Auburn Professor Under Fire For Profane Anti-Police Tweet

downloadAnother professor is under fire for a tweet this week. In a now-deleted post on Twitter, Auburn University professor Jesse Goldberg declared “f*ck every cop. Every single one.” He then added, “the only ethical choice for any cop to make at this point is to refuse to do their job and quit.” The university is reportedly considering actions against Goldberg.  As will likely come as no surprise to many on this blog, I do not agree that Goldberg should be subject to termination for the tweet which was the expression of his social and political views outside of the classroom.  As I stated in my testimony in the Senate this week, faculty across the country are being subjected to campaigns for their termination due to controversial statements on the current protests and their underlying causes.  While most of these cases involve professors who question the Black Lives Matter organizations or claims of systemic racism, it does not matter from a free speech perspective.

Jesse A. Goldberg is a Lecturer in the English department at Auburn University teaching classes in African American literature, American literature, and composition.

Goldberg’s twitter tirade came as a response to the controversy over the arrest of a protester, Nikki Stone, by plainclothes NYPD officers.

Goldberg insisted that the arrest constituted “kidnapping,” a common but unfounded hyperbolic description. As I have repeatedly noted, many arrests are made every year with plainclothes officers using unmarked cars.  Critics have also noted that Goldberg has posted ACAB or “All Cops Are Bad” on social media.

In response, Auburn Executive Director of Public Affairs Brian Keeter denounced the comments as  “inexcusable and completely counter to Auburn values.” Keeter appeared to suggest that the postings constituted “hate speech”:

“Hate speech of any kind is simply wrong. Auburn is fully committed to the fundamental right of free speech, but we do not support hateful words or actions that degrade, disrespect, or exclude. Especially during these difficult times in our nation, it’s vital that we reject crude stereotypes and work together to foster mutual understanding and respect within our communities.”

However, it was this statement that drew my attention: “Auburn officials are considering options available to the university.”

Goldberg is obviously extremely anti-police and his comments are highly offensive. However, what is the standard for any “options”? Many people hold such hostile views of law enforcement which reflect deep-seated political and social views. Such statements or investigations create a chilling effect on speech for faculty and students alike. There is no suggestion that Goldberg’s personal views have caused improper conduct or treatment in his classes.  I would have much preferred a university statement that simply reaffirmed the free speech rights of all faculty and students, particularly when expressed off campus and in social media.

This principle is already stated in Auburn’s faculty handbook:

“College and university teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution. When they speak or write on matters of public interest as well as matters related to professional duties and the functioning of the University, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline. Academic responsibility implies the faithful performance of professional duties and obligations, the recognition of the demands of the scholarly enterprise, and the candor to make it clear that when one is speaking or writing on matters of public interest, one is not speaking for the institution.”

Goldberg’s comments warrant condemnation but they also warrant protection. As is often the case on this blog with its free speech orientation, we end up defending those with unpopular and often obnoxious views.  However, the erosion of free speech on our campuses require not just clarity on these rules from university but consistency in faculty support for the right of colleagues to be speak freely.

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  1. You have your own Civility Rule for people who are allowed to comment on this site, which I assume is backed up by an ability to kick someone off as a commenter.

    Universities each have their own standards of civility, and the Faculty are expected to uphold those standards.

    The tweet that begins with an condemning epithet to “*&^% all police” is just over the top for a college professor to engage the public.
    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with his viewpoints on police reforms (which are nebulous to the extent he only offers ad-hominem vitriol). I could disagree with his idea that all police quite their jobs from a public safety perspective.

    To me, free speech comes with responsibilities of civility and respect for others. The 1st Amendment constrains what government is allowed to do, but thankfully, private institutions are able to set and enforce rules of productive exchange, in order to dissuade unhinged, uninhibited blasts of hatred polluting their airwaves.

    I also believe, due to the infinite variety and creativity of speakers, it is impossible to ever construct a rule-based system of civility in advance that covers every situation. Rather, various institutional communities and their leaders have to be ready and willing to make judgment calls about when someone goes over the line, with fairness and ability to separate topic and viewpoint from adherence to civility.

