paint Chips and a number of others.

    Secret source for anti-Trump Steele dossier revealed; Rep. Nunes reacts

    1. The FBI did not attempt to take down a sitting president.
      The FBI did the exact opposite. The FBI investigated (that’s their job) and they found nothing.

      The Trump administration hired Mueller to create the lie that the deep state attempted to bring down the president.
      The stupid Democrats believe these lies and so do the stupid trump supporters.

      What all this has revealed is that the US is mostly populated by incredibly stupid people.

      1. You seem happy to live in your fantasy world so I don’t want to interrupt your fantassy with reality. Keep at it.

      2. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

        – William Casey, CIA Director

        1. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when [Joke Buydem runs for President with a VP who is the de facto President-in-waiting].”

          – William Casey, CIA Director

      3. Once the investigation found the source was garbage it should have been over. No warrants for Page, no attacks on Flynn, no special council. Why it continued is the real investigation that needs to be completed.

  4. Moving ceremony today as Rep John Lewis’s body was carried across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma on a horse drawn caisson. A modest ceremony. He was raised on a sharecropper family farm – 1 of 10 kids – not far from there. He was going from there to lie in state at the capital in nearby Montgomery – an unheard of event for a black man of meager beginnings when “Selma” happened. I believe the GOP governor was going to say something in a ceremony there, and then to Washington where he will lie in the capital building rotunda. Symbolism doesn’t override people’s everyday lives but it is still meaningful and this was one of beauty and important to what America is now – a far better place than Selma in 1965.

          1. I didn’t mention any specific district. Lots of Baltimore is a pigsty. Is the 5th district where you live?

        1. I am reminded of Charlie Rangle and Duke Cuningham and John McCain.

          Every one of them was a hero.

          Rangle was a grunt on the east side of the Chosen river when the Chinese attacked.
          Cunningham was the only Vietnam ACE. McCain could have come home from Hanoi any time he wanted – the price being a major propoganda victory for the Vietnamese.

          All of these men became politicians. As heroic as their lives were before, there political careers were not exemplary.

          Power corrupts.

          Today we should remember John Lewis the hero, and not John Lewis the politician.

          1. Minor correction: Brigadier General Richard Stephen “Steve” Ritchie, USAF was the other pilot to make ace over Vietnam. Remarkably, all Ritchie’s kills were with the AIM-7 Sparrow.- a weapon system not known for its reliability in dogfights over Vietnam.

          2. “Today we should remember John Lewis the hero, and not John Lewis the politician.”

            I remember John Lewis as the imperfect man, the hero and politician. I don’t believe in hero worship. That leads one down a bad path. If I were at a funeral service I would only talk about the positives but that is not where we are.

            1. Lewis was brave, he acted on his beliefs about the best interests of his people. He clearly identified with black folks as his people.
              I don’t hold this against him. In fact, I can admire that. At what point will white people too begin to have their heroes that are celebrated accordingly. I just ask.

              This is not to say that black and white Americans do not share many common interests. Such as in jobs, law, order, and various economic interests we have as American citizens. But, if there is a zero sum situation in politics, as to certain issues, I know which side I am on. Should I forget, I only need look in the mirror.

          3. Today we should remember John Lewis the hero, and not John Lewis the politician.

            I’m sure he was in some anxiety-provoking situations. However, he was not a combat veteran.

            Over the period running from 1954 to 1979 there were about three-dozen political murders in the Southern United States. The area over which this violence occurred encompassed the Deep South and the Carolinas and had a population which averaged about 25 million during that span of years. Quebec had 8 political murders over the period running from 1963 to 1970, at a time when it’s population was around 5.7 million. The frequency and incidence of violence in those two corners of the world was about the same during the salient period of time. (Recall that the number of civilian deaths in Ulster over the period running from 1977 to 1999 averaged about 34 per year; Ulster had a population of about 1.5 million).

            Of those people killed, four were members of the Congress of Racial Equality, four were members of the NAACP, two were members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (one of them its President); and four were members of a disagreeable outfit called the Workers Viewpoint Organization. There was one late-middle aged man who did some leg work for Robert Moses of the SNCC and another who was a fellow-traveler of that organization who were killed during those years. Otherwise, John Lewis outfit was untouched.

        2. Yeah Allan, well remember that New Jersey was in rough shape when Ronald Reagan’s term as governor ended too.

            1. Priceless!

              Fishwings: “John Lewis will be remembered as a true American hero.”
              Allan: “That might be true, but his district in Baltimore will be remembered as a pig sty.”
              Fishwings: “Lewis represented Georgia 5th district.”
              Allan: “I didn’t mention any specific district. Lots of Baltimore is a pigsty. Is the 5th district where you live?”

