Biden Tweet Rekindles Debate Over Michael Brown Case

This week, former Vice President Joe Biden rekindled the debate over the killing of Michael Brown in 2014 with a tweet stating that his life was “taken” by police and represents the systemic racism in our society. The sixth anniversary of the killing is obviously notable as protests continue across the country over the killing of George Floyd. However, two of Biden’s leading candidates for vice president still maintain the police “murdered” Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — a claim that could become a contested campaign issue since it was the Obama Administration that found that shooting to be justified while Biden was vice president.  Given the additional comments from Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, a brief recap of the multiple investigations into the shooting seems warranted.

While widely criticized on conservative sites for suggesting that Brown was an unjustified shooting, Biden’s tweet is actually carefully crafted. He stated ““It’s been six years since Michael Brown’s life was taken in Ferguson — reigniting a movement. We must continue the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing.” In fairness to Biden, the shooting did start a national protest over racism in society generally and policing in particular.

However, the clear implication is that this was an unjustified shooting. That is the position of Democratic leaders like Warren and Harris.  Warren previousl that stated that Brown was “murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson” and that his death was an example of “police violence.”

Harris has also called the shooting of Brown “murder” and an example of the lack of “accountability” in the criminal system.

These views are likely to be raised during the campaign, particularly if either Warren or Harris are selected this week as the vice presidential candidate by Biden.

The Brown case was the subject of multiple investigations by state police, state prosecutors, the Justice Department, and a grand jury. All of those investigations found no basis to charge Office Darren Wilson with a crime. The investigations also found that the evidence showed that Brown did not have his hands up (which led to the widely used “Don’t Shoot” demonstrations) and that he attacked Wilson after robbing a store. Specifically, the Obama Administration under Attorney General Eric Holder reached the following conclusion: “The autopsy results confirm that Wilson did not shoot Brown in the back as he was running away because there were no entrance wounds to Brown’s back—several witnesses stated that Brown appeared to pose a physical threat to Wilson as he moved toward Wilson.”

Early witness accounts against Wilson were discredited by the Obama Justice Department after a full investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office.  Some of the witnesses quoted in the media admitted in the grand jury that they lied.

The shooting occurred after Brown was videotaped stealing a box of Swisher Sweets cigars from a store and then shoving a clerk.  Wilson found Brown and a friend walking in the middle of the street and told them to move to the sidewalk. Wilson said that he first drove past the men but then back up to speak to them again. He claims that during the exchange Brown reached into his police SUV. During the struggle, Wilson’s weapon discharged inside the vehicle and hit Brown’s right hand. Brown ran off and Wilson pursued him.  Wilson shoot Brown six times in the front of his body, not in the back as widely reported. A number of witnesses came forward and supported Wilson’s account.

The Justice Department concluded that

“there is no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat. Even if Wilson was mistaken in his interpretation of Brown’s conduct, the fact that others interpreted that conduct the same way as Wilson precludes a determination that he acted with a bad purpose to disobey the law.”

The Justice Department issued the report below with the categorical statement that “Wilson did not act with the requisite criminal intent.” Accordingly, it concluded that “this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed.”

In 2014, a grand jury met over three months looking at all of the evidence. It also rejected criminal charges against Wilson.

In 2020 a new prosecutor, Wesley Bell initiated a new five month investigation, but concluded that there was no basis for any charge against Wilson.  

Biden’s tweet and the prior statements of Warren and Harris could refocus attention on not just the case but the findings of Obama Administration.

The controversy continues for Wilson, as CNN reported a few years ago “Darren Wilson may have been legally vindicated in killing Michael Brown, but in many ways, he doesn’t live like a free man.”  These tweets however indicate that Wilson is not viewed as vindicated by Warren or Harris and seemingly by Biden.

The controversy has also continued in Ferguson itself where officers this week stopped activists from painting a mural for Brown.

Here is the report of the Obama Administration on the Brown shooting: 2015 Report


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  1. We all know that YouTube will take down any video deemed untrue or offensive. And yet, this video has been up for years and is the first hit you get if you just type the name Chris Rock. Bottom line, if Brown, Floyd and Brooks had followed this advice, they’d all be alive today.