    A world where civility has completely abandoned the public sphere is headed downhill rapidly into violent confrontation. There is a reason why standards of civility are to be upheld — the consequences of “anything goes” militancy taking root are too devastating to even flirt with.

    1. See Ann Althouse on ‘civility bulls*it’. As administered by people of low character (and find me a provost or a dean of students who is of satisfactory character) it will be used as a tool to punish dissidents. I’m sure Mike S. Adams’ provost would engage in that sort of behavior. The thing is, faculty members of the GG cohorts would never utter something so coarse in a public forum. It didn’t need any enforcement. A regard for appearances would do the trick.

  2. Radical extremist academics may be on the education Titanic.

    Mr. Market always has the “solution to things” – all things – in hand.

    Why The Coronavirus Will Kill 500-1,000 Colleges

    It is dangerous forecasting the future when underlying assumptions are uncertain and changing importantly daily. That said, I feel fairly confident that we are going to see more colleges and universities close in the next couple of years or so than at any other time in American history. Why?

    Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of universities were in fair to poor financial shape, partly the result of a roughly 11% enrollment decline in U.S. higher education over the last decade (enrollment has fallen at an even greater pace at the lower reputation schools), and partly because of declining public support. Three types of schools especially were in trouble: non-selective private colleges with modest endowments, usually with a liberal arts emphasis; the bottom and middle tier state schools, especially in states, mostly in the East and Midwest, with stagnant population growth; and the community colleges. An analysis last fall by Forbes’s Matt Schifrin and Carter Coudriet gave 177 of 933 rated private schools (19%) a “D” grade for financial health, up sharply from 2013 when the number was 110. As Schifrin and Coudriet noted, “a significant number….are nearly insolvent.” The modal grade of “C” (earned by 498) represents institutions with modest reserves in some cases probably unable to withstand an unanticipated fiscal tsunami. All told, an extraordinary 72% of schools had a “C” grade or worse. And indications are that state universities are in similar shape.

    Covid-19 brought two big and several smaller budgetary hits to schools. Schools on average earn roughly 10% of their income from auxiliary operations, including food and lodging. When kids were sent home a few weeks ago, the schools still owed them the right to use rooms (which they had been forced to leave) and be provided food for the remainder of the term. Refunds are in order that are in many cases probably approach 2% of annual school revenues. Second, most people are predicting declining enrollments in the fall —the only issue is how much, possibly double digit in some cases.

    – Forbes, April, 2020

  3. Jesse should shut his mouth and bust his butt until he earns tenure, otherwise in 2 years he could be looking for a real job, difficult for someone otherwise unemployable.

  4. Ohh, they must have this wrong! This is the kind of BS JT likes to write pages on, except the jerk’s not a left wing Antifa guy. What gives?

    “TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man was arrested after confronting a child wearing a mask at a restaurant and spitting in his face when the boy refused to take it off, police said.

    Jason Copenhaver approached the child’s table Sunday and asked the boy if he was wearing a mask, according to Treasure Island police. Authorities did not release the boy’s age.

    Police said the 47-year-old then told the child to take it off. He then grabbed the boy’s hand tightly and put his face next to the child’s, telling the boy he now had the coronavirus, according to police reports.

    “Victim stated that (Copenhaver) was in such close proximity that spit particles from (Copenhaver’s) mouth landed in his face,” an officer wrote in the police report.

  5. “Definition of overplay one’s hand

    : to make a mistake due to the belief that one’s position is stronger or better than it really is”

    The BLM/Antifa/DNC, “Defund the Police” idiocy is clearly demonstrated here:

    Gallup Poll:

    “Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence”

    “When asked whether they want the police to spend more time, the same amount of time or less time than they currently do in their area, most Black Americans — 61% — want the police presence to remain the same. This is similar to the 67% of all U.S. adults preferring the status quo, including 71% of White Americans.”

    “Notably, simply having an interaction with the police in the past year has no bearing on Black Americans’ preference for local police presence in their area:

    Seventy-nine percent of those who have had an interaction with the police in the past 12 months say they want the police to spend more or the same amount of time in their neighborhood; 21% favor less time.