              Maybe Allan thinks the Georgia 5th District runs into Baltimore.

              Allan: “Ronald Reagan wasn’t governor of New Jersey.”

              Are you sure? Maybe California includes parts of New Jersey.

              1. It’s amazing Btb, but this is one of the few things that you have gotten right since I first met you as Jan F. I had in my head the wrong Congressman. Sorry John Lewis, I appologize to you. It is rather funny and I too have to laugh at it. Two of the biggest boobs on the blog finally got me. If we ever meet I’ll buy you a beer. If Fishwings is with you I’ll buy Fishwings some Kool-Aid.

                  1. You are absolutely right, John. After I stopped laughing at my error and brain freeze I realized it was Cummings. How I could make such a mistake is beyond me. Now I owe btb a beer and Fishbrain a Kool-Aid. I’ll give you the good Scotch and we can toast John Robert Lewis.

    1. I’m sure his family will miss him. However, he was a back bench member of Congress of no special distinction.

    2. Wonderful comment – one I fully agree with. America is a far better place today than in 1965.

      So why is the left ranting that the entire country is racist to the core, that racism is worse today than ever.
      That we must burn everything down and start over ?

      At the Edmond Pettis bridge, the Alabama state and local police brutally beat non-violent protesters.

      Today we have violent protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, firing commercial fireworks, and using lasers to blind cops – and we are told this is peaceful protesting ? That it is not acceptable for federal agents to protect a federal courthouse from vandalism, Arson, destruction. That peaceful protesters bring acetylene torches to protests ?

      I might not completely agree with Rep. Lewis on many issues, but his actions in the 60’s deserve praise and honor, and are something we should all take pride in.

      And those who are protesting through out this country should take note.

      The way of Tolstoy, Ghandi, Martin Luther King. was the way of non-violence.

      You say you want a revolution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change the world
      You tell me that it’s evolution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change the world

      But when you talk about destruction
      Don’t you know that you can count me out

      1. John, lack of historical perspective is common on the left and right. Read the comments here and quotes from the president for examples.

        1. I am not going to defend Trump’s comments except to observe 4 things.
          1). you and the press constantly misrepresent those comments – and those of anyone else not perfectly within your political orbit.
          Actual consequential racism may not be extinct today – but it is incredibly diminished. Rep. Lewis came from an era were violent protests meant black protestors getting beat up. Today that means law enforcement gets beat up.
          2). Trump’s language are a reflection of his base. To some extent the left understands that. But they STILL fail to grasp that calling Trump racist is calling half of america racist.
          3). The left made Trump. If he did not exist – he would have to be created. If you succeed in destroying him – he or some clone will likely be reborn twice as offensive. Trump is the tactics of the left incorporated into the politics of the right. Trump is the reaction to identity politics. He is what happens with Republicans read and learn Alinsky. Regardless, Trumpism or whatever you want to call it is not going away – atleast not until the left decides to end the MASD of dueling Alinsky.
          4). If you get past the rhetorical style which is not fundimentally that important, Trump is a center right republican, in terms of policies – whether they are right or wrong, most of his positions has super majority support in the country. alot people do not like Trump as a person. But are quite happy with his governance. That would be the view much of the country has for Bill Clinton.

  5. Well, I submitted a long comment detailing Turley’s mistakes a few hours ago, but it was never posted.

    I’m not going to try to rewrite it,, but I’ll note a few things:
    * Turley links to a copy of the FBI document posted by Politico, but ignores the points in the Politico article:https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/23/new-document-shows-fbi-used-trumps-candidate-briefing-to-advance-russia-probe-380651
    * Flynn was at this meeting, and at the time, Flynn was illegally an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey.
    * Turley suggests that Swalwell is OK’ing “spying,” when (a) the counterintelligence investigations noted in the document weren’t “spying,” and (b) Swalwell’s statement included pronouns that have no clear referent, and Turley is reading things into the statement that Swalwell himself didn’t say.
    * Turley misrepresents the findings of the SCO investigation.
    * Turley falsely claims that “We spent three years of analysis on Russian collusion theories that proved to be based on false information.” The investigation was opened after our ally, Australia, let us know about Papadopoulos drunkenly bragged about Russia releasing hacked info to harm Clinton. That was true information, not “false information.”
    * The “Obama Administration” didn’t investigate the Trump campaign. The FBI did, as part of a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in our election. Obama made a point of not being involved in — or even being updated about — the FBI’s investigation, only asking if he needed to be careful about sharing classified info with the Trump transition team.
    * Turley can’t even identify Adam Schiff correctly (calls him Peter Schiff, and this is at least the second article where Schiff has been misidentified by Turley; the last time I pointed this out, Turley called him “Adam Smith”).

