This Is Microsoft: Typo Produces Mountain-High Obelisk In Australia

On the lighter side, I had to share a story that brought back fond memories of “This is Spinal Tap” and the famous Stonehenge scene.  Microsoft Flight Simulator players have been noting a giant mountain-high obelisk is now present in Australia.  The unique structure was the result of an edit by University student Nathan Wright who meant to type in 2 for the floors of a structure but ended up specifying 212 stories, making the tallest Obelisk ever built and an engineering marvel.

That mistake to OpenStreetMap data seems strikingly familiar (and an excuse to rewatch the Stonehenge scene).



Before this triggers obelisk envy in some countries like Egypt, it is expected to be corrected. In the meantime, users have already produced a tutorial that includes instructions on how to land on top of the obelisk.


12 thoughts on “This Is Microsoft: Typo Produces Mountain-High Obelisk In Australia”

  1. Ridiculous. I use to run 🏃‍♂️ to the giant Obelisk on the National Mall a few times a week, until I pulled a hip joint 😉 and hobbled away.

    Anyway, always read 212, as Two-Twelve, like an Apt Unit bc I lived in a 212 for some time.

    They should just leave it in the Flight Simulation, not need to change it, kind of funny typo mistake.

  2. Maybe someone is building a tower to get away from Trump’s BS. Kinda like a ark, but they would have to go higher than that.

  3. That convention really must have been BORing. Carville but where was Al Bore?

  4. Only on Saturday, after a convention, would we get a lame story which has small contention.

  5. This is NOT an architect you want designing your building. Even a shed in your backyard.

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