    Eighty-two percent of those who have not had an interaction want the same or greater police presence; 18% want less.”

    1. I agree with these and what I think are the opinions of most blacks and especially those who will vote. The idea that either Kamala Harris, Val Demmings, or Amy Klobuchar had to apologize for their law enforcement credentials as candidates is absurd I thought, and so is the idea that the 90’s crime bill was an albatross around Biden’s neck. Some items were too harsh and not thought out, but others, like community policing, were excellent and the fact is that crime stats have come way down since then. This was always a Bernie Bros BS position, not that of most Dem voters, like the blacks across the south who put Biden ahead, and quick.

      1. Newsflash for you.

        There are tons of honest black people who live in neighborhoods that are already crime ridden that are extremely upset and scared about the Defund the Police, BS.

        Guess who they will quietly vote for in November?

        Not a 78 year old man with Dementia who supports defunding the police, and said; “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black”.

        The Defund the Police cat is already out of the bag, and it was a massive mistake. The BLM/Antifa fools acted like they were holding a Royal Flush, but all they had was 2 Aces, King high.

        In fact, people are now getting fed up with the entire “woke” BLM bullsh*t.

        “Get Woke, Ratings Choke? NBA, MLB Slide After Openers”

        That’s just the beginning. The blowback is going to be huge.

        1. Rhodes, you’re asserting lies right here. Biden has never said ‘Defund The Police’ and he has no intention to. But Trumpers want to tag him with it anyway. It won’t matter, Trump is losing suburban women.

    2. Poll from Germany in 1943.

      “Seventy-nine percent of those who have had an interaction with the Gestapo in the past 12 months say they want the Gestapo to spend more or the same amount of time in their neighborhood; 21% favor less time.

      Eighty-two percent of those who have not had an interaction want the same or greater Gestapo presence; 18% want less.”

      This fake poll is just as meaningless and representative as the actual poll.

      1. Just like the illegitimate “Reconstruction Amendments” being improperly ratified “on a battlefield,” totally subjugated, oppressed and under the duress of brutal post-war military occupation in war ravaged nation, you’re not likely to get an honest reaction from people with a gun to their head; from people under the jackboots of the Gestapo in Germany in 1943.

  6. Maybe if a mob went to Goldberg’s home, threw rocks through his windows and attempted to enter his house he would call a social worker. Would be an interesting academic experiment to determine how strongly he holds his beliefs.

    1. It would be more interesting to see what the police do after Goldberg took care of the problem himself. Oh, wait. Already done. The McCloskeys got arrested by the police. Demonstrating them are willing to comply in violating peoples rights. Cops do not like the competition.

  7. Most people don’t associate police officers with government, but they are the most local, unelected representatives. For those of us who are frustrated with the policies that they are forced to carry out, we should vote our city council members and state legislators out. The problem for Goldberg is that most citizens from Alabama vote contrary to her beliefs. She is very frustrated as evidenced by her childish expletive. My preferred method of dealing with children who drop expletives is to inform them that using expletives makes them sound ignorant, then ignore them. There’s nothing a child throwing a fit in the corner of the room hates more than being ignored.

      1. Agreed, By the Book, Mespo would win at those.

        I do enjoy looking at quilts, but haven’t ever tried my hand at quilting. Here’s a wonderful series of quilts that unfortunately seems very timely with all of the COVID-19 deaths, except that these were made at a time when people could be with a loved one:

        1. Grim but beautiful Commit. We had 2 of our parents stay with us in their last months, so the scene is not foreign to us. I have also known 2 people who both worked Hospice. One was a casual acquaintance – we were patients together – who was a retired Methodist preacher who went to Hospice every Sunday and began with one of his many jokes – he told them to me to start every conversation – and then not to conversions but just fellowship with those dying . Really great and positive guy who died himself about a year ago in his late 80s. I miss his calls and the corny jokes.

        2. Committed:
          Thanks for he rent-free life in your spacious head. A tad musty but plenty of junk to sort through. If it’s any comfort, I think of you only when I need a good Leftist to laugh at and you always come through.