    1. Turley understands his core Trump supporters, skipping facts and truth are part of his MO. Sad but true, like his adoption of the “Bill Barr Summary” throw in a grain of sand into the swamp and hope the grain will dry up the swamp. And NEVER but NEVER, tell just how massive the swamp is, and how deep it is.

      1. Mueller spent hundreds of pages saying “I found nothing, but despite having gone through everything with a fine tooth comb, looking under the dust specks under the grains of sand under the pebbles, under every rock, despite the press of the world doing the same, depsite the fact that the FBI had done the same before me, I still beleive there was something there”.

        That is called faith – religion and it has no place in law or govenrment.

        Barr accurately summarized Mueller in a two paragraphs – there is nothing to see.

        Special counsels are big game hunters. They are not sent out to hunt rabbits. They are there to take down giants.
        Mueller knew that from the start.

        The mueller report is hundreds of pages of whining because he did not ever get off a shot. There was nothing to shoot at.
        There was no there, there.

        But anyone with the slightest intelligence could have told that from the start.

        There was never any benefit to Trump to “colluding with Russia”.

        Everything that Russia purportedly did for Trump, he could have done himself – better and cheaper at zero risk.

        There was never any benefit to Putin to colluding with Trump.

        Trump has very effectively pushed Russia off to the side. The left wants Russia to be the giant boggey man.
        For Trump Russia is inconsequential.
        Trump’s polices – had little to do with Putin or Russia – they were what is best for the US.
        But they were near universally bad for Russia – and Trump telegraphed that from the start of his campaign.

        Trump destroyed Putin’s leaverage with Europe – so they are now actively moving towards defending themselves, and standing up to Russia.

        Trump has diminished the significance of the mideast – again to the benefit of Europe and the loss to both Russia and the Mideast.

        All of this was predictable – if Trump did what he promised.

        1. The Mueller report should have read like this.

          We found nothing.
          End of report

          It could have added an appendix such as:

          Appendix: Though nothing was found here are the things looked into.

          Flynn’s discussion with Kyslyak. Totally legal documented on tape.

          Trump provided all documents: No problems seen

          Trump provided (listed individually) White House staff. Nothing found. Note: many presidents in the past have refused to let WH staff testify but this President permitted it.


          Almost everything was known at the start so the Mueller report should have been turned in to the public almost immediately or within a couple of weeks after it began.

    2. Most of your points are wrong, spin or irrelevant.

      The fundimental issue here is that the FBI was premeditately and openly using the briefings as a means to spy on Trump.

      The memo’s make it clear Trump was the TARGET. There has NEVER been a warrant for Trump.
      There was not a Warrant at all in August 2016 – the FISA court turned down the FBI’s first application.

      Spying – and this is absolutely spying, requires a warrant. It is a legitimate investigative technique but it violates the constitution, the 4th amendment, DOJ procedures and the patriot act to spy on a US person without a warrant.

      Nine of your “points” matter – there was no warrant. This was illegal.

      With respect to Flynn – XFR was not open at the time. Regardless,. you are free to prosecute Flynn as an illegal foreign agent.
      But that charge has not been made. Because Flynn was not. You can work for foreign countries without registering for FARA.
      You have to be engaged in lobbying to be subject to FARA – Flynn wasn’t.

      Spying is secretly gathering information for hostile purposes – Websters.
      Trump was being spied on.
      Spying is quite common in counter intelligence – you seem to think that spying and investigating are somehow mutually exclusive.

      There is nothing wrong with spying on a US person – if you have a warrant.
      The FBI did not.
      You can not massage this by claiming it was a counter intelligence investigation.
      First that is irrelevant. Next – it was an inteligence briefing. The FBI was there to INFORM the Trump campaign.
      Not to spy on them. Not Trump, Not Flynn. You want to do that – get a warrant.
      They tried, they failed.

      Mueller is misrepresenting the findings of his investigation. To start with – it was illegitimate – and we know know he knew or should have known. The FISA court has invalidated all FISA warrants that were active during the Mueller investigation.
      That means there was no foundation for the investigation itself.

      “Australia, let us know about Papadopoulos drunkenly bragged about Russia releasing hacked info to harm Clinton.”

      False. Papadoulis’s conversation with Downer was about the Clinton Sec. State emails. Further Downer provided that information outside of normal channels – therefore It came from Downer – a Clinton contributor, not Australia. There was no mention of the DNC emails – no one was aware of them at the time of the conversation.