  2. Well, if you live in that Dem bubble with their propaganda media arm feeding you lies 24/7, then you actually begin to believe black is white and white is black. Take a poll. How many Americans do not know the true findings? I would say 80% of the Dems minimum.

    1. Manny– we have a college professor friend who just this morning denied that Black Lives Matter is any kind of an organization– “anyone can call themselves Black Lives Matter.” When the three founding members were named and quoted, he said he stopped believing in “conspiracy theories” long ago. Of course, most of his information comes from an Episcopal Priest and I guess the Priest is following the example of Presiding Bishop Curry. This type of intentional ignorance is why it is possible Biden could be elected.

  3. Carefully worded tweet that touches on multiple threads of the Brown case. Biden didn’t say Brown was murdered. He said police killed him, which they did. And Black Lives Matter sprang up out of the reaction. Unless you’re maintaining Brown died in some way other than in an interaction with the police then there is no issue with the tweet.

    Maybe it’s hard to deal with presidential level tweets that don’t lie outright? i mean I know if Trump’s voter suppression and help from the Russians isn’t enough to fix the election we’re going to have to step down to where POTUS doesn’t lie brazenly every single day on Twitter…,, but here’s an opportunity to start getting used to it. Better yet, let’s have the president get off of daily twitter altogether, hmmm?

  4. It continues to astonish me how many people insist that Biden’s VP must, MUST be chosen based on the color of her skin and still call Trump a racist.

    1. Minions of the left have been doing this for a while now – quite literally choosing individuals not on the basis of qualifications, character, and attainment – but rather on the color of their skin and the shape of their genitalia.

      And they wonder why everything they touch breaks.

  5. There hasn’t been any debate about the Michael Brown case in a long time. No new evidence has been presented, no novel arguments have been tendered. Biden’s tweets, and Warren’s before him, are simply lies.

  6. Even after Obama’s “wingman” came to the same conclusion as the federal courts, the entire Black congressional caucus had their photo op on the Capitol steps in their “hands up don’t shoot” pose.

  7. “there is no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat.”

    Officer Wilson’s left orbit ( eye socket ) was broken by that anthropoid. Brown needed shooting.

      1. Paul……maybe you’re thinking about the time Barack made that “poignant” statement…..Trayvon could be my son……??
        Who woudn’t want a little future felon underfoot every day?

      2. Gee maybe Michael Brown should have asked one of Obamas daughters out on a date. I wonder how that would have settled with Barrak and Michelle.

  8. And yet tens of millions of people will vote for Joe Biden and [fill in the blank black female] in November. The irony is equal to the stupidity. A senile man with a long history of racist comments and actions who was Vice President for our first affirmative action President making an affirmative action choice for his Vice President. If only one of the black candidates had a son or daughter named Hunter the circle would be complete.

    1. Honest and Rhodes will meanwhile vote no doubt for the stupidest and most imcompetent President in my long lifetime, and hopefully for ever. That’s a pretty safe bet.

      Any word on the mystery 1917 event that Trump said ended WWII?

  9. First and foremost, Biden didn’t write that Tweet. His handlers (the DNC) wrote that Tweet in a further attempt at damage control.

    “Biden Backtracks Comments Contrasting Diversity In Black And Latino Communities”

    Just another example of why they are terrified of Biden participating in debates. That’s because they have no idea what he will say, because he has no idea what he’s going to say, until he says it, and then he forgets what he just said.

    Welcome to another day in the insane asylum.

      1. Lorenzo…….not only no pressers, but no sharp objects, which means kindergarden-grade scissors, pencils, rulers.
        And I hope someone remembered to write “Do Not Eat” on the Elmer’s glue container.

            1. Paul ….Thank you………I don’t think I’ve heard of Grammerly, but you did try to help, I remember.

              I’ve just downloaded Grammerly and will mispell these words……..thnk you verey muchh.