  8. Speaking of “highly offensive” comments, here are some from Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Germany, Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor:
    “described the German cultural concept of Vergangenheitsbewältigung, which seeks to “cope with the past” and confront the atrocities the country committed in World War II, as a ‘sick mentality’ and he downplayed the country’s Nazi history.” He also referred to Muslim refugees in Germany as “unwanted Muslim invaders,” saying “these people are not coming to assimilate or become Europeans–quite the opposite. They’re coming to take over whatever they can get,” and called for “martial law on the [US-Mexico] border.”

    He should be free to express himself, but he shouldn’t be confirmed as Ambassador, and Trump shouldn’t have nominated him in the first place.

    1. Commit, he has also endorsed the Putin position on the Crimea and the Ukraine, that there should be a plebiscite within majority Russian national states on their independence .

      1. Yup, he’s a bad choice in multiple ways. Unsurprising Trump likes him.

    2. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. From my frequent travels to Germany and conversations with colleagues there I believe most Germans would agree with him. I also believe most Americans agree with in regarding the Mexican border.

    3. Then we can appoint someone who knew to keep their mouths shut about how they really feel. Politically correct types. Free speech isn’t free for Macgregor. It never is or has been for any of us. WWII ended over half a century ago. Very few are still alive that participated in that war on either side. Germans today didn’t follow Hitler they hadn’t been born and did not commit war atrocities in WWII. How much guilt should those who had no part in WWII bear for it and for how long? It’s the same story here with slave reparations. Guilt by association with long dead forbearers or not and all based on skin color. You can’t unscramble an egg no matter how well intentioned or how hard you work at it. The potential of that particular chicken is dead and gone.

      The Muslims invading Europe illegally are not assimilating and taking what they can get is fact. So, is truth your opinion? If it is someone else’s truth and not your truth, is their opinion then disqualifying? Certainly not to a person whose screen name is Commit To Honest Discussion. That’s the same thing the left been doing with court appointments for the last 35 years most particularly on SCOTUS. You’re not qualified to sit on the supreme court if you don’t support abortion, became the unspoken de facto litmus test for the left. The application of that type of “truth” has lead us to where we now sit, on the precipice of a civil war. Maybe we shouldn’t require guilt to be borne by generations of people who did nothing wrong. May be we should accept that people disagree and when a side decides they have a lock on the “truth” it often leads to conflict. To enjoy peace we may need to accept that our “truth” isn’t everyone’s.

      The left can’t or won’t do that. The right can’t or won’t live with that. We’re going to war. The election is the starting line. The left never intended to compete in this election or they wouldn’t have nominated Joe then hid him in the basement. Neither side will accept the results whatever they are as someone will lose. Mail in ballots are design to set up the justifications for Americans to go out and war with other Americans. None of this has anything to do with slavery, blacks, or oppression. It is the elites attempting to retain their lock on power using this same type of Vergangenheitsbewältigung applied to Americans over slavery. Elites do not intend, nor did they ever intend to leave it up to the electorate unless they could manipulate the results. They failed last time and their not going to let it happen again. This is their world. They quite literal own it and they’re willing to evict anyone that won’t fall inline. Macgregor may not be the right guy, but it’s not, because of his opinion on Vergangenheitsbewältigung or speaking the plain truth about the immigration problems Europe is having with Muslims. That’s like Jerry telling us all the riots in Portland are just a rumor started in Washington DC. Perhaps we should be very suspicious of anyone that attempts to divide us along racial, class, or religious lines for political benefit. I am!

      1. “How much guilt should those who had no part in WWII bear for it and for how long? It’s the same story here with slave reparations.”

        I said nothing about current Germans being made to feel guilty. But just as many white Americans who are currently alive benefitted financially (e.g., via inheritance) from slavery and Jim Crow that occurred prior to their birth, as well as from current racism (e.g., in job pay), many Germans who are currently alive have benefitted financially from the theft of property and labor in WWII that occurred before they were born. It is not a “sick mentality” to understand your country’s history honestly.