      You also seem to be making this bizarre argument that Russia attempting to politically harm Clinton would be a Crime involving Trump.
      HOW ? Biden was involved in the release of the forged manafort black ledger – that clearly harmed the Trump campaign.
      Clinton was up to her ass in the Steele Dossier – which purportedly came from Russian sources (even that is now improbable). How would that not be colluding with a foreign power to harm Trump ?

      Not only is your alleged facts wrong, but they do not state a crime. The FBI can not investigate US persons for legal actions.

      Papadoulis bragging to downer that Russia might have and might release the Clinton Bathroom server emails, is not a crime.
      Even actively soliciting Russia to do so is NOT A CRIME. Just as Hillaries efforts to get Dirt on Trump from Russia were NOT A CRIME.
      And Trump’s failed efforts to get Dirt on Clinton from Natalia were NOT A CRIME.

      “The “Obama Administration” didn’t investigate the Trump campaign. The FBI did”
      They are one in the same.
      “as part of a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in our election”
      The FBI can spy on Russia as part of a counter intelligence investigation without a warrant.
      The can not spy on ANY US person without a warrant – that is barred by the constitution, the 4th amendment, DOJ procedures, and the patriot act. They even have to be extremely careful with information on US Person’s incidentally gathered as a result of spying on foreigners.

      “Obama made a point of not being involved in — or even being updated about — the FBI’s investigation, only asking if he needed to be careful about sharing classified info with the Trump transition team.”
      False Strzok’s texts stated that Obama personally was briefed bi-weekly, and that text is from March 2016.

      Wow,. Turley can not correctly name “peice of schiff” – that is so horrible we should never beleive anything from Turley again.

  6. We are celebrating our new bundle of joy at home. Such a blessing.


    He is strong, feisty, has all fingers and all toes, has a great kick when his trigger is pulled and all around a welcome addition to our family.

    Thanks to Mespo for the advice provided on these boards, and thanks too for Turley’s insight on how the Pelosi Brigade has slouched towards Dachau. Our new arrival is ready for the action. 4 Ammo Clips full!

    1. Our new arrival is ready for the action. 4 Ammo Clips full!
      Looking forward to reading about your spree shooting in the newspaper.

  7. America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    President Abraham Lincoln seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

    President Donald Trump must now seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

    1. “America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.”

      Isn’t that what your ilk has been cheer4ing for all along?

  8. “We will stop him.”

    – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

  9. The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious criminal act in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann, Comey,
    Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr,
    Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove, Steele, Simpson,
    Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry,
    Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch,
    Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,
    James E. Boasberg et al.

  10. Trump and the Russians go back to the breakup of the USSR, and sure as hell the Intel agencies knew that. Uday and Qusay Trump even admitted they were more than happy with the Russians money. But Turley’s MO is always, well it might be bad… BUT…Now if Trump had a affair and covered it up, and belonged to another political party, well then something must be done, but being in bed with the Russians and making deals with them while he’s running for POTUS is okee dokee with Turley and his unhinged Trump base. And how dare anybody investigate or even ask what the hell was Trump doing with the Russian mob?

  11. Molly might benefit but then she has to read the newly released reports.

    Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about newly declassified memos, General Michael Flynn’s case and the state of the 2020 presidential election.

  12. Climatic Revelation: ‘Trump Is The Victim!’

    But Audience Has Left The Theater

    You see, it’s the story of a narcissistic billionaire who inherits a huge fortune, squanders millions on bad investments, becomes a reality star, then runs for president.

    His campaign is leveraged on demonizing immigrants. He threatens to jail his opponent. Our billionaire makes so many false assertions fact checkers have trouble keeping up. He is completely incapable of talking serious policy. Two dozen women claim he forced himself on them.

    Nevertheless our billionaire pulls off an improbable Electoral College victory despite losing the Popular Vote by 2%. Upon taking office our billionaire makes the baseless claim he lost the Popular Vote due to widescale vote fraud. But he never comes close to proving it.

    His presidency becomes a freak show of irresponsible statements. Women, in particular, are routinely insulted. Our billionaire goes about compromising every department of government by installing political hacks as ‘Acting Directors’. Even weather forecasts are politicized! Environmental regulations are gutted at breakneck pace.

    But here’s the thing: the former president thought it might be wise to investigate our billionaire ‘before’ things go too far. This investigation lays the foundation for a Special Counsel probe. Our billionaire beats the probe, and impeachment, with generous assistance from a much-hated Senate Majority Leader.