                1. Cindy Bragg – if the app is installed, it will underline problems and then you can correct them. Turn autocorrect off.

                    1. Cindy Bragg – are you signed into Grammarly? It requires yours email address, etc. And are you on a computer or your phone?

                    2. Paul………I am on a Samsung tablet………..Ok! I purposefully misspelled and it underlined in red!
                      Thank you, Paul……..! I had my grandson do it

  10. The current protests (riots) have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd. They are more about rage, destruction, and free stuff.

  11. Brown was not murdered and Harris is wrong.

    Now, next fact checking item: Can we verify when WWII ended, because Trump claimed something – not sure what – that occurred in 1917 caused it.

  12. That’s a tough one. The facts of the matter are that the police are, for the large part, unaccountable when they perform their duties. This must change. The police, more often than not, profile Blacks, especially men. There are far too many George Floyd incidents where the police are guilty and should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. However, it has been established factually, through the eyes of almost every witness to the Michael Brown shooting, that Brown gave the officer no choice. Brown was on drugs, robbed a quickie mart, beat down the clerk, attacked the officer in his car, went for his gun, and when ordered to stop, turned and came at the officer. Brown was 6′-4″ – 290 lbs, and out of control. It was a ‘good shoot’.

    The BLM matter forces in America are, for the large part, necessary and hopefully will be effective in changing police conduct. Including the Michael Brown incident only serves to diminish their credibility. One only wonders what would happen if a politician told the truth.

    1. As always, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The staff at the facility where you live needs to allow someone more lucid and less verbose use the day room computer.

    2. “That’s a tough one. The facts of the matter are that the police are, for the large part, unaccountable when they perform their duties.”

      This is completely absurd.

      Whenever a black person is shot by the police, especially if they are unarmed, it is one of the most scrutinized events in the world.

      The REAL problem is that the left never accepts facts that don’t support their narrative.

      1. The police, when they are brought into an investigation regarding their behavior, when it amounts to what would be an indictable offense for anyone else, are: filtered through union regulated limitations such as time constraints, requirements to answer questions, their past performance as it might apply to the incident, etc. Chauvin had been reprimanded nineteen times before he killed Floyd. Each time his past was not admissible. The police are treated exceptionally differently than the average citizen for infractions. This immunity allows officers to avoid investigation as to their fitness for duty.

        What you call scrutiny is a process hamstrung by the police unions through their negotiations for contracts. The police unions arrange with the employers or the city, county, town, etc their salaries, pensions, terms of service, and how they maneuver/negotiate the justice system. On top of that, this, ‘one of the most scrutinized events in the world’ is for the most part done behind closed doors until after a verdict is given. The verdicts are, more often than not, biased due to threats by the police unions.

        All this has been documented and understood by anyone who reads the papers. It has been going on forever. The real cause of the riots over George Floyd’s killing was that the four police officers were fired and the issue was placed under ‘investigation’. Watch the tape. There is no need for investigation beyond ten minutes. Putting the issue under ‘investigation’ meant that they were going to see how they could weasel out of it. The police unions are on record as going against the charges of murder. Freddy Gray, and others are perfect examples of police officers killing people; crimes of manslaughter at the minimum, that were passed over as ‘justifiable’.

        Michael Brown was a justifiable shoot. Floyd was manslaughter absolutely, maybe murder. This puts Biden in a tough situation with the Black vote. However it doesn’t change the facts that police officers have their own standard when it comes to justice. It doesn’t change the statistics. It doesn’t change the fact that Trump is a disgrace. It doesn’t change a lot of things.

        The extreme and mindless exist on both the right and the left. American bigotry and racism has already expressed itself through Trump and his supporters. Nov 3rd we will see just how mindless the extreme left can be. If the Blacks don’t vote for Biden if he doesn’t mindlessly kow tow to the extreme views such as that Michael Brown was unjustifiably killed then divisiveness becomes more extreme because of the left.

        1. Can you explain why Joe Biden sends out tweets like this where he is outright lying about Michael Brown?

          To stoke racial strife? To perpetrate a lie? To what? To repeat a lie often enough, without media/press scrutiny (that Trump gets!), so that “the lie” becomes “true”???