        “Muslims invading Europe illegally”

        Many Muslim refugees are in Germany legally (e.g., Your description is telling.

        “So, is truth your opinion?”

        No. I distinguish between claims that are T/F and opinions that aren’t. My opinions are only that, opinions, not claims of truth.

        “You’re not qualified to sit on the supreme court if you don’t support abortion, became the unspoken de facto litmus test for the left.”

        Seems to me that abortion rights (pro or con) are a litmus test on both the left AND the right, and not unspoken at all, which is why nominees are questioned about it.

        “We’re going to war.”

        Maybe you are. I’m not. So don’t include me in your “we.”

        “they wouldn’t have nominated Joe then hid him in the basement”

        He isn’t hiding. Is there any evidence that would convince you that you’re wrong about that?

        “Elites … failed last time”

        SMH that you think no elites preferred Trump to Clinton.

  9. Why fire the professor? They ALL feep this way. The answer is to not deliver your child to one of these Leftist indoctrination centers. Learn a trade.

  10. I would fire him for not saying War Eagles. That is enough for me. I am sure if they go back and really look at his dissertation they will find enough plagiarism to get rid of him. Or they can just fire him for this. It is not like they are firing DB Benson, renowned polymath of WSU

      1. It was a perfectly legitimate ag and tech school. Disdain not legitimate.

  11. Think how much money universities would save it they simply looked at what was being taught eliminated these worthless classes along with their diversity departments, not only worthless but detrimental to society!

    1. Or take the flip side of that argument. If you’re a university and you want more students b/c that means more income, you have to place them somewhere. not everyone has the capability to study the hard stuff.

      1. Hard stuff ??? Oh you mean being able to read Das Kapital by Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tungs Little Red Book on the Cultural Revolution. Hell most can barely read or even write the damned names.

  12. Off topic. Nanjing or Banking China massacre. 1937. The Japanese took over the capital of China and killed 300,000 or so and raped all the women they could. There is yak on the internet about 75 year anniversary of our A bomb drop on Japan. Let’s talk about how bad they were.

  13. Jesse, go work in high rise construction, say, downtown Chicago on open steel as a laborer or elevator helper. A few years making love to the working end of a shovel or broom will teach you truly valuable and useful information which you now clearly lack, not that boatload of crap for which someone-likely your parents or grandparents- paid hard money.

  14. Teachers:. We don’t live in a free country. STFU. If you don’t know what those letters stand for ask any student. Shut refers to mouth or handwritting. U refers to Up.

    1. My spouse was a 35 yr Prof of Engineering who previously been VP of Griener Engineering & also began his career in other engineering companies. This practical experience was invaluable to students. His practical experience was valuable to students as he had much ‘hard money’ with States that he subsequently involved his students.
      This type of professional experience was a 4 star help to students in their job search & helped their maturity, in my opinion.
      Contrast this with this ‘LECTURER’. In my opinion this ‘lecturer’ is immature but also a man made by other professors who had little, or no, work experience themselves. To hire him was a ……well, why did you hire him?
      I was a late returning student for my BA, in my 50’s. In 1990’s I had some of these teachers so I could see,what was coming. Faculty that may have been as lacking in real life experiences exercised the power of grades, some were teachers who misapplied their powers to students.I spoke up to them,and,yes some misapplied their positions to grading students. As a Faculty wife I took 2 if them to the dept. Chairs.I only knew how to do so bec of my faculty spouse. It,was an interesting look at the powers vested in this Power Structure of a major University. They closed ranks against my complaint but 1 full professor Voted for students rights ag. This Professor. The’s org. Against me. But I got a WIN against this errant prof. Then…the chair who appointed the committee to hear my complaint THEN INVALIDATED HIS COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS so that he protected the Professor. !!
      This is a pattern that I see has ruined most Universities as a beacon of intellectual stimulation.
      This Lecturer is an inferior person, in my opinion, the product of the Universities system which has been going FAR TO LEFT in last 30 years.
      This poor sack has no idea what His Univ. Faulty has failed to raise him to a well balanced teacher/man.
      Lecturers r not on the path of tenure. Fire him. And fire yourselves perhaps, after all YOU HIRED HIM!