    Then, just when it seems our billionaire is coasting to reelection, a global pandemic hits. Our billionaire denies the pandemic is any threat at all. But the pandemic sweeps America; upending the economy and casting uncertainty over every aspect of life. Still our billionaire keeps dismissing the danger while undermining his health experts.

    In the end our billionaire approaches reelection amid wide scale protests by the far left. Here our billionaire senses an opportunity. If he can antagonize the far left they might ‘really’ go nuts. So our billionaire cobbles together a constitutionally dubious Federal Army to confront protesters–

    Yes, yes, our billionaire ‘is’ the hero of this story. He’s the hero because those investigations against him were not completely proper. You see the previous president–

    It doesn’t matter if our billionaire is unsympathetic. The audience will love him because he’s the victim of a probe based on faulty information. ..So what if he’s narcissistic..?! It doesn’t matter that he’s ignorant! I’m telling you, the audience will love this guy. He’s the greatest anti-hero since– Hey, where you going?! I’m not done with this.
    No, wait– Our billionaire is the victim–

    1. What nonsense.

      1). It is the left that has raised victimhood to virtue. Regardless, The issue is not whether Trump is a “victim” – he is strong enough to take care of himself. But whether the left is vile bullies and oppressors of ANYONE – even their own.

      That is self evident. Look at the innumerable examples of the left slandering everyone from Martina Navartola to JK Rowling, to pretty much anyone who even wants to inquire into the actual facts of alleged systemic racism.

      “His campaign is leveraged on demonizing immigrants. ”
      Nope. HE has demonized criminals.

      Regardless, are you saying we should and can allow each of the 700M people in the world who want to come to the US to come he and provide each all the benefits of US citizenship ?

      There is an incredibly wide range of views on how to deal with the issue of immigration. Slandering those you do not agree with is NOT going to solve anything.

      I, Trump, most of the country would be happy to have a discussion of the issue.

      We likely even be willing to compromise on some things.

      But you left wing nuts seem to think you can create your dystopia and no one else has any right to a view point.

      “He threatens to jail his opponent.”
      Quote ?

      Our Fact checkers makes so many false assertions that the rest of us have trouble keeping up”

      Has WaPo or Politifact corrected all the 10’s of thousands of collusion delusion fact checks they have wrong ?

      “He is completely incapable of talking serious policy.”
      Just because he disagree does not make him unserious.

      We watched democratic debates for a year – you are completely incapable to talking serious policy”.

      “Nevertheless our billionaire pulls off an improbable Electoral College victory ”
      That is how the constitution dictates that elections are to be decided.

      If the goal was to win the popular vote both candidates would have run different campaigns.

      Clinton wasted enormous effort running up the popular vote in CA, That almost certainly cost her the election.
      Play by the rules.

      “Two dozen women claim he forced himself on them.”

      And Biden, and Clinton, and …..

      How many are credible ?

      Regardless – if you want me to vote against Trump because of his treatment of women – run a candidate that is not condescending and revolting to women.

    2. “Women, in particular, are routinely insulted. ”
      Yes, by the left, look at the way DeVos, or Malania, or Ivanka, or McEnany or Sanders or Grishom are treated by the left.
      Or your treatment of Tara Reade, or Candace Owens – or any woman that is nto on the far left.

      “Our billionaire goes about compromising every department of government”
      Government seems to be running fine to me.

      “Even weather forecasts are politicized!”
      Weather seems fine to me. The only politicization of the weather was yours.
      The left politicizes everything.

      “Environmental regulations are gutted at breakneck pace.”
      I know – there is raw sewage running out of my tap, and the water catches fire all the time, and if I go outside “I can’t breathe” and I must were a mask.

      “the former president thought it might be wise to investigate our billionaire ‘before’ things go too far. ”
      And yet that is NOT how the constitution works – for good reason.

      Or should Trump investigate Biden – “before things go to far” ?

      We are required – both as a matter of sanity and rationality to restrict investigations to instances where there is reasonable suspicion of an actual crime, and spying and searching to instances where there it not just probable cause of a crime – but probable cause that the spying or searching will result in further evidence.

      Government may not use the awesome power to investigate merely because it wishes to.

      While I believe that Trump was justified in asking for an investigation of Biden’s actions in Ukraine – because there was far more than reasonable suspicion of misconduct. At the same time – though the house investigation was conducted egregiously badly and hyper politically, it was legitimate to enquire into Trump’s request.

      There was no such enquiry regarding XFH until far after the fact, and the entire left is oblivious to the fact that to this day there is far less justification for XFH or the Mueller SC than there was to investigating Biden in Ukraine

    3. “He’s the hero because those investigations against him were not completely proper.”