          Please help us understand why Joe Biden is intentionally LYING about something that FACTS show did not happen!

          His own Obama admin found that it DID NOT HAPPEN as Joe Biden (the candidate) says it happened!??? Say whaaat Joe Biden? What’s that lie, again? Is anyone in the press going to call you out, Joe Biden??? Of course not!! Don’t make us laugh!!!

          And where is the watch dog media/press? Hello? Where are all those FACT CHECKERS who are quick to point out Trump so-called “lies”???

          No where. Why? Because the media, the mainstream media, the lefty press, are ALL in on it. They WANT a Democrat to be IN POWER and they are ALL doing thier part to make sure a Democrat is elected.

          This is also called FAKE NEWS.

          Wake up people!

          Get out and VOTE Trump 2020….as if….your freedom….and your livilhood….depends on it….because….it does….!!! (that is, unless you work for the gub’ment)…..

  13. Is there anyone active in the Democratic Party who isn’t a malicious fraud?

    George Floyd had a lethal quantum of fentanyl in his femoral blood. Michael Brown, told to get out of the middle of the road and use the sidewalk, flew into a rage, tried to take the police officer’s duty gun away from him, ran away, then turned around and charged the officer and continued charging him after officer Wilson put a bullet in his arm and then in his deltoid.

    The Funny Times used to have a brutal feature called ‘The Darwin Award’, granted to the individual who improved the gene pool by getting himself killed in the most stupid way imaginable. La realité cruelle is that both of these men were candidates for the Darwin Award.

    We’ve had masses of public protests, the continual recitation of the mantra ‘Black Lives Matter’, people canned from their jobs by the personnel office karenwaffe for refusing to subscribe to this incantation, and almost no acknowledgement of the actual true meaning of ‘Black Lives Matter’. It means ‘black impunity’, or, blacks don’t get arrested when they don’t feel like being arrested.

    Sorry, we cannot live together if those are the terms.

      1. Brown and his chum Dorian Johnson knew he’d just robbed a convenience store. The officer had heard a report of it over the radio, but didn’t know who the perpetrator was. Brown and Johnson were walking down the middle of the street like they owned it, blocking traffic. Ferguson was a working-class suburb with a large bloc of black homeowners. It was facing tension because the Section 8 population was swaggering around like this, committing crimes, and claiming impunity. The sorosphere rent-a-crowd riots wrecked the place. It’s now a crime-ridden latrine.

        1. “The sorosphere rent-a-crowd riots wrecked the place. It’s now a crime-ridden latrine.”

          Mission accomplished.

          The Dems need these problems so they can pretend to offer solutions.

    1. absurd x– for any political science scholar (and I am not one) I’d love to know how a very small percentage of 13% of the population has been able to gain and hold center stage for years in spite of the violence and demonstrably fraudulent claims of that cabal. Mention the word “racism” and democrats get all gooey inside, so gooey in fact that they cannot even condemn rioting, looting and murder. Democrats cry crocodile tears for criminals like Michael Brown and George Floyd and Black Lives Matter while ignoring the millions of blacks who have seized opportunities and achieved success. The leadership of the democrat party is corrupt to the core. Lord help us all if they win in November.

      1. Wiki Social engineering (political science). Sometime in the 70s/80s Hollywood and the networks embarked on a quest for social justice and blacks. It seems to have worked.

  14. Biden, like his party, is a pandering race baiter. What else would you expect from a party that hasn’t won the white vote since the 60s and desperately wants to meld every minority against the white majority? It’s political power by social division and the truth be damned, The Dims want power not unity.

    1. Democrats have won the American vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections.

      Mespo can brag about the white vote, but not so long ago, people like him would not have counted Italians as white people. For those keeping score on his BS, many Americans of latin descent look as white or whiter than Italians and in a generation or less will be thought white.

      1. Thanks bookie for your habitually incongruous comment. Read my comment slowly this time and know that Italians were never considered anything other than Caucasians except maybe by people like you..

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