  15. From Goldberg’s bio on his university home page:

    “Jesse’s scholarship and teaching broadly fall within the triangulation of Black studies, critical prison studies, and queer & feminist theory with an emphasis on the methodologies of literary and performance studies.”

    Whenever this happens, we usually see references to this kind of “scholarship”. For those of you interested in what these academics believe and why they don’t subscribe to free speech, I strongly suggest this excellent explanation:

    1. Rather than fire him, why not just eliminate these nonsensical positions in underwater basketweaving.

      While I am opposed to firing people because of their views, at the same time he is engaged in expression that is intrinsically tied to what he is teaching. Should this person be teaching about prisons ?

      AS a separate matter how is “the triangulation of Black studies, critical prison studies, and queer & feminist theory with an emphasis on the methodologies of literary and performance studies”

      A thing ? And why is any college wasting time on it ?

      1. Take a look at the link I provided. The entire premise of this so-called scholarship is a reinterpretation of our social institutions and their history and a rejection of the enlightenment ideals that formed modern western society. Even more alarming, is that they reject objective analysis in favor of subjectivity.

        They really believe this and it’s been compared to a religious cult because the rejection of objectivity renders it essentially as a faith based system.

  16. From Goldberg’s webpage:

    ‘Jesse’s scholarship and teaching broadly fall within the triangulation of Black studies, critical prison studies, and queer & feminist theory with an emphasis on the methodologies of literary and performance studies. His writing is published or forthcoming in Callaloo, Public Culture, Women & Performance, MELUS, and CLA Journal, as well as the edited volumes Against a Sharp White Background: Infrastructures of African American Print, Teaching Literature and Writing in Prisons, and Toni Morrison on Mothers and Motherhood. He has also published review essays on ASAP/J and New Rambler Review.

    Jesse is currently working on a book project titled Abolition Time: Reading Queer Justice in Slavery’s Afterlife. Coming out of his dissertation work, the project uses the 1781 Zong Massacre as a grounding motif to examine literary and performative texts of the Black Atlantic that engage questions of law, justice, and time.’

    Mr. Goldberg’s webpage states that he earned his BA in 2012 and PhD in 2018. His photo reveals a very young, very white individual. A Google search of Dr. Goldberg:

    Newly hired professor Jesse A. Goldberg tweeted today he will not say “War Eagle” due to “War” being used as a primary descriptor.

    Another interesting article-

    Good luck, pal, at Auburn!

  17. Goldberg is a tad stupid, radical subversive and rightly condemned by everyone including university brass but I wouldn’t stop his free speech rights. I’d just move his office to the University Police station and see if he truly has the courage of his convictions. Beta males usually don’t but I’d love to see the situation play out without the usual academic cocoon.

    1. I agree that I would not fire a professor for this.

      But look at what he is supposed to be teaching ?

      Why is a college teaching that crap ?
      His bio sounds more like that of an unpaid advisor for some unpopular college clubs.

      When I was in College, these subjects would have fallen under the domain of “advanded underwater basket weaving”

      1. He doesn’t teach an authentic discipline. Coast-to-coast only about 700 students will take degrees in black studies each year (out of 1.95 million baccalaureate degrees awarded); about 1,200 will take degrees in women’s studies. These are patronage programs for privileged political interests and wholly illegitimate. Not only should you fire him, you should close down his program and fire every professor who teaches in it.

        NB, this is another example of two phenomena: the tendency in higher education to give succor to people with cluster B personality disorders and declining standards of personal conduct. Faculty are not only corrupt, they’re vulgar.

        NB, Auburn was foundationally a polytechnic. Ideally, the academic faculty would be there to fulfill distribution credits and teach preparatory courses. What was the point of leaving it’s institutional mission so muddled? (While we’re at it, the Alabama system of higher education is stupidly overbuilt. They need to quit pushing on that string and reduce their carrying charges and their enrollments via institutional shut-downs).