      Trump may want to be the hero of the story – he is not. But the left is the villian. This is not about Trump.

      This is about the misconduct of the left, PERIOD.

      You can not escape your own malfeasance by ranting “argh, Trump” or “orange man bad”.

    1. Just a typo, I’m sure. We see common traits between Adam Schiff and Peter Strozk though, don’t we

  13. JT is still butt hurt over Swalwell firmly but politely handling him during the hearing he testified in and which Turley here reacted to as if he had been waterboarded. His comment in this column that: “Swalwell has long been an example of rage overwhelming reason in our current politics. ” is not supported by anything except JT still being too sore to sit down.


    The document JT references was seen by IG Horowitz and he did not characterize it as “spying”, a charge he exonerated the FBI on. The FBI was at that time engaged in a counter-terrorism investigation of the Trump campaign, a fact kept secret from American citizens while an ivestigation of candidate Clinton was made public.

    JT again erroneously brings up “collusion” as the question the Mueller team was investigating. Muller has repeatedly made clear that collusion is neither a legal term nor the subject of his investigation and one must wonder why JT insists on using it. It is the president’s and his teams favorite term to describe what was being investigated and logically, for a law professor to repeatedly speak so ignorantly of the subject indicates he’s on the team.

    1. Of course, the Justice Department IG could only talk to Justice Department personnel. Let’s wait for Durham. Then we’ll see who needs the doughnut cushion.

    2. The FBI was at that time engaged in a counter-terrorism investigation of the Trump campaign

      And you fancy that makes it better and not worse.

      What Weissman was attempting to do was build a case against the president for obstructing Weismann’s obstruction investigation. The prosecutor’s self-licking ice-cream cone.

    3. Swalwell is an idiot – and sorry – not even a useful one.

      He is not capable of “putting anyone in his place”

      He has repeatedly lied publicly.
      He has also repeatedly falsely accused others of lies and moral failure.

      As I have noted before with respect to you.

      When you make false moral claims about others – you burn your integrity.

      No one should care about anything Swallwell says, without ironclad proof.

      Like you – he is not to be trusted.
      Like you – he did that to himself.

    4. I would further note.

      US C19 deaths – headed down again – as one would expect, they start down every saturday.
      Long term trend – STILL FLAT.

      US Hospitalizations – SHARPLY down for ALL AGE GROUPS.

      New infections in FL, TX, LA – DOWN, New infections in CA – UP.

    5. “The document JT references was seen by IG Horowitz and he did not characterize it as “spying”, a charge he exonerated the FBI on.”

      Then you should be able to demonstrate that.

      “Counter Intelligence” is not a magical incantation.

      Even in a counter intelligence investigation you are required to get a FISA warrant to target or spy on US persons.
      There was no FISA warant in August.

      The predicte for XFH that Horowitz accepted was the Papadoulis Downer meeting.
      That quickly collapsed – according to Horowitz – but not before the Steele Dossier showed up and before the Steele Dossier was discredited – according to Horowitz.

      But there is a timeline problem. This briefing was in August – no Steele Dossier then, and the papdoulis conversation did not discuss the rest of the Trump campaign – so any investigation is limited to Papadoulis.
      There certainly were no claims regarding Trump, or Christie.

      Finally – Horowitz did not know that the Steele Primary Subsource was previously known to the FBI and ALSO tied to the democratic party.
      But the FBI did know this.

    6. see they don’t need probably cause to start intelligence or anti-terror investigations. this is why they often chose them over regular ones for their targets

      This was revealed decades ago by Republican FBI man Gordon Liddy in his book “Will” and also by Democrat FBI man Bill Roemer in his book “man against the mob”

      or one of his other excellent books. maybe it was in the Accardo book


    1. Thank you, Alan. Interesting! He’s the friend of a friend who swears he’s a great guy. I don’t know about that, but he does have a rich political heritage.

      1. He is OK. Cindy, I’ve met him a couple of times. I think he graduated from Stuyvesant High School in HYC. That was one of NYC’s schools that was open and based solely on merit. That and schools like Bronx High School of Science took the best students no matter what color or income level. Those students have produced a lot.

        In comes DeBlasio who destroys all these schools, gets rid of a merit system and places diversity in the primary position. That diversity probably excludes a lot of Asians, Jews, caucasians and the like. The left loves destroying the education system. I temporarily forget the name but one of best schools in the nation was in Washington DC and it taught balck kids that surpasses much of the nation. It was closed by the left sometime around the period of the Warren Court decision on schools.

        Take note of the requests of the Teachers Union in California. They want all sorts of things unrelated to the teaching profession or they say they won’t go back to work. They don’t care about students. They are leftists first so children come out on the bottom of their interests.

        1. Thank you, Alan……for some reason, I thought you might know, or have met, Dick.
          That is amazing about the Left and schools. What is the deal? Is there anything they won’t destroy?!
          I never joined a teachers union. I’m proud of that!

          1. Cindy, all my friends that were members of the Teacher’s Union hate it. All my old friends that are no longer permitted to speak to me love the Teacher’s Union.

            I have met a lot of these people. I would never want to be a politician. My wife dealing with an organization destined to “so they said” add $100 million to a singular piece of property that would destroy an area fought against them. She raised money and won. When other organizations wanted to do something the powers told them to speak to her before doing anything. I am not saying her advocacy was right or wrong, that is not the point. They wanted to meet her over lunch (and then later on show us what they did in Hawaii or somewhere else attractive… that is the game). She told them she didn’t do lunch and if needed would bring a sandwich. That didn’t make them happy.

            We hate selling out the people for our own benefit. That makes us hate the Biden’s even more.

              1. She is a great wife with two advanced degrees and worked hard in both fields for relatively short periods of time. Children interrupted and we agreed they needed a mom and I could supply our financial needs. I’m a lucky man. All my children have advanced degrees and all of them are published.

  14. Let’s see……Using agents of the federal government to protect federal buildings in leftist cities is bad, but using federal agents to spy on a political campaign is good? Marx/Lenin/Trotsky would be proud. As Cory Lewindoski addressed Swallwell in a congressional hearing, “President Swalwell……what a tool the congressman is.

    1. So…let’s see. If we were to design an educational program for members of Congress, what would it look like? Even many members of Congress who went to law school could use a refresher course in Constitutional Law.

  15. The Reverend Billy Sol Swillwell is just a shill for the a party who has failed and points up the failure of the party system. Needs replacing with Coalitions and besides the use of partys is not sanctified in The Constitution.

    A Self governing independent unaffiliated citizen of Our Constitutional Republic and Constitutional Centrist.

  16. While Muller did not establish a criminal conspiracy or collusion between Trump campaign and Russia, he does document numerous contacts and cooperation. Unfortunately Prof Turley never gives that context of contacts and cooperation in his articles.

    1. And you were unable to produce any of them in your mini meaningless comment? For a start bozo collusion is not a crime. So where’s the facts and sources and what the hell does numerous mean. Looks to me like pure Bullshevikisms with no substance except to prove your comment is worth zero.

      1. In response, the contacts and cooperation are set forth in the Muller report. I was not expecting Prof Turley to detail these contacts but be more careful in his couple of sentences in how he describes what Muller did and did not find. I used the word collusion because Prof Turley used the term twice in his article.

          1. JT is slowly becoming red pilled.

            That happens to anyone who starts our trusting the left, but actually tries to verify what is claimed.

            Turley like many of the rest of us is coming to the very disturbing conclusion that Alex Jones is far more credible than the NYT.

            That is a life altering realization.

            Let me repeat that – Alex Jones – who beleives Chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay has been mostly right about the collusion delusion – and the New York Times has been wrong by the numbers.

            You are still trying to defend this garbage – despite the fact that Obama actually did what Nixon only dreamed of.
            Obama weaponized the CIA, FBI, IRS against political opponents.

            I would note that Obama also spied on democrats – like Feinstein. As well as members of the media.

            1. John–“JT is slowly becoming red pilled.”

              I was thinking the same. He’s probably still a Democrat, but the Democrats aren’t anymore. They have become something frightening and destructive.

              1. There are many layers to the left – from those who are engaged in volence and destruction, to those in academia who provide the deeply flawed intellectual justification for that, to those in the democratic party now overtly selling socialism. To the much large more centrist group that includes the Turley’s and Derschowitz’s and once included those like David Rubin.

                But independent of this is a small but incredibly important philosophy arrising.

                Ideas are incredibly important – they have broad influence far beyond those who are directly aware of them.

                The 1619 project is an entirely different view of the US of history – it is a false view, But one of the problems with the philosophy of the modern left – is that factual error is not consequential. The 1619 project is influential it changes the way people think about the country and our past. It has major implications for our future.

                White Fragility is another example – again illogical nonsense from end to end – but the left does not care about logic, and White Fragility is influential and has major implications for the future.

                There is a youtube meme “woke vs racist” that makes a joke about the fact that there is not a paper’s width between the beleifs of the woke and white supremecists.