        1. It’s not just black studies and women’s studies. far more pervasive. basically the majority of humanities degrees and a big part of social science degrees. that’s why we’re seeing this spread beyond academia – they are graduating and championing these ideas. and they have been teaching this in high and junior high schools, so the kids are prepped for it.

    2. Mespo, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you refer to someone as a “beta male.” You come across as a beta male yourself, and presumably you speak from experience when you claim that “Beta males usually don’t [have the courage of their convictions].”

        1. Yuch!

          People are “tried” on blog comment sections like this by the arguments they are able to advance for their positions, and on that basis, mespo is 97 pound weakling. He rarely ventures anything more substantive than another unasked for declaration of his manhood – as if it is indeed in question – even in discussions with women like commit. I’m sure she is swooning right now from the spectacle of his towering and pulsating rhetoric. Or not.

          1. Hey Bookie, tired of being drubbed in your own fights? Have to run to an alter-sock ego’s defense? You’re tiresome old man with a cement head and an ego the size of the MIlky Way. You know nothing about most things, a little about some and spout as if you’re the Oracle on everything. Like most I don’t read your drivel but when you venture into the firing line expect to be stung.

        2. “Try” you at what, Mespo?

          You’re already trying, in more than one sense of the word.

            1. Unlike mespo, Commit doesn’t back down from anyone here and just keeps coming. Mespo will hurl a few more stupid pretend he-man insults and then tuck tail, like he always does.

            2. Why would I “admit” something false?

              The last exchange we had was here:

              You’re the one who ran away instead of admitting that you’d (a) confused the case-fatality rate with the per capita deaths and (b) strangely suggested that there were only 20 countries in the world, in both cases ignoring the explicit directions to the “‘Deaths/100K pop.’ column in the lower, more comprehensive chart.“

              You could choose to acknowledge your mistake now. I doubt you will, but I’d be happy to be surprised.

              1. It was your chart. I simply pointed out nose elongating factor of your comment. You wanna quibble details, proffer the right chart. BTW, you’re still the class dunce.

                1. Actually, Mespo, I provided a link to a page with a top chart (2 clickable buttons), a graph (2 clickable buttons), and a bottom chart (multiple clickable columns), and I explicitly directed people to “‘click on “Deaths/100K pop.’ column in the lower, more comprehensive chart, and you’ll see that we’re the tenth worst globally.” Your choice to focus on the top chart, which doesn’t even have a “Deaths/100K pop.” column (though it does have a “Deaths per 100,000 population” button) is due either to your inattentiveness or your willful choice to ignore the directions, not to any problem on my end.

                  “I simply pointed out nose elongating factor of your comment.”

                  No, you falsely pretended that one existed, when what I’d actually claimed was correct.

                  “proffer the right chart”

                  I did. Don’t ignore the right chart that’s lower on the page. Act like an adult who is capable of scrolling and has good reading comprehension.

                  For the record, it you don’t like the JHU page I linked to, you can also come to the same conclusion by using the data on the page, sorting on the “Deaths/1M pop” column: the U.S. has the 10th worst # of deaths per capita in the world.

                  “BTW, you’re still the class dunce.”

                  No, though I can’t prevent you from pretending I am. Do you think that makes you look like an alpha male?

                  You falsely claimed that I “run from a fight – any fight,” when you were the one who ran, and even now you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge your mistake in pretending that the case-fatality rate rankings were the per capita death rankings.

                  1. I’m still here after hitting 78% of my clays today and doing quite well with my SP5. Let your Leftist pals know I’m getting better every week. I’m working my Glock Model 19 .40 cal Saturday for 100 or so rounds. I’m damn accurate with that hand cannon.

                    1. Aninny:

                      You forgot to mention well-armed. At the end of the day, the victor gets to assign pejoratives. Thats good to remember.

                    2. You’re still running away from admitting that the U.S.has the 10th worst # of COVID-19 deaths per capita in the world and your mistake in pretending that the case-fatality rate rankings were the per capita death rankings.

                      If you think bragging about your guns while running away from the substantive issues makes you look like an alpha male, that’s pretty warped.

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