                In a recent video Eric Weinstein noted that only two things hold humans together.
                The first is genetics – a force older than humanity, and the second is the social connections that evolved with the advent of agriculture merely 10000 years ago.

                The left seeks to destory the latter – and that is why everything is so polarized today – why EVERYTHING must be policitcal.
                If you butter your bread the wrong way – you are a racist.

                If we destroy those social bonds – what will be left is the genetic.

                Weinstein incorectly beleive that racism is a right unique trait. But he correctly grasp that the results of the destruction the left is engaged in will be the rise and dominance of racism. Ultimately something must hold us together.

                The rioters in Portland are not trying to burn down a federal courthouse – they are trying to release chaos on the world.

        1. “the contacts and cooperation are set forth in the Muller report.”

          Then you should be able to actually list these.

          You won’t, because you know each of these claims was debunked – often By Mueller.

          “be more careful in his couple of sentences in how he describes what Muller did and did not find.”

          Mueller did not find anything. He continued the nonsensical Claim that just maybe there was something he did not find.”

          Regardless. recent revalations have destroyed even the tiny germs in the Mueller report.

          The FBI new they were on a snipe hunt from the begining.
          This entire mess becomes more nepotistic as it moves forward – when the primary sub source for the steele dossier is an associate of half the people in Muellers team AND half the witnesses in faux impeachment something is very rotten in denmark.

      2. Trump is the sleaziest crook that ever slid through six bankruptcies, countless failed businesses, lies, slanders, lawsuits, etc. The most accurate and the last word on Trump from Mueller is, “He is not innocent.”

        1. How many bankruptcies have been filed in American history?

          If it weren’t for lies and slanders, courts wouldn’t exist.

          Lawsuits are the bread and butter of the “profession.”

          What the h— are you trying to communicate – that all lawyers should be Drawn and Quartered and redress and adjudication eliminated?

          1. The indicator that nothing matters to these witch hunters is in bold letters on every page they piddle out..”He may not be guilty but he’s not innocent”. That’s more than just moving the goal post, it’s a destruction of the entire underpinning of American Jurisprudence. They want to apply the Napoleonic Code because they don’t have the guts to just lynch him.

        2. “Trump is the sleaziest crook”
          Because you say so ?

          “that ever slid through six bankruptcies, countless failed businesses,”
          All extremely common among highly successful people.

          The only reason Mueller is not facing prosecution is he is a doddering old fool.

          It is now self evident to all but left wingnuts who think that truth is determined by their feelings not facts, that there NEVER was any foundation for this investigation – that it was political from the start.

          Rosenstein has already testified that he would have ended it had he learned what he now knows sooner.
          The problem is that he knew all of this BEFORE he appointed Mueller.

          The mueller investigation not only found nothing – it was a fraud from the start.

      3. Actual collusion would likely constitute the probable cause necescary for the FISA warrant.
        But even the claims of collusion are all bogus.

        And as time and further evidence is released – the Mueller report is collapsing.

        But for the fact that Mueller is a doddering old fool little more competent than Biden and we do not prosecute those,
        Mueller would have been prosecuted for lying to congress.

    2. Actually he does not. He documents numerous “attempted” contacts – though many of those are dubious.

      Further none of them have any substance.

      Trump did run a pagent in Moscow. He did attempt to build a Trump tower Moscow.

      Those are all legitimate activities – just as Bill Clinton did get paid for speaking to Russians;

      Further the Trump Tower Moscow did NOT happen. You would think if Putin favored Trump it would have gone forward.
      At the very least it would have provided an excellent cover for the collusion you pretend happened.

      Natalia did meet with the Trump campaign. She offered Dirt on Clinton – you know like the Dossier that Steele purportedly got from Russia, but instead got a lecture on international adoption. Further Natilia met with Fusion GPS immediately before and after the Trumps.

      It is more likely that Natalia was an agent of the clinton’s or possibly that Clinton and Putin were colluding to “get Trump”.

      Contra Mueller Wikileaks is not Russia – anymore than Wapo is.

      Further the Mueller claim that the DNC hack was russian has fallen appart – even CrowdStrike – the onlhy peoplke who actually investigated testified they really did not know who hacked the DNC or even that the emails were exfiltrated by the hackers rather than by a leaker.

      Pretty much every single allegation regardling the collusion delusion has not merely been refuted – it has been completely turned arround.

      WE now find that Steele’s Russian primary Sub Source was actually a US person, working for Democratic think tank Brookings with connections to half the faux impeachment witnesses and Rosenstein and the DNC. And that he had not been to Russia in ages and admits the whole mess is gossip at most.

      And all this was known by the FBI – not in Jan 2017 – but from the very start.

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